Monday, 7 September 2009

Xanana and Horta Dancing with Krisdayanti while Victims Crying for Justice


In the eve of 10th anniversary President Horta and PM Xanana danced with the Indonesian artist Krisdayanti to celebrate the Timor Referendum while the hero's family and some other people are still with aching hearts after the President called for backing off from justice for 1999 and during 24 years of Indonesian army illegal occupation in this country. The President with confidence told the media on 29/08/09 that, "If you went around with me, random around the country as I've done for many, many months across the country, meeting barefoot people all over the country, thousands of them, not one, not one raised the issues of 99, not one talk about putting Indonesians on trial."

Mr. Horta added that it is only a small number of human rights activists who are calling for an international tribunal to be set up. "And unlike many of them, these so-called international human rights groups and Timorese activists, I lost almost half of my brothers and sisters. And even myself I was almost killed dead," he said. "So I know what being a victim is. I know what is the pain of a mother who lost her children. I don't talk academic jargon."

But during the last three days victims and family of TNI victims gathering in the capital Dili to discuss the way to fight against their President. There were very hit debate on the three main issues such as the released of Marternus Berek, the President speech and the compensation or reparation for the victims as well demanding to Indonesian army to help them to find the remain of their loves one. "The statement of our head of state shows that he is preserving impunity in this country. This is very bad atittude. So I will not vote for him to be our President in 2012," said Flabio Magno from Ermera District who lost more then 40 person of his family members.
He goes on calling that President has lost his hearth to the hero of the country. "I am very angry with our president." While a survivor from 06 September Suai church massacre sad with the President statement. "I would like to asked Mr. President when did he came and talk to the victims," said the Suai survivor.

"I have been campaign for an international tribunal since 2000 but the president never came to meet us as you see here now," he added.

"For me President speak on his own name not on my behalf because I am very sad with him,"

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