Sunday, 15 May 2011

Exklusif: Internal UN Document Says Xanana Obstacle to Constitutionalism

In 24 January 2011 UNDP and other UN Agencies held a planning retreat to plan UN projects in Timor-Leste.  Tempo Semanal has obtained a copy of an internal presentation document used at this retreat - it can be view here.

In the UNMIT retreat on 24 January 2011, the UNMIT/UN Agencies powerpoint presentation outlines democratic goveranances discussed sustainable democratic governances in Timor-Leste.  The 9 page document outlines UNMIT/UN Agency opinions about democratic goverances under the Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao's AMP Government, and proposes UN action to develop governances. It also identifies what is feels are the obstacles presented to UN action in building governances by the Government of Prime Ministers Xanana Gusmao.

The presentation highlight the fact that the United nations considers Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao himself to be a major obstacle to the development of democratic governance in Timor-Leste.

In regard to "Constitutionalism" the presentation states that an "Anticipated Gap" to "Constitutionalism", is the Prime Ministers.

The Presentation states:

"The Executive, especially the Prime Ministers seeking more and more power at the expense of Parliament and the Judiciary (the Audit Ct. will generate particular pol [political] hostility). By the end of 2012 this may have diminished the effective roles of the other two pillars and significantly reduced the accountability of the Executive and the rule of law, with the rule of the Prime Minister".

The UN presentation then points out examples of what they claim to be actions by the prime Minister which are obstacles to Constitutionalism.

"This can be seen in the structure of the 2011 Budget, the release of Maternus Bere, the hostile response of the PM (14/12/10) to the first Opinion of the State Accounts by the Ct. of Appeal, the Executives disregard of the ct. of Appeals's 2008 ruling on the unconstitutional withdrawal from the Petroleum Fund."


Anonymous said...

Selamat kembali Tempo Semanal!!

Anonymous said...

Hau hanoin KONKLUSAUN Tempo Semanal nian ne PREMATUR no mos TENDENSIUS. Iha dokumentu INFORMAL ne, UNDP lahateten buat ida konaba PM Xanana nu'udar OBSTAKULU ba Konstitusionalizmu! Sa tan izemplu nebe sira aprezenta hanesan kazu Maternus Bere ne falsu! Tanba ema nebe mak hasai Maternus husi komarka mak Prezidente Ramos Horta, LAOS PM Xanana.

Anonymous said...


Januario Ximenes

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Anonymous said...

Sr. Primeiro ministro, as verdades estao a vir a toma da agua. Ja chega!!! para de ameacar os timorenses que trabalham para a UNMIT o senhor e' que tem que se portar como um ser humano.

Anonymous said...

The so called 'report' has now been dismissed by the UN itself as an unofficial opinion piece from UNDP staff.

Of course these overpaid consultants have to mount a case to support the need for their continued presence in East Timor beyond 2012, contrary to Gusmao's government wishes.

To these consultants, the deserts in Afganistan would be a far cry from the calm and warm waters of East Timor white sand beaches.

I suspect there will be more and more of this kind of stuff as we approach the day when all these people are supposed to leave the country.

Anonymous said...

I think that the document was prepared merely for internal consumption and not to be published outside. But in the very fundamental views, none has claimed to being the solely best perfect person. The best one only the hardest worker having devoted a lots to make great changes ahead. And the country has faced varius deepest challenges for the long ages. Thus, sometimes to having hard actions to reforms and economic growth are best choices to be taken ahead. Bravo to all and having great works!!!

John SMAHS said...

if we wanted to judge rightly who was really behind the stolen document then released to the one who has political links thus we should put strong question against this one of why? why? why? why??? probably the one has pushed to flamme up the discussion topic to outsiders to seeking and gaining personal interests/unprecendented intentions. Pls all media to help crystalize the situations.BMJAQ.

Deny Rob. said...

yah, in most political realities, people always try to seek for scapegoats rather than improving internal-self existence. it is also quite ideal but what would we grasp from there? probably we should keep seeking for the long-deepest scapegoats legacy but intternal-self made critizism, self-made correction, evaluation are the critical paths to build up self-internal long stable existence and dignity. most people have never asked themselves on how to drive the fundamental processes from the very inner elements and critical human factor affecting ones life or being very blurry than the mirrored at profile, figures. Remember that once the gazing at figures will also ruin and sack them off.