Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Tempo Semanal exclusive: Companies owners filed compliant against Procurement to Anti Corruption Commission

At about 1500 hours this afternoon, three fuel companies owner filed an allegations of Corruption, Nepotisms and collusion in the process of tender to provide gasoline for EDTL. 
The Government has awarded one of the company relatives of a high rank Government leader. The Government has issued a letter of Credit (LC) to this company. "It's true the government has given to ....company the total value of the LC is US$3,200,000,- as I have check it," said Tempo Semanal source within the Government.
The tendered has been write-off since January this years after Zebra fuel company sent a protest to PM Xanana on January 9th. PM Gusmao has asked the deputy PM Mario carrascalao to investigate the allegations but Mr. Carrascalao has denied have any knowledge about the complaint from Zebra fuel company. In the last two Zebra has log in directly a complain to mr. Carrascalao office but again the Deputy PM for the good governance not give any response to these allegations until this evening. These companies alleged that STA (Servisu teknika aprovizionamentu) has committed nepotism to awarded the tender to ETO. "We know for sure that starting tomorrow the ETO is the one going to provide fuel for EDTL because the term of contract for Sun Shine is expired. "We want to bring this case to the anti Corruption commission to investigate," said Mr. Carlos Alberto V. de Oliviera.
"We filed this allegation against Procurement office because their decision is violate the bids documents. During the process of tender my company has been considered as the first qualified one. why did the decision goes to the third qualified. The government announced on January 6th that ETO is the winner to suply fuel for EDTL. On the January 9th Zebra has sent their protest to PM Xanana. No answered until today.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Gastao Salsinha and his Collegues were Freed on Friday

On friday (27/08) a group of people walked through the main entrance to bekora Dili main prison. Gastao Salsinha and his 22 collegeu have big smill in their faces cause they are no longer prisoners. This group have beneficted of pardom on 20/08/2010 from East Timor President. DR. Jose Ramos Horta is the most victim from the revels attacked 11 February 2008. Gastao Salsinha and his collegues were found Guilty over the twin attacked on East Timor's President residence in Meti Aut Dili and PM Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao's convoy near Dare hill above Dili.
Even they are freeman today but acording to Tempo Semanal Source withing the Dili District court said that these people also accused of involved in the attacked on F-FDTL convoy on 23/05/2006 at Fatu Ahi which resulted several fatal casualties. "The case of Fatu Ahi Attacked will sentence on mid setepmber," the source told Tempo Semanal.
The President decision to give pardom to the Gastao Salsinha and his group cost some criticisms from the civil society including some ordinary people. "I don't think our country is base on law and Justice. For me justice is a joke and get a lot of interfierence mainly from Mr. President. We can killed people to get the pardom from Mr. President and I hoped Mr. President also can give some pardom or amnesty to the ordinary people who are steal people's chicken because they are so poor," said Marcelino D. S. Araujo santo during a ceremony in Democracy Field today which attended by the head of state.
He also felt the celebration anniversary of referendum this time is the worse one because not thing is special. There were several normal activities hold around the town no flag hosting even though on 30/08/1999 is the heroic day for all Timorese with great braveness to liberate themselfes from fears to vote for East Timor Independence. 

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Tempo Semanal Exclusif: KPI Deteta Virus Han Osan Povu TL

Deputadu Husu Apaga Naran Ministru Iha Relatoriu

Dili, Tempo Semanal

Iha loron 08 Agostu 2007 koandu Prezidente da Republika Dr. Jose Ramos Horta inagura Governu AMP no fo pose ba Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao, eis Prezidente iha Guvernu Fretilin nia tempu ne’e ba Primeiru Ministru AMP nian, Xefe Governu ne’e hasoru kedas problema menus ai-han.

Problema ida ne’e maske ladauk tama ba krize hamlaha, maibé sadik governu nia desizaun politika. Tanba ne’e, governu atravesa husi Xefe Governu foti desizaun alternativas hodi asina kontratu ho kompania lubuk ida iha Dili hodi fornese fos ba Estadu Timor-Leste.

Maibé  formatu no aktus asina kontratu mak sai komplikadu tanba iha kontratu balu asina antes orsamentu rektifikativu aprova husi Parlamentu Nasional. Pior liutan, kompania hirak ne’ebé asina ona kontratu fornesimentu fos ba Estadu Timor-Leste, hahu halo violasaun ba leis aprovizionamentu nian ne’ebé sita iha surat kontratus no halo traisaun ba komfiansa Primeiru Ministru nian ne’ebé mak konsidera emprezariu sira hanesan parseirus dezemvolvimentu.

Inisialmente, Xefe Governu la gava hahalok kontra Lei maibé hahalok hanesan ne’e bele tau iha kauza Primeiru Ministru ninia kredibilidade tanba, kompania hirak ne’ebé uluk asina kontratu ho Primeiru Ministru, sira la selu taxa too agora, no iha indikasaun manipulasaun ba presu fos ne’ebé mak ninia konsekuensia afeta orsamentu povu nian, hateten iha relatoriu Komisaun Parlamentar Inkeritu (KPI) ho mahar pajina 50.

KPI konsege hetan rezumu informasaun konaba osan ne’ebé estadu Timor-Leste gasta ba fornesementu fos ba Estadu Timor-Leste, desde periodu orsamentu tranzitoriu 2007 too 17 Setembru 2009, ho total osan US$89,701, 783 milioens, hodi fornese fos ho total 155,150 toneladas.

            KPI halo nia rezumu katak, iha tinan orsamental ba periodu tranzitoriu Junho-Dezembru 2007, governu gasta osan povu nian hamutuk US$6,018,746 milioens hodi sosa fos hamutuk 13,225 toneladas.

            KPI forma nia opiniaun katak, desde tinan 2008-2009, governu gasta osan hamutuk US$83,783,032 hodi sosa fos 141,925 toneladas. Tuir dadus husi governu, too ohin loron 10 Dezembru 2009, stock fos governu nian hamutuk 26,100,225 toneladas iha armazens estadu nian no armazens privadu ne’ebé iha governu nia kontrola.

            KPI hetan informasaun katak, desde governu halo intervensaun hodi fa’an fos ba povu Timor-Leste, tuir governu nia estimativa ba tinan 2008, retornu osan husi fa’an fos hamutuk US$18,038.000 no ba tinan 2009 hamutuk US$25,000.000, maibé iha inisiu Dezembru 2009 durante diskusaun aprezentasaun proposta Orsamentu Jeral Estadu 2010  husi Governu, retornu husi intervensaun ba merkadu ne’ebé governu aprezenta ba Parlamentu Nasional, hamutuk US$21,500.000 iha tinan 2009.

            KPI iha nia inkeritu la konsege estabele nia opiniaun konaba fos ne’ebé lakon inkluindu fos 4000 sakas ne’ebé tuir sasin husi Ministeriu Turizmu, Komersiu no Industria haklaken katak sei iha hela prosesu investigasaun Polisia Nasional Timor-Leste, hateten iha relatoriu KPI ne’e.

            Iha relatoriu KPI nian, deputadus hirak ne’ebé la asina maka, Carmelita Caetano Moniz, Hermes da Rosa Correia Barros ne’ebé hatoo nia razaun katak “keta hakerek Ministru nia fen sosa foos. Loloos hakerek Sra Ketling no deputadu nain rua seluk maka, Dominggos da Costa no Teresa Maria de Carvalho.

            Relatoriu ho numeru: 24/CPI.II/XII/2009 ho data 9 de Marsu de 2009 ne’e asinadu husi Prezidente KPI Arsenio Paixao Bano ho deputadus sira seluk hanesan; Cornelio da Conceicao Gama, Jose Tixeira, Jacob Xavier, Aicha B. Umar Bassarewan, DOminggos Mesquita no Duarte Nunes.

Iha relatoriu KPI nian sita katak, kontratu ne’ebé governu halo ho Kompania United Food Lda, KPI konklui katak, kontratu ne’ebé asina ho Sr. Joao Goncalves, Ministru Dezenvolvimentu nia kaben ne’ebé kaer knar nudar Diretora no Sosio ba Kompania Uniter Food, Lda, iha capital 50%  iha kompania nia laran, viola artigu 30  Lei Parlamentu Nasional numeru 7/2007.

            Liutan, hateten iha dokumentus KPI nian katak, KPI halo apresiasaun ba dokumentus informasaun ne’ebé governu fornese konaba kontratus ne’ebé governu halo ho Kompania hodi fornese fos ba Estadu Timor-Leste, iha tinan Orsamental 2007, Periodu Tranzitoriu Julho-Dezembru governu gasta osan hamutuk US$6,018,746 atu sosa fos hamutuk 13,225 toneladas hodi asina kontratus ho kompania hanesan Star King Lda, KPI konsege hetan deit informasaun konaba pagamentu ho total osan kontratu US$1,464,075 ba total fos hamutuk 3,615 toneladas ho folin US$400 kada toneladas.

            Pagamentu ne’e governu halo iha loron 17/03/2008 no Abril 21/04/2008, maybe KPI la hetan dokumentus kontratu no informasaun detailada konaba kontratu ne’ebé governu halo ho kompania Star King atu justifika informasaun ne’ebé mai husi Tezouru Estadu.

            Informasaun la sufisienta ne’e defikulta KPI halo konkluzaun ba obrigasaun no direitu tuir lei no mos kondisoens ne’ebé estabele iha kontratu, liu-liu obrigasaun atu kumpri prazu kontratu  no obgrigasaun atu selu taxa ba Estadu Timor-Leste.

            Maske nune’e, KPI konsege hetan informasaun jeral konaba pagamentu ne’ebé governu halo ho kompania People Food  ho total osan US$1,600.000 ho folin US$400 kada toneladas. Pagamentu ne’e governu halo iha loron 27/01/2008 no 27/05/2008 ba total fos hamutuk 4,000 toneladas.

            Maibé, KPI la konsege hetan informasaun seluk hodi forma nia opiniaun konaba oinsa governu halo kontratu sira ne’e ho kompania  People Food, hodi nune’e KPI labele  justifika informasaun husi Tezouru Estadu.

            Alende ne’e, KPI mos hetan deit informasaun jeral konaba pagamentu ne’ebé governu halo ba Kompania Oriental Food ho total osan US$1,116.000 hodi sosa fos 2,790 toneladas ho folin US$400 kada toneladas.

            Pagamentu ne’e governu halo iha loron 01/02/2008, maibé KPI la hetan informasaun seluk hodi analiza pagamentu ida ne’e, nune’e KPI labele justifika informasaun husi Tezouru Estadu.

            KPI hetan informasaun konaba pagamentu ne’ebé governu halo ho kompania Nabilan Food ho total osan US$1,131.000 miliaun atu sosa fos hamutuk 2,820 toneladas, ho folin US$400 kada tonelada. Pagamentu halo iha loron 25/01/2008 no 12/02/2008. Maibé KPI mos la hetan informasaun seluk hodi justifika pagamentu no kontratu ne’ebé governu halo ho Nabilan Food, hodi nune’e KPI labele justifika informasaun husi Tezouru Estadu.

            KPI mos hetan informasaun no dokumentus balu ne’ebé fornese husi governu konaba fos ne’ebé mak governu liu husi Ministeriu Solidariedade Sosial halo ho kompania Maubara Fitun Lda ho total osan US$899,360 atu sosa fos 1,168 toneladas ho folin kata tonelada US$770. KPI mos simu dokumentus balu husi governu hanesan, Payment Request, Receiving and Inspection Report, Purchase Order no informasaun seluktan.   

            Alende ne’e, KPI mos hetan informasaun balu husi governu konaba kontratu ne’ebé governu halo ho kompania Timor Food atu sosa fos hamutuk 2500 toneladas ho folin US$350 kada tonelada ho total osan US$874,398.

            Husi parte seluk, KPI halo apresiasaun ba dokumentus kontratu publiku ne’ebé governu halo ho Kompania Tres Amigos, molok Parlamentu Nasional aprova Orsamentu Jeral Estadu Rektifikativu 2008.

            Dokumentus kontratus ne’ebé hetan, KPI haree katak molok Parlamentu Nasional aprova            Orsamentu Jeral Estadu Rektifikativu 2008, governu halo tiha ona kontratu ho kompania Tres Amigos ho total osan US$14,400.000, maske Orsamentu Jeral Estadu Rektifikativu ne’ebé Parlamentu Nasional aprova, governu iha deit verba US$4,080.000 hodi sosa fos, liu husi Fundu Seguransa Alimentar, Ministeriu Turizmu, Komersiu no Industria. 

            Iha KPI nia relatoriu ne’ebé sita iha pajina sanulu resin ida pontu b nian esplika katak, KPI hetan kopia emenda kontratu entre Governu ho kompania Tres Amigos iha ho data 25/052008, ne’ebé mak iha kontratu inisial nia valor US$4,080.000 atu sosa fos 8,000 toneladas ho folin US$510 kada tonelada, maibé hafoin emenda tiha kontratu, nia valor sa’e ba US$14,400.000 atu sosa fos hamutuk 16,000 toneladas ho folin US$900 kada tonelada.     

            KPI mos hakerek iha ninia relatoriu katak, kontratus ne’ebé mak governu halo iha loron 22/ 10/2008 la aplika normas no prosedimentus jerais ne’ebé regula iha Dekretu Lei, Regime Juridiku do Aprovizionamentu 10/2005, Dekretu Lei 11/2005, konaba Infraksoens Administrativas do Regime Juridiku do Aprovizionamentu e do Regime Juridikus das Kontratus Publikus no prosedimentu seluk ne’ebé vigora iha Estadu Timor-Leste, inkluindu Lei Parlamentu Nasional no 7/2007 de 25 Julho, konaba Estatutu dos Orgaun de Soberania.

            Entertantu ba kontratu ne’ebé governu halo ho Kompania United Food Lda, KPI konklui katak, kontratu ne’ebé asina ho Sr. Joao Goncalves, Ministru Dezenvolvimentu nia kaben ne’ebé kaer knar nudar Diretora no Sosio ba Kompania Uniter Food, Lda, iha capital 50%  iha kompania nia laran, viola artigu 30  Lei Parlamentu Nasional numeru 7/2007.

            KPI mos konklui katak kompania United Food, Lda viola Dekretu Lei de Regime Juridiku dus Kontratsoens Publikus no 11/2005 kapitulu IV, artigu 32, das Garantias Kontratuais no viola termu General Conditions of Contract for Supply of Goods & Related Services pontu 21 konaba Taxes no Charges ne’ebé iha 21.1 hateten katak, The Supplier Shall be Entirely responsible for all taxes and charges lived by the State and duly constuted authorities. Kompania United Food too loron ida ne’e seidauk selu taxa ba Estadu Timor-Leste hodi kumpri prosedimentus ne’ebé temi iha leten.

            Alende ne’e, kontratu fornesementu fos ne’ebé governu halo ho kompania Belun Feto, Atramor Success Supply, Star King Unip, Lda no Maubara Fitun Unip Lda, ne’ebé kada kompania hetan kontratu ho valor osan US$3,842.50 atu sosa fos 7,250 toneladas, ho presu fos US$530 kada tonelada, viola Dekretu Lei de Regime Juridiku dos Kontratus Publikus 11/2005 kapitulu IV, artigu 32 das Garantias Kontratuais no viola termu General  Conditions of Contract for Supply of Goods & Related Services pontu 21 konaba Taxes no Charges ne’ebé iha 21.1 hateten katak, The Supplier Shall be Entirely responsible for all taxes and charges lived by the State and duly constuted authorities, tanba too ohin loron kompania Belun Feto, Atramor Success Supply, Star King Unip, Lda no Maubara Fitun Unip Lda seidauk selu taxa ba Estadu Timor-Leste.

            Konaba kontratu ne’ebé governu halo ho kompania Serba Jaya Makmur, asina husi Primeiru Ministru Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao ho Sudarmadi Direktor PT Serba Jaya Makmur iha loron 22/10/2008, ho total osan US$1,615.000 atu sosa fos 1,900 toneladas ho folin US$850 kada tonelada.

            Iha kontratu ida ne’e, KPI konklui katak governu halo kontratu la aplika Dekretu Governu konaba Regime Juridiku ba Aprovizionamentu numeru 10/2005, hodi halo kontratu ba PT Serba Jaya Makmur, ne’ebé mak iha loron hanesan governu mos halo kontratu ho kompania 6 seluk ho folin fos US$530 kada tonelada, maibé kompania Serba Jaya Makmur hetan kontratu ho folin fos US$850 kada tonelada.

            Iha kestaun ida ne’e, KPI  konklui katak, kontratu ikus ne’ebé halo ho PT Sumber Jaya Makmur ho total osan US$1,615.000 atu sosa fos 1,900 toneladas ho folin fos US$850 kada tonelada, halo Estadu Timor-Leste lakon osan hamutuk US$608,000.

            KPI rekoinese importansia husi aktus governu nian atu asegura fos ba Estadu Timor-Leste iha tempu ne’ebé povu Timor-Leste presiza duni fos. Nune’e, KPI hatoo ninia rekomendasoens katak,

• Halo investigasaun no auditoria ba kontratus ne’ebé governu halo iha Orsamentu Jeral Estadu ba Periodu Tranzitoriu 2007, ho kompanias, Start King Lda, People Food, Oriental Food no Nabilan Food.
• KPI halo investigasaun no auditoria hodi hatene responsabilidade ba aumentu pagamentu ba kontratu ne’ebé mak governu halo ho Orsamentu Jeral Estadu nian, liu husi Orsamentu Ministeriu Solidariedade Sosial ba kompania Maubara Fitun Lda ho total osan US$899,360 atu sosa fos 1,168 toneladas ho folin fos US$770 kada tonelada.
• KPI rekomenda atu halo auditoria ba Pagamentu kontratu ne’ebé governu halo liu husi Orsamentu Ministeriu Solidariedade Sosial, ba kompania Timor Food atu sosa fos hamutuk 2,500 toneladas ho folin fos US$350 kada tonelada ho total osan US$874,398, ne’ebé mak Commercial Invoice husi Timor Food asina iha 28/04/2008, husu governu halo pagamentu ba fos 2,082 toneladas deit ho folin fos US$419,98 kada tonelada ne’ebé ho total osan US$874,398.36.
• KPI rekomenda ba auditoria atu hatene razaun principal ba diferensa folin fos ne’ebé governu halo ho folin US$350 kada tonelada ba kompania Oriental Food ne’ebé hetan kontratu ho valor osan US$899,360, folin ne’ebé governu halo ho US$770 kada tonelada ba kompania Timor Food.
• Ba kontratu ne’ebé governu halo ho kompania Tres Amigos molok Parlamentu Nasional aprova Orsamentu Jeral Estadu Rektifikativu 2008, KPI rekomenda ba Orsaun Estadu kompotente ba Justisa atu halo investigasaun hodi determina legalidade no responsabilidade ba emenda kontratu ne’ebé governu halo ho Tres Amigos, iha fulan Maiu 2008 ho montante inisial US$4,080.000 no montante hafoin halo emenda sa’e ba total osan US$14,400.000 ne’ebé la eziste  iha Orsamentu Jeral Estadu 2008.
• Iha numeru hitu rekomendasaun KPI nian hateten mos ba Orgaun Estadu ba Justisa atu halo investigasaun ba kontratu ne’ebé governu halo ho kompania Timor Food hodi determina legalidade no responsabilidade ba akordu ne’ebé asina husi James Jong Fu Kong, Direktor Timor Food, Epifanio da Sila da Costa Faculto, Diretor Diresaun Nasional du Komersiu Turizmu, Komersiu no Industria iha loron 14/05/2008 hodi komete tusan ho osan povu nian ho valor US$5,100.000 hodi sosa fos ho folin US$1,000 kada tonelada.
• KPI husu mos ba Orgaun Kompotente ba Justisa atu halo investigasaun hodi determina legalidade no responsabilidade ba pedidu izensaun taxa ba kompania exportadora Kien Giang ne’ebé governu halo iha loron 18/08/2008 molok kontratu asina ho kompania Serba Jaya Makmur iha loron 29/08/2008.
• Ba kontratu ne’ebé governu asina ho kompania  United Food, KPI haree kontratu ne’e indika konflitu de interese tanba involve Sra Fon Ha Thcong, Diretora United Food ne’ebé hanesan Sr Joao Goncalves, Ministru Dezenvolvimentu nia kaben. KPI rekomenda ba orgaun kompotente ba justisa atu investiga hodi determina responsabilidade ba kumprimentu Lei Parlamentu Nasional numeru 7/2008 konaba Estatutu dus Titulares dus Orgauns de Soberania artigu 3.1,2.
• KPI rekomenda ba orgaun kompotente ba justisa atu halo investigasaun ba kompania Juxibel Lda, Veterans General Store, Ran Aitana II, Lunarsol Unip Lda, Taco Tolu Holding no Monte Viado hodi determina montante obrigasaun selu taxa ba Estadu Timor-Leste.
• KPI rekomenda mos ba Orgaun kompotente ba Justisa atu halo investigasaun ba kompania Prima Food hodi klarifika violasaun ba Lei Parlementu numeru 7/2007 konaba Estatutu dus Orgauns de Soberania ho involvimentu Sra Herguilina F Alves, oan husi Sra Maria Domingas Fernandes Alves, Ministra Solidariedade Sosial ne’ebé ho sosiu 11,18%.
• Rekomendasaun ikus, KPI rekomenda ba orgaun kompotente ba justisa atu halo investigasaun ba kompania Hercio International Lda  hodi hatene loloos venda ne’ebé kompania ne’e halo iha loron 20/06/2009 ba kompania Olifante ho total fos 777 toneladas no valor osan US$2,999,145, laos fos ne’ebé kompania Hercio International fornese ona ba Estadu Timor-Leste.
• Iha numeru sanulu resin ne’en relatoriu KPI nian hateten mos katak, KPI rekomenda atu halo investigasaun klean no auditoria hodi hatene loloos fos hira governu fa’an no lakon hodi hetan osan tuir estimative US$21,500.000 iha tinan 2009. (ts)

Photo events of Last week

The Timorese youth and students demo in Dili airport against the Burmese foreign minister while visit to Dili last week end.
President Jose Ramos Horta and the Peace Price winer shakes hand with the Burmese Foreign minister in president's resident in Meti Aut Dili. During the talked with Burmese Foreign Minister President horta also mention the situation Pro Democrasy leader Aun Shun Syu Kyu 

Tempo Semanal Video of East Timorese historical leaders meeting maubese

The poor Maubese Market Condition and People have Less Access to US Dollar

Maubese is an area very productive to produce vegetable and fruits. This old woman claiming that she only gets US$0.50 a day. She said it’s very hard to get consumers to buy her stuffs. “some times I only get 50 cent a day,” this old woman said. She is struggling to earn some money to support her grand children to study. “it’s very difficult to get US$4 to US$5 a day.” Maubese’s is located in central of east Timor became very famous to tourist because of its climate mountain and Pousada. If in Maubese is hard to have circulation of money means it must be harder for the other people in some part of east Timor to get access to US$0,50 a day. Where all those money goes?

Friday, 27 August 2010

China help TL more Visible then other Donors

On 24/08/2010 at 10.00 Am the chinese officials and East Timor official signed a contract for China to fund a new $8 million headquarters for Timor's fledgling army and the office of ministry of Defence.
East Timor's prime minister, Xanana Gusmao, has thanked the Chinese government for funding the construction of the country's new military headquarters and ministry for defence.
Prime Minister and Minister for Defence and Security Xanana Gusmao Has Joked with the Secretary state for Defence Julio Thomas Pinto that, "seems the designed as same as Presidential Palace."
The ceremony was withness by the representatives from other donnors representatives in Dili including the Australian embassador and other foreign representatives in Dili. After the opening ceremony finished PM Xanana went to shoked hands with his guest.
Deputy PM Jose Luis Guterres said the chinese aid is more realistic. "I can say that its more visivel. anyone that comes to Timor the perception is that the chinese presence is huge in Timor by constructin major infrastrature for the country." China has paid for other large buildings in East Timor, including the president's palace, the ministry of foreign affairs and the military residential headquarters. East Timor Government recently bought two patrol boats from China for its navy which was inaugurate in Dili on june.
Mr Gusmao says his government wants to strengthen bilateral military cooperation with countries that provide support without ties. The Chinese play very smart by given aids with zero conditions. Its different with other donors behave. Many other donors aids came with conditions like respect human rights, democracy, Justice and freedom of espression which some times anoyed the leaders of Timor Leste. The Former Guerilla Commander stated that it would not be legitimate for other countries to try to stop East Timor accepting military training from China.

Istoria Timorense: Peticionario Sira: Demo Abril 2006 - Gastao no Kolegas

Fundasaun Mahein Husu Ema Atu Tau Matan ba Orsamento MDS.

Today Fundasaun Mahein (FM) published a report on the budget of the Ministry of Defence an Security.  FM is the first Timorese NGO dedicated to looking at the Security Sector in Timor-Leste.

FM has written many reports on the security sector in Timor-Leste.  In less than one year it has written more on the Timorese security sector in a local language that the $5 million dollar UNMIT Security Sector Support Unit or UNPOL has produced.  

It is by Timorese, for Timorese about the Timorese security sector.  

While the report contains errors it is informative.  This report examines the budget for the institutions which provide safety and security to Timorese citizens.  It poses many questions which Timorese citizens might want want to consider.

Certainly, it is surprising to Tempo Semanal that one office in the Office of the Secretary of State for Security (SES) receives nearly $150,000 USD / year but its very unclear what it actually does.  Ita Hein.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Mario Carrascalao resigna an husi kargu VPM,Lasama Apoio

Dili, Forum Haksesuk (FH, 26/08/2010). Presidente Parlamento Nasional (PN),Fernando Lasama de Araujo,apoio Vice PM (VPM) ba asuntu jestaun no Administrasaun estadu nian,Mario Carrascalao,”se la iha kondisaun ba servisu iha equipa governu nian,diak liu resigna an”,dehan Lasama. Haktuir tan Lasama,”se VPM sente ladiak iha governu AMP,ne’ebe lidera husi PM Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao,diak liu resigna an”,defende Lasama.
Lasama de Araujo mos,”apela ba membru governu sira,atu kasu Mario Carrascalao nian,sai hanesan exemplo ida ba sira,se maka sente ladiak iha governu,diak liu sai,do ke hein PM maka hasai husi kargu”,argument Lasama de Araujo.
Deklarasaun Presidente PN,Lasama de Araujo ba FH iha uma Fukun PN,relaciona ho abandon VPM ba asuntu jestaun no administrasaun estadu nian,Mario Carrascalao iha surumutuk Konseilu Ministru,quarta-feira (25/08/2010),ne’e medias sira hotu fo sai iha nia destake ba edisaun quinta-feira (26/08/2010).
Tuir hakerek Suara Timor Lorosae (STL,26/08/2010),”Mario Carrascalao halai KM”.Hakerek tan STL,”STA impede desenvolvimentu(idem)”. Iha Jornal Nacional Diario (JND,26/08/2010),”Mario Carrascalao hato’o sms rejignasaun ba PR Horta”. Tuir Organika IV Governo Konstitucional nian,Vice PM nain 2,co-adjuva ba PM,hierarquiakamente depende ba xefi Governo maka PM Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao. Etikamente la los,se VPM Mario Carrascalao hatou fali ninia resignasaun ba PR Horta,tuir etika lolos hatou resignasaun ba PM Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Breaking News: East Timor Deputy PM, Eng. Mario Carrascalao Walk Out from Councill Minister Meeting Today

Acording to Tempo Semanal source withing East Timor Council Minister said that Deputy PM Mario Viegas Carrascalao has abandom the Councille Ministers meeting this morning after several time interfiering PM Xanana's statement. "Deputy PM for administration Mario Carrascalao just walked out after PM asked him to be quiet but he left the meeting and threateng not to participate again the councille Minister meeting" said ts source inside the councilled minister meeting room.
Every week on wenesday as normally East Timor council ministers are seating. The council Ministers meeting is participating by the two deputy PM and the ministers in the AMP government.
When Tempo Semanal asked his office said Deputy PM is participating in the councille ministers meeting. There were information that Deputy PM is going to hold a press conference to talk about the issue but Carrascalao office said has no plan.
"I think PM Xanana need Carrascalao and PSD other wise AMP government may collapse if PSD is out. Same as the PSD is need Xanana for their position because without Xanana they may have no change again in the government," said Agapito D. R.Ximenes student of a University in Dili.
He added that, "what ever happen Deputy PM will return to councille miniters meeting as hisd president has did say sorry to PM after threatening of resigned for his post as foreign Minister but affraid to do so."

Breaking News: Ramos-Horta Pardons Attackers

President Jose Ramos-Horta 2008
The President of Timor-Leste Jose Ramos-Horta has pardoned for FALINTIL-FDTL officer Gastao Salsinha and his colleagues and the members of now deceased rebel leader Major Alfredo Reinado, including (Marcelo Caetano and Amaro Susar).

Gastao Salsinha Surrenders Weapons 28 April 2008, President Ramos-Horta watches.
Marcelo Caetano (left) with Major Alfredo Reinado (deceased) Gleno Ermera 2007.
Ex-FALINTIL and former PNTL member of Reinado group - Amaro Susar waves on his surrender
Salsinha was the Spokesman for the FALINTIL-FDTL Petitioners in 2006-2008.  The Petitioners were known and the group of "594" although their members were much less.  This group left the defence force protesting conditions of service in the defence force and east-west discrimination.  The resulting protests degraded into violence the now infamous Crisis of 2006 started on 28 April 2006, lasting until the death of Major Alfredo on 11 February 2008 when he Salsinha and colleagues lead attacks on President Ramos-Horta and Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao.  Ramos-Horta was badly wounded while Gusmao escaped unhurt.

Ironically the pardon was published in the Government Gazette on 20 August 2010 FALINTIL day - the 35th Anniversary of FALINTIL.

Salsinha had been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment following been found guilty of leading the attack on Prime Minister Gusmao's convoy in Dare on the morning of 11 February 2008.  Just before that attack Major Alfredo Reinado was responsible for leading armed men to the house of President Jose Ramos-Horta. During the firefight Alfredo was killed and Ramos-Horta was shot several times and evacuated to Darwin.  Later on Ramos-Horta claimed to have been shot by Timorese followers in Alfredo's group.

Despite being published in the Gazette Salsinha remains in Becora prison pending an official court order being issued to the prison authorities.

Timor-Leste is a country in which there has been some considerable political interference in court decisions - even by President Ramos-Horta.

On 30 August 2009 Timor-Leste released Maternus Bere former leader of 1999 Laksaur militia. This was a decision which caused a great deal of criticism from civil society.  The Prime Minister was called to speak and be questioned by the National Parliament, the Minister of Justice was investigated.  Ordinary people show some considerable dislike, "I think the law is only valid for those who steal a chicken, and not for those who commit crimes against the state or against humanity,' said Abilio Lopes a University student in Dili.

President Horta defended his decision stating "The Petitioners and Salsinha were victims as well.  So after some discussions with the Government and Opposition Leaders I have decided to end the 2006 problem."

Breaking News: Timor-Leste signs defence deal with China

On the morning of 24 August 2010 Timor-Leste and China signed a major defence development agreement.  

Since 2001 the Timorese Defence Force Headquarters has been housed in second hand UN portable containers in Tasi Tolu West Dili.

Following lengthy talks with the Government of Timor-Leste the Government of China has agreed to a major development project.  This project will fund and construct a new Ministry of Defence and Defence Force HQ at Fatuhada in central Dili, on the main east-west road axis between the Palacio do Governo and Nicolau Lobato International Airport.

The new facilities are expected to be a major improvement on the current demountable structures/containers which are in a state of advanced decay.

Other major bi-lateral defence partners include Australia and Portugal, who provide some specialised training and language courses.

Breaking News: BTK Compound Searched by Police

On the morning of 24 August 2010 Timorese National Police (PNTL) searched the BTK compound residence and offices of Frans Holiwono contractor business "BTK" across the street from Democracy Field in central Dili.  The court issued a search warrant following the arrest of two BTK employees outside the compound on 8 August 2010.  These two staff were remanded to Becora prison for 6 month preventative detention until such time as their case can be heard by the court. The police were searching the compound in an effort to obtain evidence relating to drug trafficking allegations in Timor-Leste.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Deputy PM Respond to the Allegations Against his Good Office

We all know Ms Rosa Ribeiro is the one received US$17,000.00 per month and Mr. Carrascalao also indicate one more staff received salary monthly US$13,000.00. Lets us find out who is this person? Is he or she another Timorese foreigner? What kind of relation she does has with the party Deputy PM came from? We hoped that person is nothing related to PSD party so Deputy PM could give us hoped to fight the KKN. Because there is some allegation said Mr. Deputy PM hired the wife of president social Democratic party. If so is this categorically as nepotism or not? Let us see.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Breaking News: Timorese Historical Leaders Hold Closed Meeting in Maubisse

Most of Timor-Leste's main leadership spent 21 August in Maubisse, Timor-Leste.  It is expected that the meeting will continue on 22 August.

The first day was closed to the media.

Tempo Semanal has been asked to attend the 22 August meeting.

According to Tempo Semanal sources in Maubisse Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, President Jose Ramo-Horta, Secretary-General of FRETILIN Mari Alkatiri, Vice Prime Minister Mario Carrascalao, Vice Prime Minister Jose Luis Guterres, Major General Taur Matan Ruak, and President of FRETILIN Lu Olo are in attendance.  The First President of Timor-Leste Fransisco Xavier Amaral while invited is not in attendance due to poor health, and is now in Singapore seeking medical attention.

The gathering of the historical leaders of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste was initiated by the Government with support from the Catholic Church and and the Diocese of Baucau's Justice and Peace Commission.

Tempo Semanal's source said that the leaders' gathering is to seek "mutual understanding of each others positions, opinions and expectations for future generations.  They are sitting together for the cause of future generations.  They are putting aside political party interests, and just seeking to discuss national interests."

"The historical leaders from 1975 until the 1980s are in Maubisse to discuss the issue of possible new leaders from the next generations to carry out the process of national development and state building into the future", said Tempo Semanal sources.

The leaders are engaging in a wide ranging discussion under the moderation of the Bishop of Baucau in concordance with other dioceses' in Timor-Leste.  Another source told Tempo Semanal that the "leaders are not in Maubisse as state leaders or as party leaders but as founders of the nation and as leading national figures with a view to moving to the future."

The source told Tempo Semanal that "this is simply the first phase, and second phase will include the second generation leaders."  END

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Vice Prime Minister Carrascalao Speaks Out. Tempo Semanal Will Protect Its Sources.

In the interests of showing both sides TS publishes the below Press Release from Vice Prime Minister Mario Carrascalao.
Tempo Semanal believes that its readers are best placed to make up their own minds about the issue of the 17,000 dollar contract for Adviser Rosa Ribeiro.

Tempo Semanal will however continue to report on corruption in Timor-Leste wherever it may be found. The Palacio Governo, FRETILIN CC HQ, or the farthest mountain villages.

Of note is that there is no whistle blower legislation in Timor-Leste which protects people from legal action in the case that they reveal corruption inside their institutions. Tempo Semanal has reported on corruption every week for over 2 years - and has never revealed a source. This will continue. Tempo Semanal always protects its sources.

Falintil Hodi Mate Hafolin Nasaun, Timor Oan Asesor Internasional, STA Atraza Dezenvolvimentu F-FDTL

Dili, Tempo Semanal Edisaun Especial ba aniversariu Falintil dala 35
Selebrasaun aniversariu ba Falintil hanesan heroi da patria ida ne’e sai loron reflesaun ba povu no ema tomak iha rai ne’e dehan Manuel da Costa ba jornal ne’e. “Hanesan joven ida ha’u iha dever atu hatutan obra husi sira ne’ebe mate ona hodi hala’o dezenvolvimentu ba oin,” dehan Manuel.
 Dezenvolvimentu nasaun ne’e la’o daudaun maibe sei iha buat balun ke’e presiza hadia no presiza rekursu umanus. Tan ba kuran ema matenek atu ajuda maka iha loron 01/07/2010 Vice Primeiru Ministru ba asuntu Jestaun Administrasaun do Esatdu, Ir. Mario Viegas Carrascalao hanesan primeiru Kontraente asina ona kontratu ida ho cidadaun Australiana ida naran, Rosa Maria Monis Ribeiro nu’udar kontraente segundu hanesan asesor Internasional ba aprovizionamentu.Sra Rosa Ribeiro hela iha Meti aut Dili.
Tuir klausula terseiru, numeru uluk liu dehan, “Primeiru Kontraente selu ba segundu kontraente ho montante US$17.000,00, ne’ebe inklui valor impostu aplikavel para selu ate loron 30 de kada mes.”

David Ximenes, Deputadu husi Bankada Opozisaun Fretilin, kondena Timor oan balun buka di’ak de’it hakarak sai asesor internasional iha sira nia rain hodi manan osan bo’ot maibe nia mos kestiona fontes osan de pagamentu salariu ba asesor internasional nian ne’e. “Ha’u nia haree ne’ene, iha orsamentu do Estadu ne’ebe ami aprova ne’e, la iha ne’eba, item ruma ko’alia kona ba kontratu ba asesor sira nian,” informa David.


Asesor Internsaiona ne’e hanesan ema Timor oan ida ne’ebe ka’er hela pasaporte Australiana numeru M0110200 daudaun ne’e hela iha Meti Aut, dili.“Ba Ha’u, absurdu tebe-tebes kuandu Timor oan ida ne’ebe matenek nu entantu mai fali asesor, ne’ebe nia maluk sira simu osan mizeravelmente I sira simu osan ne’e boot,” lamenta David.
David hatutan,“Se sira matenek ona no sira hanoin Timor, hakarak mai konkore tuir sira nia skill ba tuur hanesan director hodi ajuda dezenvolvimentu nasional. La’os mai sai fali asesor internasional hodi buka manan osan boot iha povu kiak nia leet. Ne’e injustice. Tan ba ne’e tenke reve fali bu’at sira ne’e.”
Lian fuan kroat hanesasn hasai husi Domingos P. da silva, ba jornal ne’e iha halilaran nia dale, “Timor Leste hetan ukun an husi sakrifisiu bo’ot ema aswain barak maiske la iha salariu. Maibe sira foo aan ba mate hodi harii nasaun no ikus mai ukun aan tiha, ita sira ne’ebe moris ne’e hamutuk dezenvolve rai ne’e hodi hamenus ki’ak la’os mai sai fali internsional hodi simu osan povu ki’ak sira nian. Ne’e matebian Falintil sira sei babeur nia,” domingos hotar.
David Ximenes mos konkorda ho Domingos, “hanesan Timor oan tuir lolos mai servisu ba ninia rain, la’os fali sai hanesan asesor. Se sira mai fali hanesan ne’e, entaun husik ba tesik ba iha ne’eba, ba servisu iha rai ida ne’ebe nia hakarak, duke sira mai iha Timor. Purke funu mos ita halo mesak, nune’e dezenvolvimentu mos ita bele halo mesak. Tuir ha’u ema bo’ot sira ne’e, maka hakarak bolu ema sira ne’e mai. Ba ha’u, ha’u dehan de’it Timor ne’e sei bele halo.
Armido da costa, vendedor sabraka ida iha dalan ninin besik lecidere soe viadas dehan ba Jornal ne’e katak, "se karik ha'u maka hetan osan hanesan ne'e, ha'u la presiza halo servisu tan. Maibe ba sosa kaizaun ida, prepara rate ida, han toba hein too mate. Tan ba osan ba halo koremetan mos kompletu ona."
Maiske Banku Mundial ho Esatdu gasta osan bo’ot hodi selu asesor sira maibe iha parte seluk ezekusaun orsamentu do Estadu iha Governu, liu-liu sekretariu do Estadu Defeza tarde no iha momentu ruma liu ba sekretariu do Estadu la satisfas ho servisu STA ninian hodi foo sai nia preokupasaun ba ezekusaun tarde ba kapital dezenvolvimentu maka aloka ona ba instituisaun defeza ne’e ninian. Major Jeneral Taur Matan Ruak mos iha preokupasaun hanesan. “Portantu ita agora iha Agustu, bulan Agustu, bulan delapan. Se oitu meses ita la konsege halo buat ida para implementa orsamentu ne’ebe ba Defeza, ha’u hein katak fulan lima ne’ebe sei hela, Governu iha kapaciadade para halo investimentu. Pelumenus exekuta orsamentu ne’ebe destina ona ba Forcas Armadas. Mas atrazu sira ne’e hotu, pengaruh eehh....ba dezenvolvimentu Forca nian,” dehan Jeneral Taur.
Rui Castro Emprezariu Nasional ida iha Dili kestiona kapasidade de ezekusaun husi Gabinete VPM ninian liu-pliu parte STA. “Tuir buat ne’ebe ha’u rona foin ezekuta 17%, ne’e duni se ezekusaun orsanmentu ida ne’ebe mak la’o tiha ona fulan 8 mas foin ezekuta de’it 17% entaun kapasidade implentasaun, ezekusaun iha STA sai hanesan pergunta boot,” dehan Rui.
Maibe Ir. Mario Carrascalao rejeita, dehan, “Ne’e Manobra ida, tan ba ita ba haree aprovizionamentu ne’ebe uluk halo tiha ona, kompara ho tinan ida liu ba, agora adiantadu liu. Adiantadu liu kompara ho tinan ida uluk, maka la iha razaun atu hateten hanesan ne’e. Ne’e atu kreia paniku, paniku ne’e atu justifika bu’at ruma ke ha’u la hatene. Mas talves atu iha dezpeza ruma ke atu halo, talves ke folin bele boot liu um miliaun maka hakarak liberta husi kontrole be vice Primeiru ministru nian, maka kreia situasaun ida hanesan ne’e bele aprova um milaun ba leten nian ne’e sein rigor ne’ebe ke vice PM harakak tau iha ninia divizaun.”
Parte balun alega katak Mario Carrascalao maka rekomenda salariu bo’ot ba fen husi ninia presidenti partidu ho dona Rosa maiske la iha produtividade maibe Mario nega, “La’e, la iha. STA foin maka kreia iha 08 de marsu, diresaun nian be aprovizionamentu husi Ministeiru Finanacas nian ne’e la iha ema ida ba servisu iha Servisu Tekniku tu’ur iha STA. Ministeiru financas impresta de’it ema nain rua ke hetan financamentu mai husi banku mundial. Ida sira selu zixa sete mil dollar no ida seluk treze mil dollar. I depois ba tiha ne’eba, nia kontratu remata iha 31 de junio, Banku Mundial lakohi selu ona tan ba la servisu ba Financas. Ne’e duni maka Primeiru Ministru foo konseilu bele selu nafatin atu servisu labele para, selu husi orsamentu nasional. Osan ita nian, estadu nian.”
“Osan maka USS17 mil, ida ne’e la’os husi ami nia gabinete maka inventa mas ida ne’e osan ne’ebe banku mundial selu liu husi Ministeiru Financas kedas maka ami labele hatun ema nia vencimentu I kontratu mos kontratu ba fulan tolu de’it, be atu monta aprovizionamentu iha ha’u nia servisu fatin.”
Ema balun dun katak Sr. Mario ninia emar rua ne’e ida simu osan husi Ausaid ho rekomendasaun husi Vice PM maibe nia hatan,”La’os sira la simu osan husi AusAid. Sira ne’e simu husi Banku Mundial, ne’ebe ke iha akordu ida ho Ministeiru Financas. Mas sira la servisu ona iha Ministeiru Financas mak prokuremen ne’e muda ba ha’u nia gabinete maka ministeiru Financas mos la rekomenda be sira atu simu nafatin. Sira koa de’it. Maka aprovizionamentu muda ba ha’u nia gabinete, ema la iha be atu servisu, la’os ha’u maka hatene aprovizionamentu, Tekniku sira maka hatene.”
Husu, karik nia sente servisu ne’e hanesan estratejia ida hodi hatodan ba ninia kna’ar Mario hatan katak, “la’os todan maibe ne’e lei maka haruka. Halo lei ida maka hateten ida ne’e, pasa ba gabinete Vice Primeiru Ministru nian tan ba bainhira iha be Ministeiru Financas ne’eba Korrupsaun bara-barak iha ne’eba ne’ene. Agora iha korrupsaun ruma? Prova to’ok iha ha’u nia gabinete ne’e, iha Korrupsaun?
Rui Castro bolu atensaun ba Vice PM ne’e atu labele monu. “Hau atu hateten deit katak husu ba Sr Mario Carrascalao atu kuidadu no atensaun tanba hau la kohi atu akonsete ‘pemindahan kasus korupsi’ ne’ebe akontese iha ministeriu finansas ne’ebe uluk ita kondena agora mosu fali iha STA,” dehan Rui.
Mario simu Rui castro nia sadik,“Se iha ha’u la hatene.Se iha hatudu to’ok ba se? Se maka ne’e ha’u hasai kedan. Ohin kedan hatudu nia halo korrupsaun ha’u hasai kedan. La iha tan minitu ida ke ba nia iha ne’eba bele prova Korrupsaun,” dehan Vice PM ne’e.
Maibe Rui dehan liu tan, “Hanesan uluk Sr Mario Carascalao hateten katak transferensia hirak ne’e konsentra iha prokurament ne’ebe Ministeriu Finansas nia okos maibe agora korrupsaun ne’e sei transfere fila -fali mai iha Sr Mario Carascalao nia Gabinete okos.”
“Hau duvida ‘jagan sampai kasus korupsi terjadi hanya perpindahan meja, dari meja yang sering di tuduhkan oleh bapak wakil perdana mentri Mario Carascalao pada saat itu’ ne’ebe iha perkuramen finansas nia okos maibe agora kurupsaun ne’e mosu fali iha gabinete Vice PM nia okos.”
“STA sei sai fatin mafia…mafia ba prosesu fahe projetu ne’ebe daudauk ne’e akontese tiha ona iha STA no hau pronto atu debate ho sr Mario Carrascalao ho sei deit relasiona buat ne’ebe hau kolia,” rui dale.
Rui Fiar katak Vice PM ne’e sei delek hela ba ninia akuzasaun,“hau ladun fiar nia hatene, maibe hakarak hateten deit, di’ak liu kuidadu keta halo ninia naran foer no fiar 100% Sr Matia Carascalao la hatene mais diak liu tenke koidadu matan moris neon nain tanba keta halo buat ne’ebe uluk ita dun ba ema ikus fali ema dun fali ba ita.
“Kuandu akontese ona hanesan ne’e ikus mai ita la iha kribilidade atu hateten katak ita boot mak halo kurrupsaun tanba ema sei hateten korrupsaun mos iha ita boot nia okos, maibe sekarik Sr Mario Carascalao hatene entaun ba ha’u ida ne’e hanesan dezastre boot ida, tan ne’e husu ba Sr Mario Carascalao diak liu atensaun, matan moris no neon nain duke ita hateten korrupsaun mosu iha ne’eba mais keta halo ema seluk hateten korrupsaun mos iha ita boot nia fatin.”
“Sr. Mario Carascalao tenke hamos uluk ninia uma laran no tenke hatudu ba publiku katak iha ninia Gabinete livre husi korrupsaun Kolusaun Nopotizmu (KKN),” Rui Ezije. (ts)

Taur: Ezekusaun Kapital Dezenvolvimetu Atrazu, Empata Dezenvolvimentu Forsa

Dili, Tempo Semanál Edisaun Especial ba aniversariu Falintil dala 35
Falintil ohin selebra ninia tinan ba dala tolu nolu resin lima no transforma ba F-FDTL halo tinan sia. Tuir Primeiru Jeneral Rekordasaun husi ONU, Major Jeneral Taur Matan Ruak esplika barak kona ba transformasaun Forsa de gerilla Falintil ba F-FDTL, dezenvolvimentu instituisaun ne’e, apoiu husi nasaun seluk no mos ezekusaun orsamentu do estadu liu-liu kapital dezenvolvimentu ne’ebé tuir Jeneral fitun rua ne’e nia haree empata dezenvolvimentu instituisaun F-FDTL iha tinan ne’e.
Figura numeru um iha F-FDTL ne’e mos esplika kona ba linea de orientasaun kooperasaun, rekursu umanus, infraestrutura no planeamentu ba F-FDTL. Maibé tuir mai sani nain sira ita akompainya hamutuk intervista exkluzivu Komandante Jeral F-FDTL, Major Jeneral Taur Matan Ruak (TMR) ho Jornalista Tempo Semanal (TS) iha Dili iha semana kotuk.

TS: Falintil moris iha 1975 no sei halo nia aniversariu ba dala tolu resin lima iha 20 de Agusto. Falintil Transforma ona ba fórca regular ida iha 01 de Fevereiru 2001. Durante sai hanesan Forsa Nasaun ne’e Governu tau esforsu balun ba dezenvolve instituisaun ne’e. Karik Major Jeneral bele esplika uitoan kona ba prosesu dezenvolvimentu instituisaun ne’e ninian no prioridade sa ida maka ita boot sira hatuur ona tuir estudu 2020?
TMR: Ba ha’u liu-liu iha loron ne’ebé atu halo komemora aniversariu Falintil nian, ba dala tolu nolu resin lima importante tebes. Antes ba responde perguntas ne’ebé ohin fó ne’e, ha’u hakarak fó referensia uitoan kona ba tranzisaun ne’ebé ita hala’o, husi Forsa de gerilla ba Forsa konvensional no Forsa ida ke iha, harii estadu no nasaun ida ke foun. Ita labele dehan katak iha tinan hirak nia laran, besik tinan sia nia laran ne’e, dezenvolvimentu Forsas armadas ne’e la’o kapas loos. Em primeira lugar, halo tranzisaun husi Forsa Gerilla mai Forsa konvensional ne’ebé ita hala’o treinus barak loos. Prepara ita nia Forsa tuir estudu ne’ebé Kings College prepara iha tempu UNTAET nian. Iha Tranzisaun ida ne’e susesu iha aspetu barak. Primeiru aspetu e ke ba Nasoens Unidas , ne’e esperiensia foun ida ba sira. Iha istoria Nasoens Unidas nian sira nunka iha esperiensia ida ke prepara Forsa ida husi Gerilla ba Forsa Tranzisaun. Sira nia abitu normalmente ke sira dezarma tiha grupu reveldes sira ho gerilleirus sira i depois sira kria fila fali Forsa foun ida, iha fatin. Iha kazu Timor nian, la la’o hanesan ne’e. Ita konsege revindivika ita nia pozisoens halo kom ke, la’os de’it sira la dezarma ita, kom em premeira lugar. Em segundu lugar, sira aseita halo tranzisaun ida ne’e i lidera tranzisaun ida ne’e. I primeira vez iha istoria Nasoeins Unidas nian, promove komandante revelde ida hanesan primeira jeneral iha Forsas armadas nian. Alein de ke ho boina Nasoeins Unidas nian. Ne’e presedente ida ke, primeira vez loke Nasoeins Unidas ne’e. Tan ba ne’e apartida ita bele dehan katak ne’e susesu bo’ot ba ita. Em segundu Lugar, ita bele dehan, pelu faktu tranzisaun ida ne’e halo um ano antes da Independensia. Ne’e mos hatudu importansia no preokupasaun bo’ot ne’ebé ke sira iha para halo tranzisaun ida ke di’ak no tranzisaun ida ke bele ho susesu para kontribui ba dezenvolvimentu no harii propriu ita nia estadu nian. Portantu ha’u sublina, akontesimentu ida ne’e hanesan konkista bo’ot ida ba Timor nian i liu-liu Forsas Armadas da Libertasaun Nasional Timor-Leste nian, iha ninia istoria kontemporania.
Agora, segundu Lugar, ha’u ko’alia konkretamente ba dezenvolvimentu Forsas Armadas nian, iha tinan hirak ne’e nia laran hahu iha 2001. Ita nia Dezenvolvimentu Forsa Armadas ne’e inisialmente, ita dezenvolve nia na baze de estudu ida husi Kings College nian ke propria Nasoeins Unidas maka lidera. Iha Estudu ida ne’e aprezenta opsoens tolu. Iha opsoens sira ne’e nia laran ita eskoilla ida be han ba iha ita nia situasaun iha momentu ne’eba. Situasaun iha momentu ne’eba ne’e maka realidade ida ke ita labele haluha; ke primeira lugar, Estadu Timor seidauk iha; em segundu lugar Tranzisaun ne’e Nasoeins Unidas maka lidera; em terseira lugar pratikamente finansamentu hotu-hotu dezde denvolvimentu rekursus umanus, mai infra estrutura ba ekipamentus, treinu no fórmasaun, lojistika no iha aspeitu hotu-hotu, ne’e totalmente dependente ba paiz doadores. I mezmu hanesan ne’e dezenvolvimentu ne’e la’o di’ak ate 2005. Ita konsege atinji pratikamente numeru ne’ebé estudu ne’e rekomenda katak rihun ida atus lima Forsa regular no rezervizta rihun ida atus lima. Ita la konsege kompleta parte rezervizta, alias ita nein ke ser hahu. Purke, Planu inisial maka hateten katak ita tenke iha tinan lima hetan rihun tolu. I rihun tolu ne’e maka rihun ida atus lima rezerviztas no rihun ida atus lima regular. Emfelizmente, tan ba razoeins hirak ne’ebé ha’u hateten ita la konsege rezervizta mas ita konsege regulars. Iha dois mil seiz krize bo’ot afeta ita nia nasaun inkluzive instituisaun F-FDTL. I pratikamente 50 pursentu efetivu FDTL lakon ho ninia konsekuensia tomak ne’ebé iha momentu ne’eba ita hotu hatene. Mezmu hanesan ne’e, alein de ke krize iha FDTL nia laran ho implikasoens ho buat hotu maka ita hotu hatene; umiliasaun no marjinalizaun total instituisaun ida ne’e ninian; mas instituisaun ida ne’e, la’os de’it konsege sovrevive mas au mezmu tempu nia rekupera nia kapasidade i pratikamente nia sai fator importante para rezolve krize 2006 nian. Liu-liu kontribuisaun nia fó para lori grupus armadas sira ne’ebé halai ho kilat la’o lemo-lemo iha ai laran no kreia problemas ne’ebé ita hotu hatene. Ida ne’e pasu ida ke pozitivu no pasu ida ke importante tebe-tebes. Ne’e signifika ke por um lado ita iha problemas mas por outro lado ita iha kapasidade. Eh...kapasidade ne’e la’os bu’at ida monu husi lalehan mai. Kapasidade ne’e enkuadra iha ita nia esfórsu durante tinan tolu nolu resin ne’ebé Forsas armadas moris. Tan ba Forsas Armadas la’os instituisaun ida ke fóin foun mas instituisaun ida ke iha nia istoria rasik. Iha nia esperiensia rasik, nia la’os de’it iha kapasidade atu infrenta dezafius ho problemas mas tambein nia mos iha kapasidade para sobrevive au mezmu tempu por um ladu. I por outro ladu nia bele konsege kumpri nia misoens ne’ebé entrega ba nia. Ne’e hatudu katak iha maturidade, iha esperiensia, iha kbi’it para bele kontribui dezenvolvimentu, pasifikasaun no konsolidasaun konkista hotu-hotu ne’ebé ita nia rain hetan. Mas ita la para iha ne’e. Ate purke iha prioridade bo’ot ida ke depois de krize ita define ba ne’e maka tenke kontinua dezenvolve Forsa ida ninian. Mas nesta vez dezenvolvimentu Forsa ida ninian ne’e bazeia fali ba estudu foun ida ke iha 2004, ami lansa, hodi kreia ekipa ida halo estudu . Estudu ida dehan bolu 2020, Estudu vinte-vinte, i pratikamente ke ami lansa iha 2007. I pratikamente apartir ida ne’eba ne’e todos lineas orientasaun hotu-hotu ba dezenvolvimentu Forsa ida ne’e bazeia ba iha estudu ida ne’e. I entaun se linea de orientasaun dezenvolvimentu Forsa bazeia ba estudu ida ne’e, entaun prioridade sa ida maka ita defini ba ita nia aan? Ita define ba ita nia aan iha prioridade hat importante. Primeira Prioridade ita konsentra ba seguransa Maritima; Ne’e signifika dezenvolvimentu komponente Naval ne’e aspeitu ida ke fundamental. Ja ke Timor Leste ita bele dehan, ultimo anuz dezde ninia independensia mai to’o ohin loron, la’os de’it, mas tambein ba futuru proximu, ita sei depende liu ba ita nia tasi. Liu-liu gas no petroleum. Para ida ne’e ita tenke iha kapasidade para bele fó seguransa iha ita nia tasi, para bele iha kondisoeins de seguransa, para ema bele halo investimentu. Purke, investimentu ida iha tasi ne’e, ba industria gas no petroleu la’os investimentu ida ke ita kompara hanesan halo ba kios ho loja sira. Ne’e investimentu ida ke involve biloeins de dollars. Alein de ida ne’e ita iha mos rekursu peskatoris ke ita iha. Ita nia tasi, ita Timor iha por obrigasaun tenke fó seguransa. Alein de ida ne’e, por kestaun mos de soberania. Por outro ladu, alein de ke iha mos problemas barak, ke se ita la kuidadu, nia bele transfórma ita nia tasi sai sentru de estabilidade ida ba rejiaun. Pur izemplu ultimamente ema ko’alia maka’as kona ba imigransaun illegal. Eehhh... Se maka hatene karik iha ita nia tasi mos iha trafiku illegal ba iha kilat no droga mos, se maka hatene? Ate Purke ita nia tasi ne’e, ita la iha kapasidade para kontrola. Tan ba ida ne’e maka, ne’e sai prioridade numeru um. Dezenvolvimentu komponente Forsa Naval para bele garante, fó seguransa ba maritime tasi ita nian, ne’e prioridade numeru um. Prioridade numeru doiz, maka ba dezenvolvimentu enjinaria, ke fókus liu ba atividade Cimit (Civil Militar). Atividade civis militares ba pekenas projetus dezenvolvimentu nian para ke Forsas Armadas bele kontribui no iha area apoiu umanitariu, ne’ebé ke ne’e prioridade numeru doiz. Ami define ba iha ita nia Forsas Armadas. Prioridade Numeru Trez ita konsentra ba fórmasaun de espesialistas para bele partisipa iha misoeins de apoiu da paz. Ita nia estratejia ba ita nia kontribuisaun ba misoeins da Paz ne’ebé asenta iha aspeitu tolu ke importantes. Em Primeiru lugar, ita hakarak iha (ema), kontrui ema ba observadores militares. Em segundu lugar, a mediu prazu; ita hakarak kontribui efetivus ke ki’ik mas halo parte nasaun sira seluk nia kontijentes, para bele fó kontribuisaun ba operasoeins da paz. Em terseiru lugar, provavelmente, ita bele iha rasik ita nia kontijente. Mas ne’e prosesu ida ke lori tempu barak. Mas apartida, nia prioridade numeru trez ba ita. I prioridade ida seluk maka seguranca fronteira.
Forsas Armadas tuir iha konstituisaun la iha, ka konstituisaun la taka dalan, para Forsas Armadas asumi nia kompetensia ba seguransa Fronteira. Maibé por desizaun no por opsaun politika, Forsas Armadas asumi sekundaria iha Fronteira Tereste. I atividade ka misaun prinsipal ne’e entrega ba Polisia. Mas hanesan ohin ha’u hateten, apezar nia iha aspeitu sekundaria, segunda linea, nia hanesan back up de’it, suporta de’it mas ne’e preokupasaun ida mos ke Forsas Armadas iha. Purtantu ne’e prioridade ida. Purtantu para Ja prioridade hat ne’e, maka orienta ita nia esfórsu tomak para dezenvolvimentu ita nia Forsa. I Prioridade sira ne’e hatudu momoos ba ita katak unidade sa ida maka ita tenke dezenvolve prioritariamente. Komponente Naval, em primeiru lugar. Em segundu lugar ba iha enjinaria no apoiu de servisus. Em terseiru lugar treinu ba ofisiais, kapasitadu ba observadores militares. Em kuartu lugar dezenvolve ita nia infantaria. Kompanias ou Forsa terestres, ita bolu.
Ida ne’e maka orientasaun no prioridades ne’ebé ami iha, hodi konduz ami nia esfórsu tomak atu dezenvolve ita nia Forsa iha tinan hirak ne’e nia laran. I se ita haree pratikamente rekompletamentu numeru ne’ebé ita lakon durante krize, ita ho rekrutamentu ida ikus ne’e ita kuaze atinji mil duzentus efetivus.
Proximu anu iha planu para rekruta tan atuz ne’en. Signifika ke ne’e liu numeru uluk iha ke ita lakon tiha. Purtantu besik rihun ida atuz walu. Ne’e target ami nian ba ate 2012. I depois, iha 2012 ita tenke reorienta fila fali ita nia programas na baze hanesan ita nia prioridades.

TS: Iha tinan kotuk pelumenus Governu halo esfórsu sosa ona ro rua ba komponente naval. Mais sou menus sa ida tan maka presiza atu halo ba komponente prioritariu ne’e?
TMR: Bom, dezenvolvimentu komponente naval ne’e..eehh la’os bu’at ida gampang eehhh...Buat ida ke involve osan barak. I presizu ke ita iha planu integradu ida, para ita bele halo investimentu ida loloos. Purke se ita la iha nosaun. Ita dala ruma ita dehan, ita iha ro rua ne’e, ita kontente ona. Ke naun ehh verdade. Ne’ene ita tenke haree iha rekursus Umanus, Ita haree ba iha infraestruturas, Ita haree ba meius i ekipamentus, komunikasoeins ke fasilita para komando kontrolu. Transportes; purtantu ne’e iha aspeitus barak ke ita tenke tau atensaun. Purke nia hanesan mos eskada ne’e, kuandu ita hahu sama iha ida ne’e, obrigatoriamente ita tenke ba rua, ba tolu, ba haat ba lima...I entaun, ita agora iha ro rua.
Apartida ita seidauk iha kapasidade. Ro rua ne’e la fó kapasidade ita para ba kontrola ita nia tasi, liu-liu iha sul. Purke, tasi iha tasi mane, ita nia tasi mane ne’e, ondas nia bele boot. Iha momentu balun nia bele to’o oetu metrus ou nove metrus. Ita nia Ro rua ne’e ami fóin lalais halo esperiensia. Iha fulan kotuk ha’u haruka halo esperiensia ida. Sira ba to’o iha Jako sira labele liu. Tan ba ondas ne’e atinje no minimu sinku metrus no maximu ne’e seix metrus.Ne’e signifika katak ita nia ro rua ne’e labele liu tan ba nia iha kapasidade para auguenta maximu dos maximu ne’e seix metrus de ondas de’it. Ne’e signifika katak kuandu nia tama ona iha seix signifika ne’e nia assume risku maka’as. I entaun ohin dader ate ke ha’u haree hela jornal katak Senor ida husi Iliomar nian keixa maka’as loos tan ba Ro ne’en kedas iha Iliomar nian ne’eba. Ro bo’ot peska iha ne’eba. Ohin dader rasik ha’u telefóne ba komandante para haree posibilidades sa ida maka ita bele haruka ba. Nia dehan ita tenke akompania took situasaun be meterolojika ne’eba, kona ba movimentu anin ne’e oin sa. No Ondas nia oin sa, para ita bele ho seguransa, ita ba iha ne’eba. Purke apartida ita seidauk iha zonas de apoiu. Purtantu sai husi ne’e, nia ba to’o iha ne’eba no iha ne’eba nia fila fali mai ne’ene nia tenke iha apastesimentu. Ne’e problema ida. Purtantu ita habadak, ita dehan hanesan ne’e. Ro rua ne’e hanesan pasu ida pozitivu. So hatudu ita iha intensaun para atu dezenvolve komponente naval na baze de prioridade ne’ebé ita defini ba. Mas ne’e la’os hotu. Iha buat seluk barak. Servisu barak ke ita tenke halo. Ate ke ita, iha kapasidade para bele no minimu ita halo kontrolu ida, ke sekailar sinkuenta porsentu ne’e ita bele kontrola ita nia tasi...Ne’e di’ak ona. Purke Mezmu nasaun boot sira ke iha Ro barak. Iha meius barak liu hanesan Australia. Ita boot sira haree sira iha Problemas. Enfrenta imigrante iligais. Ne’e signifika sa ida? Sira labele evita ema tama iha ne’eba tan ba defisil eeehh. Tasi bo’ot. I kazu Timor nian, saun trez vezes maiz tasi bo’ot liu rai maran. Trez vezes mais. Saun Setente sinku mil kilometre kuadradus. Rai zixa seix, zixa oetu eehh. I tasi bo’ot liu. I la’os Ro rua ne’e mak ita halo seguransa ba iha ne’eba. Purtantu ne’e ita sei iha servisu lubuk ida. Barak loos para halo ate ke ita iha kapasidade bele asegura hodi fó seguransa ba ita nia tasi.

TS: Ohin Major esplika planu 2020 fó prioridade ba komponente haat. Para atu dezevolve komponentes hirak ne’e iha instituisaun nia laran, iha tinan 2009, Sr. Major Jeneral rasik hamutuk ho ekipa tomak fó prioridade liu ba dezenvolvimentu iha setor sa ida ne’ebé em ternmus de infraestruturas no kompleta leis balun mak presiza, hodi fó apoiu liu tan ba servisu instituisaun ne’e ba oin?
TMR: Bom, ita agora iha 2010, i pratikamente ita ko’alia ona ba 2011 ba oin. 2010 orsamentu aloka tiha ona, i agora ita iha tinan klaran eeehhh...Mas de kualker das fórmas ita haree iha bu’at rua kee ita boot ohin husu. Ida kona ba dezenvolvimentu kona ba baze legais, leis sira ne’e. I ida seluk infraestrutura. Hanesan ohin ha’u hateten, ita kuandu aumenta ema, ema barak, kilat la iha sei di’ak. Ema barak, karreta la iha sei di’ak. Agora ema barak mak toba fatin la iha ne’e problema. Hanesan mos hahan. I entaun aumentu numeru ida ne’e implika sa ida? Implika em primeiru lugar iha infraestrutura. Ne’e hakarak ou lakohi.
Agora se ita boot husu karik dehan hanesan ne’e, Ok dezenvolvimentu infraestrutura nian ne’e oin sa? Ha’u dehan iha esfórsu boot ida. Iha esForsa boot ida para atu dezenvolve. Ita bele dehan hanesan ne’e, dezenvolvimentu Forsas Armadas hanesan ohin ha’u hateten, hahu ne’e responsabilidade komunidade internasional. I depois neineik ba neineik ita nia governu toma konta situasaun ida ne’e. Depende ba ninia evolusaun ninia orsamentu jeral do estadu ne’e no liu-liu pakote ne’ebé fó ba Fórcas armadas.
Em termus infraestruturais, ate tinan uluk, 80% ne’e investimentu husi doador sira. Liu-liu kooperasaun Australianu. Sa ida maka ami nia existencia ka ezejencia? E ke ita tenke inverte situasaun ida ne’e. Signifika katak Timor tenke investe maka’as para hasa’e kontribuisaun ba 80% no reduz Paiz doadores nina apoiu ba 20%. I entaun por meius pasus ita fó, iha tinan apartir 2008 mai oin ita fó pasus balun. Por Izemplu ita harii paiol ida ba FDTL iha Metinaru; Ita harii armajen rua ba FDTL.;Ita harii uma naton oan ida para undade lojistika i ohin uza ba hanesan komponente apoiu servisu ninian kuartel; Ita hahu harii Polisia Militar. Ita halo uma rua ona mas barak ke tinan ida ne’e orsamentu tau ona, mas atraza demais eeehh. Portantu ita agora iha Agustu, bulan Agustu, bulan delapan. Se oitu meses ita la konsege halo buat ida para implement orsamentu ne’ebé ba Defeza, ha’u hein katak fulan lima ne’e hela, Governu iha kapasiadade para halo investimentu. Pelumenus exekuta orsamentu ne’ebé destina ona ba Forsas Armadas. Mas atrazu sira ne’e hotu, pengaruh eehh....ba dezenvolvimentu Forsa nian. Fóin daudauk orsamentu Ratifikativu Governu tau osan uituan para atu halo tan, liu-liu ba komponente naval, halo kazernas ida ba ema atus tolu resin. Tau osan para portu temporariu ida. Xina hahu dezenvolve tinan ida ne’e, uma atus ida ba Ofisiais Sarjentus sira iha Metinaru. Tinan ida mos Xina komesa hahu dezenvolvimentu Kuartel Jeral. Ba orsamentu tinan oin ami ezeji para ke Governu hahu tau osan ba halo kuartel jeneral ba komponente Naval, kualtel jeneral ba komponente treinamentu fórmasaun no apoiu de servisus iha Metinaru. I depois tenke hanoin, komesa hanoin kona ba investimentu ba iha sul.
Tan ba ita boot sira haree, uluk iha krize 2006, ema hotu hateten katak Forsa ne’e loro sa’e de’it tan ba koloka hotu iha ne’eba. I entaun esfórsu ita nian ne’e, oin sa Governu tenke halo investimentu para kolokasaun bele sai ekilibradu iha anivel nasional i la’os sulan Fórca sira iha kantu ida de’it. Mas sira ne’e hotu signifika presizu, em primeiru lugar tenke iha planeamentu ida ke di’ak. Em segundu lugar tenke tau orsamentu. Ne’e importante. Em Felizmente Governu tinan ida ne’e halo nia planu estratejiku. Espera ke ami iha Forsa mos halo planu ida ke di’ak. Tan ba e presizu planu ida ke enkuadradu iha perspektiva a longu prazu nian, maka ita bele halo bu’at ida konsekuente no sistematika. Tan ba kuandu ita la iha planu maka ohin ita halo ida. Aban ita halo ida. Bain rua ita husik hela ida nia rohan no bain tolu haksoit fila fali ba ida. Depois ita nunka halo bu’at ida por ke ita halo arbiru de’it la iha planu konsistente ida.
Forsas Armadas mos hanesan ne’e, nia tenke iha planu di’ak ida. Ne’e iha mos prioridade ba ami para hahu hanoin planu ida ke la’os de’it annual mas tenke enkuadradu iha kontextu amediu no longu prazu. Ne’e maka importante. Bu’at ida e ita tenke hatene, ohin halo uma ida. Bu’at seluk e halo uma ne’e, para halo sa ida no halo to’o iha ne’ebé? Sa ida maka sei tuir mai. Ne’ene a longu prazu ne’e sa ida maka sei tuir mai.
Tan ba ita la iha orsamentu para ita halo bu’at hotu dala ida de’it no tinan ida de’it. Mas ita bele halo uitoan-uitoan. Tinan ida halo pedasuk ida. Tinan seluk halo tan pedasuk ida. Sekailiar iha tinan lima ita konsege halo netik bu’at ruma, e ke fó kondisoeins minimas ba Forsas Armadas. Tanba iha krize 2006, ita bele haree situasaun kompara ho iha momentu ne’eba ho agora, situasaun agora di’ak liu. Mas e presizu melorias. E presizu esfórsu maka’as. Porke ita hatene, ita kuandu eskoila atu harii Forsa, ne’e signifika ita kompromete an atu halo investimentu. E investimentu la’os uitoan. Tenke barak, liu-liu iha rekursus Umanus, iha infraestruturas, iha ekipamentus, transportes, meius de komunikasaun nolojistika i seluk tan. Ne’e presiza investimentu barak.

TS: SR. Jeneral iha open Governence ita bo’ot dehan prosesu dezenvolvimentu ba Forsas Defeza ne’e hanesan ema ida karik iha ulun no ain de’it tan ba kuran leis barak. Karik bele esplika uitoan kona ba leis,no planeamentu mak iha ona no karik sei presiza tan atu kompleta tan?
TMR: Ita sei dook demais para iha leis sira ne’e hotu. Iha bu’at barak ke ita seidauk halo. Mas ita halo ona balun. Pur izemplu ha’u refere uitoan kona ba Lei Seguransa Nasional ke aprova ona. Lei Defeza Nasional, leis das promosoeins, regulamentu disiplina militar, konseitu de impregu, no makro estrutura i daudaun ne’e ami nia mikro estrutura haruka ona ba i sei estuda para depois atu aprova nune’e para bele reorganizasaun kompleta Forsa nian na baze de estrutura foun tuir estudu ne’ebé ohin ha’u hateten, la’os ona Kings College mas estudu 2020 nian. Iha tan leis seluk ke barak los seidauk halo pur izemplu, Konseitu Estratejiku Defeza Nasional, Konseitu Estratejiku Militar, sistema despozitivu militar, lei de programasaun militar, revizaun lei organika FDTL nian. Purtantu sei lubuk ida ke ita tenke dezenvolve i gabinete Sr. Sekretariu Estadu nian servisu biar ho difikuldades barak mas servisu maka’as loos para hodi dezenvolve. Purke normalmente maximu nos maximu ita halo lei ida ou lei rua ka barak liu maka lei tolu tinan ida. Ne’e signifika ke lei lubuk ida ne’e sei lori tan tempu. Alein ida ne’e ita tenke iha planeamentu. Planu dezenvolvimentu ba Forsa nian ke seidauk iha. Uluk iha planu dezenvolvimentu, iha 2003-2004 ke halo revizaun iha 2004-2005 mas ne’e halo parte situasaun ida antes de krize.
Agora ne’e tenke estabelese planeamentu foun. Planeamentu foun ne’e la’os planeamentu ida ita halo dehan tinan ida ne’e halo ida ne’e tinan oin halo ida ne’eba ne’e la’e. Em primeiru lugar ita tenke hatene sa ida maka ita hakarak halo iha tinan sanolu oin mai. Depois maka ita fahe Pur izemplu kona ba ami nia rekursu umanus ami nia objetivu, ate 2020, ami iha 3000 homens. Ne’e signifika katak ami avansa tuir tahap katak ate 2012 sebele ami atinji 1890. Iha 2015-2016 ami to’o 2500 depois to’o ba rihun tolu. Mas se tenke enkuadra ba planeamentu estratejiku dezenvolvimentu nasional ke Governu agora halo daudauk ne’e signifika ate 2030 para hetan trez mil. Entaun tenke rekalenderiza fila fali tempu ate 2030 maka ita hetan trez mil ou trez mil pluz trezentus. Trez mil ne’e hanesan numeru ne’ebé ita presiza mas trezentus ne’e para nia halo rotasaun. Sai trezentu tama fali trezentus iha tinan-tinan mas trez mil ne’e top. Hanesan ne’e mos infraestrutura.
Ne’ebé maka tenke halo ba Forsas Armadas kuandu to’o 3000 mil ne’e presiza infraestutura oin sa. Hira maka ita tenke halo agora ate sinku anus nian ne’e no hirak maka tenke halo tan. Ne’e ita tenke planea didiak. Hanesan mos transporte, Armamentu, meius komunikasoeins. Nune’e ita hatene bu’at hotu-hotu ne’ebé ita hakarak ate 2030 ne’e nia kustu ka valor total mak ne’e. Ita iha osan ka la’e? Purke se la’e, ita defisil tebe-tebes atu la’o. Planeamentu tenke iha tan ba nia obriga ita para tenke sistematiku liu.
Em segundu lugar nia kontrola ita para labele sai arbitrariu. Kuandu la iha planu maka ohin halo ida, aban halo ida no bain halo seluk ida. Planu la iha ita halo arbiru de’it mas planu iha nia kontrola ita maiske ita bele halo mudansa uitoan no aumentu uitoan maibé iha ne’eba klaru ne’ebé ita servisu tuir planeamentu ida ke diak.

T S: hanesan instituisaun Defeza do Estadu esperansa sa ida maka ita boot sira iha para hodi asegura seguransa nasional?
TMR: Ha’u partisipa iha konferensia barak i ha’u sempre hateten, seguransa Timor nian ne’e la depende de’it ba Forsas Armadas nein taun poku iha Polisia. Depende sobre todu, em primeiru lugar, konsensu ka aranju politiku iha nivel lideransa sira. Em segundu lugar ne’e, investimentu no dezenvolvimentu nasaun nian. Ha’u iha konferensia tinan uluk kuandu maluk sira konvida ha’u ba ko’alia kona ba papel Forsas Armadas nian iha peace building no state building, ha’u hateten ba sira katak, iha nasaun ida ne’ebé maka ita haree ema hodi Forsa no polisia para enpoin paz.
Iha fatin hotu-hotu maka lori Forsa enpoin Paz ne’e nunka hetan paz. Paz so bele hetan kuandu halo investimentu bo’ot. Demokrasia, ema kabun hamlaha ne’e demokrasia la fungsional. Liberdade la iha. Entaun investimentu tenke maka’as. Investimentu iha ha’u nian intervensaun ne’eba ha’u hateten investimentu iha area tolu fundamental. Em primeiru lugar, rekursu umanus. Dezde funu hotu, hahu 99, Ita rona ema ko’alia dehan kapasidade la iha, kapasidade la iha. Ohin dez anus depois ita sei halerik dehan ita ne’e kapasidade la iha. Ita tenke re avalia ita nia investimentu iha area ida ne’e, rekursu umanus. Investe maka’as, taka matan. Purke ne’e melor investimentu maka ita halo ba rekursu umanus. Em segundu lugar, ba infraestrutura. Ne’e fundamental. Ita labele lenga-lenga ho bu’at ne’ebé okupasaun Indonesia husik hela ba ita. Ita iha vontade politika, ita iha osan. Importante e halo planeamentu hodi gasta komu deve ser i gasta didiak para dezenvolve ita nia rain.
Em terseiru lugar, investe iha areas produtivu. Areas produtivu ha’u ko’alia setor primaria liu-liu agrikultura no peskas. Depois mais setor industrias. Iha mina no ita iha gaz. Mas labele ita hein para simu de’it osan. Ita presiza transfórma iha ita nia rain, para fó servisu barak liu ba Timor oan sira.
Muito bem analistiku sira dehan hanesan ne’e, bu’at ida simu osan husi royalty ho buat ne’ebé sira fa’an fó ba ita. Mas bu’at seluk maka produz no transfórma iha ne’e ke fó vantajen ne’e sinky vezes mais ba ita nia sidadaun sira. Ne’e ita tenke halo investimentu. Em terseiru maka investimentu ba servisu para ba areas komersiu, turizmu, industria ki’ik sira no dezenvolve setor privadu, para fó servisu ba ita nia emar sira.
Tan ba ita haree populasaun Timor ninia kresimentu populasional ne’e maka’as. Entaun se kada tinan ida, ita la fó servisu ba hotu ba sira ne’ebé moris iha tinan ida halo nusa maka ita fó servisu ba sira seluk tinan bara-barak ne’ebé moris boot tuir-tuir malu ne’e? Ne’e problema. I entaun dezempregu maka’as no ki’ak maka’as nunka hetan paz. Tan ba ne’e maka investimentu ba dezenvolvimentu ne’e maka fundamental.
Agora Forsas Armadas no Polisia naturalmente nia hanesan elementus defujaun ke kualker nasaun ida iha. Mas nia so atua tuir sirkunstansias espesiais. Para kontribui mantein Paz no estabilidade. Melor estabilidade garantir pelo investimentu no dezenvolvimentu paiz.

TS: Falintil ho ABRI hanesan inimigu tradisional ida maibé tinan kotuk Sr. Jeneral hasoru malu ho Sr. Jeneral Joko Santoso no tinan ne’e ita bo’ot mos vizita ba Indonesia. Pelumenus Sr. Jeneral bele esplika badak kona ba evolusaun ne’e to’o iha ne’ebé?
TMR: Em primeiru Lugar inimigu tetap ne’e nunka iha neim amigo tetap ne’e mos iha.Nasaun fópos ne’e iha faze konkretu iha estadu dezenvolvimentu ne’e sira define se mak nia tenke konta no se mak nia tenke la konta. Tan ida ne’e maka ita haree nasaun sira ne’e uluk amigo derepenti sira bele hurulele malu. Alias ita nia politika klaru liu-liu ba Forsas Armadas.
Em primeiru lugar, ita defende modelu ida no dutrina ida. Ne’e primeira linea de orientasaun katak dezenvolvimentu Forsas Armadas tenke tuir modelu ida no tuir doutrina ida de’it. Em segundu Lugar ita nia kooperasaun ho Paiz sira seluk ne’ene, tenke diversifikadu., labele depende de’it ba nasaun ida. Em terseitru Lugar, ownership. Ita bele beik, ita bele la hatene, bele la matenek hanesan ema seluk mas ita maka na’in. Enatun ownership ne’e prinsipiu ida ke fundamental ba dezenvolve instituisaun ida.
Instituisaun ne’ebé dezenvolve sein konta ho prinsipiu ida ne’e, ne’e fektisia. Nunka bele metin. Metin kuandu ema ne’ebé dudu ne’e iha. Maibé kuandu sai ona ne’e namtate de’it. Prinsipiu tolu ne’e maka orienta ami nia esfórsu para atu define kooperasaun ho nasaun hotu-hotu. Entaun ho Indonesia ho mos nasaun sira seluk, orientasaun ne’ebé sai hanesan matan dalan ba ami e diversifikasaun de kooperasaun.
Ita iha kooperasaun di’ak ho Australia, Nove Zelandia, Estadu Unidus, Xina, Portugal, Malaysia, uluk ho Singapura no daudaun ne’e ita haree tan ho nasaun lubuk ida. Mas Ita fó mos importansia liu-liu ba Indonesia. E primeiru vizita ke tinan uluk Panglima Forsas Armadas Indonesia Indonesia halo mai Timor ne’e akontesimentu istoriku ida ke testamunia fin de tahap ida ka faze ida iha ita nia relasionamentu militar hodi loke kapitulu foun ida ba relasionamentu militar.
Primeira vez ami haruka estudante ida ba Indonesia. I tinan ida ne’e ha’u halo vizita a konvite sr. Panglima ninian, ba fali Indonesia para halo diskusaun klean liu tan ba area kooperasaun ne’ebé ita iha. Fundamentalmente ami tau kestaun tolu importante atu orienta ita nia kooperasaun Forsas Armadas Indonesia ho Timor nian.
Primeiru seguransa Maritima. Ita la’os de’it fahe malu husi rai, ita fahe malu mos husi tasi. I tasi ne’e ba ita prioridade numeru um. Tan ne’e ita mos hakarak dezenvolve ita nia kooperasaun ho sira prioritariamente iha area seguransa maritime nian. Primeira vez, fóin lalais ita nia ro rua to’o sira haruka ro ida mai no Australia haruka ida mai. Ne’e sinais pozitivu no vontade no determisaun atu haklean no habo’ot iha nia kooperasaun iha militar.
Segundu Fórmasaun i treinu. Ita nia estudantes sira ita haruka ba fatin bara-barak. Ba Japaun, ba Xina no rai sira ne’ebé ohin ha’u temi. Mas para haruka sira ba iha ne’eba sira tenke dezenvolve lingua Ingles diak. Se haruka ba Portugal ho Brasil tenke dezenvolve lingua Portuges. Haruka ba Indonesia sira iha vida fasilitadu. Purke maioria jovens sira hatene malayu i sira nia vida fasilitadu. Entaun ida ne’e area ida ke ami diskute, para bele ho sira nia esperiensia ke iha, loke fatin, loke vagas ba ita nia estudantes sira.
Depois terseira aspeitu, ami ko’alia mos kona ba seguransa fronteira. Klaru ke hanesan ohin ha’u hateten ne’e la’os papel importante ami nian, mas ami iha interese mos hakarak koopera iha seguransa Fronteira nian. Ja ke ami iha tropas besik iha fronteira ne’eba mos hodi monitorin no akompania situasaun iha ne’eba sobre 24 oras nia laran hodi intende situsaun iha ne’eba para bele kontribui mos ba ninia meloria, seguransa iha ne’eba nian. (ts)