Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Rai Los (Ex-Militia Leader-2006), and Former ABRI/TNI Demonstrate in Support of Horta: To Kill Justice.

Only about 100 ex-Petitioners, MUNJ (pro Alfredo political action group) and PDN, including former guerrilla commander Ernesto "Dudu" Fernandes,  ex-TNI KOREM Intelligence Officer Juliao da Silva, and Vicente "Rai Los" da Conceicao (Commander of the Rai Los Liquica Militia - circa 2006) came to show their support for President Horta his return from abroad on 6 October 2009.

Commandante Rai Los and then Prime Minister Jose Ramos Horta, 2006. 

 The Rai Los Armed Militia, 2006

The President of Timor-Leste walked out of the gate from the plane to accept the petition of support from Manuel Goncalves.  PNTL officers were ordered to move the demonmstration to the gate.  This ONTL atttitude was much more welcoming that the pro-International Tribunal protest in front of Hotel Timor on 30 August 2009.

Under the hot mid day sun President Horta heard the 7 point declaration, including:

We give maximum support to the State's decision to extradite and deport and deport ex-Laksaur militia commander Maternus Bere".

Bere was arrested on 8 August 2009 in Suai and detained in Becora Prison until his release to the Indonesian Embassy on 30 September.

Horta's supporters criticised the United Nations, International and National NGOs and the Timorese Parliament, arguing that the people do not want an international Tribunal for human rights violations in Timor-Leste

They stated that " the majority of this nation do not want an International Tribunal, and especially the victims do not care for such an idea".

The security around the airport was very tight.  PNTL officers armed with paramilitary semi-automatic assault rifles set up checkpoints around the airport complex.  Checking all private and public vehicles as they enter the airport area.

One PNTL officer stated that: "we heard some people might try to come to throw stones at the President."

However the convoy which came to bring people in support of the President was not checked by the PNTL checkpoints.

This demo has created divisions between the Office of the President and other parties.

"I told Joel [President's media officer] not to use any FRETILIN symbols and I as Secretary-General of FRETILIN will not allow FRETILIN youth to join the protest as we want to remain uninvolved, and do not want to be blamed in case that there are problems." said former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri.

But the head of the President's security detail, former disgraced PNTL Deputy Commander (Operations) Ismail Babo lodged a report to PNTL alleging that the Alkatiri has threatened some members of President Horta's staff.


Anonymous said...

disgusting..halo ita hanoin fali uluk gubernur timor timur mobiliza massa atu support integrasi iha loron 17 juli..tamba sa?? tamba sa mak hakarak hamosu fali tipe-tipe demo ho sentiment pro anti sira??...nasaun halo tinan 10 nee tuir lolos nia emar sira maduro politicamente..laos ba copy fali mentalidade ida uluk indonesia kuda hela iha timor timur nee. Ita agora Timor Leste laos timor timur maun alin sira..hatudu an hanesan nasaun independente nebe moris ho mentalidade ukun an nian laos moris nafatin ho mentalidade tuan rezim soeharto nian ka integrasi nian.

Anonymous said...

What such ashamed Mr. President and Prime minister. Listen to the people's calling not listen to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the motive behind this demonstration. Just wanna show up I suppose alias M.P.O in Indonesian

Anonymous said...

This is the low of the lowes that this President is no less than a puppet of Indonesian government.