Sunday, 12 July 2009

Angie in the Dock

Angelita Pires and her lawyer have given an interview to Tempo Semanal this afternoon on Sunday 12 July 2009.

Ms. Pires lawyer claimed his client is being set up as a scape goat, and that Angelita is innocent and not involved in any conspiracy to kill the President and the Prime Minister in February 2008. n her lawyer gave interview to ts this afternoon.

The full transcript of the interview wil be transcibed and available on the Tempo Semanal website very soon.

Tomorrow, 13 July 2009, at 10 am Dili time the first suspects of those 28 accused of being involved in the 11/02/08 attempts on the lives of President Ramos-Horta and Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, will present themselves in Dili district court. Angelita's lawyer is an Australian and she got support from the Australian Attorney General Office. Angie said "there is no justice
for ordinary people in this country." she promised to fight for the truth. "the truth must come out," she said.

Angelita's lawyer Jon Tippet is an Australian. Jon said his client is 100% innocent and he is more then ready to freed his client from the case. "there are many evidence shows that my client is innocent." he continued " the ballistic tested shows that those amunitions is not use by the rebels nor from rebel group." jon claimed that Alfredo Reinado and his colleague Leopodino Exposto were executed. "Alfredo n his collegue leopoldino were shot within 30 centimetres," he said.

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