Monday, 22 February 2010

Horta's Adviser sue some Media in Portugal

Mr. Paulo dos Remedios in reation to the Lusa news agency story that He has been instructed to present before the court hearing in regard to some allegation against Senior and personal adviser to the President Ramos Horta said, “I have been instructed some lawyers in Portugal to reply to this allegations made from some newspaper in Portugal and I instructed according to the available laws in Portugal. As defamation laws to seek a compensation of fifty thousand US dollar on the issue.”
When question him whether he has received any order from Portugal court to present in the court hearing Mr. Remedios diplomatically said his lawyer is studying the issue so he can’t comment further. But when Tempo Semanal insisted Mr. Remedios confirmed that, “I did received the document but it was expired already so the case has been delayed because its expired already.”
According to www. report on 21/01/2010 said that, “Paulo remedios is arguido which alleged links to crimes heranca de imoveis in Macau, not present in the hearing in Lisbon because the notification is not reach him on time.”
Mr. Remedios is still acting assenior and personal adviser to East Timor President Jose Ramos Horta. Mr. Remedios acted as lawyer to the Fomer Minister for interior Mr. Rogerio Lobato.

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