Wednesday, 26 May 2010

TS Video: Timor Leste Fight for Pipeline Horta Fight Xanana and Alfredo

There is tension between Government under PM Xanana Gusmao with President of the Republic over their differencies on the issue how the greater sun Rise to develop. Xanana's Government maintain its position for the pipeline to come to Timor Leste while President Jose Ramos Horta shows his pragmatisms over the Woodside decission to have FLNG to process gas from Greater Sunrise field. President some times criticised Xanana's Government because he has not received any study report by Petronas.

The Government claimed that Woodside and its patners not comply with all the requirement and futheremore the Australian Company always try to ruled out pipeline to Timor Leste options since 2008.

In his letter response to Woodside 29/04/2010 announcement Xanana said, "while Timorese still suffered in 1989 Australian Foreign Minister G. Evans and Ali Alatas fropm Indonesia fly over the Timor sea and signed an agreement to share our resources. Australia get it because they supported the integration and Indonesia have it because the accepted the integration," Xanana told the public in Vemase Sub-District, District Baukau earli this month.

Xanana Said it's very difficult to face the big countries that's why he appeal to all political parties and leaders to stand together to fight for the national interest.

Some of the Timorese alleged President horta is becoming the spokes person of the Woodside and its joint venture when Horta decide to meet Woodside and its partners while the government closed their door to woodside. Horta was very angry at these people and demanding for an appology but Rui Castro and two other collegues said, they will not going to ask any appology to the head of state. "I will not going to ask any pardon from horta before he explain his possition to the public why he seems so defensive for a company like Woodside which has been recommended by an international company from Norway which said Woodside is not prudent," said Rui Castro.

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