Wednesday, 28 October 2009

AETL demands that the PM Sacks the Vice Minister of Health - Madelena Hanjam


On 2th of October 2009 the AETL (Nurses Association of Timor-Leste) sent a letter to Xanana Gusmao Prime Minister of Timor-Leste demanding that the Vice Minister Of Health Medalena Hanjam be replaced for reasons that she has abused her power.

"We want the resignation of Vice Minister for Health, Madalena Hanjan because she destroying the systems inside the Ministry," said Luis Lobato the head of AETL(17/10).

On the afternoon of 19/10/09 the health workers gathered in the Delta Nova building to declare the war. "We are not against the Government that headed by our big Brother Xanana Gusmao, "Lobato said.  But we demand the sacking of the Vice Minister."

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