Monday, 22 February 2010

Horta Still Ask Xanana to reshuffle Government

As arrived back from Maldives Horta held a press conference in Dili International Airport. Every time President return from his visits many government ministers blue plate pack the VIP parking area. But the situation is very different on Friday only Deputy Prime Minister Mario Carrascalao and Secretary state for Oekuse region is came to expect President. Horta has aske PM Xanana to reshuffle his cabinet and even President Name name. On Friday seat next to Deputy PM Carrascalao President reiterate his suggestion to Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao to reshuffle his cabinet. “My only suggestions as president but also as concern East Timorese citizen are whether it might be convenient to reshuffle the cabinet to change ministers around. That’s normal in many countries after two years of experience you see which ministers fits which portfolio better. Other issues I might discuss with Prime Minister are not for me to comment in public. The Prime Minister is one who should have the exclusive responsibility to decide who should be in his government in consultation with the parties in the coalition. The parties and the leaders in the coalition have a say who they want to be in the cabinet but that is their prerogative not mine. The former number one Timorese Diplomat Said, “It is the Prime minister right to appoint and to dismiss a minister no mine.”

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