Thursday, 4 February 2010

Timor Leste Deputy PM recognise He Has Many Corruption Case

Tempo Semanal
Timor Leste Deputy PM recognised there is Corruption case happening but none of those allegely involved been charge. He said the there are several ministry withing the government are very corrupt. Tempo Semanal would like to review what mr. Carrascalao said in November last year when answered tempo Semanal questions.

You were the a successful Indonesian Governor for east Timor with not big budget but we could see some infrastructure in place but Today in Timor Leste independence government budget is very big but less development in place. What is the main issue?

Mario: For me the main issue is the development programme have been planned. We did have in that time board for planning. So every thing is very well organised. Although we have to agreed at that time the quality was not quiet good. The standard was quiet not good. It was difficult to control but for quantity we did more in used less money then we are now.

What is the main issue within your amp government?

Mario: The main issue is people have got the project with big amount of money and no body know exactly how the project has been calculated? Maybe there is problem of luck skilled people in public work or infrastructure Ministry. Maybe the management of the project are not quiet good. The fact is maybe today the quality is better. I don’t have any questions about that. But uniquely every thing is very expensive. Maybe today we are using Dollar and in the past we were use Rupiah.

Regarding to the combating corruption, collusion and Nepotism in this government. You have been as the deputy PM with one of the task is to help reduce the issue. Is there any sign of reducing the Corruption issue or maybe it is increasing?

Mario: The issue is a lot of cases related to corruption have been found by the inspector general and can not process to the court because the General Prosecutor it self (prokurador Jeral da Republika) do not have enough means, skill people who knows how to make investigation. They also don’t want to run the risk by take a case to the court which later found not true case. They only want to submit a case to the court with strong evidence that can convince the court. But any how there are cases related to for instance disappeared. The General inspection found out that in the ministry of Education there was more then US$ 20,000.00 that disappeared or some case for instance fake document. So according to what I hear from the general prosecutor they don’t have the capability to do the job. So millennium challenge going to support them that what we heard. That’s the planning they request for that. Also the UNODC is considering to support the general prosecutor in the investigation. The police also do not have the means to do their job in terms of investigation. So although I have a lot of case. One day if you go to my office I am going to saw you the paper that I have sent to the inspector general.

How many case of corruption came to your knowledge?

Mario: ooohhhh many many cases. I would say many be closed to 100 cases. But I don’t know have many cases have been sent to the prosecutor general. In fact I also know that some of the cases that already sent to the prosecutor general office not yet investigate. Maybe they already investigate but not told the publicly yet. So maybe still under the secrecy or confidentiality of the prosecutor general.

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