Wednesday, 21 October 2009

American Marines Are Tourists in TL


Timor-Leste is safe for the American Troops. 

President Jose Ramos-Horta told reporters in Dili last week that Timor-Leste is more stable and more calm because people are do not want violence any more. 

He said he has handed out questionaires to to senior experts on thier opinion of Timor's security challenges 

"I am very optimistic that East Timor is very peaceful now," Horta said.


"The Australian Side ISF is already considering to send home more than 100 troops, so by early next year there will be significantly less troops here, probably less than 400," according to President Horta his new Palace office.

He praised the East Timor Police (PNTL) and Defence Force (F-FDTL) for doing very well during the recent local elections  "We have made a tremendous effort in the reform of PNTL and F-FFDTL", said Horta. 

He said if Timor-Leste was unstable then there would be no US Marines on Timor soil now, stating the Americans are senstive about security.

"They at this state there is an American war ship with more than 2500 marines on board in the sea between Dili and Atauro Island. They are here to conduct a joint training with F-FDTL and the ISF  from Australia and New Zealand defence personel now in Timor Leste. The American Marines are also doing Humanitarian assistance to some Timorese clinics and other institutions."

On Dili Streets many American marines are on foot enter bars and Restaurant.

They are real tourists.

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