Saturday, 28 May 2011

Lasama Survives Suharto, but almost killed by UNPOL

Tempo Semanal Exclusive Breaking news, 28/05/2011

On 28 May 2011 the President of the national Parliament of Timor-Leste, Fernando de Araujo Lasama survived a car accident in Be-Hau, Manatuto east of Dili the capital of Timor-Leste. Lasama is the President of the Partido Demokratika a leading member of the governing Coalition lead by Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao, and was from February 2008 until April 2008 the interim head of state as the President of the Republic was Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta recovered from gunshot wounds in an Australian hospital. 
Typical UN driving Timor-Leste foto dok
 According to Tempo Semanal sources in the area the President of the National parliament was travelling eastwards in a convoy to visit Baucau District. When they arrived in Be-hau, the driver of the vehicle carrying the President of the national Parliament saw a hole on the road.  At this time the driver braked the car, and the vehicle immediately behind in the convoy driven by United Nations Police escorts slammed into the car carrying the President of the National Parliament.

According to the Government press officer, “the UNPOL escort hit his car from behind. Lasama is ok. Now he is staying overnight in Baucau.”

When Tempo Semanal tried to confirm with the UN Spokesperson Ms. Sandra Macguire at 2030hrs local time her phone was turned off.

Tempo Semanal confirmed the story from the Security of State for Security Fransisco Guterres responsible for policing and public safety, which his police trained and mentoring by the UNPOL. Guterres confirmed “yes, but he is ok. The car in the front [carrying Lasama] braked, and the UNPOL escort car hit his car from behind. He is ok.”

In 1991 Fernando de Araujo Lasama was arrested by Indonesian security forces for his role in the resistance to the Suharto regime.  Many others were killed or disappeared once being arrested.  Lasama was imprisoned in Cipinang prison Jakarta along with now Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao.  Having survived the Suharto regime Lasama was nearly killed today by UNPOL incompetent drivers in a card accident.

Tempo Semanal has reported in the past about dangerous UN drivers.  UN traffic accidents have caused much victims in the last tens years.  Tempo Semanal in December 2010 revealed internal UN audits on UN misconduct but the UN still has not responded.


Anonymous said...

Stupid, unprofessional, idiot UNPOL

Anonymous said...

this is a non sense report my friend!. Those CSP police that drive VIP's cars are all reckless drivers and very indiciplines. they are all road rage, 'TETU BA MAI SIRA HOTU HANESAN DEIT; ESKOLTU ONU NO ESKOLTU CSP'those VIPs convoys that head to district need to respect other people on the road, drive a bit slow big bosses.! otherwise you will be killed on road accidents no matter who you are..!

Anonymous said...

Oh mai compara fali kareta asidente ho Suharto nee oh beikten bot ida pa.

Oh sorti UN sira mai ajuda ita, se lae ita han malu nafatin, beik ten bot ida nee.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Lasama's car picture? I cant understand how an almost "killed person" could keep travelling. A hospital should sound as a better idea.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon1. Those so called VIPs in Timor (and their incompetent CSP drivers)think they rule the road. Look around Dili when they come pass traffic light do they bother to stop? Nope..Traffic rules only apply to common people.

Anonymous said...

CSP timor oan no VIP nia kondores sira ne mesak idiot hanesan hotu deit..! istilus koboy no dalan hanesan fali sira nia mesak!
sira babain soke povu kik mate ne dala barak la iha lia. agora VIP balu mate tiha mak diak.. ne para sira fase matan! selae istilus maun abut iha dalan boot ho PAJERO governo nian nebe hola ho povu(selu taxa nain) nia osan! MOE OITUAN BA.>! (I say it because i always experience it day in day out!) *Povu kiik*

Anonymous said...

anonimous 1,2, 5 no 6:
imi koalia los duni, maibe ita halo saida tan, sira mak hamrik iha lei nia leten no ita povu bai2n mak iha lei nia okos. sorti la mate, mate karik bandeira hasae 1/2 tiang fali ona.

Anonymous said...

I do appreciated with all of your comments, but seems like you are unfair in giving your comments.. This is how we could measured as an UN Police that they role in this country is to support and to be a model of our PNTL….Unfortunately most of our PNTL members are better than UNPOL, both personal and professional attitudes …. Keep up PNTL..!!, I do appreciated with your performance so far and ...keep up...