Thursday, 27 May 2010

TS Video: A Timorese Mother and Her Son Need Medical Care

On a trip to cover an story in Maubara an hour drive west of Timor Leste's Capital Tempo Semanal found a family of nine people leaving in a poor condition. Victor afonso's wife Juliana dasi is very sick. Tempo semanal aproach by a lady who supposed to be the neighbour of Victor's family told Tempo Semanal that Geraldo de son of Victor and Juliana need help for medical treatment. "Geraldo is sick so he can't go to study. He has been sick since he was 3 days old and now he is sick. I think this boy need some help because he doesn't talk proverly," said the woman who is carying her young baby seat next to the firewood.
 She took Tempo Semanal Journalist to a small halt any found a lady who seems to be pregnant but actually a kind of illness. Tempo Semanal asked what kind of illness she has? is it have any impact to her baby? "I am not not pregnant but this is a kind of illness," said Juliana.
Her husband Victor pulled a side Tempo Semanal Journalist and said, "I don't know what to do to help my wife and my son."
It was a shocking moment for a journalist to she in a family two person get sick.The journalists didn't promised any thing at all to the family and saw their sadness. As soon as they got them self on to the car my chief editor Jose Belo looking confuse and very quite all the way to Dili. After Likisa my chief Editor said, "what should we do?" By the time I have though about some things else so I didn't get what he wants. I asked, "to do what?, we are on the way to Dili."
Jose reply with angry, "to help the sick family."
I said, "ok. but we are not docter or aid people. we don't have means."
It was a big mistake to said such things to Belo. my words fuel his angered. He shouted at me, "can you shoot your mouth please?"
I was worry that Jose may sack me from my job. When we passed Tasi Tolu lake he asked me to give my phone to him.


Anonymous said...

can you shoot your mouth please? What it means? It is ashamed for TS to keep writing broken English in its blog. And it is even worse if the same articles appear at the printed articles that circulated in the country.

Anonymous said...

More poverty now in Timor-Leste than in 1999. "Tiga pahlawan" (Jose, Mari and Jose) should go live in Portugal!