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Opinion: Statements of “Minister” for Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste, Zacarias Albano da Costa is Misleading and Deceiving the Public.

Felizberto de Araujo Duarte (Tony) Former National Director for Administration – Level 7 (2008 – 2009)
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste
Mobile: +447770279986

“My father does not have his blood drenched the land of Maubere people for nothing so that opportunist like Zacarias can have his free hand on me” says Felizberto.
The statements provided by Felizberto de Araujo Duarte, former National Director for Administration for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste from 2008 to 2009, through this Press Release are supported by proofs and in certain cases, references to where confirmations are obtainable will be indicated. Unfortunately, the Press Release issued by the “Minister” Zacarias Albano da Costa could not and will never provide the public with proofs or indications of references for confirmation or for further investigation purposes.

Following the Press Release by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste dated 3 May 2010, Felizberto de Araujo Duarte, who was the former National Director for Administration for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste wishes to reiterate and underscores the followings:
a). Statement by Zacarias Albano da Costa:
The existence of a contract to provide these kinds of services was recommended by the then National Director of Administration, Mr. Felisberto Araújo in order to expedite the payment procedures that at times were late by more than three months.

Counter Argument by Felizberto de Araujo Duarte,
1. Felizberto has never recommended in whatever form, verbally or written, which could be confirmed. Therefore, Zacarias Albano da Costa issued a misleading and deceptive statement which amounts to a public lie. He is a professional con (liar) that must not be trusted. Kindly ask Zacarias to show the evidence that Felizberto recommended Megatours for the purpose of expediting the payments to the company. There is nothing of this sort of recommending a travel agency to enter into a contract with the government for the sole purpose of expediting the payments. Such statement by Zacarias demonstrated that prior approval by Zacarias has already been obtained for the purchases of all ticket and hotels from Megatours and that it was only required a contract to expedite the process as Zacarias indicated. A statement which backfired Zacarias himself. A liar who tried to invent a lie, but ended up lying to himself.
2. Zacarias Albano da Costa can not find any piece of evidence indicating that Felizberto personally recommended that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste to enter into agreement with Megatours in order to expedite the payment of airline tickets and hotels to the company. A person who signed on the contract could not at the same time recommend for approval because final approval was the indication of the signing of the contract. As per Timorese procurement law, the person who is authorised to approve is not the person who recommends for approval. (Reader who wants to verify, please contact Mr. Francisco Burlaku). Thus, Felizberto could not sign the contract and at the same time recommended the contract. Zacarias could not have his cake and ate it too. Only a retard would think of it as possible.

a. The contract was signed by Felizberto and Eduardo Massa, Director for Megatours in October 2008. (
b. In a statement to Jose Belo, Journalist from Tempo Semanal, Mr. Eduardo Massa denied ever signing a contract with Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste. Why did he need to lie? He lied because he was trying to cover up the contract? Why? Because ever since Felizberto was no longer the National Director of Administration they assumed that the doctored contract could just be literally forgotten and no one would be making it an issue which could jeopardize the position of the Minister and that of Megatours’ business interest.
Here is the excerpt of conversation of Jose Belo from Tempo Semanal with Eduardo Massa, Director of Megatours, Tempo Semanal publication dated 3rd May 2010, “Director of Megatours Agency categorically denied of having ever signed a contract on 14 October 2008. “Everyone said that I (Eduardo Massa) have signed a contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs despite in those days the Ministry took the decision to continue doing business with Megatours,” says Eduardo shaking his head. (
c. Why should a company feel that they were obliged to change certain invoices to protect Zacarias? Because they were profiting by protecting him from being found in investigation in the future, should there be one. What Megatours has done was to improperly solicit the National Director for Administration to collude in creating bogus invoices in the presence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, which Felizberto denied as detailed in his public position from his official correspondence to Eduardo Massa dated 16 September 2009 with Oficio no. 20/DN DADM. (
d. Why was a Director for a travel agency courageous enough to do that in the presence of the Minister as detailed in Eduardo’s email (refer to He was courageous enough because he was the long-time friend of Zacarias, as confessed to Felizberto and the former Director for Division of Finance, who has already resigned, at the Sporting Restaurant, opposite the Dili wharf. In his conversation, Eduardo said that he and Zacarias were running to the border in their twenties when Fretilin was organizing a counter-coup. And the fact that Zacarias was a former Director of Megatours. There was a conflict of interest of course.
e. The contract was signed in 2008 and then it was never enforced, but was kept hidden away. Only Felizberto, Eduardo Massa and Zacarias Albano da Costa have the contract.
In the statement by Zacarias in his Press Release stating that “the contract was to expedite the process of payments to the company”, Felizberto provides the following analysis:

•If the contract was never enforced, how could you expedite the process of payments by using an unenforced contract? The answer was no. Therefore, the statement of Zacarias in relation to non-enforcement of contract to expedite payments owed is in itself flawed, contradictory and misleading as well as deceiving the general public. Zacarias is in fact a liar.
•Kindly consider, if the contract was not enforced/used in conjunction with Government CPVs (payment papers) related to tickets and hotels, could Megatours wait until now for payments from 2008 until the contract is enforced? Megatours could literally be out of business if it chose the option. In fact, payments were being regularly paid. Where can you find proofs of payments being regularly paid? 1. CPVs located at Foreign Affairs, with original copies with National Director of Treasury (contact, Ms. Sarah Lobo Brites), 2. Contact the Banking and Payments Authority because they remit the payments to the beneficiary bank of Megatours (contact Ms. Nur Aini Alkatiri). These are references indicating where someone can easily trace regular payments from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste to Megatours.
 •Why payments to Megatours were sometimes late?
Here are the facts confirmable to the Director General of State Finance, National Directorate of Procurement headed now, by Mr. Manuel Monteiro:
Despite in August 2008, procurement to Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been decentralized - meaning that Ministry of Foreign Affairs could establish and approve its own purchases of Goods and Services up to USD$100,000, without having to resort to the Central Procurement at the Ministry for Finance – however, all Purchase Orders (POs) were still being issued and approved for at the National Director for Procurement, Ministry of Finance. Therefore, the time it took was quite lengthy, because almost all Ministries were having their Pos produced at the Central Procurement.

An example is provided;

Ministry of Foreign Affairs received an invoice from Megatours. Then, a CPV was raised, and delivered to National Director for Treasury, Ministry of Finance. A waiting time of several days or more is required. CPV needed to be picked up by Foreign Affairs staff back to the Procurement Unit of Foreign Affairs. CPV and procurement document were delivered back to the Procurement Unit of Ministry of Finance. Then, they were delivered back again to Foreign Affairs and then the documents were delivered back to National Directorate of Treasury. From there, it will be up to the Directorate to expedite the process of payments to Banking and Payments Authority, which will transmit the monies owed, after completing their own internal administration. For this process to run smoothly there was an assumption that there was no problem in the middle of this whole process. This alone could have taken closer to two months. If anyone required to sign the papers were sick, sudden unplanned travel to districts to pay for wages to pay for old age parents, have their drawers locked up, incomplete form, directors in constant meetings, overseas travel budget depleted and virements (new transfers) were needed and the like, the process could take months and a lot of running around. The whole of virement process could itself take up to two to three weeks to come through the system for National Directorate to debit the budget line. Where can you confirm? Current staff at Foreign Affairs, and the government institutions mentioned above. Alternatively, contact any serving Director of any Ministry about payments processed through the Ministry for Finance. They will provide an objective indication of how soon funds reached the beneficiary accounts.
Line of Thought:

Megatours > MFA > Treasury MOF > MFA > Procurment MOF > MFA > Treasury MOF > BPA > Beneficiary Bank > Client Account (Megatours) – assuming no virements required or no administrative problems.

General Conclusion:

1. Zacarias Albano da Costa lied to the public because Felizberto has never recommended Megatours.
2. A person who authorises could not at the same time recommend for approval because final approval was the signing of the contract. Thus, Felizberto could not sign the contract and at the same time recommended the contract. Therefore, Zacarias Albano da Costa needs to have his logical corrected, because Zacarias is in fact a liar whose statements are themselves conflicting.
3. Eduardo Massa lied to Journalist, Jose Belo of Tempo Semanal that Eduardo never signed the contract. A lie to protect a close friend and a former Director of Megatours, Zacarias Albano da Costa. Fortunately, the journalist had the contract at hand.
4. For a company to improperly solicit changes of invoices containing damages information to the Minister if found by auditor, in the presence of the Minister himself indicated that indeed certain individuals were and are profiting from this business. Who? Eduardo Massa and, of course, WE KNOW WHO.
5. An unenforced contract could not be used to expedite the process of payments if the contract itself was never used. If a help was at hand, but was never used, how could you say that it was helpful. Zacarias is in fact a liar.
6. Felizberto provides statements backed by proofs and wherever possible, indications of where people can go to investigate for confirmations; whereas Zacarias Albano da Costa did not. Zacarias simply made a political statement based on unfounded accusations. A professional con he is and a person who does not deserve a ministerial position whatsoever in 2012. People who vote for him will literally sell their souls to devil.
b). Statement by Zacarias Albano da Costa,“Moreover, it is questionable that a public servant that was dismissed from his duties by order of the Comissão da Função Pública, following a disciplinary procedure for irregular conduct, is coming now throwing accusations from his own misconduct.
Counter Argument by Felizberto de Araujo Duarte:
Mr. Felizberto entered the Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste as a Cooperative Services Consultant – therefore he was not a public servant – a contractor undertaking the duties and responsibilities of National Director of Administration (copy of the contract held at the Division for Human Resources, Ministry of Foreign Affairs). He neither applied for nor requested the post.
Therefore, Felizberto was not a permanent public servant, but a contractor, appointed to assume the duties and responsibilities of a public servant. According to Law No. 5/2009 de 15 de Julho (First Ammendment of Law n.º 8/2004, of 16 June), article 3, there exist public servant and agent of public administration. As such, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste was wrong and continued to be a liar in asserting that Felizberto was a public servant. Felizberto was in fact an agent of public administration, not a public servant. (link to law -
In addition, the management presented Felizberto the position of National Director for Administration, literally on a silver plate. Felizberto was then given all the procurement and financial powers, where by law only the Minister for Foreign Affairs can possess, through delegations of authorities – thus bypassing the Secretary General, Ms. Vicky Tchong, the second person after the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste. Why such tremendous authorities be entrusted upon him, rather than to the Secretary General, Vicky Tchong who is a permanent staff, an experienced administrator, a former Director of Administration herself, a diplomat? It was a general knowledge that the Minister was suspicious of her, as confirmed through Feliciano da Costa that Vicky might be a Fretilin sympathiser. Other assumptions were that Vicky was a tough negotiator that Zacarias did not always get his way without a tough talking from her. Should readers wish to provide confirmation, talk to any senior staff at the Ministry or diplomats posted overseas, majority will confirm that Vicky is not easily fooled or influenced.
For a Foreign Minister to have invested a lot of trust in financial and procurement matters in Felizberto surpassing that of all other staff, including the second person of the Ministry, the Secretary General, indicated that Zacarias has complete trust in Felizberto. Here are the proofs: ( or see attachment)
Therefore, for Zacarias to turn around and called Felizberto a dishonest was something inversely untrue and unfounded. Zacarias could not be bestowing more powers to Felizberto if Felizberto was a dishonest person. In conclusion, Zacarias Albano da Costa is in fact a liar.
c). Statement by Zacarias Albano da Costa, …..following a disciplinary procedure for irregular conduct.”

Counter Statement by Felizberto de Araujo Duarte:
Zacarias Albano da Costa has stop short at pointing out that the disciplinary procedure for irregular conduct was in fact in relation to the recruitment of permanent staff to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste. Failure to add those details, Zacarias intentionally disseminate improper, biased, untruthful and opportunistic statements about Felizberto so as to improperly conclude that such irregular conduct could amount to fund mismanagement. The irregular conduct as championed by Eng. Liborio Pereira was unfounded, baseless, and false accusations agreed upon only by himself without the majority vote of the members of Public Service Commission. Proofs presented by the petitioners were a complete forgery of signatures and name.
In conclusion, the disciplinary procedure for irregular conduct did not have anything to do with monetary matters. It is something completely of administrative issue. Thus, for Zacarias to present vague/blur information, could only by attributed to his opportunistic behaviours as shown now and then as and when the time fits his political agenda.
d). Statement by Zacarias Albano da Costa, “It is also appalling that a newspaper and its editor that previously had a reputation for high professionalism have engaged in this kind of attacks without checking the credibility of the source and the motives behind these unfounded suspicions:
Counter Argument by Felizberto de Araujo Duarte:
It is ridiculous that a Foreign Minister of an independent country issued such statement despite having the full knowledge of the facts at hand.
1. Are the proofs presented credible? Yes, they are because the Zacarias has a copy of the contract, letter that was written by Felizberto de Araujo Duarte was signed for by the recipients, an email from Mr. Eduardo Massa was also copied to many staff private emails used to communicate official correspondences given the fact that government official email was not always trustworthy to work properly, many staff also received the information in their official emails.
2. Private meetings with Mr. Eduardo Massa in restaurant in Sagres Garden was confirmed by Mr. Eduardo Massa himself and can also be confirmed by those attending the private lunch. The driver of Zacarias Albano da Costa, Mr. Azu, who transported the Minister there.
Therefore, for Zacarias to counter the credibility of the facts presented was like throwing the blames at others, as Zacarias has always been good at. For a leader to hide away from taking on responsibility is no leader at all, but an opportunist seeking out solely for better days and as such public should watch out in not voting for this opportunist in 2012.
3. Whose credibility was questionable?
Zacarias must not forget that his SMS resignation to the Prime Minister in which he sent, but he lied the entire country that he never sent the SMS has already put his credibility in question. He is in fact a liar, a leader that must not be trusted. A Foreign Minister could have known better how to properly conceal a lie, but what Zacarias has done was unacceptable, unjustifiable and ridiculous for a Foreign Minister to do so. Thus, whose credibility is in tatters? It is that of Zacarias, not Felizberto, and not even that of Jornal Tempo Semanal. Zacarias finally conceded to Prime Minister's pressure to admit to his own mistake because for Zacarias the Chinese made furniture at Foreign Affairs is just to good to let go.
For Zacarias to lie about the SMS to the entire world, should the people believe in Zacarias now? His SMS lies are in fact the build up of all the lies, deceits and opportunistic manoeuvres at the Administration of Foreign Affairs, which he has always get away with, this include resignation of Felizberto from his position on 23 October 2009.
Furthermore, relating to credibility and moral values, here is a comment from a Timorese friend who attended the meeting with Zacarias in Dunggannon, Northern Ireland several months ago, “Zacarias came to Dunggannon, but we did not know his objective. In the middle of his discourse, he, all of a sudden, mentions about himself being brutalized due to love affair by people and Zacarias refers that the issue is not true. Nevertheless, the Timorese who are present are confused. Who asked the question? Why does Zacarias mention about his personal life. No care and no one ask. Is it a matter of national interest?” Thus, for Zacarias to waste public money to travel all the way to Northern Ireland, for the simple task of discussing his own personal life was much more important and everything else.
e). Statement by Zacarias Albano da Costa, “H.E. the Minister for Foreign Affairs, in light of these allegations, will write upon his arrival in Timor Leste a letter to the Vice Prime Minister Coordinator for Management of Administrative Affairs of the State, requesting a thorough investigation by the Office of the Inspector General.”

Counter Argument by Felizberto de Araujo Duarte:
In Indonesian there is a saying, “tong kosong nyaring bunyinya”. An empty bin sounds very loud. Mr. Mario is also a founder of PSD party from which Zacarias was “properly” elected to the President of PSD. It is not doubted that his investigation benefited only Zacarias, or this is simply a threat from Zacarias to silence Felizberto.

Advisors to the Foreign Affairs Ministry:
There are three advisors appointed, not recruited to work at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as such violating the recruitment procedures for contracted staff.
1. Crisodio de Araujo received a monthly USD$2,500 with the duties of a Portuguese Teacher. For one year, he never taught Portuguese at Foreign Affairs. Kindly ask anyone at Foreign Affairs whether they received Portuguese classes from Crisodio. The Minister, without the consent of Felizberto, because Felizberto was of the opinion that the person who never exercised his duties must never have his contract renewed, but terminated. It is a corrupt of the people’s money to renew the contract. All the more so, the contract was even without the knowledge of the Secretary General of the Ministry. This person received money for free and was never properly recruited. This person ended up having his contracted renewed to a monthly salary of more than USD$3,800 at the expiration of the old contract.
Felizberto wrote a statement to the Office of Inspector General with regard to this person, when Inspector General was undertaking an investigation at the Foreign Affairs. What happened? The Inspector General did nothing, but issued a broad statement to the media indicating only that at the Foreign Affairs there was maladministration, but stopped short of mentioning that Felizberto ordered the staff to inform the investigators that Zacarias travelled with a lot of advance and used that as perdiem whereas the perdiem was kept unused. And that the maladministration also related to the irregular contracts of these three advisors. These were the truth, but the Inspector General failed to acknowledge them appropriately – leaving the general public to assume that it was Felizberto who should be held accountable. For those who told the truth, they would be victimized. The only solution of seeking for truth was through active political participation in the future.

2. Joao Tavares received USD$10,000 gross per month, plus a business ticket return ticket (Dili <> Lisbon). The Senior Management has never seen any report of his work, but this gentleman continues to receive salary. When the contract was renewed to the second month, Joao received still received USD$10,000 plus the business return ticket. This gentleman was also not properly recruited, but he was just taken in.

3. Maria Gabriela Carrascallao Heard received USD$6,500 per month and wanted a lot more such as a government vehicle, a mobile phone and a sim card. Felizberto ended up not giving her the vehicle she wanted because at that time many of the directors of the Ministry did not have official cars. How could an advisor wanted a car whilst Directors were riding motorbikes? Because of her persistent request for official sim card, Felizberto has to sacrifice the official sim-card of the Director for Finance Division for this Maria, and after the Director for Finance Division conceded for fear of Zacarias.
The proofs of all the contracts are kept at the Division for Human Resources. There is no document indicating that any panel ever interview this people. The Finance Ministry has all the contracts because they processed the payment requests from Foreign Affairs.

Funeral Payment to Staff Member of Zacarias
In case Zacarias has forgotten that Agostinho Barreto’s father passed away last year. Zacarias ever recalled having left some advance money with this person in Bali? Can government advance be used for funeral purposes of political staff?
Probably Zacarias is senile enough to remember that an Angguna (mini-truck) was fully loaded with all sorts of things bound for this staff’s house. No other staff has received such treatment, but for Zacarias’ it was a must. Where were all the receipts? Zacarias wanted me to point them out?

Overseas Travel Advance
Each time Zacarias left abroad, how much advances were taken? Finance Ministry has all the record.
Who used all the advances? They were Zacarias and the members of delegation, most often the political staff who always accompanied the Minister.
Advance became perdiem and then pediem was kept and brought back home? Do I make false statement? Here is how people can investigate? 1. Look at the CPV for perdiem. 2. Look at the CPV for advance. 3. Look at the Advance Report. From this three point of view, it can be seen that perdiem just stayed in the pocket. This was how the overseas travel budget was quickly depleted and those who travelled a lot were receiving too much money for perdiem. So at Foreign Affairs, the more you travel with advance, the more you are able to make a lot of perdiem kept in the pocket. If you do that in two years, you are able to buy land, build nice house and have your own beauty Salon, despite having only a monthly salary of USD$400.
Thus, it was Zacarias who has constantly travelled and ended up depleting the overseas travel budget, for paying tickets, perdiem which was kept and brought back, advance which as to act as alternative perdiem, not as a contingency fund, used only in matter of emergency. Given the fact that Zacarias always travelled with a lot of people, constantly in the company of secretary, chief of staff and administrative staff, there people ended up fattening their pockets with a lot of perdiems because their too used the advance that the Minister requested to fund their overseas expenses. Hotels were not paid for with their perdiems, but advance was 100% used instead.

Non-renewal of Contract
Why does Zacarias accept to renew others’ temporary contracts and refuse to renew Felizberto’s sister-in-law’s contract without providing a reason? What sort of a Minister Zacarias is, favouring some and disliking others. Only a person of no leadership quality could do that.

Misuse of Public Funds at Embassies
What has Zacarias done to former Ambassador Nelson Santos? What has Zacarias done to Jose Amorim Dias? Felizberto was the Director who deducted their monthly living allowances to cover up the losses they incur on the Embassies’ budget. Therefore, Felizberto has shown the courage to confront those that misuse public funds.
Conclusion, who is Zacarias then in light of all these? Is Zacarias a credible and honest Minister? A person who sit by and did nothing could be considered a credible person with worthwhile and believable stories? A person whose personal grudge against one man ended up running amuck and hurting other innocent bystanders – terminating the staff contract at Foreign Affairs. It is the reader who will decide.

This list is not exhaustive.
How They Oust Felizberto de Araujo Duarte (Tony) from National Directorate of Administration
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste
When the time is right, Felizberto will present the evidence for investigation by the Anti Corruption Commission
Through lies, deceits, and political manoeuvres, they managed to get Felizberto de Araujo Duarte left the Ministry. Facts, proofs and indications of where confirmation could be found and investigated are all presented here.
The case commenced with the recruitment of permanent public servant for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, in which the Ministry was itself responsible.
There were more than five juries in the panel; each designed their own questions to be collected for correction after the completion of the exams.

The juries were:

Ms. Vicky Tchong, Secretary General

Mr. Felizberto de Araujo Duarte, National Director for Administration

Mr. Jose Amorim Dias, National Director for Protocol, Legal and Consular Affairs

Mr. Constancio Pinto, National Director for External Relations

Mr. Roberto Soares, National Director for Cooperation and Regional Integration

Mr. Alexandre Corterreal and another lady from Public Service Commission.

1. There was no official results announced yet. No interview date, no psycho test, but a bunch of petitioners gathered around and accused Felizberto of practicing Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism.
2. Director Jose Amorim Dias has never wanted to return several of the documents that he corrected. Until now, Felizberto has never seen the document. This was a conspiracy to knowingly withhold them to prolong the process and invite the Minister’s anger because the Minister during a general staff meeting has threatened to dismiss Felizberto and Vicky if the recruitment process was not expedited.
Director of Jose Amorim Dias was the former Ambassador of Timor-Leste to Brussels who wrote in his email to Felizberto saying that he unable to produce his bank statement because his bank statement was left in Timor-Leste and that his present bank statement was kept at the Central Bank. Was this story a believable story?
The reason Felizberto wanted Jose Amorim’s personal bank statement because Jose Amorim has used the Embassy’s goods and services to pay for his personal rental, which Jose Amorim should have used his own personal allowances separately remitted to his own account. Whenever asked, Jose Amorim always said that all the personal allowance sent, the Bank in Brussels deducted them all and for that reason Jose Amorim used the Embassy’s money to pay for his personal rental. Because of this irregularity, Felizberto took the decision to cut whatever moneis still owed from Jose Amorim’s allowance and return the government’s moneis.
Zacarias was copied the email conversation, but he opted to do nothing about it. Why in the face of apparent mismanagement of public funds has Zacarias chosen to stay silent? ( or see attachment)
3. Ambassador Roberto Soares. This Ambassador provided a false statement to investigating member of public service commission by saying that he has given his answers to questions designed by him to Felizberto before the exam. However, it was after the exam that the Secretary General sent an email to juries to request that they submit their individual answers and Roberto Soares confirmed to that email. Therefore, who was a liar in this case? It was Roberto Soares’ brother that was also one of the petitioners wanted to oust Felizberto from Foreign Affairs. ( or see attachment)
4. Public Service Commission never presented to Felizberto the declarations that they acquired from Director Constancio Pinto and Alexandre Cortereal. Why Public Service Commission need to hide them? Was there conspiracy?
According to the Law on the establishment of the Public Service Commission (Parliament Law no. 7/2009, article 14, subsection 4, in which it states, “As deliberações da Comissão são aprovadas por maioria, estando presentes no mínimo três comissários/the deliberations of the Commission are adopted by majority vote, being present at least three commissioners”. Thus, decisions could only be taken after majority voting by members of public service commission. The President of Public Service Commission cannot issue an administratively binding decision without the majority voting, as confirmed by a member of the Public Service Comission.

Kindly have a look at the following facts:
1. President of Public Service Comission issued a statement to temporarily suspend Felizberto from National Director for Administration without the voting of any members. Proof? Commissioner Olandina Caeiro was still away overseas, and Felizberto paid for her salary at Foreign Affairs. Ms. Olandina, at that time, worked for Foreign Affairs. Commissioner Abel Ximenes knew nothing of this case.
Therefore, who has made a mistake here? Why should President of Public Service Commission issue a decision on suspension without the voting of members as required by law? This was an abuse of power. Was there any political intervention?
2. The petitioners led by Elisa da Silva, never presented any proof, but only declarations with distorted information. No one could come up with proofs of their accusation. Elisa da Silva falsified two signatures and one name (Herminia). This name did not exist. How could Elisa da Silva falsified the signatures and name of other people to accuse Felizberto and to make matter worse, Public Service Commission did not bother at all along with Zacarias. All these people are now still working for Foreign Affairs as if nothing has happened at all.
Falsifying signatures can be imprisoned for three years or fined, as per the criminal penal code of Timor-Leste, but there was neither any action or punishment from the Ministry or the Public Service Commission. Where were the proofs? Members of Commissioners have all the proof, a copy was given to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Prosecutor General. Anyone who wishes to clarify may contact them.
3. On the day the suspension was issued, Felizberto left at about 08:00 in the evening. The next day, the Secretary General spotted the window of Felizberto’s office was been forcibly opened; whilst the night before she herself closed the window. There were a couple of shoe prints on the window leading into the office. A complete report could be obtained from the Secretary General. Why would someone sneak into Felizberto’s office, at night, on the day he left the office whilst there were private security guards guarding the Ministry? Was this person looking or stealing something? It was quite obvious that someone was there with no good motives. Just as Zacarias said in his Press Release, “someone with an ulterior motive” who would stop at nothing, but to ensure that Felizberto was of the Ministry.
4. On a Saturday, several days after the announcement of the illegal suspension by the President of the Public Service Commissions, the computer belonging to a staff at the National Directorate of Administration who was close to Felizberto was tampered with. Another computer that belonged to the staff at the Division of Human Resources has its wireless antenna broken. The person(s) attempted to copy the hard drive looking for incriminating evidences. Unfortunately, they, as Felizberto, knew too well would uncover nothing, because the first computer has been moved and staff were previously told to be watchful of their files. Someone was practising a 007 spy looking for something, but the techniques used were that of a triple zero (000), not clever enough but leaving a messy trail.
3. After detecting that there were manipulations in all these decisions, Felizberto wrote a letter of resignation to the Zacarias? Proof? Zacarias signed the resignation letter of Felizberto, which was sent to Zacarias on 23 October 2009.
Here is the letter of resignation signed by Zacarias Albano da Costa, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste: ( or see attachment)
Now, for Zacarias to issue a Press Release saying that Felizberto was dismissed was false and Zacarias is in fact a liar. Felizberto could not be dismissed because the Minister has signed his resignation letter. Felizberto legally resigned and that is the political position of Felizberto.
4. One day before Felizberto resigned on 23 October 2009, Public Service Commission led by Liborio discussed the case of Felizberto with the newly sworn members of Public Service Commission. The decision that they took at that time was that to extend the suspension to further investigate the truth. The result of the meeting was confirmed to Alexandre Cortereal, a member of Public Service Commission. In addition, Eng. Liborio mentioned to the members of Public Service Commission that Felizberto has used USD$100,000 and that Felizberto did not provide invoices. Why would Eng. Liborio make this false statement to the members of Public Service Commission whereas no money was missing at Foreign Affairs under the care of Felizberto as the National Director for Administration, which could be verified to Ministry of Finance? Were these political interference and collusion of some sort to influence the decision of the members of Public Service Commission? Eng. Liborio Pereira was not as neutral as he was trying to portray himself. He has something to answer to the Anti Corruption Commission.
Neither Felizberto nor the former Director for the Finance Division held cash for the Ministry. Cash was being kept at a safe, whose combination and keys were kept by Finance Officers. It was strange indeed for the President of the Public Service Commission to come up with a bogus statement, not knowing the facts. Proof? Please contact the Secretary General of the Ministry, who would tell you that neither Felizberto nor former Director for Finance Division held the money in their office, because neither of them had safe located in their respective office.
Strangely, on 26 October 2009 at 06:00 in the evening, a staff from Public Service Commission brought a letter to Felizberto’s house with a cover letter dated 26 October 2009, attached with a decision by President of Public Service Commission, Eng. Liborio Pereira stating that Felizberto’s contract has been terminated on 22 October 2009. Felizberto then went to the house of Member of Parliament of Arao Noel who straightaway telephoned Alexandre Cortereal who confirmed through the telephone that there was no such decision on termination of contract, but to extend the suspension to find the truth because there existed forgery of signatures and name in accusation against Felizberto.
Letter from Public Service Commission with cover letter 26 October 2009, please see or see attachment.
Now, why would Eng. Liborio Pereira invent the decision of the members of the Public Service Commission? Why after all Felizberto has resigned and the resignation letter signed by Zacarias, but they had to go through all the troubles of manipulating and backdating to one day before Felizberto resigned? Someone at Foreign Affairs who travelled too much and used up all the moneis and then misused the Advance of the Government and was desperate to find a scapegoat to blame for these mistakes. It was not good that Felizberto resigned, but it would be better if they manipulated the entire process and tried to portray that Felizberto was dismissed in order to throw all the blames to Felizberto.
In conclusion, Felizberto resigned on 23 October 2009 as confirmed by signature of Zacarias. On 22 October 2009, members of Public Service Commission held a meeting and agreed to extend suspension of Felizberto because there existed falsification of signatures and name done by the accusers. And the President of Public Service Commission sent a letter dated 26 October 2009 stating that Felizberto’s contract was terminated on 22 October 2009. Isn’t it strange? Thus, there existed high level political cover up.
Felizberto has all the proofs he needs and will hand over to the Anti Corruption Commission. Eng. Liborio Pereira must be investigated and be held accountable for wrongful and manipulation of decision. Elisa da Silva along with her accomplices must also be held accountable and be thrown into prison for falsifying signatures and name. Member of Jury who provided false signed declaration must be investigated and dismissed from Foreign Affairs.
Last but not least, Felizberto wishes to extend his gratitude for Vicky Tchong, the Secretary General of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Timor-Leste, “Vicky, as I have told in the presence of everyone on my birthday that for whatever assistance and opportunity you have given me, I am forever in your debt. You have contributed a lot for the Ministry and let no opportunist set you aside without a fight. Ministry of Foreign of Timor-Leste does not belong to Zacarias. You too can make a good politician”.
Rest assured that Felizberto will stop at nothing, but finding the justice for all these. Time may go by, but justice must be served and those involved must be punished. Political future of Timor-Leste rests at the hand of its youth and Felizberto will certainly be making part of it.
Felizberto will not be able to have a quiet life, unless he sees all of them face the justice rightfully deserve. For a person who has been wrongfully denied justice, he/she has all the rights to pursue it to the bitter end.


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