Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tour De Timor is A Peace rally

Tempo Semanal TV

Tour de Timor is A Peace rally

Early morning Saturday (18/07) a group of Timorese young boys and Girls gathering them self infront of the new fancy President Palace in old Helipath in Dili. They are preparing to be selected for the biger TOur de Timor Bicycle race that launch by East Timor President Jose Ramos Horta on August 24th up till 29. This is the first ever East timor going to have this kind of Bicycle race cover the half island of East Timor.
"I am very pleased with the response. More then 100 so far Raceter and I think close to 100 international participants," said Ramos Horta.
"It is getting generate a lot of publicity. Former secretary General Kofi Annan has made a statement and Prince Albert of Monaco also has made a statement. I believe will get more international publicity and more international media publicity and will significant participants."
The peace Price winner is trying to establish a peace enviroment in his country before his Presidential term is finish in 3 years time.
"I launch the idea and these initiatives not only as sports initiative but also as part of my peace programme for the next three years. I want in the next three years to have peace rooting in this country. When I leave office in 2012 I tell the nation and the nation can thank me for having contribute a Little bit enhance peace in the country," Horta said.
He continue explain that, "minimum we expect more then 200 participants over 410 Kilometres very difficult mountain routes passing through nine of thirteen districts in Timor Leste. It will involve beautiful mountain landscape as well as shore line. The time is in the year August 24th to 29th. It's best of time in the year that cools no strong humility. So I believed that it will be the greatest experience for people that participating."
"There is one mountain bike racer from Australia. He is one of the top two or three in Australia who will participate I do not recall his name but there are many others who will come here for mountain bike race. And the week later they have the international mountain bike race in Australia. They are coming to Timor to do like practising and then a week later they will do in Australia."
Antonio da Costa a young boy who was stand near road side with his hands clambing and said, "This will be very difficult race for the Timorese to compete with the international racers because luck of proper trainning."
I think it will be shame to us if we loose to those racer come from abroad."

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