Thursday, 15 April 2010

Timor Press Demands Apology from Zacarias.

Timorese newspapers the Suara Timor Lorosae, Tempo Semanal, Timor Post, and Diario Nasional will boycott to cover any story put out by Foreign Minister Zacarias da Costa.  This is because he disrespected many Timorese journalists as a result of his actions subsequent to stories published about his threat to resign by SMS to the Office of the Prime Minister.

In a meeting yesterday these newspapers agreed to demand an apology from the Foreign Minister as a result of his disrespectful attitude towards the Timorese free press", said the spokesman for the newspapers, Jose Belo of the Tempo Semanal.


Malae said...

The Foreigner Minister of Timor-Leste already apologized? Just tell him to resign because you already disrespect your government, blame journalists in your country and the Members of this Party want to resign all, they just lying to every people in this country i am telling you, I am not a politician but a little bit I knew about that.

Anonymous said...

Jose Belo,
I am disappointed in you! This type of journalism is not journalism at all.
Malae Amerika

Christoper said...

I see Tempo Semanal has become merely as a government's mouthpiece or propaganda media rather than an independent one with its own integrity and mostly important impartial media.

One simple and basic thing is to report a story and inform the general public, but the other thing and inappropriate gesture is when media has become part of the story and apparently sided with those involved in the story reported. That my friend is journalism on the wrong path.

Those in TS specially the editor need to humbly go back to a basic learning of independent and credible journalism.

Thank you

From Irish Republic