Thursday, 15 September 2011

ADF Killed in Car Accident

Dili Tempo Semanal

East Timor President shock hands with ADF soldiers
 (Photo/ Arc. ADF)
An ADF car involved in a serious accident in East Timor today. The car went off the road and possible those ADF in the car. The ISF has called a press conference in it's head quarter today in Dili at 14.30 but was postponed due have no permission from Canberra yet. "I can only say that an ISF car has involved in a serious car accident," said the ISF public affairs officer.

According to the witnesses account there were some injuries or possible one or two ADF killed in the car crashed. The ADF car went off the road near Baucau airport east of Dili.

When Tempo Semanal trying to confirmed about the victims which killed in the car accident the officer rejected to provide much more detail.

But East Timor president DR. Jose Ramos Horta confirmed the death from the ADF members and offer his condolences to the victims family. "To the family of deceased I wish to offer my most heartfelt condolences," said DR. Horta in his SMS to Tempo Semanal.

Ramos Horta is in Baucau follow the Bicycle race name Tour de Timor which will be finish in Dili tomorrow.

The road conditions in East timor still in pain but the ISF car was went off the road in a very good road west of Baucau airport.

"I very regret the fatal accident involving Australian military truck. We are all saddened and surprised how such accident in an area of excellent road condition, at the Baucau airport area," Horta state.

 East Timor president want to know the cause of the accident will killed the ADF soldier. "I'm awaiting further news on cause of the accident," Ramos Horta demand.

The Australian defense Force involved in a mission name International Stabilization Force (ISF) in East timor since 2006.

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