Monday, 31 May 2010

Grasia Farm Produce Eggs Government Unable to Protect Local Product And UNMIT Buy Internationally.mpg.mpg

Since last year East Timorese and their business partners set up a Chicken farm industry in Rai Lako sub-district in Ermera. Today (30/05/2010) the Grasia Farm have some twenty four thousands of chicken and 92% Of it have producing 22500 eggs per day. Means in only in june this year this Grasia chicken farm will produce in total 675000 eggs.

The problem is till today there are many eggs importing from Indonesia Could prejudice the local business to grow. Octaviana one of the manager in Grasia Farm told Tempo Semanal that until today they can’t freely sell thei product in Dili market because they don’t want to other business people disappointing at them. “Today we can’t yet sell in the wide market because afreaid to compete with other existing shops. If intervene the market suddenly sell these eggs with low price could create some bad things,” said Octaviana.

An organisation name Peace Dividend Trust is successful in their campaign to try

raise the awareness of the UNMIT and other International agencies to buy locally but most of these organisation mainly UNMIT still preferred to spend most of their fund to import things from outside the country and spend very little in Timor Leste.

Several business people complaint about luck of interest from the Timor Leste Government to protect local business product and strengthening business sector in this new nation.

Timor Leste is becoming the US Dollar halt since 1999 before the US currency cross the border into West Timor as well as flying with Indonesian Merpati to Bali, Aust East Asia to Singapore and Air North Darwin. From billion of aid money to Timor Leste only very small amount of US$ dollar inject into the East Timor Economy.

Even luck of market but Grasia Farm have imported more 20000 chicken from Malasya to replace the existing one because by 88 weeks the company have to sold those old one.

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