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East Timor journalist faces jail time: ABC TV 7:30 Report

East Timor journalist faces jail time

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Broadcast: 05/03/2009

Reporter: Murray McLaughlin

East Timorese newspaper editor Jose Belo is facing jail time if he is found guilty of the charge of criminal defamation. The charge has been brought against him by East Timor’s justice minister after Mr Belo reported allegations of corruption by the minister in his newspaper.


KERRY O'BRIEN, PRESENTER: Here is a story about East Timor, where a newspaperman who was jailed for his resistance activity during the time of Indonesia's occupation is facing the prospect of being put back behind bars if he's found guilty of a charge of criminal defamation. The charge has been brought by East Timor's Justice Minister against Jose Belo, whose reported allegations of corruption against the minister in his newspaper 'Tempo Semanal', that translates in English as 'The Weekly Times'. Jose Belo has also worked from time to time for the ABC as a fixer and correspondent. There's growing international disquiet about the charges against him, especially as it's been brought under an old Indonesian criminal code which still prevails in East Timor. Murray McLaughlin reports.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN, REPORTER: A flotilla of freighters waiting in Dili Harbour to unload cargoes of rice is a tentative sign of East Timor's growing prosperity. Yet as this new nation struggles to consolidate, there's widespread disquiet about corruption in official quarters.

JOSE BELO, NEWSPAPER EDITOR: Corruption, collusion, nepotism is people that took the state money and making the people suffering.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: For the past two years, journalist Jose Belo has campaigned relentlessly against corruption in East Timor through the columns of his weekly newspaper 'Tempo Semanal'. A former resistance fighter, Belo was jailed and tortured several times during Indonesia's occupation of East Timor. During those times he was also a conduit for international news media.

WENDY BACON, JOURNALISM, UTS: Back then he would smuggle out videos, he made access for those journalists who went undercover, he helped get film out. He really - I think you could say that without Jose Belo, we would have known almost nothing about what was happening. Or we would have seen very few pictures of what was happening in East Timor.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: Jose Belo's paper is a weekly, launched in October, 2006 and now boasting a circulation of 8,000. It's backed by the overseas aid agency of the Australian Council of Trade Unions and staff at Fairfax Media. The Fairfax program supports the paper's distribution in East Timor's remote districts and pays the staff of 12 a basic allowance of US$10.

JOSE BELO: I talk to my boys and my journalists here that, "Do this, because this is a challenge to the development of the country." And we are very much focussing on the investigation of the corruption, collusion, nepotism in these states.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: Jose Belo used to be a prisoner at Dili's main jail. Now he's investigating the construction of a new security wall at the gaol. The job's worth more than US$1 million. Jose Belo's paper reported last year that the country's Justice Minister Lucia Lobato colluded with the contractor, who's a friend and fellow party member.

JOSE BELO: The allegation was that the minister has contacted, or there was exchanging text messages between the minister and the company that (inaudible) the tender before the official tender opened to the public, or invited the companies to come to bid for this tender.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: Should a minister be dealing directly with businessmen who might be tendering for a project?

LUCIA LOBATO, EAST TIMOR JUSTICE MINISTER: No, we can provide - the project is mine. I can provide information to him about the time, when, where can they start, how can you submit the paper and so on. But this is not my decision.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: Then there was the deal late last year worth more than US$3 million for the supply of diesel fuel to the main electricity generating station in Dili. Jose Belo published a leaked memorandum seeking a letter of credit from the Treasury to pay for the fuel in favour of a company-owned by the Justice Minister's husband.

JOSE BELO: It seems like (inaudible) government giving credit to a company, it set a precedent for these other companies. But more interesting here, this company related to a minister, to a minister, that is Minister of Justice husband's company. And while there was other companies offer more good price, very good conditions ...

LUCIA LOBATO: How can people say, the Australians say, that the minister there is a conflict of interest about the conflict interest because I am a Minister of Justice and my husband won the project. And I think it's irrelevant and nonsense. So, he was businessman before I took office. Secondly, there is a tender and my husband also submit for tender. And he won the project.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: More disclosures about government contracts and the Minister of Justice ran over several issues of Tempo Semanal late last year. It all got too much for the Justice Minister. She charged Jose Belo with the crime of defamation under an old penal code still on the books from the time of Indonesian rule. Last December, Jose Belo had to submit to an investigation by the country's prosecutor general.

JOSE BELO: After these all investigation, he let me go, but I am now under the - my status today is like a city - it's really city detention, whatever, but they limited my movement, limited my movement.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: While Jose Belo waits for his day in court, the East Timorese Parliament has before it a new penal code which will likely to be enacted early in April. And under that new code, defamation will no longer be a crime.

You don't believe that defamation should be a crime?

LUCIA LOBATO: Do you ask me I believe or not?


LUCIA LOBATO: (Laughs). Why do you want to know my opinion about that?

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: Well, you are the Minister of Justice.

LUCIA LOBATO: Yes, I have explained to you and I say that in the new penal code, defamation is not a crime. So I prepared the draft.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: So you believe that.

LUCIA LOBATO: Yes, of course. Of course. (Laughs).

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: Why then, I ask you again, did you use the old code where defamation is a crime?

LUCIA LOBATO: Because that it is the law there, it's still there.

CHRISTOPHER SAMSON, LABEH - 'THE MIRROR FOR THE PEOPLE': Defamation law wasn't our law. That was Indonesian law which Suharto used at the time of the 24 years of occupation to suppress our people.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: Christopher Samson heads up a private organisation funded partly by Australian aid money which campaigns against corruption. He fears that the access against Jose Belo is intimidating other news media in East Timor.

CHRISTOPHER SAMSON: Most other journalists will be very scared and are very scared. One, there is no organ that is supporting the journalists in this system. OK, for example, the Prime Minister hasn't said anything about the case.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: The Prime Minister might not have, but East Timor's President Jose Ramos Horta has spoken out and given comfort to the country's journalists.

JOSE RAMOS HORTA, EAST TIMOR PRESIDENT: I don't agree with suing Mr Belo under the Indonesian defamation law. But it's not consistent with what we fought for, is not consistent with our constitution and our own beliefs in freedom.

MURRAY MCLAUGHLIN: But in spite of that caution from on high, a jail sentence remains a possibility for Jose Belo, if he's found guilty of criminal defamation.

JOSE BELO: But we will see in the court. We'll see in the court. I wish, I really wish there must be justice for this country, that's why we're fight for the 24 years.

KERRY O'BRIEN: Murray McLaughlin reporting from East Timor.

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Defamation Case against Tempo Semanal: Lao Hamutuk

Tetum kraik.
Both languages, and more, are available at

Statement from La'o Hamutuk
4 March 2009

At present, Minister Lucia Lobato has charged journalist Jose Belo because his newspaper, Tempo Semanal, has published allegations of corruption in the Ministry of Justice. Based on reports in Tempo Semanal, Lucia Lobato brought a case to the Prosecutor against Tempo Semanal because, according to her, Tempo Semanal has defamed her privacy and journalist Jose Belo has violated the journalism code of ethics. La’o Hamutuk is concerned that this process will damage democracy in Timor-Leste.

The Indonesian Penal Code (KUHP/Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Pidana), which Timor-Leste is still using, dates from the Dutch colonial rule over Indonesia, when it was used to defend the monarch in the Netherlands by criminalizing colonial subjects who spoke out against the Dutch government. After Indonesia became independent, Suharto’s New Order dictatorship punished many people using the defamation articles in the Penal Code.

Articles 310-321 of the Indonesian Penal Code Indonesia (KUHP) should no longer be applied in democratic Timor-Leste, a state governed under the rule of law, because they restrict freedom of the press and violate UN conventions Timor-Leste has ratified, including the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). UNTAET tried to remove these defamation articles from the Penal Code, but they were unsuccessful because they used an executive order. However, according to legal hierarchy, they should have used a regulation, which had the same level as law. Timor-Leste’s judicial system has begun a new phase, when these articles are used only to help powerful people threaten other citizens, or to keep them quiet about wrongdoings committed by the powerful. Practices like this will create huge injustice in Timor-Leste.

Justice Minister Lucia Lobato’s accusation against journalist Jose Belo, as director of the newspaper Tempo Semanal, creates an ugly picture which can kill freedom of an independent and impartial press. The media will be afraid to circulate clear and accurate information when they know that such information will bring down threats against them.

We believe that everyone should comply with the law, and that the information published in Tempo Semanal is evidence that the Prosecutor General should use to open an investigation about alleged corruption in the Ministry of Justice. But in reality, the Prosecutor is investigating Jose Belo, accusing him of defamation. La’o Hamutuk sees this reversal as criminalization of a free press which provides true and factual information to the public.

RDTL Constitution Article 41.4 “Freedom of the press and mass media” says that “The State shall guarantee the freedom and independence of the public mass media from political and economic powers.” Actions like the one confronting Tempo Semanal can also happen to other media and organizations if publishing is considered as a crime. This is a big threat to social justice in Timor-Leste.

La’o Hamutuk believes that to strengthen the rule of law, everyone should be treated equally by the justice system. This is an important step in developing our judicial process, and for everybody’s human rights and access to information. Our nation’s goals will not be achieved when judicial processes are used to defend only people with power.

La’o Hamutuk asks:

  1. The Prosecutor General to cancel the defamation case against Tempo Semanal immediately.
  2. Lucia Lobato to stop the defamation accusation before the court.
  3. National Parliament to rapidly revoke the Indonesian criminal defamation law, and not include it in the new Penal Code. When a person defames someone else, only a civil process should be used.
  4. All parts of government, and everyone, to respect the freedom, independence and impartiality of the press, as is guaranteed by the RDTL Constitution.
  5. National Parliament, with its legislative powers, to quickly debate the Media Law, to guarantee that the press can do their work without interference from anyone, and to end the use of power to criminalize journalists.
  6. The Prosecutor General also to investigate Lucia Lobato, starting with the evidence which was published in Tempo Semanal. Lucia Lobato, as Minister of Justice, has an important responsibility for the judicial system, and she should give a good example by cooperating with the judicial process.
  7. Civil society, including media, NGOs, the church and all citizens should encourage Timor-Leste, as a democratic state under law whose people have achieved independence, needs accurate information, and should support journalists’ right to conduct investigations and publish what they find.

La’o Hamutuk is a civil society organization which has been monitoring and analyzing development in Timor-Leste since 2000. We believe that it is very important for everyone to understand and participate in all development processes in this country, and that the processes must be democratic, transparent and accountable. Although La’o Hamutuk does not specifically monitor the judicial system in Timor-Leste, we are worried by this alleged defamation case and we try to defend the democratic rule of law, and to distribute information and conduct advocacy to protect the rights of all of Timor-Leste’s people.

From Adino Nunes Cabral, SH

Researcher, Governance and Democracy, La’o Hamutuk



Statementu husi La'o Hamutuk
4 Marsu 2009

Agora dadaun, Dra. Lucia Lobato halo akujasaun ba Jornalista Jose Belo tanba liu husi publikasaun Tempo Semanal ne’ebe hateten katak iha alegasaun korupsaun iha Ministeriu Justisa. Bazeia ba notisia husi Jornal Tempo Semanal, Dra. Lucia hatama ona keixa ba Ministerio Publiku hasoru jornal Tempo Semanal tanba tuir nia, jornal Tempo Semanal halo ona defamasaun ba ninia privasidade no katak jornalista Jose Belo kontra ona kode etiku jurnalismu ninian. La’o Hamutuk preokupa katak prosesu ida ne’e bele estraga demokrasia iha Timor-Leste.

Codigu Penal Indonesia (KUHP/Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Pidana) ne’ebe agora dadaun Timor Leste sei uja hela hanesan direitu positivu mai husi kolonialismu Nederland ne’ebe durante ukun Indonesia, uja hodi defende absoluta monarkia hodi kriminaliza ema rai nain sira (pribumi) ne’ebe kolia kontra governu Nederland. To’o Indonesia ukun an, iha tempo Orde Baru ema barak mak hetan kastigu tanba deit ho artigu kona ba defamasaun iha Codigu Penal refere.

Codigu Penal Indonesia (KUHP) Artigu 310-321 la relevante atu utiliza nafatin ba prosesu demokrasia iha Timor-Leste, nudar Estadu Direitu tanba estraga liberdade imprensa no viola konvensaun ONU ne’ebe Timor-Leste ratifika tiha ona, inklui Konvensaun Internasional kona ba Direitu Politiku no Sivil (ICCPR). Iha tempu UNTAET mosu ona esforsu legal atu elimina artigu hirak kona ba defamasaun iha Codigu Penal refere, maibe la realiza tanba sira uza “ executive order” maibe, atu tuir heirarkia legal, tenke uza regulasaun ho nivel egual ho lei. Iha sistema judisial Timor-Leste nian sei hamosu istoria foun katak artigu hirak ne’e atu fasilita deit ba ema ne’ebe mak iha poder hodi ameasa sidadaun balu, ou atu halo sira nonok ba buat ruma sala ema ne’ebe mak iha poder halo. Praktiku hanesan ne’e sei hamosu injustisa boot iha Timor-Leste.

Akujasaun defamasaun husi Ministra Justisa Lucia Lobato ba jornalista Jose Belo nudar Direktur Jornal Tempo Semanal hanesan imajen a’at ida hodi hamate liberdade imprensa atu independente no imparsial. Imprensa sei tauk atu hasai informasaun nebe los no klaru wainhira sira hatene katak informasaun sira nee sei sai fali ameasa ba sira.

Ami fiar katak ema hotu tenki kumpri lei, tanbe nee bazeia ba informasaun ne’ebe publika iha Jornal Tempo Semanal sai hanesan evidensia atu Ministeriu Publiku (Prokurador Jeral) halo investigasaun kona ba alegasaun korupsaun iha Ministeriu Justisa. Maibe realidade hatudu katak Prokurador Jeral halo fali investigasaun ba Sr. Jose Belo ne’ebe sai hanesan suspeitu ba defamasaun. La’o Hamutuk hare hahalok ida ne’e hanesan kriminalizasaun ba imprensa livre hodi fo informasaun los no faktus ba publiku.

Konstituisan RDTL Artigu 41.4 kona ba “liberdade imprensa no komunikasaun sosial ninian” hateten katak “Estadu hametin liberdade no independénsia ba órgaun públiku kona-ba komunikasaun sosiál, husi podér polítiku no podér ekonómiku.” Akontesementu ne’ebe Jornal Tempo Semanal infrenta sei mosu mos ba imprensa no orgaun seluk se hahalok atu halo publikasaun konsidera hanesan krimi. Ida ne’e ameasa boot ba justisa sosial iha Timor-Leste.

La’o Hamutuk fiar katak atu hametin Estadu Direitu Demokratiku, ema hot-hotu tenki iha tratamentu judicial ne’ebe hanesan. Ida ne’e mak sai pasu importante ba prosesu dezenvolvimentu judisial, no ba direitu humanus no asesu ba informasaun ba ema hotu. Objektivu nasaun nian sei la realiza bainhira prosesu judisial atu defende deit ba ema ne’ebe mak iha poder.

La’o Hamutuk husu:

  1. Prokurador Jeral kansela lalais kazu defamasaun kontra Tempo Semanal.
  2. Dra. Lucia Lobato atu hapara akujasaun defamasaun ba Tribunal.
  3. Parlamentu bele revoka lalais lei Indonesia nian kona ba krime defamasaun, no la hatama iha Codigo Penal foun. Bainhira ema ida halo defamasaun kontra ema seluk, bele uza prosesu civil deit.
  4. Orgaun soberanu tomak liu-liu governu, no ema hotu, tenke respeita liberdade, independensia no imparsialidade imprensa ne’ebe hateten klaru iha konstituisaun RDTL.
  5. Parlamentu Nasional ne’ebe iha kompetensia ba Prosesu legislasaun atu halo debate lalais ba Lei Komunikasun Sosial hodi garantia katak imprensa bele halo sira nia knaar la ho interferensia husi ema seluk, atu hamenus uza poder hodi halo kriminalizasaun ba jornalista sira.
  6. Prokurador Jeral atu halo mos investigasaun ba Dra. Lucia Lobato hahu ho evidensia ne’ebe publika sai husi Jornal Tempo Semanal. Dra. Lucia Lobato nudar Ministra Justisa ne’ebe kaer papel importante mos ba sistema Judisial atu fo ezemplo hodi kolabora diak ho prosesu judicial.
  7. Sosiedade sivil, inklui imprensa, ONG sira, igreja no sidadaun hotu bele enkoraje katak Timor-Leste, hanesan Estadu Direitu Demokratiku, no povo hetan ona independensia, presiza informasaun los no apoio jornalists sira nia direitu atu halo investigasaun no publika saida mak sira hetan.

La’o Hamutuk hanesan organizasaun sosiedade sivil ne’ebe halao monitorizasaun no analiza ba dezenvolvimento iha Timor Leste desde tinan 2000. Ami fiar katak importante teb-tebes atu ema hotu bele komprende no partisipa iha prosesu dezenvolvimentu hotu iha rai ida ne’e no prosesu ida ne’e tenki demokratiku, transparente no iha akuntabilidade. Maski La’o Hamutuk la halo monitorizasaun espesifiku ba sistema judicial iha Timor-Leste, maibe ami preokupa ho kazu alegasaun defamasaun nee no ami koko defende Estadu Direitu Demokratiku iha rai ida ne’e, no atu fahe informasaun no halo advokasia atu proteje direitu povo Timor-Leste tomak nian.

Husi Adino Nunes Cabral, SH

Peskizador, Gobernasaun no Demokrasia, La’o Hamutuk


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Tetun of ETAN release on Tempo Semanal defamation charges

Also thanks to several Timorese abroad we now have a Tetum version of
the Jose Belo media release. (I hope understandable to still in Timor
Tetum speakers!) You can find it at And pasted below. Use
as you see fit. Any corrections welcome.


ETAN litik atu hasai akuzasaun defamasaun hasoru editor Timor oan

Kontaktu: John M. Miller +1-718-596-7668

16 Janeiru 2009 - The East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN)
ohin husu ba Porkurador Jeral Timor-Leste atu hasai akuzasaun krimi
defamasaun hasoru Editor Tabloid Semanal, Tempo Semanal nian, Jose

"Tempo Semanal no Jose Belo labele hetan akuzasaun bazeia ba lei tuan
ne'ebé la appropriuno repressivu" John M. Miller, Koordenador Nasional
ETAN nian hatete "Ami litik prokurador jeral atu hasai akuzasaun
hirak ne'e imidiatamente" "

Iha Outubru 2008, Tempo Semanal publika artigu alega katak Minstra
Justisa, Lucia Lobato impropriamente fo kontraktu governu nian ba
ninia maluk empresariu sira. Reportajen ne'e mos hatudu mensagem liu
husi telemovel. Lobato hatama kazu akuzasaun defamasaun ne'e iha fulan
Novembru hodi akuza katak Tempo Semanal viola ninia privasidade no mos
viola kódigu etika jurnalista nian.

Belo hatete katak publikasaun ne'e hakerek kona ba Lobatu nia
lala'okiha ninia serviconudar officiais publiku, la'os atu interfere
ninia aktividade privadu."

"Lei defamasaun labele inklui hotu informasaun kona ba aktividade
governu nian. Do que ataka ema ne'ebe lori informasaun (jornalista)
sira, ulun na'in sira tenke for suporta baliberade da espressaun no fo
koragem ba media ne'ebé dinamiku no invesitigativu," Miller hateten


Governu Timor-Leste proposta ona atu dekriminaliza lei defamsaun tuir
kódigu penal foun. Lei ida ne'e seidauk aplika to'o ohin loron maske
proposta ona tinan hirak liu ba.

Krimi defamsaun iha Timor-Leste hetan husi kódigu penal Indonesia nia
durante tempu okupasaun. Jurnalista no activista sira iha Indonesia
sei hetan kastigu ba krimi defamsaun maske Lei Imprensa 1999 kria ona
orgaun ida atu resolve problemas nebe involve imprensa.

Belo simu noticia kona ba krimi defamsaun iha fulanDezembru nia
klaran. Iha loron 19 de Janeiru 2009, edificiu prokurador nian inkere
nia durante oras tolu nia laran. Edificu Prokurador Jeral hateten ba
Tempo Semanal katak Tempo Semanal sei la hetan dokumentus ne'ebé
relevante ba ninia kaju tamba dokumentus hirak ne'e konfidensial.

Durante intervista ho Radio ABC Australia, Jose Belo, fundador Tempo
Semanal nian hatete katak "ami laiha orsamentu ka rekursu seluk. Ami
labele luta hasoru ema ne'ebé iha inflensia maka'as no mos iha osan".
Hodi nune'e, hau hanoin katak dificil tebes atu manan kaju ida ne'e
iha tribunal."

Se hetan konviksaun, Belo bele multa ou kastigu iha prizaun. Iha tempu
okupasaun illegal Indonesia nian durante tinan 24 nia laran, Belo
hetan kastigu no detensaun durante tinan tolu tamba hato'o informasaun
ba jurnilsta no groupu diretus humanus kona ba violasaun direitus
humanus ne'ebé akontese iha Timor-Leste. Tanba ne'e, ironiku boot ida
wainhira iha sosiedade Timor-Leste ne'ebé demokratiku, independente,
nia bele hetan kastigu tan tanba publika governu ninia korupsaun.

Porkurador Jeral, Longuinhos Monteiro, hatete ona ba Belo katak lialos
kona ba buat ne'ebé Belo publika iha Tempo Semanal la relevante atu
hetan akuzasaun hosru nian, no sei admisivel iha tribunal. Ida ne'e
kontráriu ho decisaun ne'ebé halo iha Abril 2006. Prokurador Jeral iha
tempu neba akuzaAssociasaun HAK ho defamasaun. Iha kazu ida ne'e juis
decide katak akuza tribunal labele decidi defamasaun wainhira kazu
orijinal seidauk resolve. Tuir decizaun tribunal ba kazu ida ne,
algasaun kona ba korupsaun hasoru Minstra Justica tenke lori ba
tribunal, maibe prokurador to'o ohin loron seidauk komesa procediemntu
legal kona ba kazu ida ne'e hasoru Lobatu.

ETAN hala'o advokasia ba demokracia, justica, no direitus humanus ba
Timor-Leste no Indonesia. Atu hetan informasaun seluk tan, visita Iha Abril 2006, ETAN litik Presidente Xanana Gusmao
[iha tempu neba] atu veto provisaun kona ba krimi defamasaun iha
proposta kódigu penal foun.

ETAN welcomes your financial support. Go to to donate. Thanks.
John M. Miller
National Coordinator
East Timor & Indonesia Action Network (ETAN)
PO Box 21873, Brooklyn, NY 11202-1873 USA
Phone: (718)596-7668 Mobile phone: (917)690-4391
Skype: john.m.miller
Web site:

Tempo Semanal Edisaun Internet: Breaking News- ANGIE CHARGED

Tempo Semanal has discovered that Angie Pires has officially been charged in relation to her role in the attack on the President of Timor-Leste.

Ms. Pires has been charged with:

  1. One (1) charge of attempted homicide against the life of the President under article 104 of the Criminal Code.
  2. Twelve (12) charges of attempted homicide under articles 53 and 338 of the Criminal Code.
  3. Seven (7) charges of attempted homicide under articles 52 and 338 of the Criminal Code.
  4. Three (3) charges of gravely wounding under article 406 of the Criminal Code.

Read more in Edisaun 128 next week.

Tempo Semanal.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

English Translation: Tempo Semanal, Ed 127 (2.3.09): Minister of Education Article


Edition No. 127- 2 March, 2009

Dili, Timor-Leste.

"Minister for Education Stood Behind a Member of his Family to be Able
to Remove Protector of the Peoples' Money"

According to the Director of National NGO Labeh it would be a good example for us to follow the example set by Augusto Pereira to defend the interest of our people in ensuring their money us used properly and according to law instead of removing him from his position. In a letter written by Augusto to our nation's political leaders Augusto wrote, "I would like to declare to our leaders that during my employment with the procurement service, I was able to safeguard state
funds ensuring the proper expenditure of those funds, unlike the intent of the Minister for Education of his family and colleagues who do not understand the Procurement Law's processes." On the 18th of February 2009, at 0930 hours the Minister for education ordered Mrs. Ermelinda to telephone Mr. Antonio Pereira at a time when he was participating in training at the Ministry of Finance asking him to return quickly to the Ministry to have a meeting with the Minister. "I went to the Ministry but was unable to meet with the His Excellency
the Minister for Education but met instead with his chief of staff Mr. Alexandre Magno together with the AFLA Director Mr. Tarcisio do Carmo." They told me "from now (18/02/2009) you will not be able to any longer sit in the procurement office." Then Mr. Magno told me
that "the Minister has already decided and you will have to move but not because of any specific case against you but you have become a victim by your superiors inside the Ministry of Education." "I underwent all the training regarding the Procurement process which was provided by the World Bank in other countries, and I also underwent training with the Ministry of Finance and Central Procurement when Minister Joao Cancio Freitas removed me from the
position I had prepared myself fully to use to execute the budget in accordance with the Procurement Laws."

Augusto Pereira has already written a letter to the Minister for Education demanding an explanation to him and the public as to his reasons for suddenly remove him from his position as Head of Decentralized Procurement Department of the Ministry of Education. Augusto complained to the national leaders that after having been sworn in on 28 May 2008, the Minister never listened to his advice regarding the technical implementation according to article 19 of Decree Law No. 10, which gives the powers for the work done by the Decentralized Procurement section, as well as Decree Laws No. 11, 12 and 14 which guide the work of the Procurement Service, "but the Minister only faulted me."

"I personally am not aware of any wrong that I have done which has made me the subject of victimization by my superiors in the Ministry of Education. Because of this I ask the Minister to clearly explain to me, which of my superiors inside the Ministry has victimized me, and for what reason that superior of mine has not been subject to disciplinary proceedings." Accusations have also arisen from staff in the ministry against their head regarding nepotism. " This Ministry of
Education seems to belong to one family only," said a staff member from the ministry who did not want his name published in the newspaper because he feared the minister would sack him.

On Tuesday morning last week Tempo Semanal's journalist visited the Ministry of education to try to confirm the allegations against the Director of Accreditation and Schooling Administration, the AFLA Director and Head of Logistics. " I cannot say anything with you because I have not been authorized to do so by the minister," said the AFLA Director. The Head of Procurement Augusto Pereira was able to deny his Minister using Ministry of Education money outside the
Ministry of Education's responsibility. When the Minister for Education and his delegation visited Oecussi he promised to help buy a sofa for the Secretary of State for the Autonomous Region of Oecussi using Ministry of Education funds totaling US$922.82, from the company
Wehale Unip. Lda. By memorandum the Minister requested the director of Financial Administration on 13/07/08 to reimburse that amount in accordance with the Minister's request after having visited Oecussi. But the Head of Procurement Augusto Pereira rejected it saying, " I rejected the reimbursement because the Minister's actions were wrong and breached the procurement law and other laws Mr. minister must know that the Secretary of State for the Autonomous Region of Oecussi falls under the Ministry of State Administration's structure and has his own budget." According to the law, the minor capital budget for the Ministry of Education can only be used to acquire equipment for that Ministry and not for the Secretary of State for the Autonomous of Oecussi instead.

We have other evidence confirming the allegations that attempts were made to divert minor capital funds such as invoice AB36, AB37, AB38 with a total amount of $10,584 US for the maintenance of a Land Rover vehicle with registration number 02-017 and to repair a Yamaha
motorbike DT175 with registration number 385 presented by the company Fomento Motor Workshop which was not signed nor dated and also overstated the number of staff who undertook this service. Because questions arose regarding this invoice, Augosto Pereira as the head of the Procurement Department on 02/07/08 himself went to the premises of the company to investigate, where he discovered that although this company only employs five workers, the invoice from the company stated that 10 to 15 people to repair the vehicle and 10 people serviced the Yamaha motorbike. "The Procurement Department requested that the said
company be audited. Before the results of the audit, Procurement would not process the payment," demanded Augusto Pereira on the 10/07/08 to the Inspector General of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Antonio Sequeira Alves. "I don't know to where this audit has come but to this day I have not received any communication in response and therefore Procurement is yet to process it." There is also an allegation against the younger sister of the Minister for Education
who holds the position in the Ministry of Education as the Director for Accreditation and Education Administration, Ms. Idalina M da C Freitas, interfering with the work of Procurement by writing dispatches for full 100% payment to the company Bachy Transport Unipessoal which was engaged to carry 15,000 tables and 15,000 chairs from Dili to 11 districts throughout Timor including the island of Atauro. The dispatch from the Director of Accreditation and Education
Administration on 30/06/08, stated "the payment process for furniture equipment for the total of $69,600 to this company should be 100%." Augusto Pereira alleges that Ms. Idalina asked that the payment of $69,600 to the company had to be for 100% and through Mr. Duarte who
is a staff member in her Directorate who would in turn pay the company but I said this is in breach of the law and I will not accept it." On the commitment payment form signed by Mr. Samuel da Costa Alves as the person in charge of administration and Mr. Apolinario Magno, MBA as the authorizing department dated 16/04/08 was approved by Minister Joao Cancio Freitas on 21/04/08. During the execution period emerged instances which were not all together proper so the Procurement Department agreed to process the payment to the company Bachy Transport Unipessoal for the services they had already rendered and for payments to be made directly to the company's bank account with the company requesting that the Ministry pay only $14,750. Precisely because of this n the 18/06/08 according to memo number
02/ME/ADM/APROVE/VI/2008 signed by the AFLA Director, Mr. Tarcicio do Carmo and the Director for Accreditation and Administration, Ms Idalina da Costa Freitas where the company Bachy Transport Unipessoal refunded the remaining money for the hire of transport for the total
of $55,025 to the Head of Procurement to hold so as to be used for payment when all the equipment was transported. "I managed to rescue these funds so that the equipment was fully transported or otherwise we would have paid the money out but the work would not have all been performed," stated Augusto Pereira. In the month of December 2008 the Minister of Education signed another form for 11 payments for only one item of freight charges for the transport of tables and chairs to 11 districts, excluding the districts of Same and Atauro, for the total amount of $104,850 US. According to the procurement law the Ministry of Education itself can only execute amounts between US$1 to US$100,000 but the expenditure for vehicles on this freight charter already exceeded this amount so they divided them into separate
amounts. "By rights our Ministry had already breached decree law number 10, 11 and 14 regarding decentralized procurement," reported Augusto.

He also alleged that the Director for Accreditation and Administration that "the total amount of the money on this form has to be paid to the company that won this tender." But according to Augusto after having selected the 3 companies who had submitted their documents and price
until the time the award was made to a company then after having selected the 3 companies that had submitted their documents and prices, in the end the award was given to the company that had submitted he low price of $104,850 US. The transport of the school materials to the districts continued and there was still money to pay for the transport. In February 2009 the Director of Accreditation and Administration requested an increase of 10 additional vehicles to
transport tables and chairs form the warehouse to the districts but at that time the warehouse was empty except for material being stored from Unicef support which the Minister did not agree to receive for the school feeding program like beans, mung beans and noodles that had
exceeded their use by date. Augusto explained that, "sometimes the vehicles that were to be used to transport chairs and tables would return empty because the companies would find the warehouses empty so why would we need to hire additional vehicles?" Tempo Semenal was
also able to find a sample of beans and mung beans which were rotten but which were transported nonetheless to schools in the Lospalos area. The execution of the budget of the amount of $104,850 was not complete and there remained $71,210 US but the Department of
Accreditation and Administration on 09/02/09 asked for the amount of $17,550 US to keep transporting equipment. "In the meantime what happened to the money that was left over," asked Augusto. It is because of this that some staff in the Ministry accused her of losing
money. On the 21/02/09 Augusto Pereira opened the Ministry's safe to return the wads of money such as the $71,210 which was left over from the $104,850 US, some money from the Office of Protocol in the amount of $1,920 US left over money from the transport of food stuffs for the school feeding program totaling $6,200 US, moneys for the community leaders which until now had not been paid out in the amount of $3,397 US and a cheque for the company Reslau which allegedly involved the Director of Accreditation and Education Administration which could not be paid out because until then they were unable to present proof in the amount of $7,400 US. "They were stunned when they saw the wads of money inside the safe," said Augusto pointing out the documents that were signed by the AFLA Director, Mr. Tarcicio Carmo for taking delivery of the money on 21/02/09.

Other information has emerged of suspected improper use of Ministry funds for the Minister's private benefit. There are receipts that exist for reimbursement of some monies to the Minister's wife for the rehabilitation of bedrooms for guards. But Ministry of Education
staff allege that their Minister used this money to rehabilitate his private residence. "This is merely technical because in fact it was used to rehabilitate the Minister's house." Said Augusto.

According to a receipt that exists for the purchase of air conditioners to be installed in the Ministry of Education conference hall in Vila Verde but instead were installed in the Minister's
private residence. "We have already taken four air conditioners to be installed at the Minister's residence and the last one on 18/02/09 when we took an air conditioner to the Minister's residence in Becusse said a staff member from the Ministry of Education who asked that this
newspaper not publish his identity. According to this staff member the Vice Minister for Education at that time also asked that his house be repaired but because he was told that he would not be able to do so as it would be breaching the law they asked the Vice Minister for his
understanding and his residence has not been repaired until now. According to Tempo Semenal's own inspection of offices inside the some rooms in the Ministry of Education there are some wires hanging from the walls but the air conditioners not installed. But then when the
Tempo Semenal journalist raised this issue with the Minister, the room used by the planning section of the Ministry of Education had an air conditioner installed just only a day after. There is also a payment received for the use of telephone in Becusse for which funds were used
from the Ministry to pay for and which were approved by the AFLA Director on the 18/06/08, purchase of prepaid electricity, generator fuel each week. The documents show that the head of logistics and assets Mr. Jaime Borbosa Pinto indicated Mr. Gilberto Alamso Sousa to take deli very of the fuel for Ministry of Education generators but the said generators were broken down. According to documents obtained by newspaper they indicate that from September 2008 delivery was taken for fuel each week in the quantity of 50 liters that were used for the generator at the Minister's residence in Becusse.

"My view is that our Minister's budget execution plan is not fixed and we have to merely respond to his promises," said Augusto. He reported that "According to the 2008 general budget plan there was no item for the purchase of motorbikes for school, so all of the CPVs which the Minister himself had approved and already sent to the Ministry of Finance in the end after the Minister had gone on district visits and made promises, when he returned he cancelled all the CPVs and made a mess of our work." According to the budget plan for 2008 year the
Ministry of Education did not have a plan to buy motorbikes but Minister Joao Cancio Freitas requested that a transfer be made from minor capital of eight directorates in the Ministry of Education for a total amount of $150,000 to buy 84 motorbikes. So according to the letter signed by the Minister himself on 09/06/08 to the Minister of Finance with reference number: 267/GM/ME/VI/2008 with reference transfer of funds and number 268/ME/GM/VI/2008 requested the transfer of funds and the cancellation of various FCPs from minor capital.
"This Minister has no fixed plan but all that this Minister has is that he likes to make promises so a whole bunch of CPVs which had been processed and approved by the Minister of Education, Mr. Joao Cancio Freitas had to be cancelled and all of our work was made difficult,"
alleged Augusto Pereira against the former Republic of Indonesia public servant in Baucau during the Indonesian occupation period. In 2008 the Ministry of Education also did not have any plan to buy a mini laptop (reference documents 266/ME/GM/VI/08) but the Minister
wanted to force them to buy one. Then after staff enquired on prices in Timor-Leste and Indonesia the Minister said that it was too expensive. According to what the Minister told his staff Augusto that a mini laptop costing $250; then Augusto said that the Minister accused him of trying to lose state money, "whom did you share the remaining money with?"

The head of the Procurement Department also dressed his Minister down publically for not being interested in quickly sending support materials given by Unicef to repair schools that were in a situation of emergency. According to Unicef proposal documents signed by the Director General of the Ministry of Education Mr. Apolinarion Magno, MBA on 12/09/08 after having received report from his regional directors and Unicef itself. Unicef itself gave a positive response to the request to help with 15,039 sheets of iron roofing, 550 kilograms of 12 nails, 550 grams of 10 nails, more than 2000 5/7 wood panels, more than 1000 6/12 wood panels but these were "left sitting in the warehouse". "I don't know why he did not want to authorize
these materials to be delivered to the schools in remote areas because they were needed urgently, they were donated by Unicef based on the proposal which came from the Directors (region 1 Baucau, region 3 Maubisse and region 4 Maliana) until now are left sitting in the
Fomento warehouse in Dili," he said. So Augusto joked about his Minister saying, "our young students who attend school in the rain, wind and hot sun – you just have to suffer because Mr. Joao Cancio Freitas is still preparing his organizational structure which has not been complete and when he has done all that he will have this material delivered to you."

"When Mr. Joao Cancio Freitas called me to ask me why we asked for materials from Unicef and to do what and who would transport it and who would do it he became angry and said to me 'stupid director', ordering me to get out of his office. I want to inform you that during this time Mr. Joao Cancio Freitas did not give importance to the work that I gave to him as the Minister of Education. He only liked to go here promising and go some where else making promises, but
perhaps the Minister did not see that his attitude would breach the procurement laws." Augusto asked the President of the Republic Dr. Jose Ramos Horta, "to call attention to Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao to control that actions of the Minister for Education Mr. Joao Cancio Freitas which are always breaching the procurement law and who cannot give a good example to other people, so that he not engage in bad administration and not breach the laws regulating the normal functions of government institutions." Augusto suggested that it be better to replace the Minister for Education. "Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao can seek out another Timorese who has the capacity and knows how to be a good example to substitute Mr. Joao Cancio Freitas who does not have the capacity." He added "if he continues to control the Ministry of Education then there will not be any changes because he likes to get in the way of people as he wishes because in recent months he has already obstructed some national directors for no clear reasons." According to information to which Tempo Semenal has had access we can confirm that a bunch of Directors have lost their positions and are inactive in the Ministry of Education although they continue to receive their salaries. The Directors who have been
removed are the old Director of Financial Administration Mr. Marcelo Caetano Araujo, the Head of the Finance Department, Angelo Ximenes, the head of the Department of Primary Education, Ms Delfina Borges, the Head of the Department of Teachers' affairs, the National Director for Curriculum, Materials and Evaluation, Dr. Mateus dos Reis have already been removed and replaced and last of all Mr. Augusto Pereira the head of procurement department in the Ministry of Education.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Tempo Semanal Edisaun 127: ME Defende Familia Hodi Hasai Protetor Osan Povu Nian

Joao Cancio eis Ministru edukasaun
Dili,Tempo Semanal, 02/03/2009

Tuir Direktur Labeh hateten diak liu ita banati tuir lalaok Augusto Pereira ninian hodi defende interese povu hasai tuir dalan laos atu hasai fali nian.

 Iha surat ne'e haruka ba ukun nain sira iha nasaun ne'e Augusto hakerek, "hakarak deklara ba Na'i ulun sira katak durante hau nia mandato iha serbisu Aprovisionamento nian, hau konsege salva osan estado nian hodi ezekuta tuir dalan nebe los, laos hanesan ninian hanoin ho ninian maluk sira seluk nebe la kompriende Lei Aprovisionamento nia lalaok." Sr. Augusto Pereira, Iha dia 18 de
Fevereiro de 2009, horas 09.30 Htl, Ministru Edukasaun haruka Sra Ermelinda telephone ba nia bainhira nia tuir hela treinamento iha Ministerio Finanças hodi ba lalais Ministeiru atu hasoru malu ho

"Ha'u ba Ministeiru maibe la konsege hasoru malu ho Sua Exe.Ministro Educação maibe hasoru deit xefe Gabinete Sr. Alexandre Magno ho Sr. Direktor AFLA Sr. Tarcísio do Carmo." Sira fo hatene ba
hau katak "apartir agora (18/02/2009) ita boot labele tur tan ona iha Aprovisionamento. Depois Sr. Alexandre Magno fo hatene mai hau katak " desisaun Ministro halo ona ba ita boot e ita boot muda laos tamba iha kazu ruma mak muda maibe tamba ita boot sai Vitima ba Ema boot sira balun iha Ministerio Educação nia laran."

"Ha'u tuir treinamento kona ba Prosesu Aprovisionamento nian tomak nebe hetan suporta husi Banco Mundial iha Estrangeiro, no mos tuir tan treinamento efetivo iha Ministério das Finanças e Aprovisionamneto Central depois ministru João Cáncio Freitas hapara tiha hau husi fatin nebe ha'u nia an preparado ona hodi ezekuta orsamento tuir lolos Lei Aprovisionamento nian." Augusto Pereira hakerek ona surat ba ejiji esplikasaun husi Ministru Edukasaun ba nia no Público tomak, tamba sa no vijaun saida mak derepenti deit halo mudanca ba ninia pozisaun hanesan Chefe Departamento de Aprovisionamento Desecntralizado Minsiterio da Educação.

Augusto Keixa ba nai ulun sira ia nasaun ne'e katak Ministru edukasaun durante ne'e nunka mais
hakarak rona nia hanoin entermus tekniko implementasaun tuir Decreto Lei no. 10 artigo 19 ne'ebe fo kbi'it ba Aprovisionamento Descentralizado sira halo, no mos Decreto Lei no. 11, 12,14 mak
nu'udar mata dalan ba servisu aprovisionamentu maibe depois nia simu tomada depose iha dia 23 de Maio de 2008, " Ministru buka fo sala deit ha'u."

"Ha'u rasik la hatene sala sa ida los maka ha'u halo ona no ha'u sai vitima ba ema bo'ot se los iha Ministeiru Edukasaun ne'eba. Nune'e duni ha'u husu ba Ministru atu esplika klaru mai ha'u, "ema boot ida nebe mak iha ministerio nia laran halo hau sai vitima, e tamba saida la halo akusa causa direitamente ba ema bot ne'e. Mosu mos akuzasaun husi staf ministeiru hasoru sira nia ulun bo'ot kona ba
nepotismu.  Ministeiru edukasaun ne'e hanesan familia ida nian tiha ona," dehan staff ministeiru ne'ebe tauk atu sira nia ministru atu hasai maka lakohi atu ninia naran publika iha jornal.

Iha loron Tersa dader semana kotuk Jornalista Tempo Semanal halo vizita ba Ministeiru Edukasaun atu tenta konfirma alegasaun ne'ebe mosu kontra Direktora Acreditasaun no Administrasaun Eskolar, Direktor AFLA no Xefe Lojistiku. "Ha'u labele koalia ho ita bo'ot sira tan ba seidauk iha
autorizasaun husi ministru," dehan director AFLA. Xefe Aprovisionamento Augusto Pereira konsege la autoriza ninia ministru halo uza sala osan Ministeiru Edukasaun ba fali ministeiru ninia

Momentu ida Ministru Edukasaun ho ninia komitiva halo visita ba oequce no promete atu ajuda sosa sofa ba Sekretariu Estadu Rejiaun Autonomo Oequce uza osan husi Ministeiru Edukasaun total US$
922.82, husi kompainya Wehale Unip. Lda. Hafoin simu pedido do pagamentu husi Wehale no iha despaicu husi ministru ba director Administrasaun Financas iha loron 13/07/08 para reembolsa quantia ne'e tuir pedido ministru ninian wainhira vizita ba Oequce.

Maibe Xefe Aprovisionamentu Augusto Pereira rejeira nia hateten katak , "Ha'u rejeita halo reembolsa tan ba lalaok ministru nian ne'e sala no viola lei aprovisionamentu no lei seluk tan. Sr. Ministru tenki hatene katak Sekretariu Rejiaun Autonomo Oequce iha Ministeiru Estatal nia okos no iha ninia orsamentu rasik." Tuir lei, orsamentu capital minor Ministeiru Eduksaun bele uza sosa sasan ba ministeiru refere laos ba fali sekretaria rejiaun Autonomo Oequce.

Tuir dadus seluk ne'ebe iha konfirma alegasaun tentativas atu desvia osan husi capital Minor ne'e
iha duni hanesan invoice AB36, AB37, AB38 ho total kuantia US$10,584.00 ba manutensaun kareta land Rover ho numeru Matrikula 02-017 no hadia motor Yamaha DT 175 ho numeru Matrikula 385 mak aprezenta ona husi kompainya Fomento Motor Workshop ne'ebe la iha asinatura no data mos aumenta numeru ema ne'ebe halo servisu. Mosu duvidas kona ba invoice ne'e maka Augusto Pereira nu'udar Xefe Departamentu Aprovisionamentu iha 02/07/08 ba rasik halo investigasaun iha uma servisu fatin Kompainya ne'e hetan kompainya ne'e iha deit trabailiadores nain lima maibe iha invoice kompainya ninian iha ema nain 10 ate 15 mak hadia no ba motor Yamaha ne'e kompainya uza ema nain 10 halo servisu.

"Departamentu de Aprovisionamentu husu atu halo auditoria ba ba kompainya refere. Bainhira seidauk iha rezultadu auditoria mak Aprivisionamentu sei la halo prosesu pagamentu," ejiji Augusto Pereira iha oron 10/07/08 ba Inspektor jeral do Ministeiru Edukasaun, Sr. Antonio Sequeria Alves.

"Ha'u lahatene auditoria ne'e nia lao onato'o ne'ebe maibe to'o ohin loron ha'u seidauk hetan simu fali nota ruma nune'e aprovisionamentu seidauk prosesa nafatin."Iha mos alegasaun kontra alin husi Ministru Edukasaun ne'ebe kaer pasta iha Ministeiru Edukasaun nu'udar Direktora Akreditasaun no administarasaun Eskolar, Sr. Idalina M. da C. Freitas interfere iha servisu aprovisionamentu hodi halo despaicu halo pagamentu 100% ba kompainya Bachy Transport Unipessoal ne'ebe aluga
hodi tula meja 15,000 no kadeira 15,000 husi Dili ba distritu 11 inklui ilha Atauro iha Timor laran. Despaicu husi Direktora Akreditasaun no Administrasaun Eskolar ba Xefe Departamentu

Aprovisionamentu iha loron 30/06/08, " Prosesu pagamentu ida ba equipamentu mobiliares ho total de Us$ 69,600.00 ba kompainya ne'e deve ser 100%." Augusto Pereira alega katak, "Sr. Idalina husu atu
pagamentu US$ 69,600.00 ba Kompainya tenki 100% no liu husi Sr. Duarte staf ida iha ninia diresaun mak selu fali ba kompainya. Maibe ha'u dehan ne'e viola lei no ha'u la aceita."

Iha Formulariu de komprimisiu ho Pagamentu ne'ebe asina husi Sr. Samuel da Costa Alves nu'uadr responsabel Administrasaun no Sr. Apolionario Magno, MBA husi departamentu Autorizador loron 16/04/08 hetan aprovasaun husi Ministru Joao Cancio Freitas iha loron 21/04/08.

Durante de periodu de exekusaun mosu lalaok ne'ebe ladun los entaun Depatamentu Aprovisonamentu konkorda prosesa pagamentu ba Kompainya Bachy Transport Unipessoal tuir servisu ne'ebe halo ona no ba direitamente konta bankaria kompainya ninian entaun kompainya husu atu ministeiru selu deit US$ 14,750. Nune'e duni iha loron 18/06/08 tuir nota numeru 02/ME/ADM/Aprov/VI/2008 ne'ebe asina husi Direktor AFLA, Sr. Tarcicio do Carmo no Direktora Akreditasaun no Administrasaun Sr.
Idalina Maria da Costa Freitas ne'ebe Komapainya Bachy Tranport Unipessoal entrega hikas fali osan restu aluga kareta nian hamutuk US$ 55,025.00 ba Xefe aprovionametu hodi salva guarda para uza tula sasan ate hotu. "Ha'u konsege salva orsamentu hirak ne'e to'o tula sasan to'o hotu se la'e ami fahe osan hotu maibe servisu seidauk hotu," deklara augusto Pereira.

Iha fulan dezembru 2008 Ministru edukasaun asina tan fali formulariu do Pagamentus 11 ba item ida deit hodi freta kareta tula meja ho kadeiras ba distritu 11 la inklui distritu Same ho Ainaro ho valor orsamentu total husi US$104,850.00. Tuir lei aprovisionamentu Ministeiru edukasaun so bele exekuta mesak US$1.00 to'o US$ 100,000.00 maibe orsamentu ba fretas kareta ne'e liu ona entaun halo fahe tiha keta-ketak. "

Tuir lolos ami nia ministeiru viola ona dekretu de lei numeru 10, 11, 12 ho 14 kona ba aprovisionamentu decentralizado," relata Augusto. Nia mos alega katak Direktora Akredtiasaun no Administrasaun Eskolar husu, "tenki fo hotu numeru osan ne'e ta'u ona iha formulariu ne'e 100% ba kompainya ne'ebe manan tender ne'e. "

Maibe tuir Augusto hafoin halo selesaun ba Kompainya tolu ne'ebe submete sira nia dokumentus no presu to'o ikus fo manan ba kompainya ida mak hatam ho presu tun husi US$104,850.00. Aktividades
tula materias eskolar ba distritu lao nafatin no osan ne'e sei iha atu tula.

Iha fulan fevereiru 2009 Direktora Akreditasaun no Administrasaun Eskolar husu aumenta tan kareta 10 para tula meja ho kadeira iha armajen ba distritu maibe momentu ne'eba sasan mamuk so iha maka materias ne'ebe apoiu husi UNICEF mak ministru la konkorda atu simu ho merenda eskolar hanesan koto, foremungu fohuk no Supermi at tan liu prazu ona.

Augusto konta tuir katak, "dala ruma kareta sira ne'ebe iha ne'e deit mos atu ba tula kadeira ho meja fila mamuk tan ba kompainya sira nia armajen mamuk oin sa atu aumenta tan kareta?" Tempo Semanal mos konsege hetan sampel koto no furemungu ne'ebe fohuk hotu ona ne'ebe haruka husi eskola ida iha area lospalos. Iha exekusaun orsamentu US$104,850.00 seidauk hotu sei restu hela US$ 71,210.00 maibe parte Akreditasaun no Administrasaun Eskolar iha 09/02/09 husu US$
17,550.00 para tula sasan nafatin.

"Entaun osan sira ne'ebe restu ne'eba ne'e halo sa ida fali," kestiona Augusto.

Nune'e duni maka ema balun iha ministeiru nia laran dun nia halo lakon osan. Iha 21/02/2009 Augusto Pereira loke brankas Ministeiru ninian hodi entrega osan futu-futu hanesan restu husi US$104,850.00 maka US$71,210.00, osan balun husi gabinete protokolo US$ 1,920.00, osan restu husi transporte
merenda eskolar nian total US$ 6,200, Osan husi parte lider komunitariu ninian ne'ebe to'o agora seidauk foti mak US$ 3,397.00 ho cek ida ba kompainya Reslau ne'e alega iha involvimentu Direktira
Akreditasaun no Administrasaun Eskolar ne'ebe labele selu tan ba to'o agora seidauk aprezenta provas maka US$ 7,400.00.

"Sira hakfodak kuandu hare osan futun-futun iha brankas nia laran," dehan Augusto
hodi hatudu dokumentus asina entrega osan ba director AFLA, Sr. Tarcicio do Carmo iha 21/02/09.

Iha dadus balun mos hamosu deskonfianca ba uza sala osan ministeiru nian ba ministru ninia interese privadu. Iha recivu de reembolca osan balun ba ministru ninia kaben tan hadia kuartu ba guarda sira. Maibe satf ministeiru Saude alega katak sira nia ministru uza osan ne'e ba hadia ninia uma privadu. "Ne'e teknik deit lolos ne'e ba hadia ministru nia uma," dehan Augusto.

Tuir nota ne'ebe iha AC ne'ebe sosa atu tau iha edifisio novre Ministério da Educação Vila verde maibe lori fali ba monta iha uma privadu ministru ninian. "Ami lori AC kuaze hat ona ba monta iha ministru nia uma no ikus liu iha 18/02/09 ami lori tan AC ida ba Ministru nia uma Bekusi," dehan staf ministeiru Edukasaun ne'ebe husu jornal ne'e labele hasai ninia naran.

Tuir staf ne'e hateten katak vice Ministru Edukasaun mos iha momentu ida husu atu hadia ninia uma maibe labele tan ba atetude ne'e bele viola lei nune'e sira husu Vice ministru atu kompriende I la konsege hadia vice ministru ninia uma ate agora.

Tuir observasaun Tempo Semanal sala balun iha Ministeiru edukasaun nia laran fiu sei tabele hela I seidauk monta AC maibe hafoin de jornalista Tempo Semanal foti kestaun AC ne'e ba Ministru liu loron ida deit sala de planeamentu Ministeiru Edukasaun hahu hetan AC.

Iha mos recivo de pagamentu ba uzu telephone iha bekusi maka hasai osan husi ministeiru hodi selu hetan aprovasaun husi director AFLA 18/06/08, selu pulsa electrisidade, ense mina ba gerador semana-semana. Tuir dokumentus hatudu katak Xefe Logistika no patrimonia Sr. Jaime Barbosa Pinto indika ona Sr. Gilberto Alamso sousa mak foti mina Gerador ministeiru Eduksaun maibe jeral refere at hela. Tuir dokumentus ne'ebe jornal ne'e asesu hatudu katak desde fulan setembru 2008 mina ne'ebe ba foti kada semana 50 litrus ne'e lori hotu bat au iha jerador ida iha iha uma ministru nian iha bekusi. "Ha'u hare ami nia ministru ninia planu ba exekusaun orsamentu la fixo no ami tenki responde deit ba ninia promesas sira," dehan Augusto. Nia relata katak, "iha 2008 tuir planu jeral orsamentu la iha item atu sosa motor ba inspector eskolar sira nune'e CVP hotu ministru rasik mak aprova no haruka hotu ona ba Ministeiru financas no to'o ikus Ministru ba halo vizita ba distritu hodi halo hela promesa entaun mai fali kansela hotu CVP sira no ami hotu servisu sai

Tuir planu orsamentu ano civil 2008 Ministeiru edukasaunla iha planu atu sosa motor maibe Ministru Joao Cancio Freitas husu halo tranferencia capital Minor husi diresaun walu iha Ministeiru
Edukasaun ho total osan US$ 150,000.00 hodi sosa motor 84. Nune'e duni tuir Surat ne'ebe asina husi Ministru rasik iha 09/06/08 ba ministra Financas ho no. Ref: 267/GM/ME/VI/2008 ne'ebe ho asuntos
tranferencia de fundos no no. 268/ME-GM/vi/2008 husu transferencia de verbas no kanselamentu ba deversos FCP refere ba capital Minor.

"Ministru La iha Planu Fixo so iha maka Ministru gosta halo promesas entaun prosesu CPV lubun ne'ebe Aprova ona husi Ministru Edukasaun Sr. João Cáncio Freitas, tenki kansela I difikulta ami nia servisu hotu," Alega Augusto Pereira kontra eis Fungsionariu Penerangan RI iha Baucau
tempu okupasaun Indonesian ninian ne'e.

Iha tinan 2008 Ministeiru Edukasaun mos la iha planu atu sosa Mini Laptop (Reff. Dokumentus
No.266 / ME / GM / VI / 08 ) Maibe ministru hakarak obriga atu sosa. Hafoin staf sira ba buka hatene presu iha Timor Leste no Indonesia tuir Ministru katak ne'e karung liu. Tuir Ministru hateten ba nia staf Augusto katak Mini Laptop ida ho USD 250.00 (docentos sinqwenta dollars americanos); Hafoin Augusto dehan Ministru dun nia tenta atu halakon osan estadu ninian, " osan nebe restu fahe malu ho se ?" Xefe Departamentu Aprovisionamentu ne'e mos fase ninia ministru ba publiku tan ladun iha interese atu haruka lalais materiais sira ajuda husi UNICEF ba hadia eskola ne'ebe iha situasaun emerjencia ninian.

Tuir dokumentus proposta ba UNICEF ne'e asina husi director jeral Ministeiru Edukasaun Sr. Apolionario Magno, MBA iha loron 12/09/08, hafoin simu relatoriu husi direktores rejionais no unicef rasik. Unicef rasik fo resposta positive ba pedidu ne'e hodi ajuda kalen tahan 15,039, pregu kalen nian 550kg, pregu 12 mak 550kg, pregu 10 hamutuk 550kg, ai 5/7 lolon liu 2000, ai 6/12 liu lolon 1000 maibe sei "Bodu hela iha armajen." "Ha'u lahatene tan ba a maka nia la kohi atu fo autorizasaun hodi lori ba eskola sira nebe iha area remotas tamba tuir nesesidade urgente, nebe oferese husi UNICEF baseia ba proposta nebe mai husi Director ( Regional I baucau, Regional III Maubesse no Regional IV Maliana), to'o agora sei bodo hamutuk hela iha armazen fomento Dili," nia dehan. Nune'e Augusto soe viadas ba ninia ministru hodi dehan, "Estudante oan sira nebe eskola hela iha udan, anin no
loro manas nian laran imi terus lai ba tamba Sr. João Cáncio Freitas sei halo hela ninia estrutura seidauk hotu bain hira nia halo hotu ona ba mak lori sasan ba imi." Bainhira Sr. João Cáncio Freitas bolu hau
ba husu tamba sa mak husu materiais ba UNICEF atu halo saida no se mak atu tula no se mak atu halo? depois nia ho hirus dehan ba hau "Director Estupido", haruka hau sai deit husi ninia fatin serbisu.

Informa katak Sr. João Cáncio Freitas durante ne'e la fo importansia ba serbisu nebe durante ne'e hau oferese ba nia hanesan Ministro da Edukasaun. Nia so gosta ba fatin ida ne'e promesa ba fatin seluk halo promesa, maibe karik Ministru la hare'e katak atetude sira ne'e sei prejudika lei aprovisionamentu nian. Augusto husu Presidente da República, DR José Ramos Horta, "atu bele bolu atensaun ba Premeiru Ministro Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao, atu kontrola lalaok Ministro da Educação Sr. João Cáncio Freitas nebe sempre kontra lei aprovisionamentu no mos la hatene fo ezemplo diak ba ema seluk, atu labele komete mal administrasaun no viola lei sira nebe regula fungsionamentu normal instituisaun governo nian. Augusto sujere diak liu troka tiha Ministru Edukasaun. "Permeiru Ministru Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão bele hare hikas fali ema Timor oan ida ne'ebe iha kapasiadde no hatene fo ixemplu diak hodi troka Sr. João Cáncio Freitas ne'ebe la iha kapacidade."

Nia hatutan " Se nia mak sei sai nafatin programa Ministeiru Educação sei la iha mudansa, tamba nia gosta hapara ema tuir ninia hakarak, tamba iha fulan hirak liu ba mos nia hapara tiha ona Director Nacional balun, ho rasaun nebe ke la klaru."

Tuir dadus ne'ebe Tempo semanal asesu konfirma duni katak direktur lubun ida maka lakon duni sira nia pozisaun no la halo aktuvudade ona iha Ministeiru Eduksaun maibe sira sei simu nafatin sira nia
vencimentu. Direktur ne'ebe hasai ona maka Direktur Administrasaun Financas tuan Sr. Marcelo Caetano Araujo, Xefe departamenetu Financas Angelo Ximenes, Xefe Departamentu ensinu Primaria, Sra. Delfina Borges, Xefe Departamentu asuntus Profesores, Direktur Nasional Kurikulum, Materias no Avaliasaun DR. Mateus dos Reis hasai no troka hotu ona no ikus liu mak Sr. Augusto Pereira, Xefe Departamentu Aprovisionametu Ministeiru Edukasaun.(ts)

TAPOL protests against defamation charges against Timorese journalist

TAPOL calls on Timorese Justice Minister to drop charges against
Timorese journalist

The decision by Lucia Lobato, the Justice Minister of Timor Leste, to
sue an investigative journalist for publishing a story about alleged
corruption over a contract to refurbish a prison and purchase prison
uniforms from her husband's company is a serious violation of the basic
right of journalists to report on a case of alleged corruption and a
threat to freedom of the press in the country.

Jose Antonio Belo, the journalist who now faces these defamation
charges, is the editor in-chief of Tempo Semanal, one of the country's
small number of newspapers. He was part of the resistance movement
against the Indonesian occupation of his country. He spent three years
in jail and endured horrific acts of torture from the Indonesian
occupiers, along with many other courageous Timorese fighters against
the occupation.

TAPOL is deeply distressed by this attack on the freedom of the press in
Timor Leste and calls upon the Justice Minister to drop the charges and
acknowledge the right of a journalist to publish reports without the
fear of facing the charge of defamation.

Ironically, the law now being used against Jose Belo is a legacy from
the Indonesian occupation and could result in Belo being sentenced to up
to six years in prison.

Carmel Budiardjo of TAPOL said: 'We are well acquainted with the courage
of Jose Belo during the more than two decades of the Indonesian
occupation and are aghast that a law introduced by the Indonesians is
now being used to stifle the legitimate activities of the press in a
country that claims to be a democracy. Minister of Justice Lucia Lobato
should withdraw the charges in recognition of the principle of the
freedom of the press. Timorese journalists should not live in fear of
charges that could land them in prison simply because they have done
what any journalist would be expected to do when they find evidence of
alleged corruption by a member of the government.'

Monday, 23 February 2009

Tempo Semanal Edisaun 126

Rekrutamentu Membrus F-FDTL

Pinto: Laiha Sistema Etniku-Partidu Iha F-FDTL

Dili, Tempo Semanal

Forsa Armadas Falintil-FDTL hanesan instituisaun Defeza Timor Leste nian nebe harii ho nia papel importante rua. Ida, papel iha tempu funu nebe esplika klaru iha Konstituisaun RDTL katak defende soberania no integridade rai ida nee. Papel segundu, maka hanesan papel forsa
armadas iha tempu paz nia laran.

Iha tempu paz nia laran, papel forsa armadas maka oinsa partisipa iha prosesu dezenvolvimentu fiziku, fo apoiu wainhira mosu dezastre naturais iha rai laran no partisipa iha manutensaun paz iha rai liur. Atu halo buat hirak nee, forsa armadas sei presiza harii tribunal militar ida nebe sei presiza matenek nain ho diploma Sarjana Hukum, Sarjana Administrasi Negara, Gestaun Rekursu Humanus, Teknik Sipil ka Engeneria nomos fo apoiu makaas ba Polisia Militar atu kontrola elementus Forsa Armadas nian nebe viola Regulamentu Disiplina Militar (RDM).

Atu hatene diak liutan, tuir mai akompana deit intervista especial jornalista TEMPO SEMANAL ho Sekretariu Estadu da Defeza, Julio Tomas Pinto.

Too iha nebe faze rekrutamentu ba membrus Forsa Armadas?

Prosesu rekrutamentu ba membrus Forsas Armadas Falintil-FDTL importante teb-tebes tanba ita hakarak forsa ida nebe professional, forsa ida nebe iha kbiit atu defende ita nia rain ho povu. Tanba nee, Komando Forsa Armadas halo rekrutamentu, rekrutamentu nee ita presiza ema 600. Faze selesaun ba ema 600 nee sei halao dala ida deit maibe iha faze treinamentu sei halao dala rua. Faze treinamentu primeiru sei halao ba membrus 300 iha fulan Maiu-Junu no sei halo tan treinamentu ba segundu faze iha Setembru 2009.

Tanba sa treinamentu nee la halo dala ida deit ba membrus 600 nebe liu ona husi selesaun?

Tanba ita nia fasilidade atu apoiu treinamentu nee la sufisiente, maka ami deside treinamentu nee halao dala rua.

Tanba sa maka rekrutamentu nee importante?

Tanba ita hakarak dezenvolve forsa ida nebe professional, forsa nebe ke defende ita nia rain no forsa ida nebe defende povu. Husi ema nain 600 nee, Komando F-FDTL sei presiza offisiais hira no Sarjentu nain hira?

Ita presiza offisiais 80 ho latarbelakang pendidikan estrata satu ka sarjana no Sarjentu ema nain 30, sira seluk tama iha kategoria soldadu.

Karik iha lamentasoens ruma husi komunidade durante rekrutamentu nee halao?

Iha duni preokupasaun balu liu husi mensajen, karta, maibe ami haree preokupasaun hirak nee hanesan politizasaun ba prosesu rekrutamentu, nebe ho ninia signifikadu katak, populasaun iha preokupasaun boot iha prosesu rekrutamentu nee tanba keta halo ema balu haruka sira nia
reprezentante partidu atu tama iha forsa armadas.

Oinsa pozisaun forsa nian wainhira ema balu karik haruka sira nia membrus partidu tuir rekrutamentu nee?

Ami iha Sekretariadu da Defeza nomos iha Forsa Armadas, ami esplika klaru teb-tebes katak, mesmu sira membrus partidu mas koandu sira tama ona iha forsa armadas maka sira laos ona membrus partidu. Hanesan mos sira nebe oras nee ativu iha forsa, tuir konstituisaun hateten sira labele mete partidu. Se o hakarak tama forsa militar, entaun o tenki sai husi partidu tanba estadu la premite ema ruma lori partidu tama iha forsa.

Esforsu saida mak Sekretariu Defeza halo hodi evita interese partidu labele tama iha forsa defeza?

Ami rekoinese katak, joven barak mak durante nee envolve iha partidu maibe, koandu sira hakarak tama forsa, sira tenki sai husi partidu, tenki soe tiha ras, etniku. Iha nasaun barak koandu sira loke rekrutamentu, entaun sira husu ba kandidatu sira atu soe dok tiha
etniku, ras no partidu. Ezemplu matenek nain ida naran Samuel H. hateten, ema ida-idak nebe iha konsensia atu rejistu sira nia an ba militar, sira tenki mengorbankan interese ras, interese etniku no insterese partidu. Tamba hakarak tama forsa signifika hakarak tau as interese nasional, interese povu nian.

Tanba sa elementus partidu labele lori politika partidu tama iha forsa defeza?

Tanba forsa defeza nee povu Timor Leste nian tomak nebe atu servi estadu ida nee.

Karik ema balu envolve iha krime hatama mos sira nia rekerementu hodi tuir prosesu rekrutamentu nee? Iha informasaun balu hateten katak ema balu envolve iha krime maibe sira hetan rekomendasaun husi Xefi Suku ho polisia hodi tama iha prosesu rekrutamentu nee. Maibe ami sei halo selesaun seluk ida hanesan sei halo cross check ho lista rejistu kriminal iha Ministeriu Justisa atu nunee ami bele hetan informasaun klaru.

Alende rekomendasaun husi Xefi Suku ho Polisia, karik iha rekomendasaun selek nebe disponivel mos ba forsa atu simu? Ami sei la simu rekomendasaun husi parte seluk, ami so simu deit rekomendasaun vom komportamentu ka surat kelakuan baik husi Xefi Suku ho Polisia. Husi rekomendasaun rua nee, ami sei cross check ho lista rejistu kriminal Ministeriu Justisa nian. Ami halo hanesan nee tanba ami hakarak evita diskriminasaun iha prosesu rekrutamentu. Ita tenki
preve ida nee tanba ita lakohi ema sira nebe envolve iha krime hakarak tama ba instituisaun da defeza. Se ita hakarak dezenvolve forsa ida ke professional, forsa ida ke loyal ba institusaun, entaun ema sira nebe envolve iha krime labele tama forsa no ema sira nebe lori partidu tama
forsa tenki hasai. Nunee mos ema sira nebe komportamentu ladiak hanesan gosta ba futu manu, joga kuru-kuru, bola guling, ema hanesan nee ami la premiti atu tama forsa, maibe se iha ema ruma ho hahalok hanesan nee hakarak tama forsa, entaun sira tenki soe sira nia hahalok
at hirak nee.

Durante nee karik ema balu husu ba Sekretariu Defeza atu husik sira liu iha selesaun?

Hau tenki rekoinese katak ema balu haruka mensajen mai hau dehan nia alin, maun subrinu, tiun iha hela forsa, nee duni tenki simu nia atu tama forsa. Maibe hau hakarak hateten katak, laiha mensajen iha prosesu rekturamentu nee no la iha prosesu titip ba malu atu tama forsa defeza. Iha mos ema balu haruka mensajen dehan sira partidu A/B nee duni sira tenki tama forsa. Ba hirak nee hau hakarak hateten katak, laiha partidu A/B iha forsa nia laran, forsa nee povu nian, forsa nee atu servi nasaun.

See deit mak envolve iha prosesu selesaun ba kandidatura?

Tanba ami hakarak prosesu nee tenki lao ho justu mak alende ami forma ekipa ida husi forsa, ami mos servisu hamutuk ho Ministeriu Saude nebe sei halo test ba kandidatu sira nia saude. Alende nee, iha mos ekipa independente ida husi Portugal nebe sei halao selesaun independente ba kandidatu sira.

Saida deit mak kandidatu sira tenki halo wainhira sira liu ona prosesu selesaun no treinamentu?

Sira tenki halo juramentu ho Bandeira Nasional. Prosesu henesan nee akontese iha mundu tomak, tanba nee importante teb-tebes ba joven sira nebe hakarak tama forsa armadas.

Ema balu hanoin katak tama forsa nee hanesan opurtunidade atu hetan servisu?

Hau hakarak fo mensajen ba joven sira katak, se ita boot sira hakarak tama forsa, maka labele tau iha kakutak katak tama forsa nee atu hetan servisu. Tanba wainhira tama forsa armadas, ita boot sira tenki korbankan buat barak tanba tama forsa armadas nee atu kumpri. Kumpri signifika katak koandu iha ordem ruma husi komandu, ita boot sira tenki halao, labele protesta. Segundu, ita boot sira sei ba iha koartel hodi servisu 24 oras, la koalia subsidiu, la koalia salariu
tanba tama forsa armadas nee atu servi laos atu buka servisu. Se ita boot sira hanoin katak tama forca armadas nee para atu buka servisu, diak liu lalikan tama forsa armadas tanba forsa armadas laos fatin atu buka servisu.

Tansa rekrutamentu ida nee importante?

Hanesan ita hotu hatene katak ita iha planu forsa 2020 nebe ke dehan katak, too tinan 2020, ita sei hetan forsa rihun tolu. Tanba nee hahu tinan ida nee planu sira nee tenki lao ba oin tanba planu nee hanesan vizaun dezenvolvimentu setor defeza nian. Atu halao planu ida nee mak agora ita halo dadaun rekrutamentu ba forsa foun. Tanba nee mak hau dehan rekrutamentu ida nee importante teb-tebes. Maibe, alende importante, iha mos obstaklu barak tanba rekrutamentu ida nee rekruta ema barak i sei kria fasilidade boot hodi fo treinamentu ba membrus foun sira. Maske nunee, hau espera katak guvernu Portugues sei ajuda ita nafatin para aban bainrua ita bele haruka ita nia ofisiais sira ba tuir treinamentu iha Portugal.

Tanba sa mak tenki involve akipa ida husi Portugal iha prosesu selesaun?

Durante nee Portugal fo ajuda barak ba setor defeza Timor Leste i iha fin de 2007 hau ho Sekretariu da Defeza Asuntu Tasi nian asina tiha ona akordu ida konaba Kooperasaun Tekniku Militar Entre Portugal ho Timor Leste. Bazeia ba akordu nee, Portugal sei fo asistensia hotu
mai ita no parte ida husi asistensia nee maka partisipa iha prosesu rekrutamentu. Tanba nee, Portugal sei haruka nia ekipa ida mai atu akompana prosesu rekrutamentu nee. guvernu Timor Leste konserteza agradese ba ajuda hirak nebe sira fo hanesan Asesor iha forsa defeza nomos iha Sekretariu Estadu da Defeza.

Iha rekrutamentu foun nee, ekipa husi nebe deit mak sei fo treinamentu baziku no treinamentu espesialidade? Ami deside ona katak treinamentu baziku militar nian ita bazeia ba
sistema militar Portugal nian nebe ke ita bele dehan parte ida husi sistema NATO. Agora, treinamentu espesialidade mak hanesan ita bele haruka ita nia forsa ba partisipa iha treinamentu iha nasaun seluk hanesan Australia, Estadus Unidus da Amerika, New Zeland, Malaysia no agora ita sei haruka nain ida ba Indonesia para bele partisipa iha
Sekolah Staf Komando Marinir iha Surabaya. Treinamentu baziku military nee sei halao durante fulan hira? Sei halao durante fulan tolu nia laran. Depois de fulan tolu nee, ita identifika keta balu priensia rekejitu para atu tama ba ofisiais no balu priense rekejitu atu tama ba sarjentu, entaun iha neba mak sira bele kontinua fali sira nia espesialidade. Tanba nee, treinamentu
bele too fulan 6 ou 8.

Iha tarjetu rekrutamentu nian, forsa defeza presiza ema nain 30 ba sarjentu no 80 ba offisiais. Oinsa Sekretariu Estadu bele defini ida nee?

Iha lei servisu militar nian esplika klaru tiha ona katak Sarjana konserteja tenki ba Ofisiais. Ba sira nebe tamat SMA maibe iha rekejitu (prasyarat) especial, nee bele tama Sarjentu, maibe se laiha rekejitu especial entaun sira tenki ba Soldadu.

Tanba sa mak rekruta sarjentu 30 deit?

Tanba ami hakarak fo opurtunidade ba soldadu sira nebe ke tama kleur tiha ona atu sira mos bele apply ba sarjentu. Ami deside ida nee tanba too agora iha soldadu balu ke tama iha 2002 maibe too agora sei soldadu nafatin, entaun ita tenki fo opurtunidade ba sira atu apply. Maske nunee, sei liu husi prosesu internal ida ke naruk.

Karik oras nee iha ona preparasaun ruma ba treinamentu baziku iha Metinaro?

Diretor Sentru Treinamentu Metinaro, Tanente Koronel Falur Rate Laek simu ho ksolok rekrutamentu nee no F-FDTL rasik haree katak treinamentu nee todan oituan tanba ema barak, entaun husu mos apoiu ba Komponente Naval liu husi Major Neves sei fo apoiu iha treinamentu nee. Uluk, ita nia kompania Engeneria F-FDTL hamutuk ho ISF harii ona Sentru Treinamentu Fiziku iha Metinaro. Konserteja fasilidade la kompletu maibe ita hahu prepara tuir ita nia kbiit nebe iha. Obstaklu boot ida nebe iha mak iha parte saude nian tanba hau simu ona kopia surat husi Brigadeiru General Taur Matan Ruak nebe ke deriji ba Primeiru Ministru para husu ajuda husi guvernu para fasilita rai sis ba ema sira nebe tama iha selesaun Forsa Armadas i hau mos hakerek surat ida ba Ministeriu Saude hodi husu sira apoiu iha parte ida nee.

Tan nee Ministeriu Saude mos harii ona ekipa ida iha parte selesaun nian liu-liu iha parte rai sis nian.

Kestaun importante balu nebe ema tomak kestiona mak konaba profesionalismu militar nian, oinsa forsa defeza bele hatan ba kestaun ida nee?

Ita iha ona lei disiplina militar nebe ita bolu naran Regulamentu Disiplina Militar (RDM). Iha RDM nee regula klaru tiha ona konaba ema sira nebe viola lei presiza hetan sansaun. Agora dadaun, Guvernu servisu hamutuk ho UNMIT prepara hela etape ba soldadu sira nebe ke viola RDM. Konserteja iha obstaklu tanba ita foin harii tanba ezemplu nasaun balu harii ona sira nia militar durante tinan lima nulu ona mos sira nia forsa seidauk professional nafatin. Maibe ita foin harii iha tinan hitu nia laran depois de independensia. Maske ho idade kiik maibe ita konsege abansa buat balu ona.

Too iha nebe forsa defeza ninia atensaun ba Polisia Militar?

Ita sei fo atensaun boot ba Polisia Militar para atu fasilita sira hodi bele kontrola membrus forsa F-FDTL nian. Tanba ita hotu hatene katak, akontesementu barbarak iha rai ida nee envolve oknum F-FDTL balu. Iha tempu badak, ami sei foti desizaun ba membrus balu i iha mos membrus balu ke oras nee hatama hela iha sela militar Tasi Tolu. Hau hakarak dehan ba publiku katak, F-FDTL sei abansa ba oin i hatudu kredibilidade forsa nian. Tanba nee hau repete katak, Polisia Militar sei tau matan ba forsa sira no lei organiku ba Polisia Militar agora dadauk atu debate iha Konsellu Ministru para autoriza Polisia Militar hodi kontrola populasaun sira nebe uza farda militar, kontrola membrus F-FDTL nian nebe laiha disiplina. Maske nunee, hau husu ba Polisia Militar atu labele over acting.

Saida mak sai papel ba forsa armadas?

Forsa armadas iha papel importante rua. Papel iha tempu funu nian nebe esplika klaru iha Konstituisaun RDTL katak defende soberania no integridade rai ida nee. Agora, papel forsa armadas iha tempu paz ninian maka oinsa forsa armadas partisipa iha prosesu dezenvolvimentu
fiziku, oinsa forsa armadas fo apoiu wainhira mosu dezastre naturais iha rai laran no oinsa forsa armadas partisipa iha manutensaun paz iha rai liur.

Atu halo buat hirak nee, forsa armadas sei presiza harii tribunal militar ida, presiza sarjana hukum, sarjana administrasaun Negara, presiza gestaun rekursu humanus nian. Maibe importante liu maka atu rekruta engeneria sira atu tama forsa armadas hodi aban bainrua bele
fasilita no apoiu populasaun sira hanesan dada bee ba populasaun sira nebe presiza, ajuda loke dalan ba populasaun sira atu asesu. (ts)

Uluk Alega Angie Kakutak, Agora Konspirasaun ki'ik

Australia Ameasa Protesta

Dili.Tempo Semanal

Hafoin de fulan ida presidenti rekovera husi nia kanek ba ABC TV (28/03/08) Presidenti hateten katak, "La dupida, ne'e hanesan tentativas atentadu tan ba A. sira mai ha'u nia uma, desarma guarda sira ne'ebe hetan ho surpresa, depois tebe rahun odamatan kuartu ha'u
nian." Husu kona ba karik Presidenti kuinese ema ne'ebe tiru nia iha 11/02/2008. Presidenti hatan ho certeza dehan, "Oh yeah ha'u kuinese nia ho didiak nune'e se ha'u hare roupa ka ema ne'e rasik ha'u sei hatudu la ho moe." Maibe iha loron 26/12/08 durante de vizita ba Komarka Bekora Presidenti Horta halo apelu ba eis membru Reinado nian atu hateten sai lia los no rekuinese an se mak tiru nia.

Hafoin de tinan ida, loron 12 atentadu kontra moris Presidenti da Republika maibe to'o ohin loron seidauk hatene lolos lia foun matebian Alfredo Reinado ho ninia membru sira ba iha residencia Presidenti ninian. Iha 28/03/2008 tuir intervista ba televizaun ABC Australia,
Presidenti da Republika foti lian maka'as hodi alega Reinado ninia doben Angelita Pires mak hatene resposta kona ba atentadu ne'e. "Master mind ba ida ne'e maka Sr. Alfredo ho ema sira ne'ebe iha ninia kotuk. Ida maka Sra. Angie Pires, timorense hela iha Darwin, reside iha Timor Leste, nia iha momentu tomak besik tinan rua maka ha'u kaer kazu ne'e, nia sempre iha ne'eba, venena atmosfer, kreia problemas, manipula Sr. Alfredo Reinado. La iha ema ida maka hatene mesmu apoiantes Alfredo Reinado ninian mos hirus ninia hahalok, ninia fungsaun ne'ebe sempre empata, negative liu no destruida. Ha'u nungka hasoru ema ida iha ha'u nia moris mak….no nia (Angelita) mak ha'u dehan responsible numeru um. Husi ne'ebe maka nia hetan osan hodi suporta Sr. Alfredo no ninia agenda sa ida, Ha'u la hatene." Iha momentu ruma iha Darwin mos Presidenti hateten ba media internasional balun katak deskonfia iha konta bankaria konjunta ho naran Alfredo ho Angelita ninian iha Australia ho osan nomial ne'ebe bo'ot.

Maske tinan ida ona maibe la dauk iha akuzasaun klaru ba soldadus Alfredo ninian ne'ebe involve iha atakes kontra Presidenti ho Primeiru ministru nune'e mos akuzasaun lolos kontra Angelita Pires ne'ebe hanesan mos cidadaun Australiana maka identifika husi Presidenti
nu'udar responsable ida mos.

Tuir ABC, programma 7.30 semana kotuk Presidenti dehan, "Ha'u la hateten katak nia (Angelita) implika direitamente ka planea asasinasaun kontra ha'u, ka ba ha'u nia uma. Maibe nia sempre sai hanesan obstacle, sempre halo problema ba kada esforsu dame, sempre venena Alfredo nia hanoin. Ne'e mak problema. Laos nia materialmente involve ona….no se nia inocenti, ha'u hein nia sei hetan liberdade no halao ninia moris.

Angelita Pires moris iha Timor Leste no bo'ot iha Australia nu'udar doben matebian Reinado, desde de 11/02/08 nia labele fila hikas ba Australia. Tuir dokumentus ne'ebe jornal ne'e asesu ba hatudu katak Angelita mantein nafatin korespondencia ho governu Australia. Governu Australianu ameasa atu hato'o protesta kona ba ninia tratamentus hirak ne'e.

Tuir surat ne'ebe Departamentu Estranjeiru Australia nian haruka ba Angelita Pires hodi informa katak, "se Prokurador Geral sei indika atrazu beibeik ami propoin – karik ita konkorda - governu Australia sei rejista ninia preokupasaun forte kona ba atrazu liu tan prosesu ne'e hodi fo halo akuzasaun juridiku kontra ita ne'e la rauabel,"hakerek iha surat konfedencial husi embaisada Australia ba TL iha Dili.

Antes de surat ida ne'e iha loron 03/02/09 Embaisada Australia iha Dili informa ona ba Sra Angelita pires kona ba enkontru entre Embaisador Peter Hyeward ho PGR

Timor Leste iha loron 09/01/09 ne'ebe koalia kona ba situasaun Sra. Angelita Pires ninian. Iha surat ne'ebe hakerek, "Sr. Monteiro konfirma ona investigasaun ba eventu 11 Fevereiru 2008 extende tan ona fulan nen iha fulan Agusto 2008 relasiona ho suspeitu sira maka agora iha detensaun nian. Nia (PGR) dehan karik investigasaun bele extende liu tan, nia hakarak ona atu aprezente kazu ne'e ba tribunal iha fins janeiru 2009."

Pontu tuir kedan informa tuir kedan dehan, "Sr. Monteiro dehan ona katak ita bele hetan akuzasaun legal relasiona ho ita hanesan konspirador nivel ki'ik iha eventu 11 de Fevereiru 2008. Nia hateten ona kualker akuzasaun kontra ita relasiona ba eventu ne'eba sei aprezenta ba tribunal iha momentu hanesan wainhira akuzasaun legal aprezenta kontra suspeitu sira seluk maka detain hela." Prokurador Geral DR. Longuinhos Monteiru iha momentu balun koalia temi ona katak, 'kazu ne'e komplikadu tebes tan ba iha relasaun ba cirkumstancias oi-oin, difikuldades atu hetan fontes kona ba prosesu ne'e hahu." Tuir planu iha iniciu fulan Marsu Ministeiru Publiku sei hatama ona akuzasaun kazu atentadu 11/02/08 ba Tribunal.

Angelita Hau Sai Vitima

Maibe saida mak akontese hafoin Angelita Pires simu karta resposta husi Governu Australia ne'ebe dehan katak involvimentu Angelita Pires iha atentadu 11 de Febreiru 2008 ne'e kategoria ba nivel ki'ik. Responde kona ba karta resposta husi Governu Australia Angelita Pires hateten, desde uluk kedas husi nia parte rezeita katak nia la involve iha kazu refere no husi nia parte fiar katak Major Alfreido tun mai Dili laos atu oho ema ida maibe, tamba sira mak bolu nomos
husi nia parte rasik hatene saida mak nia hare iha loron domingu dadersan wainhira atu ba almosu ho Alfreido, e nune'e mos husi nia parte hatene semak iha momentu neba nomos nia rona saida mak sira koalia liu husi telefoni hodi hein resposta sin ou nao.

Tuir Agelita, iha momentu neba husi ninia parte rona momos saida mak sira koalia,nune'e mos hanesan ema seluk rona ne'ebe deklara tia ona ba Unipol tan ne'e, husi nia parte la fiar katak Alfreido mai iha Dili laos atu atentadu ema ida, hakanek ema ida ou atu oho ema ida."Depois de Alfreido mate, iha akuzasaun ne'e hateten katak, hau maka ema numeru I no principal nomos hau mak halo tanda ba ami nain rua iha konta bankaria tamba dehan katak hau mak fo droga ba nia,hau mak fo alkohol ba nia,osan nomos tamba nia toba iha hau nia uma maibe, ikus mai saida mak akontese bazeia ba Outopsi Report buat hotu hatudu katak drogas la iha, alko la iha entaun tenki hateten sai" Tenik Angelita Uluk lideransa Ministeriu Publiku rasik deklara katak iha momentu neba Alfreido iha osan barak maibe afinal deskontas hotu tia iha deit Doisentus dolar Amerikanu mak iha bolsu. Angelita haktuir, buat hotu halo lalais hodi akuza tun sae deit no defama hau iha palku mundial hodi sulan hau tun sae deit nomos halo mate hau nia oan ne'ebe mak hau kous iha fulan 4 nia laran. Agelita lembra fila – fali katak, Momentu Angelita sei iha Australia Alfreido promete ona ho ninia familia katak nia lakoi moris hanesan ne'e hela deit tamba ne'e nia sei entrega an maibe, derepenti rona fali katak Alfreido mate.

"Depois de Alfreido mate Presidente da Republika Jose Ramos Horta dehan katak hau mak ema premiru no pergozu entaun sira kaer fali hau"tenik Agelita

Angelita hatutan, sorte boot tamba konstitusaun ne'e la iha pena de morte selae Presidente bele ejiji iha palku mundial kona ba pena de morte.

"Tamba Presidente sente katak Gastao Salsina ne'e ema seluk entaun nia fo perdaun no halo buat hotu ba nia, nomos iha momentu ne'ebe sira dehan hau ne'e pergozu la halimar maibe, ikus fali sira rasik fo sai ona ba governu Austaralia katak hau laos ema boot nomos hau laos ema ne'ebe mak sira buka lolos, nune'e mos dehan katak involvimentu hau nian ne'e hanesan konspirasaun nivel ki'ik kontra governu" hatutan Angelita.

Hanesan ema bai-bain Angelita la simu liafuan ne'ebe dehan katak, konspirasaun nivel ki'ik tamba husi ninia parte rasik mos la komprende signifikasaun husi konspirasaun nivel ki'ik.

Sekarik kazu ida ne'e iha nivel ki'ik entaun konserteza iha mos nivel boot tamba ne'e, kazu nivel ki'ik ba ema ki'ik deit no nivel boot ba ema boot.

Neduni,ema hirak ne'e tenki hatene an no tenki koalia lia los tamba ikus fali sira hatama akuzasaun ne'ebe dehan katak, involvimentu Angelita hanesan konspirasaun nivel ki'ik maibe, husi parte Angelita sente katak kestaun ne'e hanesan kurtina deit para atu taka falta."Momentu sira kaer hau, sira viola ona direitu humanus tamba ho hahalok ne'ebe sira halo hodi hameta hau ho Alfreido nia oan ne'e krimi" haktuir Angelita

Angelita informa liu tan katak, tamba governu Australia hare situasaun ne'e demais liu ona no dada ba mai hela deit neduni, husi nia parte fiar katak governu Australia sei fo asistensia ba nia tamba iha involvimentu husi polisia Federal ba infestigasaun ne'e sira hatene katak konta bankaria la iha, sira hatene katak drogas la iha, nomos sira hatene katak involvimentu la iha, entaun sira mos hakfodak tamba hetan presaun makas husi povo Australia nomos semak atu simu responsabilidade ba kazu hirak ne'e.

"Ho kestaun hirak ne'e hotu entaun sira mos buka tuir ona,i hau sente ne'e to'o tempo agora maibe,tuir lolos hau lalika atu lakon hau nia oan se'e infestiga halo lolos" tenik Angelita

Hanesan Major Alfreido nia partner Angelita prontu atu infestiga tamba objetivumente kazu hotu – hotu iha mundu ne'e sempre infestiga maibe, infestigasaun ne'e tenki fo konsiderasaun ba direitus humanus, maibe realidade infestigasaun ne'e la hun la dikin no halo mate ema nia oan,halo ema terus nomos defama ema iha mundial."Dala barak dehan katak iha segredu da justisa hodi prezerva ema nia naran no honra maibe, karik hau laos ema neduni sira temi tun temi sae hau nia naran iha mundial ne'ebe to'o ikus hamate hau nia oan" Angelita Argumenta Desde uluk kedas hau husu atu ba Australia tamba agora dadaun hau nunka atu hetan tratamentu mediku ne'ebe diak husi estadu timor relasi ho abortus ne'ebe nia hetan.

Tamba saida to'o agora husi nia parte la hetan tratamentu mediku maibe, ema seluk ne'ebe kaer kilat no to'o ema sira ne'ebe indentifika sai hanesan rebeldes bele hetan tratamentu iha rai liur.

"Hau hatene katak kazu ne'e politiku demais tamba sira halo sala barak ona hasoru hau no agora Presidente rasik tolok hau iha mundial maibe, buat hotu taka ba taka mai heka deit entaun juis nasional desidi katak labele ba neduni, hau mos komprende juis tamba karik juis mos tauk"haktuir Angelita Maske dala barak Angelita husu atu ba halo tratamentu mediku iha rai
liur maibe, Governu la fo no to'o ikus fali sira dehan katak nivel ki'ik labele ba entaun sekarik nivel boot ne'ebe mak fahe kilat no tiru malu dor mak bele ba atu halo tratamentu iha rai liur hodi uja fundus povo nian nomos liu husi pajak povo nian no liu husi doadores nia osan.

"Ema hirak ne'ebe ba halo tratamentu iha rai liur konserteza orasanmentu hirak ne'e sai husi ministeriu justisa mais, tamba saida mak hau atu ba halo tratamentu iha rai liur ne'ebe familia rasik mak selu mos labele ba. Tenik Angelita

Hatan kona ba pergunta ne'ebe dehan katak,ita boot sente katak governu Australia fo apoiu ruma, Angelita informa, uluk Governu Australia la fo apoiu ruma tamba dehan katak kazu ne'e politiku demais nomos sira rasik iha interensia barak para atu taka kazu ne'e, maibe agora dadaun governu Australia komesa fo apoiu ona.Maske tinan ida ona maibe, Angelita rasik to'o agora sidauk hatene klaru ninia estatus tamba kebebasan ba nia limitadu hela tamba sira foti hotu ninia dokumentus hanesan ID Card nomos pasa porte tamba ne'e halo hau atu ba eskola mos ladiak. "Hau ejiji katak sira tenki hamos hau nia naran, hau ejiji katak tenki fo sai lia los nomos hau ejiji katak lideransa sira tenki iha korazen forsa i honra hodi koalia lia los kona ba saida duni mak akontese iha loron 11 de Febreiru 2008" ejiji Angelita

Nia hatutan, akuzasaun uluk ne'e dehan katak hau mak outor, hau mak masta main, hau mak fo droga, hau mak fo kareta nomos dehan katak hau mak konta bankaria maibe buat hotu ne'e mesak lia falsu. Husu kona ba semak halo akuzasaun lia falsu ne'e, Agelita esklarase katak, ita hotu hatene momos tamba kestaun ne'e fo sai deit iha nasaun ida ne'e maibe, kuaze iha nasaun hotu-hotu neduni semak atu responsabiliza ba oan ne'ebe mate nomos presaun hirak ne'e semak atu resposabiliza.

Tuir Agelita, buat hirak ne'e hotu estadu no boot sira tenki responsabiliza nomos sira ne'ebe mak koalia tenki responsabiliza maibe agora atu taka krimi hirak ne'e sira lori fali liafuan konspirasaun nivel ki'ik hodi akuza, karik ida ne'e signifika katak maske ema ne'ebe kanek labele atu defende an."Sekarik ba tribunal hau sei lori ema ne'ebe halo kazu defamasaun nomos ba ema sira ne'ebe tau presaun direitamente ka indireitamente hodi hakanek hau nia honra no halo hau
terus" haklaken Angelita Husi parte Angelita fiar katak informasaun ne'ebe mai to'o iha nai ulun sira mesak informasaun bosok deit tamba dala barak ema hirak ne'ebe halo informasaun ne'e mak involve neduni kazu ne'e.Angelita haktuir, katak akontesementu ne'e hanesan tragedia boot ida ne'ebe halo ema barak terus,i mos halo TL lakon ema diak ida tamba, tuir Angelita nia hare katak Mayor Alfereido Reinaldo ne'e ema diak no ema ida ne'ebe hakarak atu mehi barak ba povo ho nasaun ida ne'e maibe ikus mai ninia mehi lakon iha dalan klaran tamba ema hadau ninia
moris. Laos povo ne'e deit mak merese atu hetan justisa ba lia los maibe,komunidade internasional mos merese no ita rasik mos merese hetan lia los no justisa tamba ne'e Estadu iha obrigasaun atu fo verdadeira justisa ba povo TL tamba povo barak terus demais ona,
inklui mos feto timor.

Nudar feto Timor, Angelita mos hakarak atu defende feto sira nia direitu neduni, la iha ema ida tan mak atu hetan enjustisa boot hanesan ne'e, ne'ebe sira nia oan rasik ema hadau iha sira nia kabun laran.Hahalok hirak ne'e hanesan fali ho hahalok militar indonesia nian mais, agora ita ukun an tia ona, i ema sira ne'ebe mak tur kadeira ne'e ita mak tu'u tamba ema hirak ne'e mak atu fo protezesau ba povo nomos ema sira ne'e mak sai nudar ita nia defensores no protetores mais, ikus fali ema hirak rasik maka hadau labarik timor oan ida nia moris ne'ebe halo feto timor abortus. Angelita halerik katak, laos nia mak fahe kareta, laos nia mak lori instutisaun F-FDTL ho PNTL tama iha politika, laos nia mak fahe kilat, laos nia mak hadau kadeira nomos lao nia maka golpe tun golpe sae tamba, nia hanesan ema estudante ida no inan ida ba oin sira no fen
diak ida ba nia laen, I nune'e mos atu juis diak ida ba povo maibe buat hotu la realize tamba ema impata hotu hodi hadau Alfreido nia moris.Kona ba informasaun ne'ebe dehan katak, Mayor Alfreido mai iha Dili ho intensau at, Angelina hateten, husi nia parte almira teb-tebes no hateten dala barak ona katak Mayor Alfreido hadomi duni presidente nune'e mos sira halao reniaun dala bar-barak mais nia nunka atu hanoin estraga presidente.

"Hau ba halo benena iha kontru ho razaun saida tamba, hau rasik hakarak para Alfreido atu entrega an ba justisa, i nia rasik mos koalia ona ho hau nia fali para atu entrega an ba justisa neduni, sa'a fen ida mak hakarak atu nia laen moris iha perigu nia laran nomos sa'a inan ida hakarak para atu hahoris nia oan iha kilat nia let tamba ne'e akuzasaun hirak ne'e lalos hotu." Hakotu Agelita.(ts)