Thursday, 22 October 2009

Horta Urges Timor Telcom Not to be Afraid


In answering questions from journalists regarding the Timorese telecommuincations sector and the populations demands for better service for the country President Jose Ramos Horta praised Timor Telcom for reducing prices in the last month.

A few months ago President Ramos-Horta was highly critical of Timor Telcom calling for the Government to liberalise the telecommunications sector.


Now he says "do not be afraid of competition".

He informed the public that the Government has given Timor Telcom 6 months until March 2010 to cover the entire country with their network or there will have to be a renegotiation of the monopoly that Timor Telcom currently holds.

Horta said that he is in support of liberalising the telecomunications sector in TL.

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