Sunday, 30 May 2010

Chinese navy Trains F-FDTL Navy on Chinese built Patrol Boats

Three days after the celebration of East Timor's restauration of it's independence the two F-FDTL patrol boat arrived in Timor Leste from China on May 23th 2010. Two years ago Timor Leste Government signed a contract of US$ 40 million to Polly Thecnology a chinese company to build the two F-FDTL boats which angered the TL's closest friend Australia. In that time the Australian intended to donoted their second hand Pacific patrol boat which according to some Timorese leaders said the Australian Government give them a litle bit head ache. "They were about to give a presentation to the government when we took decission to buy from china," said a high level government official who asked not to name. As Tempo semanal noted that the contract was signed during a weekend in march 2008 while the Australian Team is prepared to present their plan in the coming week.

This is about pride for a country and it's people and the two boat is the biggest project ever for F-FDTL since the it was transforma to the Timor Leste official arrmed forces in 2001. Now the F-FDTL marine component under trainning by their Chinese counter part on how to deal with two patrol boat name after the Jaco island and an area in Same District call Betano.

On 28/05/2010 the secretary state Julio Tomas Pinto together with some civilian sail to Atauro island on the Betano boat. It was take 20 minutes from Dili while it was only sail with 20 knots. "the boat is in very good condision because from Dili to Atauro take us only 20 minutes and it was not yet use the full capacity, "said julio.


Anonymous said...

Sad because these boats are only for using close to the beach or in river: $24 million dollars is too much money for boats that can not patrol in the Timor Sea unless very very flat no wind. So boats cannot stop illegal fishermans unless they are standing on beach.

Anonymous said...

These two boats are an important addition to East Timor capabilities to patrol its own seas.
East Timor is losing far more than $24 million per year in illegal fishing in Timor waters.
If these patrol boats can put a stopo to the illegal fishing then they have practically paid themselves off.
Now what East Timor needs is more and perhaps bigger navy vessels to properly protect its territorial waters.
These two patrol boats are a good first step in that direction.