Thursday, 19 May 2011

President’s Office outraged at UNMIT

Tempo Semanal-Dili,19.05.2011

This afternoon President Ramos Horta issued a press released in regard to recent allegation by internal UN report that Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao is an obstacle to constitutional Democrasy in Timor Leste. The Press Released title "President’s Office is outraged at the unacceptable pseudo-analysis concocted by a UNMIT beaurocrat in referring to Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão leadership."

On tuesday in Dili,  president Horta angrily said UN analysts is stupid. The United Nations in Timor Leste is led by the special Representative of the Secretary general Ms. Ameerah Haq. Tempo semanal Source say that Ms. Haq has been unable to meet with the Prime Minister on the regular basis for some times. This is unlike previous experience when the head of the UN in Timor Leste had good relations with the government of Timor Leste.

"No one in this country, or in the region, is more committed than Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão to democracy, rule of law and peace," Said horta in the press released.

"For as long as 40 years, Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão devoted himself to the ideals of freedom, human dignity and democracy," stated Horta in the Press Release.

Horta as a veteran Diplomat of the country continued said,"We know the UN family in Timor-Leste compromises individuals of many different nationalities, with diverse academic and professional qualifications, and a vast majority of them do not speak the local language and hardly ever mingle with East-Timorese."

"So after years of serving here, they still know very little about this country. Therefore, it’s forgivable some of the pseudo-analysis they make about Timor-Leste."

Tempo Semanal sources in the Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste say that the presidency, the president of the national parliament, the council of ministers and all governing coalition political parties say and fell that this internal document is personal attack on not only Prime Minister of Timor Leste but also the leader of the resistance to the Indonesian occupation of East Timor .

The United Nations and the Government of Timor Leste have been for the last six months ingaged in an argument over the content of the UN human development report. The Human development report was released by the United Nations in ten days ago but due to the content of the report the government banned all members of the government to attend the launched of the report. 


Anonymous said...

"No one in this country, or in the region, is more committed than Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão to democracy, rule of law and peace," said Horta in the press released.

Apakah JRH sudah lupa Maternus Bere jadi bebas di 30 Augustus 2009?

Rule of law? Ya, Xanana harus di penjara!

Anonymous said...

"No one in this country, or in the region, is more committed than Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão to democracy, rule of law and peace," said Horta in the press released.

Apakah JRH sudah lupa Maternus Bere jadi bebas di 30 Augustus 2009?

Rule of law? Ya, Xanana harus di penjara!

Anonymous said...

"No one in this country, or in the region, is more committed than Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão to democracy, rule of law and peace," Said horta in the press released.

Apakah JRH sudah lupa Maternus Bere jadi bebas di 30 Agustus 2009?

Rule of law? Ya, Xanana harus di penjara!

Joao S. said...

General comments have sparkled around within different views and perspectives traced from the ground and it is expected to become coold down in few days coming. Upon the search of the news source, I found it was not an ever official report against the democratic processes in this country. Just slidely, I found this was a part of discussed topics of democratic governance in TL on a retreat day in January where I could also understand as personal opinions on this matter. So overall, it was not ever an official report as a whole but just being a fractional opinion which is very common in most democratic processes in many countries. And, this was prepared for internal discussions only and has been flashed out to a journalist with unknown reason and subsequently it turned to the opponent party for political consumptions. So it was not leaked by the UN itself. I agreed mostly that the PM is an ideal driver for democractic processes in this country and the region but TL having turned many long time crisis sequently from 1974 till event present days. In facing those critical cases, sometimes some hard actions are really needed to stablize and overcome the most arduous situations. Bravo!!!

Anonymous said...

It is true that most of the UN staff who are in Timor live in their own world and are detached from the reality of the timorese people.
Because of this their knowledge of Timor and of the timorese is very limited which is reflected in the reports/opinions they produce/have of East Timor.

To accuse Xanana Gusmao of being an obstacle to democracy is a blatant demonstration of this inadequate knowledge they have.

I just wish the UN and it's army of consultants could have something more substantial to show for the years and billions they have spent in East Timor.
Unfortunately, there is not much to show for it.

John SM. said...

In most experiences in the democratic states around the world, democratization alone has built up great promotions and citizhen participations in the state building processes towards stabilization, sustainability and long-term looking prosperity. Let's look at the most war torn countries that have gone under brutal dictatorships of governance, deepest gravity of conflicts and social unrests in asian and african continents. The experiences in TL have flashly demonstrated these indications of peace, stability and security since 2007 till present. Now, we should question of why this flashing and very fractional comment was being leaked to outside of the household. Probably the one has been trying to blurring out the situation slashly or having hidden political motive behind it? Now, we could witness of how democratic processes have leaked to districts, sub-districts, villages down to community groups which we have never counted on them but they have obviously performed great efforts to sensitize democratic values, various dialogues, forums in the fields. Given the facts that TL has turned deeply into long periods of rooted conflicts and sequential crisis driven from 1974 till 1999, 2006 and even its backwards period of times and it is not so light to tackle them in one sparkling night. In sum up, TL has moved into more democratic states with strong commitments towards secure, stable and properous end. Bravo!!!

Dut Morin said...

Xanana's legacy as a former leader of resistance, one of the architects of independence and the establishment of timorese nation-state is unquestionable, revered and part of timorese historical heritage written with honour and gold ink. Nobody can and shall deny it.

However we must also realize and aware that at present and to the future we live in a democratic sovereign and independent nation-state based on rule of law. Hence every citizen as well as those who work to strength and uphold democratic values and the principles rule of laws must undoubtedly have the privilege to scrutinize any politician in command of political power. Whoever he is and from whatever background he was! In this case PRIME MINISTER Kayrala Jose Alexandre Xanana Gusmao is no exception for such measure. Subjected to democracy's rules of game.

To uphold democracy is to be transparent in assessing whoever leader in political power for whatever policies he comes out with. Therefore to criticize and asses Xanana we must look at his present role as a leader of government, as a Prime Minister.

Xanana's government is the one responsible for freeing a detained mass murder from prison (Martenus Bere), he was the one who masterminded and used Alfredo Reinado, Railos cs and the Petitioners to create political crisis, overthrowing a democratically elected previous government led by Alkatiri ( a fact confirmed by Salsinha himself in this blog).

Xanana was the one, as a Prime Minister, who did not obey the decision of courts of justice in regard to his government illegal transfer of state funds. He was the one who fails to promote the fight against impunity of past crimes by Indonesian military and its militia proxies. Instead of taking a bold policy to defend the victims, he actively campaigns for a fragile and fake reconciliation without justice. Denying the basic and fundamental rights of victims, promoting and defending the interests of criminals and mass murderers. His present policy on this matter is equal to promoting impunity and fragile time bomb reconciliation in absence of justice.

He also fails as a Prime Minister in the management of state money during his actual governance. His government has lasted for 4 years, during these years he has wasted U$ 2 billions of timorese people's money with little impact in the country's development.

The Prime Minister is brilliant and smart in political discourse, to justify his governance's failure. Justifying his government failures to deliver services to the nation by actively recounting his past achievement as a resistance leader with historical rhetoric in order to intimidate those who oppose his government miserable policies. However his government fails, is failing and has failed to deliver progress and values for money for State budget U$ 2 billion already spent and more billion on course to be spent. Last no but least he fails miserably as Prime Minister in good governance. Which precisely means protecting corrupt members of his government and promoting incapacities in the service of public interrests. (Electric or energy power service and infrastructures development are among those clear examples of this failure of performance as a Prime Minister of a democratic country).

In resume Xanana as a Prime Minister is projecting the image of a Napoleon Bonaparte character: le stat cest moi, THE STATE IS XANANA, XANANA IS THE STATE. And the rest is just landscape. A pure example of OBSTACLE TO DEMOCRACY, PROGRESS AND RULE OF LAWS! Therefore he must be criticized and deserved to be continuously reassessed as a Prime Minister. The man must be woken up and made aware that he is governing a democratic country not commanding guerilla forces in a revolutionary war! He must be made aware THE STATE IS THE PEOPLE NOT XANANA!

By: Dut Morin


John SMA. said...

Negara TL masih sangat membutuhkan bantuan dan dukungan utk.melaksanakan pembangunan fisik dan non-fisik (pembangunan mental dan karakter manusianya) meskipun dlm hal2 yg sangat kecil sekalipun karena itu hi kawan2ku, jangan hanya berpnagku tangan utk. mengritik dgn.keras tapi buktikan dlm hal2 tindakan praktis utk.melakukan perubahan2 ke masa depan yg lebih damai,sejahtera dan makmur. Jaidlah pemain2 handal dlm.pembangunan di segala sektor, jangan hanya duduk2 rajin mengritik, bertepuk tangan dan menonton saja. Dan utk.menjadi pemain handal. tdklah mudah hanya mengritik tapi perlu kerja keras, cucurkan keringat, menguras tenaga, pikiran, capek, tahan lapar/tantangan, tangan perlu bergerak cepat, kaki harus berjalan cepat utk.tujuan2 yg benar dan pasti. Thnx.

Jaim SHS said...

Fundamentally, TL still needs everyone contributions from all timorese as well as from the development partners, international community to drive the development in all sectors and areas further since the end of 1999 till present days. In September 1999, we all witnessed that Dili became a ruining and ash city at that time. Noted also on the comments from Mr. Dioniso Babo who interviewed with ABC saying that the report has suddenly flattened the success stories of the UN. Probably Mr. Dionisio has fractionally ignored the very daunting grounds and scracthes since the beginning of 1999 or having absent in Dili at that time. He should reverse steps to review on how these arduous settings have moved along the paths ahead. TL still needs to recover and cure all the burried problems and challenges over since with all the sequential obstacles which hamper democracy, stability and prosperity to all people.@@##$$&&**%%

Leto said...


Be realistic and look at the problems in a wider point of view and not in a narrow, arrogant and egoistic way of view.

Prime Minister Xanana, when you are discredited manipulatively and criticized while doing positive things for the sake of the People and the beloved Country, be sure that you are on right path and supportive side. Do not worry with cheap and meaningless attacks. You will get stronger and stronger though attcked, because People know how to value your dedication,work and will be always supportive and the oponents will get more and more frustrated, because they don't know how to value them for the success is far from them to be achieved.

And if they do not realize how terrible they are discrediting, damaging and destroying themselves and the institution they represent with their actions, they will fall into eternal failure.

Kritikus nain sira, karik hadomi Povu ho Nasaun doben ida ne,no hakarak hetan FIAR husi ema seluk ka Povu, diak liu, halo kritika nebe eduka ema, "critica educativa" atu hadia situasaun nebe karik ladiak hodi sai diak,laos halo kritika tamba laran moras ka tamba la gosta ema.

Uluk iha ailaran ami aprende halo kritika konstrutiva atu eduka ema, laos kritika destrutiva. Se kritika nain mai husi partido historiku Fretilin, hau bele dehan imi ses an dok los husi prinsipio base nebe Fretilin uluk halao iha ailaran.

Ohin loron ema barak bele le no analiza kritikas sira nebe imi halo. Iha Timor ka iha estrangeiro, se mak la konhece Xanana Gusmao? Quanto mais imi bosok ka tenta manobra opiniao publika, kona ba figura Xanana, imi ke'e rasik rai kuak halo naruk liu tan hodi hakoi an, tamba imi sei lakon fiar ba bebeik ho imi nia manobras baratas sira ne.

Keta hanoin leitores nebe be le imi nia kritikas ne, ema beikten ho vizaun badak no klot hanesan imi.

Hakarak lori ema, ka convense ema, koalia lia los, atu bele hetan fiar husi publiku ka leitores sira. Se mak hakarak tuir lideres sira nebe hatene deit bosok, manipula opiniaun publika, buka soran ema halo konflitu no desakredita ema seluk,no la iha kapasidade atu eduka ema sai diak?

Halo exame konsciensia rasik ba hodi buka hadia an ba dalan los. Timor ita Hotu nian, keta sobu buat nebe balun hari metin dadauk ona.... tamba Ramelau, Matebian ka Mundu Perdidu, Kablaki,Loelaku no Foho Lulik sira seluk iha Timor laran tomak,bele babeur no halolakon ema nebe halo serbisu ho laran foer.

May 24,2011

Aikameli said...

In view of the legacy of honor, respect, his is deserved to receive those tributes but parallely democray values, participation, mutual respects, understanding should be upholded and adhered to. Because if these continue to flamme up then finally they will overshadow the processes and could hamper democracy flows to the grounds. We could understand that in most arduous times, it is critical to decide any best options to settle the obstacles being faced. Thus, for the rest of state organs should stand firmly to keep checks and balances amongst themselves. Each should understand clearly their constitutional mandates and responsibilites delegated upon them. So all citizen must work hard to make brighther changes ahead. Best thing does not arrive accidentally except hard efforts must drive alongwith it.

Dan TK. said...

In fundamental democratic histories, we should critize ourself and self-reflection before being critized by others. Because in most pshycological human deepest substances, every individual has to drag deeply from 75% of the long humanity fundamental cycles of its individual capacities and the rest will be added upon as quoted from a famous professor who has researched and taught in 30 universities around the globe about life cycles management, success and prosperity. But he viewed this from human factors and pshycological perspectives which should ride the long human life cycles engines. So we should not wrap our individual values and principles, efforts, works onto someone alone to drive all efforts to perform best successes for all. Still we can mirror and google at the values, principles, respects for 25% quota. The rest 75% should be driven individually.

Jyam SA said...

In 2002 human development report titled democracy in fragmented world cited most of under-developed countries in the spread of democracy, checks and balances, separation of power, participation and transparency values, principles etc. In most developed countries, critiques from the opponent are highly valued as they added positive points, reasons, ideas for future improvement and developments. Even most are happy to welcome those triggerring opinions. Frankly, the citized parts should react nervously but noted that there are big lessons planted behind them. Deeply, democracy is laid in heart, spirit, idealisms, mindsets of every individual to develop and promote widely.

Mauloy said...

At the very glance impression over some critical comments, publications, news coverage, we shoud be cool down and think deeply before posting our reactions and evaluation to counter the critizism. Thus, do not juts look at the cover or event contents arrays and orders but look into profoundly and scientifically, what are values, lessons and recommendations to be dragged from there. whether the shown indicators, examples, cases are quite coverly expressing the real points. we can fundamentally use our deepest brain capacities and cognitive thoughts to judge and decide the best answers. most people are naturally prisoned and jailed by each own brain and great thoughts which are very narrow to the very small spot around.