Friday, 1 May 2009

Tempo Semanal Internet Edition Exclusif: UNPol Child Crying For Help

Timor Leste UN Peace Keeping Child Crying For Help

After the 1999 UN referendum the Militia rampaged across the country, destroying most of the infrastructure in the country, many people were killed and some girls were even kidnapped to becomes "wives"of those militia.

The UN sent thousands of military and police to help restore peace in the country including the Oecusse Unclave. The UN not only restored peace for the country but also created further problems. In one case marrying, impregnating and deserting a woman and child in Oecusse.

An East Timorese woman has been victimised by UN staff and today demands compensation for child support. Ligia "Lily" Nheu is in a struggle with the World Organisation to look after her son Marco. Marco has born as a result of a marriage with a UNPOL in 2003.

Maria Ligia Lily Nheu / Lily, 31 married a UNPOL of Bosnian nationality. Bosnia sent it's police to East Timor to join UN mission and were based in the Oecusse district. "Because of the UNPOL I am now a victim and suffering."

"If UN didn't came I may not suffer like today."

Goran Susnja at 2001 was 22 wearing UN blue beret met Lily (23) an Enclave girl.

According to the witnesses within the UNPOL in Oecusse at the time says Goran was warned not to do so but Goran said he really felt in love with Lily.

In 2001 they go married in Oecusse, "after that we went to Bosnia, I got pregnant, then I came home to give birth, then he abandoned me and leave with me a son."

"This is very hard for me as a single mother."

"I have submitted a complain to UN in regard to my husband."

"I want UN to assume responsiblity and help find a solution for child support including education, housing food etc until he is 18. UN have to help me find a way to look after my son up to 18 years old."

On May 1th Lily went back to UN to meet the UN official from Human Right Unit in UNMIT.

"I have reported to UN in 2006 but received no response, and again in 2008 late December I reported again to Mr. Atul Khare but no result. Last few weeks ago I went to UN Human Rights office to submit my complain and they have my son's document so today I came here to get back the original documents."

"I complain to UN because my estranged ex husband was served as UN staff and he has been as UN staff in Liberia in the last three years, earning a big salary but refusing to take responsibility for his child."

"I want UN to assume some responsiblty for its irresponsible and cruel staff. I can't let this case down. UN must assume some responsiblity because I was married a UN staff. I married under UN flag."

The UN spokesperson Gyorgy Kakuk rejected to comment on the specific case of involvement a Bosnian UNPOL.

According to another source of Tempo Semanal within the UN,"there are many more cases like Lily's."

Please read more detail on next week edition of Tempo Semanal.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tempo semanal
Hau espera kasu nee bele fo atensaun nafatin, kasu hanesan nee parese laos iha oecusse encalve deit, no mos hau fiar katak kasu hanesan nee laos akontese ba senhora maria lili nee deit, pasti feto seluk mos iha, so kee sira laiha kbiit hanesan

Iha oecusse, bele mos kontaktu tok ba CFEO hau konhese ema ida ha neba mak rai dokumentus balun mos husi kasus hanesan so karik, nee persija Tempo semanal hakbesik rasik mos ba sira ( CFEO ) rasik.

Good Look

Anonymous said...

Hi Tempo semanal,
Obrigada barak tamba ajuda Lili atu hasai nia kasus iha media. Ida ne'e diak tebes* e hau espera katak sei deit mak iha problema hanesan lili persija suporta sira atu bele koalia,no luta ba sira nia direito.

Keep up lili

Anonymous said...

"Because of the UNPOL I am now a victim and suffering."

"If UN didn't came I may not suffer like today."

Hau hakarak hateten pontu rua iha ne: 1: Lily mos sala karik Lily lakoi policia Bosnia mos sei la kaben ho nia.

2. Tamba sa Lily hola nia majki hatene katak UN hatete ona katak labele hola feto timor.

Lily iha UN iha New York iha seksaun administrasaun nian naran "Professional Standarts" seksaun ne atu simu keixas kona ba ema sira nebe servico ba UN nebe halalok la dun diak. It bele husu sira nia kontaktu iha UN office iha Dili, ita bo'ot bele hakerek karta ba sira hodi kesar. Bainhira ita kesar Professional Standarts sei la bele halo policia Bosnia fila ba ita maybe hele hare oin sa bainhira nia sei servisu ba UN nia bele selu osan ba labarik iha lian Ingles naran "child maintenance"
Sorti diak