Friday, 30 July 2010

ADF still continue to help Train F-FDTL

East Timor and Australia hold a day talk in regard to Defence Corporation Program in the capital of East Timor on 29/07/2010.Secretary State Julio Pinto told this Newspaper that a day seminar between Australian authorities and Timor Leste to discuss the contiuetion of Defence corporation programme between ADF to East Timor F-FDTL. Julio said Australia is ready to continue support F-FDTL in the English Language training, maritime security, Engineering component training, College training and training for the Staffs of East Timor Secretary of Defence office.

The Australian side express it's readiness to help train F-FDTL Engineering Battalion and F-FDTL to participate in the Peace Keeping mission as well as helping Timorese maritime security. East Timor Major General Taur Matan Ruak thank the Australian side for the training. But the Commander of East Timor Defence Force preoccupied with the time. “Just for the English language course till level four approximately consume time of two and half years to finish. Level one three and half months. Level two six months. Level three one year course. Then level four two years. Then they go the academic another two years. And then the commanders are saying sometimes they come back and they forget everything,” said Taur with big laugh.
Taur Matan Ruak propose the method of the Training supposed to fit in firstly uniformity and integrated from the various section. The First stage F-FDTL would like to distribute the task to each of the donor countries.
The team leader from Australian Defence Force reiterated their promises as saying that, “we already made commitment to provide assistance of development.”
Julio Thomas Pinto the secretary of state for East Timor Defence said the discussion of the Defence Corporation Programme is very productive. “Many positive plans and initiatives have been put forward between Australia and Timor leste together. And then we will develop this plan in next year.”
According to Mr. Pinto the plan need to follow some mechanisms. “Today’s talk reinforced Australian continuing assistance to the professional development of F-FDTL and my staffs in the secretariat for the defence,” said Julio Pinto.
He also thanks the Australian Government to provide his office with some adviser.
The Australian Ambassador to East Timor Peter Haywood in his remark said, “I am impress at how the progress and maturity relationship. I think now we are very clear about each side wants and to provide. And that indication is relationships is working well and will continue to work well."
The meeting finished with signature of a defence corporation dodument between the two country in Timor Hotel Dili.

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