Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Beauty of Atsabe

Tempo Semanal

Atsabe is a sub district of Ermera. The road between atsabe and Letefoho is in desperate situation. Tempo Semanal Rava J almost went of the road but before reached the Atsabe town the traveler could enjoy the water fall of "Be Bandeira."

The dying road conditions of Atsabe is good for mount bike but any car could easily damage.

According to Antonio Soares a villager whom met by Tempo Semanal journalist on the bridge near the area said the water came from mount of Ramelau.

"It's a "lulik," (holly) as our ancestors said," antonio told Tempo Semanal.

Atsabe is located in the feet of Ramelau mount with a unique climate. Many of it's people are agriculture. There huge coffee plantation with potatoes.

"Coffee and potatoes enable me to build the house and send my kids to study," said agusto a farmer who is working in his garden before enter Atsabe town.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Horta's Australian model friend can use $150k from Timor-Leste to make rich tourists fly by helicopter into Atsabe, to stay rich hotel? Hahahaha