Saturday, 10 October 2009

Internet Exclusive: Maubere, Formerly Timor's Biggest Private Sector Employer - Now Owners Squabble Over the Remains.


Maubere Security (formerly Chubb Security) was Timor-Leste's largest private sector employer during the 2001-2008 period.  

It was then sold by its major shareholder Mr. Warren Knight (an Australian national) to Brendan Cass (also an Australian national).  

Following the recent loss of the lucrative UN contract to competitor APAC Security, Mr. Cass is now involved in a difference of opinion with Timorese shareholders of the structure and nature of ownership of the once great Maubere Security.

The below video is footage taken 2 days ago at the Maubere office in which employees are protesting the actions of owner(s). It was necessary for the PNTL to appear on the scene to restore security at the office of Maubere Security.

Mr. Cass pictured to the right. (courtesy Maubere Security).

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