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Tempo Semanal Edisaun 145

TL Spokesperson: ABC Report is Inaccurate

Tempo Semanal, Dili

In a press release on June 26, 2009 received by Tempo Semanal (27/07), a spokesperson of the IV Constitutional Government and the Secretary of State for the Council of Ministers, Agio Pereira, reacted to a story published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) titled Gusmão faces corruption claims. The ABC revealed several companies related to Government members' relatives had been awarded rice contracts last year. The story was circulated in print, television and radio, aired in Australia and throughout 46 countries throughout the Asia Pacific network. "While we welcome the interest of the ABC in reporting on Timor-Leste, we would ask for better due diligence in ensuring the facts are correct before misinformation is widely disseminated," said Agio Pereira.

Agio Pereira - Secretary of State for the Council of Ministers

He continues, "There are several inaccuracies in the reporting, especially when referencing the laws of the Constitution which seem to be the basis for the corruption allegations."

A lack of understanding among Timorese political leaders over the country's laws give other challenges to combat corruption collusion and nepotism. Mr. Bano claims East Timor PM Xanana Gusmao violated an article in East Timorese procurement law, while the Government defends that the law is not applicable to the head of Government and should use the "Holders of Sovereignty Bodies Law (07/2007)," which was enacted by Fretilin shortly before leaving office. "The law addresses guidelines for business interests amongst a range of other inclusions," the government spokesperson argued.

The Constitution of the Republic of Timor-Leste states that the Sovereign Bodies are the President of the Republic, the National Parliament, the Government and the judiciary. These entities, and the members thereof, are not considered "agents of the administration" or "public bodies" under the Timorese Constitution.

Agio Pereira commented that "Since the Fretilin Government was responsible for writing and enacting all the aforementioned laws, they would be well aware that no corruption has taken place, and should have been transparent with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation."

"During a time of the global food crisis, the IV Constitutional Government went to extensive lengths to ensure food security. Sixteen Timorese companies were fairly awarded contracts to import rice. The guidelines under the procurement laws were followed and contracts executed only after a lengthy interdepartmental evaluation committee assessed bids and negotiated terms. This was a joint effort across many ministries."

The Government spokesperson continued to say, "The corruption allegations are part of a continued campaign by the Fretilin Opposition to discredit the Xanana Gusmão Government, with the latest and boldest accusations appearing just one working day before Gusmão's Anti Corruption Commission is due to be approved by the plenary of the National Parliament."

Last week East Timor's Parliament started debate and voted to approve the Anti-Corruption law. "It will be the first Anti-Corruption initiative to be proposed or established by any Government," Mr. Pereira praised.

"The timing of this story as propagated by Fretilin was deliberate, we have been working on the Anti-Corruption Commission for almost two years now and this story will not derail our accomplishment or announcement on Monday. Mr. Pereira appealed to the Opposition parties to not only criticise the government, but to focus on the development of this young nation. "It would be more useful for Opposition to focus on the development of Timor-Leste rather than focusing on propagating misleading stories through the Australian media," he said.

"The Prime Minister, who has personally led the campaign to establish the Anti-Corruption Commission, reiterated the commitment and support of his Government to be open to any investigation pertaining to maladministration, collusion or corruption," he finished.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Internet Edition Exclusif: Prime Minister Signs Contract with Husband of Minister of Justice.

Prime Minister Signs Contract with Husband of Minister of Justice.

According to the below contract for Supply of High Speed Diesal Fuel for EDTL, which is dated 19 September 2007 but not signed until one year later on 19 September 2008, the Supplier Pualaka Petroleo has to supply fuel to the Government power utility EDTL from 1 October 2008 until 31 March 2009.

This contract was signed by the Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao on behalf of the Government of Timor-Leste and by Americo “Pualaka: Lopes, Executive Director of Pualaka Petroleo with a 30% share of the company.

Mr. Lopes is the husband of Minister of Justice, Lucia Lobato, a leading member of the PSD party, and a key political ally of the Prime Minister in the AMP Coalition Government. They share a personal connection as Prime Minister Xanana is the godfather of Lopes and Lobato’s son.

According to the below invoice dated 3 April 2009, from Mr. Lopes to the Director of Procurement in the Ministry of Finance, Pualaka Petroleo billed the Government $1,473,360.00 for 1,754,000 litres of diesel fuel provided during the contract period.

It is not yet clear what the law states on this matter, however there are questions raised by these documents.

According to the Worldbanks’ website regarding its Planning and Financial Management Capacity Building Programme (PFMCBP) in the Ministry of Finance it states that

“The Planning and Financial Management Capacity Building Program Project seeks a sustainable strengthened planning, that includes budgeting, public expenditure management, and revenue administration for growth and poverty reduction, with emphasis on efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, integrity, and service culture, and, transparency.”

This project costs $37 million over 5 years. Is it improving accountability, integrity, and transparency?

Tempo Semanal Edisaun 144

President For The Poor People Plays down Allegations Of Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism.

President Jose Ramos-Horta in a conversation with Australian journalists and a Timorese journalist in his residence on 18/06/09. During an hour long interview most journalists challenged Mr. Horta with the issue of corruption, nepotism and collusion within Timor-Leste Government.

East Timor is the poorest country in south East Asia and Pacific.

Follow the questions and answers between President Jose Ramos Horta (PRH) with the Jornalists from the below transcription:

Question: After Ten years East Timor independence and there is still seems to be a strong presence of the Australian international Force and Police also United Nations When do you think East Timor would be able to stand on it's own feet?

PRH: Well, I believe that by 2012, the current size and the mandate of the United Nations mission will significant police force will ended. And similarly in the next years or two the current mandate and agreement with the international stabilisations namely Australian and New Zealand will be a significantly reduce and Maybe the mission the ISF (The International Stabilisation Force) will be restricted to a providing training to our defence Forces particularly in the field of engineering Constructions so civil training for our defence Force.

Question: You recently watched the Balibo movie. What your though on that?

PRH: Well….any thing the is a sort of understatement of the true cruelty of what happened to the five journalist in Balibo and to the six of Roger East on December 7. Because from numbers and numbers interviews I had at the time immediately after the killing at Balibo, Survivors from the Balibo. Attacked and the people from the other side with attacking Forces in October 75 on Balibo, The death of the five in Balibo were in the most cruel form. Not the simply execution stile with bullet, you died instantly without to suffering and without humiliation.

Question: So how does make you feel that former generals wiranto and Prabowo will running in the Presidential elections on July 8. How does make you feel that these people potentially be in power?

PRH: Well A. I don't think Prabowo or Wiranto were directly or indirectly involve in Balibo. Prabowo probably at that time was far too young. I don't recall whether he was even in the army at the time. Wiranto might be but no one and my self include my self have no recollection ever heard of wiranto's name in Balibo or for that matter in East Timor years later. It does not mean that the two individuals particularly General Prabowo were not implicate in the violence in East Timor when he was a Kopassus commander. And particularly in Indonesia it self it is Prabowo and the Indonesian people have to deal with each other for the Prabowo's role in the violence in Indonesia. But it is their sovereign right and their responsibility and their choice.

QUESTION: Mr President, with regards to the issue of corruption within the Government, to what extent to you think corruption is actually rife within the Government, and how high up do you think corruption actually goes within the Government?

PRH: There is a principle that i hold as a sacred one, and that is the presumption of innocence of anyone that one might accuse of whatever sin. In the case of corruption in this country, there have been allegations going back to the first constitutional Government. You might recall that Dr Mari Alkatiri, the former Prime Minister, was accused to have received $2 million from Conoco Phillips. As it turned out, this was never true, and yet the man was publicly tried through the media. So I'm always extremely careful in making judgements on people just because I hear stories one after another.

We have institutions: Government and private ones like some NGOs that do investigations; we have the Ombudsman; we have the Prosecutor-General. I have been briefed by the Government, by the Prime Minister, [and] by the Dept Prime Minister about their efforts to stamp out any corruption that might arise. Right now I know that there are cases on the desk of the Prosecutor General, so we'll wait until these cases prove to be well-founded. What I can say is that I personally spent 24 years of my life struggling for this country to be free, and I do not want my own name—having spent so many years of my life in the fight for this country to be better—to be implicated in a country that could be listed by Transparency International as one of the most corrupt in the world. I don't want to be a part of that.

So first I will fight for us very hard to have a model society, a model country. If I fail that, then I guess I and others have to take responsibility that we failed to prevent corruption and to fight corruption.

QUESTION: Are you confident that the actual tendering process that people need to undergo when these tenders are put out, are you confident that this process isn't corrupt and that it is transparent enough?

PRH: I have demanded to see some of the major, major contracts. One is the power plant with China: it's a $360 million power plant paid for by our people, by our petroleum fund. I'm reading through the contract to the best of my ability. I have asked my closest advisors, lawyers, to look at it. I have discussed with the Prime Minister some of my own concerns. I have two concerns: one is the reliability on a technical level of this company. B: of course I'm concerned like many of the environmental impact of the heavy fuel project. Three: the cost of it; has anyone actually checked that the $360 million corresponds to the technology, to the quality of the technology that we are buying? Well I don't know, I'm not an expert on that. However, the Government—to its credit—has advertised for an international consultant, an independent consultant, to monitor and inspect every aspect of this project.

How this tender was awarded is a different thing. I was told by the Minister of Finance that there were 14 applicants from Australia, from Korea, more than one from China, from Portugal, and the

tender process awarded to this Chinese builder. Is it surprising? Well, I don't think it's surprising. You know, the Chinese companies beat most of the competitors anywhere in the world because they're cheaper, maybe because they can deliver it faster.

QUESTION: Mr President, you said you would establish an independent body to carry out an environmental impact assessment on the heavy oil plant. What stage is this at, and will you take it's recommendations seriously at this point in the process?

PRH: Well, as you know, I do not have executive powers. I am pursuing ideas on how to set up my own environmental commission to assess the environmental impact of this project. I'm hoping to get some independent technical academic advice from some universities in Australia, and friends elsewhere in the world. I don't have my own money, budget from my office to pay for such a consultant. It would have to be pro bono. No-one is going to give me money to pay for a high-level technical team to look at it.

However, the Government itself has said it will accept any environmental impact [statement] that would counsel the Government either to change course in terms of the project or even cancelling altogether. If there are any serious findings that say it is totally detrimental to the best interests of this country in terms of the environmental impact, in terms of the technology used, and the cost and all of that.

QUESTION: Do you not think it's the responsibility of the Government to do that kind of assessment rather than yourself having to go there and find academic consultants yourself? [Do you think] it's a Governmental responsibility, not yours alone as President.

PRH: The Government has already advertised for an international independent consulting group whose terms of reference include environmental assessment. That's one thing. But apart from that I would feel that, in my conscience, I should make an extra effort. A parallel effort. I have already contacted a Timorese NGO with some expertise, with credibility, [and] some Timorese individuals. My preference is to have East Timorese experts—there are a few who understand about power supply, who understand about the environment, questions including international environmental law, Kyoto obligations that we are bound by as we've ratified Kyoto—and maybe, this Timorese group could be supported by some Indonesian experts because Indonesians have had a lot of expertise in the field with a lot of problems as well. So maybe I can get a solid Timorese group with support from Indonesian academics or NGOs from Australia to compliment whatever the study will be done by the Government. Let me assure you, I have complete confidence in the integrity of the Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao. There is no-one in this country—including me—that can claim, "I care more for this country," than Xanana Gusmao. He fought more than anyone for this country, suffered more than anyone for this country. So I have absolute confidence.

What I don't want—and I told him this today—is that some companies, some countries, might want to make use or exploit the innocence of this country, the innocence of the Prime Minister [and] his good intentions, and sell-out rats for cats or bananas for apples. So that's my concern: I told him I'm looking into this, not because I don't trust the Prime Minister—he's a man of tremendous integrity and love for his own country—but because I don't want anyone, whoever it is, whether it's a Chinese company or an American company, to think we are fools and that we just are some bunch of individuals with no experience who eat peanuts and bananas, and that they can fool us. So I will not allow anyone [to do this] unless I'm also totally stupid and ignorant – then I'm also a fool. I have a bit of experience on these matters, so I will look at it carefully.

QUESTION: Just getting back to the tenders. Who actually has to sign off on these tenders, when it's a significant amount of money that we're talking about; who actually has to sign off on these tenders and are you involved in that process?

PRH: No, I'm not involved whatsoever in any tender. Even when I was in the cabinet in the previous Government, I was never asked, I never took part. I don't have a clue how it is done or who does it. When I was Prime Minister for a very short period of time, I signed off a tender [that was] brought to me by the Minister of Health to give a contract for the building of a hospital in Suai. So that's the only one I remember. The Minister of Health is a man of tremendous integrity—the previous one—and I signed without really understanding how it came about, because he was my Deputy Prime Minister and dealing with that sector, so I simply signed it.

In this particular case, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the cabinet authorise the signing of such huge contracts that represents basically more than half of our entire budget.

QUESTION: We're talking about large amounts of money though, and corruption is an issue. Shouldn't you not as President at least oversee, or have some sort of involvement in these types of activities?

PRH: No. In our political system, the President does not have executive authority. I cannot everyday interfere in the Government of the country. If that is what I want to do, I might as well run for Prime Minister. That is the responsibility of the Prime Minister.

The Government has to account to me. They have to account to the Parliament. And I have done already a stretching of my interpretation of the Constitution, demanding for access to see the contracts. Two contracts I demanded to see: one was the purchasing of the boats from China, two fast boats for our maritime police, maritime army unit; and the other was the power supply. I demanded to see, and that's my interpretation of my obligations in the Constitution, but someone—a constitutionalist—might challenge, might say, "Sorry Mr President, you don't have the powers to demand from us these contracts".

But I did. The Prime Minister obliged and gave [them] to me. I have had it [the heavy oil contract] for more than a week now, trying to read through and then discuss with him. I sent my people to the Ministry of Finance with specific questions that I wanted answered following my reading of the contract.

QUESTION: Poverty and high unemployment rates do plague this country. Are you concerned about a return in violence or about an uprise in violence?

PRH: Well first, let me use this as an opportunity to tell you the following. I often read in your, err, normal media in Australia and elsewhere that unemployment is 50%, that unemployment is 80% – it's nonsense. The population of this country is slightly over a million, of which half, at least, are children or at least not of working age. And then there's 70% to 75% or more of adults who live off the land, who are subsistence farmers. If you count all of this on top of the 30,000 civil servants—including army, police and schoolteachers—if you travel around Dili at least and see the many thousands of shops, if you go to the back alleys of Dili as I do often, walking around the back alleys, you start wondering where do they get these figures? Unemployment is much, much lower than it is. I believe that it is less than 10% unemployment.

Of course it does not mean that poverty is not widespread. Of course it is, and the statistics show that. The fact of the matter is that people also tend to forget that this country is seven years' independent. As I said once to the UN Security Council in New York and to a group of diplomats: does anyone have an idea how long does it take in Manhattan, in New York, to set up a simple Chinese takeaway business? You know, a small one, family owned. You have them in Australia. Well, I never ran a takeaway business, but I imagined three to five years. A friend of mine actually who lives in Manhattan said actually, it takes five to seven years to have this kind of business turning profit. And people expect Timor-Leste to be stable, to be fully functioning, operational like Australia, like New Zealand, or like Singapore, in seven years.

Well, it's not serious. Not serious intellectually speaking, not serious academically speaking. We are not setting up a restaurant, not running a car mechanic shop: we are trying to build a nation from ashes of destruction in 1999, and we inherited a non-existent state from the UN in 2002. We've tried to heal the wounds of this society, we tried to set up an army, a police force, banking institutions, creating an economy, dealing with our neighbour, dealing with issues of justice in the past. All of this fell into our laps, our hands, and we are told, "Well, in seven years you have produced very little".

Well, I will say no. I have been to 134 countries in my lifetime. Some have been 50 years' independent, others 200 years like Guatemala. I was there a few years ago, and when I look at what Guatemala was then when I was there – they're almost 200 years' independent. Or look at the Philippines, 100 years' independent; and then compare to East Timor – seven years. People make these sweeping evaluations and judgements of what we have achieved or what we have not achieved.

QUESTION: With regards to corruption within the Government, what impact do you think that's having on the development of the country, and on foreign investment from countries such as Australia? Do you think it is stopping foreign investment or delaying the development of the country?

PRH: Allegations are allegations, remain allegations until proven. So far there has not been a single case of an allegation that has been proven in the investigation by the Prosecutor [General] or in court. If potential investors from Australia—just because they hear about allegations of corruption—do not wish to be here, that's they're choice. It's not going to be the end of the world, [and] not going to be the end of Timor-Leste.

Last year, we had 12.5% real GDP growth. This year, I believe with the investments in place in 2009, we will have also maybe double-digit growth. By next year, I believe the world economy will have recovered, [and] we will begin to see the trend of oil prices going up again to the barrier of $70/barrel, so the Government will be able to continue to have funds to inject into the economy. It's no different from what China and the US are doing in terms of their Governments themselves injecting money back into the economy to push growth. That's what we're trying to do.

And of course the private sector is happy with that. You go around town, you talk to some Australian small investor here, and they're happy: their hotels are full, they are selling a lot. You go to investors from China, from Singapore, and they're happy because Timor-Leste's economy is booming. In small scale, you know. Those who are here in small-scale are happy.

A major hotel building will start this year. $300 million investment from Malaysia and Singapore. I have information from friends in the Middle East, from Gulf Countries such as Lebanon and others, who want to come to set up banks, insurance, and hotels. They are familiar with the problems in the Third World [sic]. They are more risk-takers, unlike Australian investors who are less risk-taking. There is a major Irish investor, the owner and CEO of Digicel, a multi-billion dollar business in Ireland and around the world. The CEO himself has been here, and they want to invest in telecommunications.

So I'm not at all concerned about whether the allegations of corruption will scare off investors. If they don't trust us, there are others who will trust us. And those who trust are already, right now, reaping some benefits.

QUESTION: I want to ask you specifically about access to documents, being able to access tenders so that the media or the public have access to contracts. For instance, if a hotel is being built, would one be able to look and see who is being involved. Those kind of things are very hard to access, and it doesn't seem like a very transparent system.

PRH: There are two different situations here. If it is an investment from a private investor, obviously there is no tender. He or she applies for land if he or she wants Government land, and the Government would study and say it merits support because we need it, because it will create jobs. This is what happened to the investor from Malaysia and Singapore; a very well-known investor with his own money. We simply provided the land. We're still in negotiations about the terms, conditions, and how many years we provide the land to him.

And then there is the issue with the tenders. Of course I agree that the tender process has to be the most transparent possible. It is in the interests of our country; it is public money that is involved. I believe that the type and the process has to be very transparent, except where the law stipulates that in the course of the presentation of the tender, it is confidential. Once it is awarded, then all documents should come out, except some aspects where the companies don't want their rivals to know what they're offering.

QUESTION: Turning a little bit further towards the East Timorese refugees who have remained in West Timor. There are those that have expressed concern about coming back to Timor, but I do understand that the Government has on several occasions gone and spoken to them and reassured them that it is safe to come back. Do you think their fears are justified?

PRH: Not at all justified. I tell you one thing, what is remarkable about the East Timorese people. I tell you, I have been to 134 countries in my life, including Bosnia. When I was in Bosnia ten years ago, in 1998, I was invited there by the European organisation for security and co-operation as a Nobel laureate. At the time I was foreign minister of no country, so I was there in my individual capacity. I was shocked with the depth of hatred between the Muslim Bosnians and the Serbians. I met with many from Kosovo, and was shocked with the hatred of Kosovars towards the Serbians. And I found this in many other conflict situations that I have been to.

In this country, has there been a single former pro-autonomy leader killed since 1999? No, there are many, even in the Parliament, in the Government, around the country, in the police. Has there been a single act of violence against an Indonesian citizen? There are many thousand still here, many are illegal migrants. No. Some of the people on the island of Atauro were telling the police that there are some Indonesians who come to Atauro illegally to seek medical treatment because the neighbouring islands don't have hospitals. They didn't know what to do, and I told them—to them and the UN police who were there, I spoke both in Tetun and in English—I said, "I am the President of this country and I'm telling you, if there is ever a single individual on this earth who needs shelter, who lands on our shore, I don't care the reasons, I don't care for his or her passport – you must welcome them". And that is our policy.

I tell this to my own people, in this country. Some are beginning to worry about the so-called illegal migrants taking over jobs. I tell them, "Well, look at the United States; who made up the United States? Migrants. Look at Australia, how it's changed since 30 years ago". A few years ago I was in Melbourne, and was pleasantly surprised when I met with the then-mayor, who happened to be a first-generation ethnic Chinese from Tianamen speaking English with a Chinese accent. Well, 30 years ago he wouldn't have been elected. 30 to 40 years ago, a Greek-origin person would not have been elected a politician. Australia's changed beyond recognition, and is totally open to people of diverse backgrounds. And that's why countries like Australia and the United States are great: they're totally open-minded. Well, Timor has to be like that, and our people are fantastic in this regard.

QUESTION: But Mr President, there's still many thousands of people living just over the border in refugee camps and we lived with them. They said that Indonesia doesn't care about them, and neither does Dili. What do you have to say for them?

PRH: Well, the fact of the matter is, they opted to leave, and they had ample choices before 2003 to return. Those who wanted to return came, and they were helped by the United Nations and particularly by UNHCR. By 2003, those who decided to stay in Indonesia could no longer be classified as refugees, and thus opted for Indonesian citizenship. I know the Indonesians have been very generous with our people living in Indonesia.

Eest Timor also has difficulties; it cannot provide satisfaction to everybody. The doors of this country remain open for anyone who is entitled to Timorese citizenship, even 50 years from now. If they want to return, they still can return. They'll never lose Timorese citizenship, and it's up to them. If they wish to come, with all the challenges and difficulties and possibilities we have, they're welcome. It's their country. So we cannot do anything beyond that.

QUESTION: There seems to be several cases of UN workers who have fathered children by East Timorese local women, and those men have now gone back to wherever they came from and have left these women without any assistance. What pressure can you put on the UN to hold these men to account?

PRH: Well, I have the greatest confidence in the integrity of the United Nations, particularly in the Special Representative to the Secretary General in East Timor. I know he has issued warnings, information in regards to this situation. However, I personally know of some cases. I was in one of the bairos a couple years ago. I looked at the Timorese woman and she had a baby. A very cute little baby. But the baby looked 100% African; I couldn't figure out where this baby came from. And in my naivety, I asked this stupid question to the mother, "Where is this baby from?", and she said, "This is my baby". I asked how come the baby didn't look like the mother, and she said, "Well, my boyfriend is from the African police," but she didn't seem to be upset, and it seemed like the gentleman, actually –

QUESTION: (interjecting) ... I've actually met a woman who was married to a Bosnian man, and he's abandoned her and gone back [to his home country], and the UN gave him another posting in Liberia, knowing the circumstances.

PRH: Well, I don't want to dismiss these cases. I don't know how serious they are. But, is it so different from so many other cases of a man running away from his wife and his kids, or from a wife running away from her husband, dumping her husband? I first looked at it at this level, you know. Is it really systematic, widespread abuse, or is it just another case of a young man coming to this country, like he could have been in New York or anywhere, gotten involved with a woman, and then avoided his responsibilities? It happens all the time, everywhere. Just because it's the UN, [do] we have to criticise it? Of course we criticise the man for doing that, but about the responsibility of the UN?

Frankly I don't know how widespread the case is. In any case, the Special Representative to the Secretary General is taking it seriously. He briefed me about what they are trying to do to discourage this kind of behaviour. But sometimes the UN even went overboard, like in the Congo. They even forbade UN people from socialising with local people. They said it's to avoid out-of-marriage children and things like that. It is totally unnatural for the UN to tell its personnel—and the UN's supposed to be universal, promoting relations among nations—and you tell UN personnel that they cannot socialise with local women or local men.

QUESTION: Could you please comment regarding recent allegations of a 51 year-old male Brazilian UN Police officer sexually assaulting four underage girls in one extended family?

PRH: I have been informed by the police and Prosecutor General that there are such allegations. Without saying that there is evidence, it is still upon the basis of reports and allegations. If indeed it is true, of course, it is a matter of serious concern. It is a crime. Whether it involves Timorese minors or foreign minors, it is totally unacceptable.

Timor-Leste is not going to be a place where people without any scruples—from wherever they are—bring minors into this country, because there are reports of forced prostitution of Chinese brought from mainland China here, and from Thailand. There have been instances where we've managed to detect the network and have the woman repatriated under protection back to Thailand. But there are reports that there are organised prostitution rings from SE Asia, and from mainland China. It's more serious when it might involve minors. We will not allow this country to be a playground for organised crime of any sort, and that includes drugs. I have raised this matter with the US side, with the Australian side, to provide us with expert advice and training to combat drug trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, and so on, and Australia is providing such strong support. The US will provide FBI training for our personnel.


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Timor-Leste At Risk from Foreign Pedophiles

Internet Edition:

A German man aged approximately 80 years old "ai tongkat man" is alleged to have tried to have sexual relations with an "ai leva" boy that was selling his fruits and vegetable in the streets of Dili. A police officer told Tempo Semanal that, "the police has arrested an 80 year old German who has tried to give between 10-20USD to have sex with an "ai leva" boy last night (21/06). The German is apparently a resident of Thailand staying in a hotel and has been charged with sex assault. "We are watching him very closely." When Tempo Semanal asked how the authorities discovered the case the source said, "this is not the only boy as he has got several other boys already." On 16/06 police arrested a Brasilian who has been accused having relation with 4 under age girls.

Other stories of pedophiles in Timor.



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Horta Angry About Brasilian Pedophile

Internet Edition:

In a press conference in his private home in Metiaut Dili on Thursday afternoon (18/06) President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste Jose Ramos-Horta commented on the allegations that a 51 year-old male Brazilian whom may be a UN employee. “I have been informed by the police and Prosecutor-General that there are such allegations. Without saying that there is evidence, it is still upon the basis of reports and allegations. If indeed it is true, of course, it is a matter of serious concern. It is a crime. Whether it involves Timorese minors or foreign minors, it is totally unacceptable,” Horta said.

He added that, “Timor-Leste is not going to be a place where people without any scruples—from wherever they are—bring minors into this country, because there are reports of forced prostitution of Chinese brought from mainland China here, and from Thailand.”

Horta gave some examples, “There have been instances where we’ve managed to detect the network and have the woman repatriated under protection back to Thailand. But there are reports that there are organized prostitution rings from SE Asia, and from mainland China. It’s more serious when it might involve minors. We will not allow this country to be a playground for organised crime of any sort, and that includes drugs.”

The President of Timor-Leste wishes to solve the issue by asking for support from the friendly countries. “I have raised this matter with the United States and Australia to provide us with expert advice and training to combat drug trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, and so on, and Australia is providing such strong support. The US will provide FBI training for our personnel,” he ended.

Brasilian Arrested in Dili for Alleged Sexual Assault Against Minors / UNMIT Blocks access to information.

Internet Edition:

On Friday last week June 12 2009, and 51 Brazilian male national was arrested and charged with allegations of sexual assault against 4 under age Timorese girls. It is understood that the accused was arrested at a bar in Pantai Kelapa, Dili.

Both the United Nations Police (UNPol) and the Policia Nacional de Timor-Leste (PNTL) are investigating the case.

According to Tempo Semanal sources the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) has blocked issuing a press release on the issue. Several years ago there were other cases of pedophila ini Timor-Leste which involved other foreigners. In late 2006 a Nigerian was arrested after being found by authorities found by authorities attempting to organise 25 Timorese girls to sent to Syria. With regards to this case to Timorese nationals are still in custody. Some hotels in Dili are also run as brothels and owned by Chinese and or Indonesian nationals in partnership with Timorese, including some in position of authority.

There has been also been several case of trafficking of women, organized prostitution and drug smuggling on the country. Last in month in May 2009 2 Indonesian nationals arrested on related charges and are in becora and gleno prisons today awaiting trial.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tempo Semanal Edisaun 143 addendum

Aust Embassy: Greater Sunrise must benefit Timor-Leste

READERS NOTE: Tempo Semanal is aware that it is not typical journalistic practice to directly express a newspaper’s opinion on such topics. The reporter responsible for this story intended the initial phrase of this story’s seventh paragraph to reflect opinions of sources he had consulted with. Tempo Semanal will write a formal correction notice in the next edition (22/06/09).

The Australian Embassy in Dili this week confirmed its government’s partnership with the Government of Timor-Leste to exploit the Greater Sunrise gas field will not commit to develop the field until a mutually viable plan has been established.

A spokesperson for the Embassy confirmed that the two governments are awaiting a presentation by a commercial consortium of their plan for exploitation of the field, which will include where and how they plan to process the gas extracted.

The consortium is led by Australian company, Woodside, and includes the foreign interests of Conoco Philips, Shell and Osaka Gas.

“No decision has been made on where a pipeline will go, or whether the gas will be processed at the site of extraction. This is a commercial decision for the companies involved, in accordance with the treaties,” stated the spokesperson.

The spokesperson also stated that, contrary to recent commentary, the Government of Timor-Leste would not be at a loss if a pipeline from Greater Sunrise was not constructed to Timor-Leste, given arrangements for Australia’s and Timor-Leste’s governments to each receive 50% of petroleum taxation revenues from the area.

“The suggestion that Timor-Leste will not benefit from the development of Greater Sunrise if the pipeline does not come to Timor-Leste is not correct. Shared production revenues from Bayu Undan (from which gas is piped to Darwin, Australia) are already providing the bulk of resources for the government budget through the Petroleum Fund and, with continued prudent management, will do so for many years into the future. Similarly, petroleum taxation revenues from the Greater Sunrise development would be an extremely valuable source of income for Timor-Leste for many years.”

It is this newspaper’s opinion (according to Timorese Government and business sources) that a pipeline to Timor-Leste would benefit this nation in ways other than through these taxation revenues, not least through commercially expressing its population’s national aspirations to retain greater control of resources that lie closer to Timor-Leste than Australia.

In keeping with previous arrangements, the Government of Australia is obliged to include the Government of Timor-Leste in decisions regarding the Greater Sunrise gas field. The Australian Embassy’s response to this newspaper’s questions and an Australian Embassy press release from 2 June have confirmed this, and do not give any indication of behaviour that may jeopardise Timor-Leste’s profits from future Greater Sunrise revenues.

Moreover, the Government of Timor-Leste’s long-term consultation with various interested parties indicates a maturity in its planning strategy that recognises each party’s position and is determined not to be taken advantage of, as may have happened in the past.

In 2004, the Australian company, Woodside, misled the Government of Timor-Leste when it was investigating options for transporting and potentially processing natural resources from Greater Sunrise.

A 2004 Norwegian report into Woodside’s feasibility study earlier that year criticised the company for approximately doubling the cost of constructing a pipeline to this nation’s southern coast from the minimum cost required.

In an exclusive interview with Tempo Semanal this week (see pages one and seven of this edition), Timor-Leste’s Secretary of the State for Natural Resources, Alfredo Pires, confirmed the need to be cautious in future planning, given how important future petroleum revenues are to one of the most underdeveloped nations in south-east Asia.

“Timor-Leste is not a mere stakeholder in the sunrise issue: we are owners,” Mr Pires said.

“We are very concerned of the viability of a project. That is why we have done other studies on the side to prove some suspicions we had. So far those suspicions had been proved correctly.”

“The Timor-Leste option is much more viable than what we’ve been lead to believe.”

In its press release on 2 June, the Australian Embassy stated the Australian Government had not urged Woodside or the Government of Timor-Leste to build a pipeline to Darwin, and did not comment on the integrity of Woodside’s past or present dealings in the Greater Sunrise issue.

“It is the companies who will be taking the risk in investing the billions of dollars required to establish the infrastructure necessary to extract and process the gas, so it is they, not our government, who must determine how best to process the gas,” the spokesperson said.

While at times it may be hard to distinguish between a Government’s interests and those of a company from the same country, this newspaper recognises that the Australian Government acknowledges the Government and people of Timor-Leste’s interests in maximising national benefits from Greater Sunrise exploitation.

According to an interview with Mr Pires in this edition of Tempo Semanal, the Government of Timor-Leste still appears to be pursuing a national pipeline strategy, and is prepared to delay the Greater Sunrise’s exploitation if such a strategy may not benefit Timor-Leste in the manner its people require.

Tempo Semanal Edisaun 143

Timor-Leste Proven It’s Suspicious of Australian Woodside Company

Tempo Semanal, Dili, Timor-Leste

Including an Exclusive Interview with Mr. Alfredo Pires, East Timor Secretary of State for Natural Resources

The Government of Timor-Leste is firm in its position to find ways of bringing the pipeline from the Greater Sunrise oil field, a joint development area between Australia and Timor-Leste, to its territory. Timor-Leste is Asia’s poorest country. This initiative, according to the government, will give the necessary boost to the economy and assist with addressing such issues poverty and infant mortality. In a statement the Australian embassy in Dili said it agreed that the project should become an engine for development but added the way to proceed “is to let commercial operators get on with the job they know best, extracting and processing those resources in the most cost effective way, thus maximizing the benefits that will flow to the people of Timor-Leste, both for the current generation and in the future”. However, Rui Castro, a businessman and former resistance activist, was adamant that Australia should be more sympathetic to its neighbor and let the pipeline come to Timor-Leste. Castro said that Timor-Leste had helped Australia in its hour of need during World War 2 and many Timorese had died in the cause of Australian freedom. “ The Timorese people have forgiven past transgressions by our Australian neighbors, including the signing of a oil agreement during the Indonesian period, and all we’re asking for is a that the Australian government understand that we are a new nation trying to end poverty, develop a health service, and create jobs for the many thousands of unemployed youth”, Castro said. He continued, “We ask that Australia understands our position. We don’t want to be continually asking for donor funds but ask that we be given the chance to develop our economy and one of the best ways of achieving this is that the pipeline comes to Timor-Leste.”

Woodside prefers to drop the Timor-Leste option arguing that it’s to risky because of the trough in the sea between the Greater Sunrise oil/gas field and Timor-Leste, even though the distance is only 150 km. However, Australia’s Woodside Company has chosen an option of a 500 km distance from the Greater Sunrise field to Darwin. A few weeks ago in a meeting in Darwin, the Timor-Leste side noticed that the company had prepared a site in Darwin for the Sunrise LNG plant. Commenting on Woodside’s position Castro, said that Woodside has intentionally done this in order to bring the pipeline to Darwin. “Since 2004, Woodside has consistently ignored the Timor-Leste option which means there has been a plan and the intention has been to bring pipeline to Darwin”, Castro maintains. Castro has appealed to the Australian government to assist in bringing the pipeline to Timor-Leste. In a published document, Woodside has insisted that it is ‘committed to developing the Greater Sunrise resource in a fair and transparent manner’.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, (10/06/09) in an exclusive interview with Tempo Semanal, Mr. Alfredo Pires, East Timor Secretary of State for Natural Resources, said the Government of Timor-Leste has proven its suspicions towards Woodside. “Woodside is can not be consider being a prudent operator to look at Timor-Leste option for obvious reasons. So based on that and other things that Timor-Leste taken initiatives has come to a conclusion which we feel a very strong and very appropriate final outcome.”

Xanana Gusmao government has fought for the pipeline issue since the day he took office in August 2007 and Pires said if Woodside not cooperative then Timor-Leste may prepare for the worst decision: to not to develop the Greater sunrise field. “Timor-Leste feels strongly that pipeline for sunrise its only direction is to Timor-Leste. If not it’s very difficult for Timor-Leste to entertain any other options,” Pires give the option to Woodside.

Pires recently divulged information to Tempo Semanal about a new report from Norwegian Det Norke Veritas (DNV) Company, which says, “there is no stopper for the pipeline to come to Timor-Leste.” To know more about the Timor-Leste Government position please follow Tempo Semanal’s Interview with Mr. Alfredo Pires as below.

TS: Are you still optimistic that the pipeline still going to come to East Timor?

AP: Timor-Leste believes that the pipeline is very big possibility of coming to Timor-Leste on a number of fronts. On the technical aspects and on the commercial aspects, and also we look at the legal arrangement or the treaty arrangement. We have – there are clauses there that state that we need to look at the whole sunrise issue; not only at the technical and commercial issue, but we need to look at the all aspects as equity.

Timor-Leste is not as a mere stakeholders in the sunrise issue: we are owners. We can’t take this issue like this. We are owners. As owners, we need to make sure when we develop the resources. It’s in the interest of the state and companies, who need also to consider that issue. But now what Timor-Leste is requesting is not to make any projects not viable. We are very concerned of the viability of a project. That is why we have done other studies on the side to prove some suspicions we had. So far those suspicions had been proved correctly. The latest study which Timor-Leste has from a very reputable company, a 150-year-old Norwegian Company, stated quite clearly that there are no show-stoppers from the pipeline to come to Timor-Leste. These are some of the basic reasons, but among others reasons Timor-Leste feels strongly that a pipeline for sunrise’s its only direction is to Timor-Leste, if not it’s very difficult for Timor-Leste to entertain any other options.

TS: The Government of Timor-Leste maintains its position while Woodside is not considering the Timor-Leste option. Don’t you think the development of sunrise will happen shortly?

AP: At this stage I can assure you that it will not happen. Officially, the National Petroleum Authority has been ignored by Woodside. This is another attitude that we are not very happy with. Three concepts have been put forward to the National Petroleum Authority and Timor-Leste National Petroleum Authority has been requested for further details that need to look into the three options. And most specifically it feels that Timor-Leste option has not been given the right attention. In particular now, we have studies from the side to proof that the Timor-Leste option is much more viable than what we’ve been lead to believe. And it’s based on this finding and others studies that were previously done. I must remind everyone that in the previous Government, a leading Norwegian expert on the pipeline stated quiet clearly, after looking at the Woodside study, that Woodside can not be considered being a prudent operator to look at Timor-Leste option for obvious reasons. So based on that and other things that Timor-Leste taken initiatives has come to a conclusion which we feel a very strong and very appropriate final outcome.

TS: Do you have an access to the recent studies from Woodside reports and what is your opinion on it?

AP: Yes, we have access to those new reports and those new reports have been looked at by the National Petroleum Authority, which still considers a lot of work needs to be done and has sent back. But while sending back those reports, Woodside continued their statement that the Timor-Leste option is no longer an option. Those international statements are not very appropriate. We think they are misleading. We think the senior management in Woodside are misleading the shareholders of Woodside. This is a serious thing. But from Timor-Leste part taking into consideration our argument about the treaty that we signed. About equity, and we feel it is only fair that the children of Australia—particularly Darwin—enjoying the benefits of a LNG plant in Australia and it’s only fair that its time for Timor-Leste to also enjoy the benefits and business confidence that will come along with the LNG plant in Timor-Leste.

TS: There are some arguments that say that East Timor lacks human resources and has less expertise to work in the LNG Plant and will hire more people from other countries to work in the LNG plant if it come to Timor-Leste. What is your comment please?

AP: That argument we don’t accept at all. Within this argument, though, they appeared to be quite solid. But once we look at it deeply, we can easily dismantle the whole argument. Specifically for Timor-Leste, the position we are in now as a young nation at the stage of its economy, to not to grow but to take off so a LNG plant to Timor-Leste will act as starter motor for the economy in regard of its ten billion dollar investment in Timor-Leste. That will definitely attract a lot of attention and a lot of business confidence. It’s nothing new. It’s a similar affect that’s happening in Darwin at the moment. And that is what we are requesting now. The immediately affect on Timor-Leste, being a country with very high child mortality, I’m sure that with a few years time the jobs will be created immediately in the area of Be Asu, and the child mortality will have an impact as people simply getting to jobs. People are supplying goods to the supply bases it will create spin off but the sort of affects is going down even to the level child mortality, at least in that region of Timor-Leste. Now, for us, it’s about this: it’s about child mortality. If the pipeline is going to Australia they will benefit the children of Australia, a lot of benefit. But I think the children of Darwin have all the right of the Australian have. They have good strong economy and Darwin is a town that Timor-Leste also dreamed one day we could be half of Darwin or even a quarter of Darwin. These are the things that we need to look into the whole formula or we need to into the whole aspect of Sunrise as well. So it is not about making money or not making money. We know that the Timor-Leste option also a money-making machine and there are people who’re prepared to take the risks of an LNG plant to come to Timor-Leste. So we need to sit down and talk this through quite a lot more. But at this stage we don’t think start to talk it yet.

TS: A clause in the agreement states that the company has exclusive rights to decide on the pipeline issues. Don’t you think your government is violating the IUA by interfering in the process?

AP: We need to go back to the whole resource, the whole agreements that are in place. The company itself as we said before that there were previous studies stated that Woodside is not a prudent operator to look at the Timor-Leste options, and if the recent studies continue, the saying more studies to be done here and there. So this means it’s an issue, that if someone has done a bad job, we just can’t go on believing them. You have to make a decision sometime. And we might have to look at other means. Now, the reality of it is that the efforts Timor-Leste has done on the suspicions that the Timor-Leste option was not looked at carefully, has been proven correctly that the Timor-Leste option is much more viable than what we have been lead to believe. This is quite serious. So we just can’t go on like this blindly.

TS: It seems likely that your government has been very suspicious of Woodside then?

AP: No, we like to work together but it’s we better do it properly. Woodside is a strong company. It’s got its own abilities. But as any stakeholders in players of natural resources, we need to look at the bigger picture of how natural resources are to be developed and, to continue to maintain very hard stance, it maybe difficult to go anywhere. And what’s important for Timor-Leste is that Sunrise is not a priority for Timor-Leste itself. It something we can very easily leave on the ground for the next generation. And right now if things don’t progress and move in a fair manner, Timor-Leste will be pressured to take what I call the fourth option, which means to leave it to future generations.

TS: If Woodside agreed on the East Timor option, would you let the production go?

AP: If once we decide that the pipeline comes to Timor-Leste, there is no reason why we should not start looking at detailed studies of Greater Sunrise. It’s a process I think that will take 4 or 5 years, if we decide tomorrow to have gas coming out of Timor-Leste.

TS: Don’t you think Timor-Leste really needs more money from Greater Sunrise at this stage to develop the country?

AP: No….Because Timor-Leste right now has money in the bank. Our ability to spend: we have four, close to five, billion dollars. We have capacity to spend about 400 million. So for the next five years what we have in the bank even we do have a system still high. We do have a system that prevents us to spend but when the situation comes we can work around that. But if we should have Sunrise, yes we can take development a bit further. That’s what I need to emphasise. But what I need to emphasise is that, as a state, that a major paradigm has changed in Timor-Leste from 2 years ago, from the whole history of Timor-Leste: Timor-Leste now has money. So for anyone who has money, it becomes a bit difficult for someone to tell them what to do. That is the situation in Timor-Leste.

TS: Does Timor-Leste know the figures for the pipeline between Timor-Leste and Darwin? As Woodside put it, the Darwin option is very cheap compared to the Timor-Leste’s options.

AP: This one we can argue on that. On the pipeline itself, we need to understand that major component of a pipeline is the price of steel and the machine that lays the barge. The DNV’s studies have looked at the recent price studies and recent technology available for a pipeline, and the figures that are coming out—I will not quote exact figures—but they are showing that the pipeline itself has a very good chance that the Timor-Leste option is much cheaper for the pipeline itself, simply because of one thing: it’s shorter. Now the argument is that you’d require a higher technology, a more expensive technology; that one we can sit down and debate, considering that there are number of pipes around the world now that have been laid at that level. Now in India they have done it with some detailed studies of a pipeline going in 3500 m. So this news is very encouraging for Timor-Leste, that people are looking at much deeper pipes than in Timor-Leste. The geology of is not as unstable as we have been made to believe. So these things need to be confirmed. This things need to be looked at before a decision is made, because a pipeline to Timor-Leste is very important.

TS: What are the kind of figures that Woodside would indicate if the pipeline goes to Darwin?

AP: The Woodside reports indicate the pipeline itself to Darwin would be cheaper – the pipeline itself. But a lot of factors go in to determining the cheapness and a lot of assumptions are going in, so from whichever points of view that you want to look at it, you may be able to regulate the outcome.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tempo Semanal Edisaun 142

Lia Anin Portugál Telekom karik Sei Fa'an Timor Telekom

Lia anin hateten katak Portugál telekom sei koko fa'an sira nia interese iha Timor telekom. Hafoin rona lian anin ne'e jornál Tempo Semanal koko atu klarifika. Mosu indikasaun portugal telekom atu fa'an sira nia interese tuir lia fuan ruma husi ema laran Kompañia refere. Tuir fonte seluk jornál ne'e hateten kona ba lia anin ne'e katak, " Ami rona katak Portugál telekom hahú hatudu sira nia konta ba kompañia sira ne'ebé maka hatudu ona sira nia interese hanesan esforsu ida atu hakotu sira nia prezensa iha Timor Leste. Ne'e hatudu katak Timor telekom sei fa'an iha fulan ruma oin mai," dehan fonte Tempo Semanal ne'ebe besik liu ba Portugal Telcon husi Portugal ba jornal ne'e.

"Ami kompriende katak Portugál telekom iha ona estratéjia foun atu foka liu ba Portugál, Brazíl, no ninia kompañia afrikana sira, nune'e duni nia tenta atu remata ho Timor telekom. Karik ne'e tan ba planu Governu nian atu husik operadór foun sira tama iha Timor Leste ne'e hanesan razaun ba sira atu sai," esplika iha nota ne'ebé hakerek ho lian portugés maka jornál ne'e asesu.

Karik Portugál telekom Sei Fa'an Sira nia Interese Iha Timor telekom? Bainhira Tempo Semanal koko konfirma ho Portugal ninia reprezentante ne'ebé mós nu'udar administradór ba Timor Telkom rejeita atu ko'alia kona ba asuntu portugal Telekom atu fa'an sira nia interese iha Timor Telekom. "Ha'u seidauk rona rumores ne'e," dehan José Brandao Sousa administradór Timor Telekom.

"Ha'u labele ko'alia loloos ba imi tan ba depende ba parte ne'ebé tau hamutuk interese maka ko'alia," nia foo razaun. Tuir observasaun jornál ne'e iha sexta feira iha enkontru ida entre Administradór timor Telekom ho ninia funsionáriu na'in rua inklui timor oan ida ne'ebé iha ninia interese mós iha Timor Telkom.

Kompañia Timor telkom na'in husi TPT ho totál interese (saham) 54.01% (porsentu lima nulu resin haat vírgula zero ida), Governu Timor Leste iha direitu 20.59% (Porsentu rua nulu vírgula lima nulu resin sia), Vodatel nia interese 16.9% (Porsentu sanulu resin neen vírgula sia) ho emprezáriu Timor oan na'in rua ida-idak Sr. Óscar Lima ho valór 4.25% (porsentu haat vírgula rua nulu resin lima) no Sr. Júlio Álvaro 4.25% (porsentu haat vírgula rua nulu resin lima). TPT ninia interese 54.01% ne'e mai husi Portugál Telkom ho valór 76.14%, (Porsentu hitu nulu resin neen vírgula sanulu resin haat) fundasaun S. José (Harii) 17.896% (Porsentu sanulu resin hitu vírgula ualu sia neen) no fundasaun oriente 5.965% (Porsentu lima vírgula sia neen lima).

Tuir jornál ne'e ninia hetan hatudu momoos katak lakleur tan ema Timor oan ne'ebé iha kbiit no influensia maka'as iha Kompañia refere hahú hili dalan atu sai ba hala'o kna'ar iha fatin seluk. Sr. Gastão Sousa la kleur tan sai ona husi Timor Telkom no sei ba reprezenta Timor Leste iha ADB iha Manila (Filipina)," dehan sra. Ida ba jornál ne'e no Sr. Gastão ne'ebé hamriik besik iha fatin refere simu ho hamnasa de'it. Tuir informasaun katak eis kandidatu ba kargu sekretáriu estadu Ministériu Obra s Publika iha IV Governu Konstitusionál ne'ebé nia rasik la kohi tama ne'e sei hahú hala'o nia kna'ar iha fulan oin.

Tuir observasaun iha distritu s balun Timor Telkom hahú fa'an telemovel no kartaun sim ho folin baratu hodi tenta hasa'e sira nia númeru kliente s Populasaun ne'ebé hamlaha ba halo komunikasaun la preokupa ho sira nia osan US$10 hodi hadau malu sosa telemovel no ninia kartaun sim ne'ebé sei halo mukit ba sira iha tempu ruma. "Ha'u hanoin ne'e estratéjia foun Timor Telkom ninian hodi hasa'e sira nia kliente s atu aumenta rendimentu," dale Domingos da Costa populasaun Baukau nian ida ba jornál ne'e.

Iha parte seluk tuir fonte jornál ne'e iha Governu hateten kata, "Dezde 2003 ate agora Timor Telkom manan boot liu fali ona husi sira nia investimentu iha Timor Leste tan ba ladún investe barak ba tore tan iha ona," hateten fonte ne'ebé husu atu jornál ne'e labele foo sai ninia identidade.

Task Forse ba area telekomunikasaun Timor Leste ne'ebé hetan apoiu maximu husi advogadu di'ak ida husi Austrália hala'o ona sira kna'ar hodi prepara dokumentu s balun polítika telekomunikasaun Timor leste ne'ebé sei regulariza area refere. Tuir dokumentu s ne'ebé jornál ne'e asesu ba hatudu katak IV governu ne'ebé lidera husi eis lider da rezisténsia ba libertasaun nasionál ne'e seriu atu liberta area telekomunikasaun iha nasaun ne'e.

Hafoin hetan diretu eskluzivu ba monopóliu merkadorias Telekomunikasaun husi Primeiru Governu Timor Leste ba halo operasaun iha nasaun ne'e Timor Telkom durante ninia operasaun iha rai rohan ne'e nia leten hetan lian kritika s oi-oin husi kama da sosiedade tomak tan ba fornesimentu rede Timor telkom seidauk konsege halo kobertura ba sub-distritu tomak iha Timor leste, karun liu ba ekonomia povu ki'ik hodi empata dezenvolvimentu ekonomia nasaun ne'e nian. Hanesan Prezidente José Ramos Horta rasik mós hato'o kritika kro'at hasoru Timor telkom wainhira halo vizita ba Oekusi loron 09/04/09. Horta dehan problema rede Timor Telkom la'ós de'it susar iha Oekusi maibé dala barak iha Dili mós hetan esperiénsia ne'e. "Kestaun hirak ne'e hatudu katak, TT la kumpri ninia kontratu ho Estadu Timor Leste, ne'e duni husu ba Estadu Timor Leste tenke foti medida s ruma atu nune'e pelumenus bele loke liberalizasaun ba Rejiaun Oekusi hodi nune'e se mak hakarak atu mai investe bele mai investe," dehan Horta ba populasaun ne'ebé partisipa diálogu abertu ho populasaun Oekusi iha aldeia Sakato, Suku Nipani.

"Kuaze tinan 7 ona TT eziste iha nasaun ida ne'e, maibé realidade to'o ohin loron iha vila laran mós rede telefone seidauk asesu ho di'ak" Horta hatutan ninia kritika.

Daudaun ne'e iha Kompañia foun balun hahú instala sira nia edifísiu iha Dili hanesan husi Indonézia balun no husi Irlanda maka Kompañia telekomunikasaun Digicel.

Site Enjeneiru Ho ADB Tane Mogrin, MS Hapara, MI, MOP Gosta Retender Halo Konfuzu PM


Governu Timor Leste foo sala rai populasaun nian, la iha dalan entre projetu ho dalan boot no situasaun seguransa ne'ebé Ministériu Saúde lakohi ajuda atu rezolve hodi halo Kompañia mogrin sai vítima ba tempu no ikus mai governu hateten katak Kompañia maka la iha kapasidade finansiamentu atu halo hotu projetu. Iha kazu refere Kompañia tenta husu beibeik tulun husi projetu nia na'in Ministériu saúde maibé la iha resposta ne'ebé pozitivu.

Photo: Ospital Referal Baukau

Ofisial Governu Timor Leste no staf Banku Mundial ninian hatene didi'ak situasaun ne'ebé la foo posibilidade ba halo konstrusaun maiske too ikus fali sira tenta subar sira nia karekas kona ba sira nia koñesimentu ba situasaun sira iha fatin konstrusaun hodi rejeita simu relatóriu ne'ebé mai husi Kompañia. Maiske PMU Ministériu saúde ne'ebé manan vensimentu boot husi Banku Mundiál atu tau matan ba Projetu ne'e iha, maibé la ba iha terenu atu ajuda rezolve problema disputa baliza rai, loke dala no dada eletrisidade ba fatin konstrusaun ninian. Kompañia maka tenke lori todan hotu. Tuir mai hafoin de situasaun seguransa la'o normál hikas Kompañia tenta atu halo fali servisu maibé tan ba de'it Kompañia refere ladún ajuda foo persentajen ba ema hirak ne'ebé maka ba halo kna'ar supervizaun entaun sira sempre empata servisu konstrusaun ninian. Nune'e duni materiál konstrusaun mós la hetan aprovasaun husi ofisial PMU entaun projetu la'o kude'ik. "Sira tenta husu osan porsentu rua husi valór projetu ninian tan ba ami la hatene tuir kostume iha nasaun ne'e entaun projetu sira tenta hakotu vida kontratu dezde Fevereiru 2008 sira ko'alia ona atu hapara kontratu," dehan manajer Kompañia ne'ebé PMU sira husu ba Kompañia mogrin espulsa husi projetu refere.

Hanesan hafoin de liu tihan fulan tolu loron rua nulu resin tolu mosu Memorandu interna loron 08/09/07 entre ofisial Jayendra Bhatta, enjeneiru Projetu husi PMU Ministériu Saúde ba Sr. Álvaro S. Abrantes nu'udar Manajer Programa, Ministériu Saúde / PMU ne'ebé ninia vensimentu selu husi Banku Mundiál ne'e rekoñese problema refere. Jayendra Bhatta husu Manajer Programa, Sr. Álvaro S. Abrante nia tulun mós. "Ita boot rekere ona para koordena problema ne'e ho autoridade relevante hodi hetan rezolusaun ne'ebé urjente no loloos ba isu hirak ne'e," dehan Jayentra.

Iha surat klasifikasaun Urjente ne'e Jayendra loke ho husu tulun husi autoridade Ministériu Saúde "Ho situasaun disturbiu civil iha rejiaun leste iha semana lubun ruma liu daudaun ne'e, kontraktor labele mobiliza forsa ba servisu hodi lori progresu ba servisu," informa jayendra.

Nia mós sita liu tan kona ba problema rai ne'ebé Governu foo sala ba Kompañia. "Iha momentu hanesan autoridade lokál la konsege foo rai ne'ebé la ho disputa tuir proposta harii Ospitál nian," Jayendra hakerek. Nia esplika katak, "Populasaun lokál hapara kontraktor hodi harii ospitál iha rai ne'ebé propoin ona hanesan iha dizeinu," informa nia.

Nia foo hanoin liu tan katak Problema rai nia baliza Kompañia halo ona diskusaun ho diretór ospitál no administrasaun lokál "Too ohin loron (08/09/07) la iha resposta finál ba problema ne'e, " nia deklara.

Jayendra Bhatta mós informa katak entre fatin konstrusaun ho dalan boot la iha estrada maka liga. "Fatin ne'ebé propoin ona la iha ligasaun ba dalan boot/highway nune'e duni presiza dalan ligasaun ho estrada boot. Ida ne'e sei la sai movimentu ne'ebé ho hanoin di'ak atu hahú konstrusaun projetu ospitál Bainhira seidauk finaliza dalan atu liu (luan mínimu 12 metru s )," esklarese jayendra ba ninia manajer.

Bainhira jornál ne'e tenta atu konfirma ho Sr. Abrao S. Abrantes maibé sempre la iha fatin no ninia telemovel hanesan disligadu no Sr. Jayendra Bhatta rejeita atu foo konfirmasaun kona ba alegasaun husu persentajen no problema ne'ebé foti husi Kompañia kontra PMU sira ne'e.

Ho problema s lubun iha leten ne'e halakon mós tempu barak maiske la ho hetan tulun ne'ebé signifika husi Ministériu Saúde Kompañia Mogrin konsege rezolve duni obstakulu hirak ne'e no iha fulan Novembru tinan 2007, hahú servisu konstrusaun loloos. Bainhira ami servisu daudaun hahú mós mosu fali tan ema husi Ministériu Saúde tenta husu persentajen ka osan ba Kompañia, "Alega eis funsionáriu ida ne'ebé hasai ona estrutura Kompañia Mogrin.

"Ha'u sai husi projetu Baukau tan ba ezije husi PMU tan ba sira hare ha'u labele koopera ho sira atu halo buat aat," Nia esplika.

"Tan ba ami ladún koopera maka iha fulan Fevereiru tinan 2008 ema autoridade sira hahú soe lian ameasa atu termina projetu ba Kompañia Mogrin."

Nia hatutan katak, "Iha momentu hanesan Kompañia ida seluk ne'ebé arranja husi embaixadór ho ofisial aas ida husi Ministériu saúde hein ona atu hala'o fali konstrusaun. Tuir informasaun katak 'G-S ConstructionCo."

"Tuir mai ofisial balun husu ami atu hatama iha Banku 40% husi osan US$ 4,886,789.90 ne'ebé nunka halo ba kontratu sira seluk. Ne'e hatudu violasaun ba kontratu ne'ebé iha," nia esplika.

Tuir dokumentu pagamentu progresu loron 17/09/08 ne'ebé korrije hikas ba loron 4/11/08 ne'ebé tempo Semanal iha asesu ba define governu TL selu dahuluk US$85,100.00, pagamentu segundu ho totál US$246,015.00 no rekerimentu ba selu terseiru maka US$ 319,622.14 ne'e totál hotu hamutuk US$670,737.14.

"Entre Marsu ho Juniu ofisial PMU halo rekerimentu la ho razaun balun no kansela beibeik halo aprovasaun ba materiál konstrusaun ho pagamentu balun no iha fulan Abríl ka Maiu ami husu pagamentu ba progresu ba dala rua."

Kompañia Mogrin mós dehan sosa materiál konstrusaun husi PS. Marketing PTY LDD maibé la hetan aprovasaun husi MPU sira. Maibé tuir esplikasaun iha surat 13/03/2007 Lai Kang hateten sira nia materiál importa husi Malaysia ne'e uza husi Kompañia Penta Ocean Constrution ba halo Ospital nasionál Guido Valladares, Carya timor Leste PTY Ltd halo Laboratóriu central, timor Leste, Tobishima Corporation hodi uza ba Ospital Maubesi, Rocky Construction ne'ebé kaer Ospital Oecussi no Bakkate Construction hodi halo Ospital Maliana.

Iha fulan Júliu Ministru Saúde Nelson Martins halo vizita ida ba fatin Konstrusaun ninian no husu Kompañia atu hapara sira nia atividade.

Iha loron 13/08/08 liu husi surat no: 1456/GPM/VIII/08 foo resposta ba surat, prezidente Co. More Green, Koreia, Sr. Han-Joon Ji loron 30/07/08. PM Xanana hahú hakerek ba Kompañia inan Mogrin ne'e ho lia fuan, "ho ksolok governu Repúblika Demokrátika Timor Leste foo hatene ba ita kona ba kontinuasaun ami nia kometimentu ba kontratu ne'ebé estabelese ona entre Mogrin TK Lda ho governu Timor Leste relasiona ho konstrusaun Ospitál referal iha Baukau."

"Ami nota ona katak iha kanselamentu substansiál iha prosesu konstrusaun no hakarak bolu atensaun ba nesesidade hadi'a manajementu ho aselerasaun iha projetu konstrusaun," Ulun boot IV governu konstitusionál RDTL ne'e hateten.

"Ami kompriende katak Kompañia inan Co. More Green, Koreia sei foo apoiu teknikalidade no manajemen mak adekuadu ba ninia subsidiáriu iha Timor Leste nune'e bele foo garantia halo hotu projetu ne'e iha ninia tempu," Xanana espresa ninia esperansa.

Atu asegura ba konfiansa PM Timor Leste iha loron 28/10/08 Kompañia Mogrin ninia Kompañia inan depozita US$1,497,51.02 no iha loron 06/11/2008 Mogrin construction,TK Unipesoal LDA depozita US$244,340.00 nu'udar performance bonds. Husi parte autoridade argumenta katak katak Kompañia refere la iha performance Bonds mogrin so iha de'it performance security. Maibé se hare didi'ak iha loron 11/03/07 Kompañia Mogrin depozita ona US$488,673.49 hanesan Performance guarantee bond ne'ebé loloos ne'e hanesan performance security ne'ebé simu husi ofisial PMU ne'ebé haknaar an iha Ministériu Saúde, Álvaro S. Abrantes. Hataan ba naksalak hirak ne'e eis diretór Mogrin, Untaek Yi iha ninia surat ba Vice PM Mario Carrascalão defende katak, "bainhira Kompañia hahú halo konstrusaun, nia rekere ona atu hetan Performance Bond husi Banku hanesan haktuir iha kontratu ne'e. Kompañia selu no hetan duni hodi entrega ba PMU maibé ho sala, BNU foo sasa ne'e iha dokumentu ne'ebé sala (Security Bond) hodi hatama ba PMU. PMU la hetan naksalak ruma no simu ona, rai buat ne'e la ho problema ruma to'o ninia tempu remata iha tinan ida liu ba. Parte tolu ne'e hanesan PMU, Kompañia ho Banku nunka rekoñese sala ruma. Maibé, bainhira to'o tempu atu hafoun ka halo a mandamentu ba kontratu maka foo sala fali ba Kompañia ba buat ne'e no sai hanesan razaun ida hodi halo kanselamentu ba a mandamentu no estensaun ba kontratu," hakerek Yi informa ba Ir. Mario.

"Husi ami nia parte, ami sei foo instrusaun ba instituisaun governu relevante atu envolve liu tan iha isu teknikalidade no prosedura hodi halo lalais implementasaun ba projetu ne'e," Ulun boot IV Governu promete ba Kompañia koreana ne'e.

Maibé surat PM nian kona ba kontratu no. 74108 la iha kontinuasaun husi Ministériu ne'ebé iha ninia ukun. Liu-liu Ministériu obra s publika maiske Ministru Saúde DR. Nelson Martins, MD, MHM,Phd, iha loron 27/08/08 tuir surat ho ref: GMS/Const.BRH/08/620 foo transfere responsabilidade monitorizasaun ba Ministru Pedro Lay ninia fatin. "Haktuir iha kondisaun kontratu klauza 1.1 no 5, ita boot notifika ona ba Ministériu Infraestrutura delega ona autoridade tomak nu'udar manajer Projetu / enjeñeiru projetu ba implementasaun projetu ne'e. Ministériu Saúde sei tulun no koopera tuir posibilidade tomak iha lala'ok ne'e," Nelson husik kna'ar ne'e ba Ministru Obra s públiku.

"Tuir ha'u hatene iha fulan Setembru Kompañia ninia ekipa foun too husi Koreia atu hahú fali servisu tan ba fiar PM ninian maibé diretora ida iha Ministériu Obra s publika dehan presiza halo uluk amandemen ba kontratu hodi muda naran iha kontratu nia laran," dehan funsionáriu Mogrin ne'e .

Nune'e duni sira hein ate kontratu mós remata iha fulan Novembru tinan 2008 nune'e duni la extende ka amandamen ate agora maibé ministériu Finansas ninia asesor internasionál ida halo tiha ona draft amandamen iha fulan Dezembru ne'ebé too ohin ami lahatene too ona iha ne'ebé," nia hatutan.

Tuir draft amandamen ne'ebé seidauk asina iha fulan Dezembru ne'ebé jornál ne'e asesu indika amandamen sei halo ba seksaun tolu-ho data kontratu klauzal 1.0, 2.3 (9), 13.3, 27.1, 35.0, 41.1 ho 51.1. maibé antes de halo draft entensaun ne'e mosu jornál ne'e hetan ulukasesu ba iha surat surat husi Fransisco Soares ho Ref 545/MdF/DNSA/XI/2008 loron 06/11/078 hodi ofisialmente transfere podér kbiit husi Sr. Abraão Abrantes ba Sra. Rosa Amaral Vong. Maibé la hatene saa loos maka Sra. Rosa Vong la folow up. Maibé diretora Rosa Vong defende ninia ministériu ho foo todan fali ba Ministériu seluk. "Ami hanesan atu halo supervizaun de'it, maibé ita hanoin ne'e projetu ida, hanesan projetu hotu-hotu ninia kontratu sempre estabelese kontratu ida hodi bele hala'o projetu ida no administradór ba kontratu ne'e Ministériu finansas."

"Tan ba la iha amandamen ida hateten fali dehan katak kontratu nia laran ba oin ne'e mai fila fali iha ne'e, maibé loos Primeiru Ministru ninian ne'e, ita konsidera hanesan desizaun ida ne'ebé tenke seer tau fila fali iha baze legál, hanesan kontratu ida ne'e nunka konsege akontese.,"nia foo razaun.

Iha draft amandamen ne'ebé karik soe hela iha gaveta governu nian ne'e pontu s 4 seksaun II iha primeiru kontratu sei muda, "klauza 6.1 iha lia fuan ikus sei sani- "kontrator tenke haruka informasaun ofisial sira ba sira nia projetu na'in ho kopia ida ba ministériu Infraestrutura."

"Ami nia envolvimentu hanesan atu foo de'it apoiu hodi bele tenta no buka to'ok dalan di'ak ida atu oinsá hetan ospitál Baukau, maibé la'ós ho karta ida ne'ebé Primeiru Ministru hasai, depois Ministériu saúde hasai ne'e natoon ona ba ami atu responsabiliza lae, mais atu dehan loloos karik responsabilidade ne'e nafatin iha Ministériu tolu ne'e nia liman."

"Ha'u hanoin ita bele dehan prosesu tomak nia hahú moos la ho didi'ak, maibé bele dehan, loloos nia la iha kapasidade atu zere buat ne'e no mós la iha kapasidade finanseiru, tanba atu selu ema lokál de'it mós la bele oinsá atu halo servisu ida ne'e," Diretora ne'e kritika sala performance bond.

"Ami so mente hare de'it ba parte téknika nian, maibé seidauk bele hare tanba kontratu la iha,……. Ker dizer la iha duni bajet (budget) ida ba sira atu halo servisu ne'e, ida ne'e,ha'u Hanoin klaru katak, se se de'it atu halo servisu ida nia tenke seer bazeia ba buat ruma."

"Iha fulan Agostu karta Primeiru Ministru nia sai la iha buat ida akontese iha terenu ne'ebá, entaun ami atu ba halo supervizaun ba saida, tanba baze atu halo supervizaun mós la iha no mós realidade sira mós la halo buat ruma iha ne'ebá so mente, ami ajuda fasilita no klarifika de'it kona ba sira nia osan restu sei iha hira."

"Ha'u hanoin ita bele dehan prosesu tomak nia hahú mós la ho didi'ak, maibé bele dehan, loloos nia la iha kapasidade atu zere buat ne'e no mós la iha kapasidade finanseiru, tanba atu selu ema lokál de'it mós la bele oinsá atu halo servisu ida ne'e," Rosa argumenta.

Iha ne'e Jimmy Hae-dong Chung nu'udar manajer jerál foun ba Kompañia Mogrin Construction TK. LDA rejeita katak lia fuan ne'e. "Ami so presiza green light husi Governu ba ami halo servisu ne'e ami bele remata iha fulan nia laran," dehan Jimmy ba jornál ne'e iha Dili.

Nia dehan maiske folin materiál hotu sa'e agora maibé sei garantia nafatin atu foo kualidade ba konstrusaun ne'e. "Ami sei la husu aumenta valór projetu ninian maibé ami sei halo uma ho kualidade no medida nafatin hanesan dizenu maka iha Bainhira ami manan tender," Jimmy haklaken.

"Ami prontu ona no kleur ona maka ami hein governu atu foo green light mai ami atu halo remata projetu ne'e."

Nia argumenta katak sira la iha preokupasaun ba lukru maibé tan ba sira nia naran di'ak. Ami hakarak tebe-tebes atu halo hotu projetu ne'e tan ba ami nia naran no ami nia nasaun nia kredibilidade, agora ami la'ós buka benefict maibé liu tan ida ne'e populasaun iha area ne'ebá presiza tebes ospital ne'e."

Nia lakohi atu dun tun sa'e maibé problema ne'ebé liu ona husik nu'udar lisaun ba parte hotu-hotu atu foti ninia di'ak. Maibé diretora Rosa Vong dehan entre opsaun extende kontratu ho Kompañia Mogrin nia hili liu Retender. "Entre opsaun rua ne'e ha'u prefere liu Retender tan ba ita lakon tempu barak liu ona."

Bainhira husu kona ba konsekuensia retender nian rosa hataan katak iha. "Bele foo impaktu ba orsamentu katak sei hasa'e to'o 30% husi harga awal ou ita hare fali dizenu katak muda dizenu ne'ebé iha. Nune'e uma sei lahanesan ho dizenu uluk ninian."

Tuir Observasaun independente husi estudante Carlos nu'udar estudante iha Universidade Nasional Timor Leste, fakuldade ekonomia ninia hare presiza hili dalan ne'ebé labele soke orsamentu estadu ninian tan ba ema balun ninia interese de'it. "Ha'u hanoin se karik Governu maka tenke tetu didi'ak entre retender ho extensaun. Karik ninia impaktu negativu ho pozitivu ba orsamentu povu ninian."

Rosa mós nega katak alegasaun ne'ebé halo husi staf ida husi mogrin ne'ebé dehan iha dalan balun iha sira nia hasoru malu no han hamutuk iha hotel ruma iha Dili nia husu pulsa no osan ba ema balun husi Kompañia refere. "Ne'e la loos i ha'u lahatene nia ne'e padre tebes ka lae," Diretora ne'e hateten.

Antes ne'e funsionáriu Mogrin ida ba jornál ne'e nia hato'o ninia akuzasaun katak Diretora ne'e hasoru malu beibeik ho konstrutor sira ne'e iha hotel balun iha Dili hodi han hamutuk. Tuir eis funsionáriu Kompañia refere alega katak iha momentu ruma diretora ne'e promete atu tulun maibé tenke husu tulun ba familia ministru ida ninia. Nune'e sira foo pulsa US$50.00 rua hodi telefone ba tiun ministru ida nian iha Jakarta no husu mós osan US$100,000.00 hodi foo ministru ida nia kaben. Maibé Kompañia ne'e fornese de'it pulsa US$100.00 ba Sra. Diretora hodi telefone ba Jakarta iha funsionáriu Kompañia ne'e nia oin.

Iha fatin seluk Sekretáriu Estadu Obra s publika Domingos Caero dehan "agora ami nia parte hein hela paraser jurídiku husi Ministériu Finansas tan tenke hare katak vantajen husi retender ne'e saida no mós se kuandu kompañia refere atu kontinua ninia dezvantajen ne'e iha ne'ebé tanba ne'e mak ami hein hela desizaun husi Ministériu Finansas."

Sekretáriu estadu ne'e hateten, tanba problema osan ne'e mak "depois de fulan Dezembru ami haruka kansela hapara lai obra ne'e tanba ita hare katak kompañia ida ne'e uluk kedas promete atu remata projetu ne'e iha fulan Setembru 2008,maibé la konsege tanba foin atinze de'it 14% no agora ami nia tékniku sira ba hare foin mak 21%, ne'e duni ita labele kontinua ho kompañia ne'ebé la'o nune'e nafatin, mais ami husi parte Infraestrutura liuliu husi Obras Publika labele hapara kontratu tanba kontratu ne'e ho valór ne'ebé boot iha Ministériu Finansia nia okos entaun sira mak tenke sira foti desizaun atu hapara."

"Kuandu ita retender ninia risku maka kompañia ne'ebé tama bele hasae Finanseiru bazeia ba materiál ne'ebé iha, nune'e mós bainhira obra ne'e atu la'o konserteza presiza tan tempu tanba ho kompañia ne'ebé foun bainhira mak nia atu halo mobilizasaun, mais nia vantajen ida maka ita hakarak para depois prosesu bele la'o."

Hafoin de la halo tuir orientasaun husi PM iha daudaun ne'e Diretór jerál Ministériu Finansas Francisco Soares, deklara katak konstrusaun ospitál referal Baukau agora sei prosesu ne'e la'o, maibé ita hatene loos atu halo kontratu foun ou ita kontinua nafatin. Tuir Francisco Soares ninia kompriensaun katak konstrusaun ne'e paradu, tanba nia (kompañia mogrin)la iha osan no mós servisu lad'iak, kontraktor la iha kualidade ba konstrusaun ne'e."

Liu tan Burlako hateten loloos obra ne'e hotu tiha ona, mais obra paradu hela ho razaun tanba finansas. "Ha'u hanoin buat rua ne'e importante liu jestaun ho orsamentu ne'e mak lad'iak, entaun agora nia prosesu ne'e la'o hela atu hare took nia kontinua karik oinsá no retender fila oinsá"

Nia informa katak ninia parte agora daudaun estuda hela kona ba opsaun atu kontinua ho kompañia mogrin TK ou retender antes halo rekomendasaun ba ministra finansas ho Primeiru Ministru atu deside. "Ha'u sei halo estudu s hodi foo sa'e ba leten atu foti desizaun. Maibé tendénsia ita tenke taka ona no halo fali tender."

Francisco argumenta ninia razaun atu retender tan mogrin "halo servisu la loos tenke seer simu. Kona ba servisu ne'ebé halo ona husi Kompañia mogrin tuir diretór ne'e rekoñese governu halo ona pagamentu balun maiske uitoan no nia lahatene halo pagamentu ho kuantidade hira. Maibé obra ne'e la la'o, ho kestaun hirak ne'e Governu sei hare no estuda ba prosesu ne'e.

Francisco dehan liu tan katak ninia pozisaun atu retender ne'e mós konkorda ona husi ministériu saúde "Parte saúde mós aseita buat ne'e no mós ko'alia ona Vicê PM. Carrascalão atu hare mós asuntu ne'e, maibé Agora daudaun nia prosesu la la'o, tanba obra ne'e paradu hela no mós kompañia mogrin construction nia orsamentu la iha hodi nune'e nia labele kontinua konstrusaun."

Nia hanoin governu PM Horta nian foo manan sala tender ba kompañia mogrin. "Tender ne'e iha Governu antigu sira mak hatene tanba saida mak foo ba kompañia ne'e," Francisco kestiona kapasidade hasai desizaun iha governu ne'ebá Se projetu ospitál ne'e Retender duni entaun nivel diretór sira iha Governu ne'e la tau duni ba iha konsiderasaun hetan ne'ebé ta'u ona iha relatóriu lubun ida husi parte tékniku ministériu obra s publika no ministériu Finansas ninian hanesan mosu iha relatóriu ida hafoin de vizita konjuntu ida husi Ministériu rua ne'e. "Ami halo vizita surpreza ida ba mogrin hodi la foo hatene uluk atu hare oin saa mogrin halo servisu iha kampu ne'ebá, maibé wainhira too ba ekipa mogrin TK tomak halo hela sira nia atividade," dale José Gusmão.

Sekretáriu estadu Domingos Caero hahi José Gusmão ninia kapasidade."Ami halo kontratu ho enjineiru ida ne'ebé iha kapasidade ne'ebé mak durante ne'e hala'o serbisu iha ne'ebé hodi halo supervizaun mais la'ós dehan presiza halo amandamentu tanba problema troka naran ne'e problema kompañia nian, mais agora governu nia hakarak katak iha fulan Dezembru ne'e tenke realiza obra mínimu ate 80% tanba ho tempu ne'ebé badak ita la garantia katak to'o Dezembru nia atu halo, ne'e duni ami husu ba sira se bele karik iha fulan Dezembru 80% estende tan hodi re apropria fali osan ne'e," dale Domingos.

José Gusmão konta tuir katak, "tuir vizita ne'ebé Ami halo hamutuk ho Finansas ami hare rasik katak mogrin nia administrasaun, téknika no finansial forte ona no ami hanoin katak mogrin bele halo ramata Projetu"

Iha loron 18 fulan Fevereiru 2009 nia parte halo vizita ida hamutuk ho ekipa ida hosi Ministériu finansas (Aprovizionamentu) hanesan Sr. João Coimbra, Sr. Mariano Renato no Sr. Samuel ba hasoru malu ho ekipa mogrin TK iha Projetu fatin Ospitál Referal Baukau

Jornál ne'e tenta ba halo konfirmasaun ho Ministru Obra s Publika Pedro Lay maibé ninia xefe Gabinete prefere liu atu jornalista Tempo Semanal ko'alia diretamente ho 'site Engineer' (Enjeñeiru ba konstrusaun Ospitál Referal Baukau) José Gusmão José Gusmão ne'ebé indika husi Ministériu Obra s Públiku hala'o ona ninia kna'ar dala lubun ruma no hato'o ona relatóriu ba ninia ministériu.

Iha momentu ne'ebá tuir sira nia observasaun mogrin kontratu hela traballadór Lokál na'in 41 ne'ebé mogrin TK selu sira nia saláriu semana rua rua ho mogrin hanoin atu treina traballadór sira ne'e to'o wainhira kontratu iha fatin ona, traballadór sira ne'e mós preparadu ona atu hahú servisu. Ne'e mak razaun ne'ebé mogrin TK hato'o kona ba traballadór lokál ne'ebé servisu hela iha ne'ebá, nune'e mós traballadór sira ne'e halo kontratu livre (kontrak lepas). "Sira (mogrin) iha osan sufisiente atu hahú no sei la tau laran ba terseiru pagamentu ne'ebé sei iha Finansas nia liman, mogrin TK mós hato'o katak kona ba atu prepara osan 2,5% hosi totál kontratu atu hahú obra, sira preparadu ona," Nia Informa. .

"mogrin TK mós hato'o katak kona ba Performance Bond sira iha ona depozita iha banku atu halo Performance Bond, kona ba osan atu hahú projetu"

"mogrin TK finansiamentu sira la iha ona relasaun ho mogrin Koreia maibé teknikalidade sira sei hetan suporte hosi mogrin Koreia."

Kona ba durasaun atu remata projetu ne'e tuir enjeñeiru ninia hatene katak mogrin prepara ona schedule (oráriu) servisu nian ba fulan 7 (hitu) no mogrin mós hato'o katak schedule ne'e bele mós muda wainhira hahú asina ona amandementu ba kontaktu tuir Projetu na'in nia hanoin no hakarak.

José foo lembra liu tan katak Iha loron 03 Marsu 2009 nia mós ba partisipa iha reuniaun hamutuk ida iha Ministériu Finansas. Hola fatin iha reuniaun ne'ebá PMU (Project Management Unit) Ministériu Saúde nian, diresaun Ministériu Finansas no Ministériu Obra s Publika s ne'ebé reprezenta husi Diretora Habit asaun no Edifikasaun Sra. Rosa Amaral Vong no José Gusmão rasik.

"Hafoin iha reuniaun ne'e hosi finansas hato'o kona ba relatóriu vizita ikus liu ne'ebé Ministériu Finansas halo hamutuk ho Ministériu Obra s Publika s ba iha fatin Ospitál Referal Baukau ne'ebé iha vizita ne'e parte PMU ministériu Saúde maiske hetan duni konvite maibé la hola fatin iha vizita konjuntu ne'e."

"Iha reuniaun ne'e mós ami hato'o katak mogrin hanesan kontraktor administrativamente, Teknikamente no finansia prontu ona atu halo ramata projetu ne'e maibé hosi PMU Saúde husu atu hapara kontratu."

"Maibé Diretór Aprovizionamentu hato'o katak ami la'ós atu halo desizaun maibé tau hamutuk hanoin hodi hato'o rekomendasaun ba Primeiru Ministru no Ministra das Finansas," José hasaran lia fuan diretór aprovizionamentu ninian.

"Iha momentu ne'ebá mogrin konsege hatudu sira nia ekipa ne'ebé forte tebes no bele halo ramata Projetu Ospitál Referal Baukau." Iha vizita ikus liu 01/04/09 ne'ebé sira Engineer ne'e halo ba Projetu ospitál Referal Baukau no nia konsege hatama iha ninia relatóriu kompletu ho sasa balun hanesan konstrusaun ba edifísiu númeru 01 nahe ona Simentu, edifísiu númeru 02 tau ona besi, edifísiu númeru 03 tau ona besi, edifísiu numeru04 nahe ona simentu, edifísiu númeru 05 A ho 05 B tau ona Sand Bedding, edifísiu númeru 05C ke'e ona nia Fundasaun, edifísiu númeru 06,07,08, 09 ke'e ona Fundasaun, edifísiu númeru 10,11,12,13,14 ke'e ona Fundasaun, estensaun ba futuru ke'e ona Fundasaun, dalan ne'ebé liga edifísiu sira halo hotu ona no iha nia riin sira tau hotu besi ona, Stone Pitching iha oin no ba loro monu nian ramata ona, ba tasi mane no loro sa'e seidauk hada maibé tau hotu ona fatuk preparadu atu hada. Iha relatóriu ne'ebé mós José mós subliña kona ba materiál de konstrusaun maka iha ona fatin konstrusaun ninian hanesan Simentu 1200 saka s kada saka US$7.00 ho kustu US$ 8,400.00, Rai henek 100m3 kada Kubit dolar US$25.00 totál kustu US$2,500.00, agregadu 150m3 kada Kubit US$ 25.00 Hamutuk US$3,750.00, Wire Mesh 150 s heet US$150 hamutuk US$22,500.00, U-bolt 800 iha nia folin US$10,000.00, reinforcing bar tonelada 10 nia folin US$50,000.00, Vinyl 10,000 m2 ho folin US$10,000.00 no, timber 5 m3 ho folin US$5,000.00. Traballadór ne'ebé servisu iha projetu fatin maka hosi Koreia ema na'in 9 fulan fulan US$5,000.00 nune'e duni kompañia kada fulan tenke selu US$45,000.00, staf lokál na'in 9 fulan fulan simu saláriu US$ 250.00 hamutuk kada fulan selu US$2,250.00, traballadór na'in 40 selu loron ida US$25.00 nune'e selu dala ida US$ 4,000.00. Kona ba sasa ka materiál nia kuantidade ekipa konjuntu Ministériu rua ne'ebé ba vizita ne'e mós hetan duni resibu ida husi kontraktor ne'ebé aluga atu supply simentu maka Sr. Leoneto Belo. Kona ba resibu seluk kontraktor promete atu hato'o iha momentu ne'ebá ba Ministériu Finansas. Ekipa konjuntu ne'e ninia relatóriu atu hanesan mós ho rezultadu investigasaun ne'ebé hatama relatóriu ida John Goodrick, CBO loron 05/09/08. John dehan, "Fatin (fatin konstrusaun) moos tebes no iha orden.---Fatin ne'e prova katak kontraktor ne'e iha nivel profisionalizmu aas no servisu daudaun ho estandarte maka di'ak." Iha john nia konkluzaun nia hahi Kompañia mogrin nia kapasidade. "Kondisaun iha fatin, kualidade ema ne'ebé hala'o servisu no organizasaun maka iha ona indika katak la iha baze ba preokupasaun husi parte projetu nia na'in. Kuran fundus halo imposivel ba kontinuasaun servisu."

"Iha dada lia detalyu ho manajementu projetu nian indika katak promesa tempu atu halo hotu mak fulan haat tenke interpreta ninia signifikasaun katak orariu ba halo projetu ne'e fulan haat hafoin MG simu ona pagamentu mka sira rekere. Nune'e mós tenke tau iha hanoin katak hafoin de hetan selu sei lori tan semana ruma atu materiál too iha fatin(konstrusaun Ospital nian)

PMU Ministériu Saúde ne'ebé Banku Mundiál emprega na'in maka tolu hanesan Sr. Alvaro S. Abrantes, jayendra Bhatta no vice Ministra Saude nia kaben Sr. Joao Soares. Sr. João Soares tuir ninia kontratu loloos servisu loron lima kada semana hahú husi fulan Setembru 2007 maibé kada vez fulan ida ka rua mai dala ida de'it fila mas manan osan boot saugati de'it," alega Moisés traballadór Timor oan ida iha fatin konstrusaun Baukau foin lalais ne'e. Bainhira jornalista Tempo Semanal koko telefone ba Sr. João maibé ninia númeru dizligadu mós no jornál ne'e tenta husu klarifikasaun husi vice Ministra Saúde iha loron PM fila hikas mai Dili Sekretáriu Estadu ministériu Obra s Publika, Diretora Habit asaun no Edifikasaun Ministériu Obra s publika, diretór jerál Ministériu Finansas hotu-hotu lian ida atu hapara kontratu ba Kompañia Koreana mogrin TK ne'ebé maka halo konstrusaun ba Ospitál referal Baukau. Konstrusaun Ospitál Baukau sai Polémika tan ba to'o ohin seidauk prontu nafatin tan ba iha alegasaun oi-oin husi parte Governu nune'e mós mai husi Kompañia kontra governu ninia emar sira ne'ebé iha relasaun diretamente ba projetu refere. Iha 15/05/2007 Primeiru Ministru DR. José Ramos Horta asina Kontratu ho valór projetu US$4,886,789.90 ba Kompañia mogrin atu hari Ospitál referal luxu ida iha área Baukau. Maibé hare didi'ak fali ba kontratu ne'e Kompañia sofre duni tan sira hetan advanced payment 20% husi presu kontratu hanesan pontu ida iha kontratu refere nune'e hodi halo populasaun iha Baukau presiza iha liu tan pasiénsia atu hetan ospitál foun.