Saturday, 18 July 2009

Timor Telcom Service 18 July 2009

After President Ramos-Horta criticsed Timor Telcom over the last few days Timor Telcom's service has actually worsened.

Timor Telkom clients have been complaining since midday today until the evening of 18 July that they cannot recharge their phone credits. Around 18.40 Dili time 18 July Natalino Freitas after buying $ 5.00USD he was in a hurry to recharge to make call. After he entered the 15 digit number several times the number the operator number 172 written in portuges said, "a sua recarga foi registrada. Recebera confirmacao dentro de momento." Natalino Freitas kept trying trying dialing the 15 digit, and each time the same notice appear no confirmation of the credit.

He walk back to 3 wheels sales kiosk on the road side of Government Palace and started to have an argument with the vendor.

The vendor said, "this problem has been happening since lunch time today and I have maybe had 12 people complain with the same problem."

Timor Telcom, the preferred telecommunications provider in Timor-Leste - the ONLY provider in Timor-Leste.

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