Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Minister's Husband's Mate

Tempo Semanal Internet Edition Exclusif:
Mr. R. Fairburn, CEO PT Global Teknologi Enterprindo
Dili-Denpasar Merpati MZ 8490 29 Jan 2009
Foreign investors, contractors and carpet baggers are often faceless actors which have alot of impact on a developing country, but no one knows who they are, and even fewer are able to hold them accountable. Many of them are legitimate and many are not. Paying bribes and other inducements they sometimes get preferential treatment and easy access to contracts and concessions. They fly in and they fly out. They are like shadows.
Tempo Semanal puts light one such shadow in this Exclusif.

An example of a company getting contracts in Timor-Leste is PT Global Teknologi Enterprindo. This company got the contract to make National ID cards for Timor-Leste. This is a project managed by the Ministry of Justice.
This company is allegedly managed and or owned by a certain Roger Fairburn - a man the Minister of Justice reportedly says is a friend of her husband’s. However, she appears to have been discussing Minister of Justice projects with Mr. Fairburn over SMS. The National ID card project is a project being conducted for the Ministry of Justice.

The newspaper is being prosecuted for charges of defamation by the Minister of Justice. Perhaps the Government should examine the allegations of corruption before targetting this newspaper?

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Anonymous said...

The Minister for Justice should be investigated. The Prime Minister as her boss can refer the matter to the Prosecutor General for investigating. He should hold himself up to his own standards set for others. In June 2006 he called on Alkatiri to resign, with the allegations made by Railos. Subsequent investigations proved that Alkatiri had nothing to answer for in regard to the allegations he relied on from a 4 Corners ABC Australia program and sent Alkatiri a video copy of the program calling on him to resign by 5 pm that day. Has anyone sent Gusmao a copy of this article? Maybe he hasn't seen it? Maybe he will ask Lucia Lobato to resign?

During the 2007 election campaign he would yell out fits of madness, "anyone who steals even fifty cents....out!!!!!!!" It seems that rule only applies to fifty cents and not one cent more.