Thursday, 30 April 2009

Translation of Edisaun 136 tempo Semanal

Ministry of Finance and World Bank Spending Donors' Money to Make Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism Worse in Timor-Leste

Emilia: I never interfered

The recent public disclosure of details regarding the Public Finance Management Capacity Building Project (PFMCBP) in the ministry of finance has become a scandal. According to the Australian Embassy, the PFMCBP, a Project worth USD$26 million over four years, administered by the World Bank, towards which the Australian government and taxpayers have contributed a total of Aust$13 million. The PFMCBP was designed to build capacity in the ministry of finance to enable it to manage Timor-Leste's public finances efficiently and transparently, and make it corruption free.

However, corruption is increasing and the PFMCBP and the ministry of finance have the responsibility to prevent this from happening, but some people are saying that it is being helped along instead. "The contrary has emerged instead. In my view some people are currently promoting corruption with their silence, when they themselves see wrongful conduct within the ministry, and the same in other ministries but they do not speak up, because they are scared of losing their huge salaries," said Augusto X. DC Costa, a youth from Díli University (on 24/4/09). "As a new nation in this millenium Timor-Leste has obtained support from many friendly nations including Australia."

"Australia wants to eradicate corruption, collusion and nepotism but on the other hand Australian taxpayers' money is empowering Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism in this country."

The Ministry of Finance has the responsibility to put in place the national budget and ensure that the moneys are spent properly. International advisors from the PFMCBP have the responsibility to lead the efforts for this objective, as advisors as well as functionaries. The Ministry of Finance is also the institution that oversees the sound and ethical expenditure of public moneys.

The Minister of Finance Emilia Pires says that, "Our advisors are also shared amongst line ministries. When line ministries have problems and need some advice or if they have complex matters they need help with, I lend them an advisor to work with them or they can come here to consult with them." According to Emilia, these advisors "can help contribute to economic growth of up to 12.3%. If you look at the IMF report it clearly says that the major contributor to this economic growth came from public spending."

In the last nine months, this newspaper has made a number of revelations regarding corruption in the ministry of health, agriculture, security and defence, education, public works and the private sector etc. Until today we have not seen with any certainty any evidence of any serious investigations having been initiated, of one minister accepting responsibility and resigning, nor has there been one formal indictment issued to date. However, this newspaper has instead been formally accused of criminal defamation because of corruption allegations it made against the Minister of Justice.

An Australian citizen, John Michael Peachey, is an advisor on procurement service reform with a total salary of USD$215,153.00 for one year's work from 27/10/08 – 27/10/09, but in reality many allegations have emerged regarding the tender process in central procurement, as well as in the procurement which has been decentralised to other ministries. "The Australian Government, the World Bank and international community know a lot regarding corruption because their advisors are in fact facilitating its occurrence, but the same people remain. What do Australian taxpayers and those of other nations think of this sort of conduct?" Augusto X. DC Costa asked. The PFMCBP is supposed to have an important role in preventing, uncovering and eradicating corruption. Apparently from the corruption allegations that have emerged it is constantly increasing and its prevalence is not diminishing in Timor-Leste.

This Project has not achieved good results. But the Minister of Finance defends it saying that, "This is from the past, I can accept that. Because I also asked the advisors this question when I came in." Emilia told the advisors after being sworn in, "When you people do not denounce that which comes into your knowledge then you are part of the problem."

"I have made many reforms to this Project we are speaking of, PFMCNP from the donors. I made big reforms in 2008, I changed many advisors."

"The advisors who are here now have come into the ministry in my time, that I can guarantee you there is not,……there is not the opportunity not to speak out. Because I have changed the system. Like, there are no longer advisors for the Timorese. They are advisors for this whole place."

"I am happy with their work because they have shown that there have been results."

The Minister stated that these very large salaries are needed to obtain good advisers. But the issue is what results have these advisors given to date to this nation? If you look carefully the international advisors that Timor-Leste has been able to get, they are in fact ones who are heavily compromised. Commenting on who recommended the high salaries the Minister denied knowledge of them, "Regarding their salaries, that involves individual negotiations and they compete with the international market." "I only know that if we do not pay them, another government will pay. Other countries will pay because my advisors, some came from Iraq, some from India, some from Australia and some from all over the place, America itself."

The Australian government, the World Bank and the Ministry of Finance has also said that the high salaries are necessary to obtain quality advisors to come work for the PFMCBP so as to build sound capacity in public finance management. With the very big contracts that the PFMCBP gives out, starting from USD$150,000 – USD$500,000 per annum, Timor-Leste has the right to expect that they have made strong efforts in the fight against corruption. However, their inaction in the ministries in which they currently work, and that of the government that asked for their assistance, is making people think that they are indeed compromised because they have to get the minister's sign off to be able to continue working and keep receiving their high salaries.

Rodney Lewis, is a senior legal advisor, with a contract to work 414 days and receiving USD$588,373.00. The Minister says she has no knowledge of a letter sent by the World Bank to the Minister for Finance with a message regarding to Mr. Lewis. "I do not remember that. But I only know that Mr. Rodney Lewis came with a very high recommendation."

"If the World Bank did in fact send this letter, I do not recall but they are still paying him now so they must agree. So they must acknowledge his skills. Because of this they have approved his recruitment."

These advisors "can help to contribute to economic growth of up to 12.3%. If you look at the IMF report it says clearly there that the major contribution to this economic growth comes from public spending."

Minister Emilia Pires rejects that she made recommendations regarding the salaries of international salaries. "That's a lie. Sometimes these advisors go to poor countries and just write reports." She said she never suggested a high salary for the international advisors. "My responsibility is to lower the salaries but I also have to be realistic that Timor cannot dictate to the rest of the world."

Michael Francino, is an advisor for Financial Management Planning, with a contract to work for 260 pays (of which he is required to be present in Timor-Leste for 60 days) with a salary of USD$589,449. Michael had worked in Díli before during UNTAET times. According to this newspapers sources he is also a good friend of the Minister's and in the past the two of them presented a paper together at New York University.

Francis Sekandi, is a senior legal advisor with a contract to work 272 days for a salary of USD$424,427.00. What have they done to combat corruption? What advice have this whole bunch of consultants given the Ministry of Finance for the millions and millions that has been paid out for their very high salaries.

The salaries of the three advisors mentioned above can give work for 1400 youth to dig road drainage for one whole year. Australian, Graham Daniel has worked 180 days in one year in 2008-2009, earning USD$296,361.00 which can perhaps provide work for 260 rural workers in one year. According to The Australian newspaper (25/04/09) when asked if he thinks Timorese would be shocked at how much he earned if they were aware of it, Mr. Daniel said "They shouldn't be made aware of it. I wouldn't be the most highly paid person in Timor. Its consistent with what I've been paid in other countries. My contract is certainly fairly high, but others are getting a lot more."

There are allegations that the PFMCBP is a Project that the Minister of Finance is using to give work to her friends – who do not have relevant qualifications – and have more interest in hiding the truth than to perform their designated role. Allegations of nepotism and corruption have also arisen regarding the procedures that were used to hire advisors. On the 7th of February 2008 the World Bank sent a letter to the Office of the Minister for Finance noting that the recruitment process for Mr. Lewis did not comply with World Bank procedures and rules, stating "the criteria used in the evaluation are not in accordance with paragraph 5.2 of the Consultant Guidelines, which states that the selection shall be based on the consultants qualifications."

But nobody knows why the World Bank gave this consultant a contract. Perhaps it is because the Bank is worried about losing their presence in Timor-Leste that they do not know how to say no to wrongful conduct, which they have uncovered themselves.

FRETILIN alleges, "Perhaps it is because they have been friends from a long time ago?"

More so, PFMCBP gave a one year contract with a salary of USD$219,765.00 to Ines Almeida as Special Parliamentary Liaison Advisor to the Minister.

FRETILIN alleges that Ms. Almeida is a friend of the Minister's from a long time ago. They also question one thing that many people do not even know, that Ms. Almeida never finished her university studies but the Minister and the World Bank still considered that she had the capacity to give world-class advice to the Minister. Five PFMCBP staff that are also friends with Ines Almeida were the ones who evaluated the four competing candidates on 26/06/08. In their recommendations the commission praised Ines Almeida's strength to bring golden advice to the Ministry although her CV says that Ms. Almeida never completed her studies.

"The panel believed that Ms. Almeida has the right combination of qualifications, skills and work experience to allow her to deliver the expected tasks and functions of the position," wrote the persons who now work together with Ines Almeida and who were also members of the panel for the recruitment process. "Prior to competing for the position in question Ines was a media monitor advisor where she provided concise news summaries to the Minister from local and international media. Her involvement and familiarity of the workings of the Ministry of Finance gave her the advantage over the rest of the candidates for the position." They explain further that, "Ms. Ines is currently performing the role of Media Monitoring Advisor where she provides concise news summaries to the Minister.

On the 28/06/08 Santina Cardoso gave a briefing to the Minister regarding Ines' selection seeking the Minister's approval. On the 02/07/08 Minister Emilia signed the approval for the position of a PLA for her media advisor.

PFMCBP also gave a contract with a salary of USD$24,000.00 for 90 days work to Maria Gloria do Castro Hall as an administrative services specialist, and afterwards was hired as a Property and Assets Advisor for 18 months with a salary of USD$204,986.00.

The Terms of Reference for this position demanded that Castro Hall be able to give "policy and technical advice to the Minister of Finance on matters relating to the Ministry's assets and properties." What is very strange is that according to Castro's CV, she never finished her university studies and in fact, her experience is only as a translator, laboratory technician and solidarity activist.

Once again the opposition bench alleged that she has also been a long time friend of the Minister's, just like Ms. Almeida. In a press release of 2 April 2009, the FRETILIN opposition wrote that they were "concerned that especially some multilateral development partners have conducted themselves with questionable transparency and appear to have been too willing and malleable in acceding to the engagement of "advisors" and "consultants" with doubtful, inappropriate, inadequate and even non-existent technical expertise or relevant work experience, simply because of personal or political connections to the de facto government." Opposition Leader in the Parliament, Aniceto Guterres, said that he is very concerned with the recruitment process for international advisors to the Ministry of Finance. "There are clearly signs of nepotism and corruption," he alleges.

"Are these people really qualified to do these Jobs in order to have been hired or was it just that politicians did everything they could to make sure they got the jobs despite not being qualified?"

"We cannot agree either with the high salaries which the Minister herself has recommended for them when you compare it with their very limited qualifications and work experience."

Timor-Leste Republican Party President, Joao Mariano Saldanha as a Portuguese citizen who lives in California Street, Culuhun, Dili. Timor-Leste, currently is a senior advisor on economic management to the Ministry of Finance and earned USD$154,525.00 salary from the World Bank for 12 months work.

However, the World Bank declined to give a NOL/No Objection Letter because the Ministry of Finance proposed a salary that was sky high for this Portuguese person as it wrote in a letter from the World Bank written on 06/08/09 responding to the request for an NOL from the PFMCBP implementing officer in the Ministry of Finance on the 29/07/08/.

"The World Bank is unable to provide a no objection to the MOF's proposal to sign the contract with Dr. João Saldanha for a total contract value of USD$210,525.00," wrote Doug Porter, Team Manager for the World Bank.

These negotiations were stretched out for another two months and because of this on 27/08/09 the Ministry of Finance on behalf of the Minister demanded an immediate response on the NOL from the Bank. "The Minister of Finance would appreciate your soonest possible non-objection to the recruitment of Mr. João Saldanha. Ph.D. as Senior Management Advisor (to the Minister) on Policy Analysis of the Ministry of Finance," begged this letter from the Ministry of Finance to the World Bank.

Because that source from which the Money was to be extracted remained silent then on the 11/08/08 a letter came flying out of the ministers realm, jumping over the Government Palace and Parliament House to Lecidere knocking on the door of the World Bank. "Mr. Saldanha has accepted what we regard as a reasonable accommodation on the terms of his employment," was written on this letter that was signed by Michael Francino, a PFMCBP advisor to the Minister.

Timorese businessman Rui Castro Said that he feels ashamed for these Timorese who have only one body, but three or four souls. "There are some Timorese who during Indonesian time used Indonesian passports, and denied their country and now are advisors to the Minister of Finance but using instead a Portuguese passport in order to receive the salary of a Foreigner, just like those who previously whilst in other countries made out that they were in fact the true Timorese but now they turn themselves into foreigners in their own countries. They shame us they do," he said.

He also commented on the World Bank which screams against corruption on the face of it, but behind the scenes they let these things happen because corruption will become a project for them in the future, and so they are happy to use the Timorese with two travel passes. "It is unjust for the World Bank to support Timorese who want to use foreign passports to receive foreign salaries. This shows that the World Bank is also partaking in the process of strengthening and nurturing corruption," said Rui Castro in Díli.

Timorese citizens recognise nepotism when they see it being practiced.

Australian taxpayers will also recognise it when they see their Money is being wasted and corruptly used.

In truth the World Bank has an obligation to speak out now, according to their espoused transparency and good governance values. But the World Bank Manager in Timor-Leste, Antonio Franco prefers to remain silent. Though he prefers to remain silent, Timor-Leste's Minister for Finance Emilia Pires speaks out over the recruitment of international advisors including some Timorese. "I have never interfered with the recruitment process." Bravely Emilia challenged others to present proof. "To those who say I have engaged in KKN, I ask where is your evidence?" She explained, "I don't like people just accusing me because I know what I have done, and when I took over this Ministry I received a heavy burden because the AMP wanted to undertake reform."

Tempo Semanal Edisaun 136

MF ho BM Gasta Osan doadór Habokur tan KKN TL

Emília: Ha'u nunka halo interfere

Divulgasaun ba públiku foin daudauk detallada kona ba projetu hari kapasidade jestaun finansas públiku nian (PFMCBP) iha ministériu finansas ne’e eskandalo. Tuir Embaixada Austrália, PFMCBP ne’e projetu ne'ebé Banku Mundiál mak administra ho valór $26 millaun dollar amerikanu iha tinan haat nian laran, ne'ebé governu Austrália no sira nia povu selu taxa na'in halo kontribuisaun ho totál $13 millaun dollar australianu. PFMCBP dezignadu atu harii kapasidade ministériu finansas nian atu halo jestaun ba finansas publika s Timor-Leste mak efisiénsia ho transparénsia no Sem lala'ok korruptu nian. Maibé korrupsaun buras ba beibeik i PFMCBP no ministériu finansas iha responsabilidade atu hapara buat ida ne’e, maibé ema balun dehan sira tulun fali atitude ne’e. “Buat ne'ebé mosu kontráriu ba lala'ok ne'e. Tuir ha'u nia hare ema lubun ne'e promove daudaun korrupsaun ho lian laek wainhira sira rasik hare lala'ok naksalak ne'e mosu iha ministériu laran nune'e mós iha ministériu sira seluk maibé sira lakohi ko'alia sai, tan ba ta'uk lakon sira nia saláriu boot,” dehan Augusto X. DC. Costa joven ida husi Universidade ida iha Dili (24/04).

Ministra Emilia no Nigel Roberts, Chefe Banku Mundial

“ Nu'udar nasaun foun iha miléniu ne'e TL hetan apoiu husi rai belun barak inklui mós Austrália.”

“ Austrália hakarak halakon KKN maibé parte seluk osan husi selu taxa na'in Austrália nian ne'e haberan liu tan KKN iha rai ne'e.”

Nigel Roberts hetan fatuk moras

Ministériu finansas mak iha responsabilidade atu hatuur orsamentu nasionál no asegura katak osan hirak ne’e atu ezekuta ho didi'ak. Asesores internasionais sira iha PFMCBP mak iha responsabilidade atu lider a esforsu hodi hetan objetivu ne’e, nu'udar asesores no mós nu'udar funsionáriu. Ministériu finansas mós sai hanesan órgaun ne'ebé tau matan katak osan públiku nian gasta ho hanoin di'ak no sem lala'ok korrupsaun. Ministra finansas Emilia Pires dehan katak,“Asesór sira iha ne'e ami mós fahe ba lina ministeriáis. Kuandu lina ministeriáis iha problema s ne'ebé presiza koñesimentu ida ou matéria ida kompleksu ha'u empresta asesór sira ne'e ba sira ou sira bele mai to'o iha ne'e para halo konsulta.” Tuir Emília katak asesór sira ne'e,”bele ajuda kontribui ba kresimentu ekonómiku to’o 12,3 %. Se ita boot sira haree iha relatóriu be IMF nian hateten momoos iha ne'ebá katak kontribuisaun maiór para kresimentu ekonómiku ida ne'e, mai husi despeza publika s.” Iha fulan sia nia laran, jornál ida ne’e halo revelasaun kona ba atividade korrupsaun iha ministériu saúde, justisa, agrikultura, seguransa e defeza, edukasaun, obra s publika ho setór privadu etc. To’o ohin loron seidauk hatene karik iha investigasaun ruma mak hahú tiha ona no certezamente nein ministru ida mak simu ona responsabilidade hodi rezigna an no mós la iha prosesu akuzasaun ruma ne'ebé hahú tiha ona. Maibé jornál ida ne’e mak akuzadu ona ho kazu krime difamasaun tan ba halo alegasaun kona ba Ministra justisa. Sidadaun Australiana, John Michael peachy, asesór ba reforma servisu aprovizionamentu ho totál vensimentu US$215,153.00 ba ninia tempu de servisu tinan ida nia laran hahú husi 27/10/08-27/10/09 maibé iha realidade mosu alegasaun barak ba prosesu tenderizasaun iha aprovizionamentu sentrál nune'e mós iha parte aprovizionamentu desentralizada ministériu sira seluk. “Governu Austrália, Banku Mundiál ho komunidade internasionál hatene barak kona korrupsaun tan ba sira nia konselleiru sira maka fasilita lala'ok ne'e, maibé sira nafatin hanesan de'it. Sai ida maka ema selu taxa na'in iha Austrália no nasaun sira seluk nia hanoin kona lala'ok laek ne'e?,”Augusto X. DC. Costa ko'alia ho ton husu. Programa PFMCBP ne’e halo knaar importante hodi prevensaun, deskobre no hamate korrupsaun. Buat ne'ebé mosu aparentemente husi alegasaun kona ba korrupsaun ne’e buras ba beibeik no nia númeru la kuran iha Timor-Leste. Projetu ne’e la hetan rezultadu di'ak. Maibé Ministra Finansas defende katak, “Ne'e karik tempu antigu, ha'u bele simu. Purke pergunta ida ne'e mós ha'u kuandu tama iha ne'e, ha'u hateten ba asesór sira.” Hafoin tomada de pose iha Agustu 2008 Emília dehan ba asesór sira katak, “kuandu ita boot sira, la denunsia saa ida maka ita boot sira hatene no hare entaun ita boot parte do problema.”

“Ha'u halo reforma barak ba projetu be ohin ha'u ko'alia ne'e, PFMCNP be doadora sira nian ne'e. Ha'u halo reforma boot iha 2008, ha'u muda asesór barak.”

“Asesór sira be agora daudauk tama iha ministériu finansas iha ha'u nia tempu, ne'e ha'u bele garantia la iha, iha oportunidade ba atu la ko'alia. Tan ba ha'u muda tiha sistema. Hanesan asesór la iha ona asesór ba timor oan ida. Nia asesór ba fatin ne'e tomak.”

“Ha'u kontente ho sira nia serbisu purke foo ona provas katak iha rezultadu.”

Ministra deklara katak saláriu boot tebetebes ne’e presiza duni atu hetan konsellu di'ak. Kestaun maka konsellu hirak ne'e foo rezultadu saida ona ba nasaun nian? Se wainhira hare didi'ak Asesóres internasionais sira komprometidus mak nasaun TL hetan. Komenta kona ba se mak rekomenda vensimentu aas ne'e Ministra nega iha koñesimentu, “Kona ba sira nia saláriu, ne’e negosiasaun idak-idak ninian ho sira halo kompetisaun iha merkadu internasionál.”“Ha'u hatene de'it katak se karik ita la selu ema sira ne’e, governu seluk sei selu. Rai sira seluk selu purke maioria ha'u nia asesór, balun mai husi Irake, Balun Índia, balun mai husi Austrália no balun mai husi fatin hotu, Amérika rasik.” Lia fuan hirak ne'e hato'o ona husi Governu Australianu , Banku Mundiál no Ministériu Finansas katak saláriu boot ne’e nesesáriu atu hetan asesóriu ho kualidade di'ak atu mai no serbisu iha PFMCBP nune'e bele harii kapasidade ba jestaun finansas ne'ebé mak di'ak. Ho kontratu boot tebe-tebes ne'ebé asesória sira iha PFMCBP hetan, hahú husi 150,000 USD – 500,000 USD tinan-tinan ne'ebé loloos Timor Leste iha espetativa katak sira mak halo esforsu maka'as liu hodi kombate korrupsaun. Maibé karik kuran atua saun iha ministériu ne'ebé sira serbisu daudaun, no governu ne'ebé husu sira nia assistensia nune’e foo hanoin ba ema katak sira komprometidu duni tan ba se la hetan asinatura husi ministra nian mak sira la bele servisu nafatin no la simu tan sira ninia saláriu boot.

Rodney Lewis, asesór jurídiku senior, iha kontratu atu servisu loron 414 – atu simu US$ 588,373. Ministra mós la iha koñesimentu ba surat ne'ebé haruka husi banku mundiál ba ministru finansas relasiona ho lian menon kona ba Sr. Lewis.“Ha'u la lembra buat ne'e. Maibé ha'u hatene de'it katak Sr. Rodney lewis mai ho rekomendasaun ke aas. “

“Se karik banku mundiál haruka duni surat ne'e, ha'u la lembra mas agora sira selu hela nia nune'e sira konkorda. Portantu sira rekoñese duni ninia skills. Por isso sira aprova hela ninia rekrutamentu.”

Asesór sira ne'e, “bele ajuda kontribui ba kresimentu ekonómiku to’o 12,3 %. Se ita boot sira haree iha relatóriu be IMF nian hateten momoos iha ne'ebá katak kontribuisaun maiór para kresimentu ekonómiku ida ne'e, mai husi despeza publika s.”

Ministra Emília Pires rejeita katak nia maka halo rekomendasaun mós kona ba saláriu ba asesór internasionál sira. “Ne'e bosok. Advezes konselleiru sira ne'e ba iha rai ki'ak sira ne'e hakerek de'it relatóriu. Nia dehan nunka sujere saláriu boot ba advizer internasionál sira. “Ha'u nia responsabilidade mak hatún maibé ha'u mós tenke realista katak Timor la manda iha mundu.”

Michael Francino, asesores ba planeamentu no jestaun finansas, iha kontratu atu serbisu loron 260 (loron 60 ne'ebé nia neim presiza hela iha Timor-Leste) – ho vensimentu US$ 589,449. Michael uluk iha tempu UNTAET ninia mós servisu ona iha Dili. Tuir fonte s jornál dehan katak belun di'ak mós Ministra ninia no iha momentu sira rua ministra halo aprezentasaun ba paper ida hamutuk iha universitáriu ida iha New York.

Franses Sekandi, asesór jurídiku senior iha kontratu atu servisu loron 272 – ho saláriu US$ 424,427. Saida mak sira halo iha luta kontra korrupsaun? To’o ohin loron konsultan lubun iha ministériu finansas mak simu ona sira nia saláriu liu millaun ba millaun dollares hodi selu sira nia asesorial folin aas tebe-tebes ne'e. Saláriu husi asesór na'in tolu iha leten ne'e foo servisu ba joven sira hamutuk 1400 atu kee valeta s iha liurón ba tinan ida nian. Australianu, grampu Daniel, iha fulan 12 maibé servisu durante loron 180 iha tinan 2008-2009 manan US$296,361 ne'ebé se karik loke kampu de servisu ba área rurál maka sei bele emprega ema ki'ak na'in 260 iha tinan tomak nia Tuir jornál The Australian (25/04) husu nia hanoin kona ba karik timor oan sira hakfodak ho osan boot ne'ebé maka nia manan ne'e se karik sira hatene, Sr. Daniel dehan “loloos la presiza halo sira hatene kona ba informasaun ne'e. La'ós ha'u mak hetan saláriu boot liu iha Timor Leste. Ida ne'e hanesan osan ne'e ha'u manan iha nasaun seluk. Ha'u nia kontratu boot maibé iha ema balun manan boot liu ha'u.” Iha alegasaun katak PFMCBP ne’e projetu ida ne'ebé Ministra Finansas uza hodi foo serbisu ba nia belun sira– ne'ebé la iha kualifikasaun relevante – no iha liu interese atu subar lia loos duke hala'o sira nia kna'ar. No mós, bainhira hare ba prosedimentu s mak uza hodi foo servisu ba asesór sira ne’e hamosu alegasaun nepotizmu no korrupsaun. Iha 07/02/08 Banku mundiál haruka surat ida ba gabinete Ministra Finansas nian no Banku nota katak prosesu rekrutamentu Sr. Lewis nian la tuir Banku Mundiál nia prosedimentu no regra s, “kritériu ne'ebé opta ona iha avaliasaun ne'e la tuir parágrafu 5.2 Lina enkuadramentu konselleiru nian ne'ebé define katak selesaun tenke bazeia ba konselleiru ninia kualifikasaun.” Maibé tan ba razaun ne'ebé ema la bele hatene Banku Mundiál mós autoriza Ministra foo kontratu ba asesór ida ne’e. Karik Banku ta'uk lakon ninia prezensa iha TL maka sira la hatene dehan lae ba lala'ok sala ne'ebé sira sita. Fretilín alega, “Karik tan ba nia belun ida husi kleur ona?” Liu tan, PFMCBP foo kontratu tinan ida servisu ho saláriu valór US$ 219,765 USD ba Inés Almeida nu'udar asesora espesiál ba ligasaun ho parlamentu. Fretilín alega katak Sra. Almeida ne’e belun Ministra nia husi kleur ona. Sira mós kestiona buat ida ne'ebé ema barak la hatene mak Sra Almeida nunka remata nia estudu s iha universitáriu maibé Ministra no Banku Mundiál nafatin konsidera katak nia iha kapasidade atu foo konsellu tuir kualidade klase mundiál ba Ministeriál ne'e. Staf Ministériu ho PFMCBP na'in lima ne'ebé mós belun ba Inés Almeida halo avaliasaun ba kandidatu na'in haat iha loron 26/06/08 . Iha sira nia deklarasaun komisaun ne'e hahi Inés Almeida ninia bi'it hodi lori murak mean ba Ministériu maski iha CV Sra. Almeida seidauk remata ninia estudu. “Panel sira hare katak entre aplikante na'in haat ne'e nia kualifika liu duke no iha kualifikasaun esensiál, matenek no esperiénsia servisu ne'ebé so lidu iha ninia kredit hodi autoriza hatudu ninia performa iha funsaun ba pozisaun ne'e,” hakerek ema hirak ne'ebé servisu daudaun hamutuk ho Inés Almeida sai fali juri ba konkursu ne'e. “Antes konkorre ba pozisaun refere Inés hanesan ona ofisial média nian iha ministériu refere ne'ebé sempre halo motorizasaun ba notísias iha média nasionál no Internasionál sira. Ninia envolvimentu no familiaridade ho servisu ministériu Finansas mak foo liu vantajen ba nia duke kandidatu sira seluk ba iha pozisaun ne'e.” Sira esplika liu tan katak, “ Ms Inés daudaun ne'e hala'o hela ninia funsaun hanesan asesora motorizasaun ba mídia, ne'ebé mak nia foo ho didi'ak rezumu notísias ba Ministra.” Iha loron 28/06/08 Santina Cardoso foo briefing ba Ministra kona ba selesaun Inés ninian hodi buka bensan husi Ministra. Iha loron 02/07/08 Ministra Emília asina hodi aprova postu PLA ba ninia asesora mídia nian ne'e. PFMCBP mós foo kontratu ho saláriu US$ 24,000 durante serbisu loron 90 ba Maria Glória do Castro Hall nu'udar espesialista ba servisu administrasaun nian, no tuir mai hetan tan kontratu ida nu’udar asesór ba bein s no propriedade ho saláriu US$ 204,986 ba fulan 18. Termu s de referénsia ba pozisaun ne'e ezije katak Castro Hall “tenke iha kapasidade atu foo konsellu polítika nian no tékniku ba Ministra de finansas kona ba asuntu ho ligasaun ba ministériu nian bein s no propriedade.” Buat ne'ebé estrainiu liu mak tuir Castro nia CV, nia nunka remata nia estudu universitáriu no tuir faktu, nia iha esperiénsia de'it nu'udar tradutora, tékniku laboratóriu mós ativista solidariedade. Dala ida tan bankada Opozisaun alega katak nia mós kleur ona belun ho Ministra no Sra. Almeida nian. Iha nota ba imprensa, 2 de Abríl, 2009 bankada opozisaun hakerek kona ba sira nia, “preokupasaun ho rekrutamentu ba " ‘asesór’ sira ne’ebé la iha presiza téknika no mós sira nia esperiénsia duvidozu, ka dalan ruma la'ós apropriadu, inadekuadu ate balun laiha esperiénsia natoon, maibé hetan fatin tanba de’it sira iha ligasaun partikulár ka relasaun polítika ho governu.” Aniceto Guterres, Xefe Bankada opozisaun hateten sira nia parte preokupa tebes ho prosesu rekerimentu asesór internasionál ba ministériu finansas. “Mosu duni nepotizmu no korrupsaun,” nia alega.

“Ema ne'e kualifikadu duni ba hala'o servisu ne'e mak hetan fatin ka tanba iha polítiku de'it mak buka halo tun sa'e atu sira bele hetan fatin maski sira la kualifikadu?”

“Ami mós la konkorda ho osan boot ne'ebé ministra rasik rekomenda selu ba sira bainhira kompara ho ema nia kualifikasaun no esperiénsia ne'ebé limitadu liu.”

Presidente Partidu Republikana iha Timor Leste João Mariano Saldanha hanesan sidadaun Portugés, hela iha Kalifórnia street, kulu hun, Dili, Timor Leste, daudaun ne'e halo kna'ar hanesan asesór aas liu jestaun ba diretór jerál ministériu Finansas ninian iha fulan sanulu resin rua de'it hetan vensimentu husi Banku Mundiál ho totál US$ 154,525.00. Maibé fou-foun Banku mundiál lakohi foo NOL/surat la hatudu objesaun (Letter no objection) tan Ministériu Finansas propoin saláriu ne'ebé aas too lalehan tutun ba ema portugés ne'ebé hanesan hakerek iha surat Banku Mundiál loron 06/08/08 hodi hataan ba rekerimentu NOL/surat la hatudu objesaun (Letter no objection) husi ofisial implementa dora Programa PFMCBP ministériu Finansas loron 29/07/08. “Banku Mundiál labele foo la lai objesaun ida ba MoF ninia proposal atu asina kontratu ho Sr. João Saldanha tan ba totál kontratu ida ho valór US$210,525,” dehan Doug Porter manajer ekipa servisu ba projetu refere husi Banku Mundiál. Negosiasaun ne'e la'o naruk hodi tan fulan rua nia laran tan ne'e 27/08/08 husi Ministériu Finansas hodi ministra ninia fatin sisi hikas fali Banku kona ba NOL ne'e. “Ministra finansas sei apresia ita boot se karik ita iha posibilidade atu foo ho lalais la iha objesaun ba rekrutamentu Sr. João Saldanha, Ph. D. hanesan asesór aas liu jestaun ba diretór jerál ministériu Finansas ninian,” ezmola husi surat Ministériu finansas ba Banku Mundiál. Tan parte ida atu hasai osan nian sei nunuk nafatin entaun iha loron 11/08/08 surat ida semo husi knua Ministériu Finansas haksoit liu uma Palacio do Governu ho uma fukun PN ba Lesidere hodi dere odamatan fuan Banku Mundiál ninian. “Sr. Saldanha simu ona kona ba saa ida maka ita refere hanesan akomodasaun razuavel iha termu emprega nian,” Hakerek iha surat ne'ebé asina husi Michael Francino. PFMCBP asesór ba Ministra finansas TL.

Rui Castro emprezáriu Timor oan ida dehan katak nia sente moe ho ba oan Timor ne'ebé isin ida klamar tolu ka haat. “Iha Timor oan balu ne'ebé uluk iha tempu Indonézia uza pasaporte Indonézia nian, no nega ninia rain maibé agora sai asesór iha ministra finansas ne'ebé uza fali pasaporte Portugál nian hodi simu fali salariál hanesan ema estranjeiru ida nune'e sira ne'ebé uluk ba iha rai li'ur dehan sira maka Timor oan loloos maibé ohin sira sai fali ema estranjeiru iha sira nia rain. Halo moe de'it ita,” nia dale. Nia mós hateten lala'ok Banku Mundiál ne'ebé hakilar korrupsaun iha oin no iha kotuk sira husik atu buat atu la'o ne'e tan ba korrupsaun sei sai hanesan projetu ida ba sira iha futuru tan ne'e sira hakarak uza Timor oan sira ne'ebé kaer kartaun salva de kondutu rua. “Banku mundiál foo suporte ba ema Timor oan ne'ebé kaer pasaporte estranjeiru hodi simu osan Internasionál ne’e signifika katak injustisa. Ne’e hatudu katak Banku mundiál hola parte moos iha prosesu hodi habokur no haburas korrupsaun,” dehan Rui Castro emprezáriu Timor oan ida iha Dili. Sidadaun Timor Oan hatene nepotizmu bainhira hare lala'ok ne’e. Selu taxa na'in Australianu sira hatene katak sira nia osan estraga no korrupsaun bainhira sira hare ida ne’e. Loloos Banku Mundiál iha obrigasaun atu ko'alia agora, tuir sira nia valores transparénsia no boa governasaun. Maibé manajer Banku Mundiál nian iha Timor-Leste, António Franco gosta liu fali nonook. Biar Franco monok maibé la'ós ba Ministra Finansas TL Emília Pires ho lian maka'as hateten kona ba rekrutamentu konselleiru internasionál sira inklui Timor oan balun. “Ha'u nunka halo intervensaun ba prosesu rekrutamentu.” Ho barani Emília sadik atu parte sira ne'e aprezenta provas. “Ema ne'ebé dehan ha'u halo KKN, ha'u husu sira nia evidénsia iha ne'ebé?” Nia esplika, “ha'u la gosta ema buka akuza de'it tanba ha'u hatene saida mak ha'u halo, no mos wainhira ha'u tama iha Ministériu ida ne’e, ha'u simu kna'ar todan ida tanba governu AMP hakarak halo reformas. “

Friday, 24 April 2009

Tempo Semanal Exclusif: Australian Taxpayers' Money Wasted in Timor-Leste.

Donor funds designed to prevent corruption actually help it.

Recently the FRETILIN Parliamentary bench made allegations of Nepotism in the recruitment of advisers, some of whom are Australian citizens, to work in the Office of the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Finance responded by denying the allegations through a press release, Tempo Semanal has made an investigation into this case. As Agusto X. DC. Costa a university Student in Dili comment on Tempo Semanal's finding regarding to the issue as said, “Since 2000 public finance institutions have been full of international advisers from various nationalities whose salary is paid by donors. These advisers are here to assist in building these institutions as well as to peform line functions in making sure the government's budget is executed carefully.”

“However as a new nation in this new Millenium TL receives a lot of support from donors especially Australia. Australia wants to help limit and eradicate corruption in Timor-Leste, but Australian tax payers money is actually assisting to increase corruption in Timor-Leste.”

“According to the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) report Timor-Leste has a “red: record with regards to corruption.”

A Portuguese citizen named Joao Saldanha an Adviser to the MCC and now in the Minister Finance Office, together with some other Timorese, Australians and other foriegners are paid huge salaries through donors to be transparent, develop good governance and safeguard Timor-Leste's public finances. “It would seem the opposite it true. They are promoting corruption by remaining quiet when they see it in the Ministry because they do not want to speak out and lose their huge salaries.”

He then questioning futher, “ The Australian government, the Worldbank and the international community know all about the corruption because their advisers are facilitiating it, and yet they remain silent. What would Australian taxpayers think of this fraud?”

Note: Please see the below to find out how much Australian and other taxpayers are paying to help the Government of Timor-Leste hide, at best, and promote at worst, a corrupt administration of Timor-Leste finances.

More details on Tempo Semanal Edisaun 136 27 April 2009.

Selu Taxa Nain Australia Nia Osan Gasta Saugate Iha TL

Osan husi doadores sira dejeina atu prevene prevene korupsaun maibe lolos ne'e ajuda fali.

Hafoin de bankada Fretilin halo alegasaun Nepotismu iha rekrutamentu ba adviser sira mak hakna'ar an iha Ministeiru Financas ne'ebe resposta nega kmanek husi Ministra Financas liu husi ministra ninia komunikadu imprensa, Jornal Tempo Semanal tenta ba halo rasik ninia investigasaun relasiona ba alegasaun hirak ne'eba. Komenta kona ba hetan husi Tempo Semanal ne'e Agusto X. DC. Costa joven ida husi Universidade ida iha Dili hateten, “desde tinan 2000 instituisaun Financas Timor Leste nian halo nakonu ho konseleiru internasional mai husi nasionalidade oi-oin ne'ebe sira nia salariu selu ho osan doadores sira nian. Konseleiru sira ne'e mai atu tulun hari'i instituisaun ne'e hodi bele performa iha linea fungsaun maka diak atu garante exekuta orsamentu estdau ho didi'ak.”

“ Nu'uadr nasaun foun iha milenium ne'e TL hetan apoiu husi rai belun barak inklui mos Australia. Australia hakarak halakon KKN maibe parte seluk osan husi selu taxa nain Australia nian ne'e haberan liu tan KKN iha rai ne'e.”

“Tuir relatoriu MCC nian Timor Leste hetan rapor mean kona ba KKN nian.”

Cidadaun Portugues, Joao M.” Saldanha, ulun bo'ot ba MCC iha TL, ho timor oan lubun no mos ema internasional lubun bo'ot mak servisu hela iha Ministeiru Financas hetan salariu wain husi doadores sira atu bele ajuda transparencia, dezenvolve governasaun mak kmanek hodi salva guarda Timor Leste ninia administrasaun publiku. “Maibe buat ne'ebe mosu kontrariu ba lalaok ne'e. Tuir ha'u nia hare ema lubun ne'e promove dadaun korupsaun ho lian laek wainhira sira rasik hare lalaok ne'e mosu naksalak mosu iha ministeiru laran, sira lakohi koalia sai tan ba tauk lakon sira nia salariu bo'ot.”

Nia haktuir ho kestiona katak “Governu Australia, Banku Mundial ho komunidade internasional hatene barak kona korupsaun tan ba sira nia konseleiru sira maka facilita lalaok ne'e, maibe sira nafatin hanesan deit. Sai ida maka ema selu taxa nain iha Australia no nasaun sira seluk nia hanoin kona lalaok laek ne'e?”

Notte: Favor ida hare data iha okos ne'e hodi hatene katak osan hirak maka ema selu taxa nain iha Australia no nasaun sira seluk ajuda haksumik lalaok KKN iha governu Timor Leste nia laran no sei at liu tan karik sira mos promove administrasaun TL ne'ebe koruptu.

Klaru liu tan favor ida sani Tempo Semanal Edisaun 136 27 April 2009.