Thursday, 27 May 2010

TSVideo: Xanana angry at Woodside and Australia


Xanana Gusmao during the National Strategic Development plan consultation in Vemase sub-district early of may criticised Woodside and Australia badly. To the people he said, "Look the bayu Udang Field is close to us already piped to Darwin and Greater sunrise more closer to Timor Leste they still want it. Because our position is firm to pipe to our land and now they have though another solution which only processing in the sea. They only try to prevent us to create job opportunity in our home. To have a chance to develop our country. Because of this reasons when ever we are not firm and when ever we are not together to defend our country instead of defending the interest of one leader against another means people will eat ours, they will keep still our resources, and other will lie us. This is why in the past three days I have wrote to woodside that We are not forget what happened in 1989 you share our resources into two whenever our people were still dying. Our resources you were share halp to one side and another halp the other side(Australia and Indonesia).

We never forget that Australia has run away from Internetional Tribunal in Denhaag to prevent us taking the casse to discuss the sea line.

The truth according to the international law here they have right only to 20% and ours 80% but now they dont think that way so we get 20% and they took 80%. Because all this my dear friend, when ever we fight each other in country they come and step on us till the ground and we will remain poor."

In these days some timorese people are working with two expert from england conducting some study in the sea of be asu near vikeke which according to the plan the Timor Leste government want to build an LNG plant to pipe the gas from Greater sunrise field

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