Wednesday, 1 September 2010

East Timor Deputy PM Mario Carrascalao did not attend Today’s Council Minister

After dispute during last week Council Ministers meeting East Timor PM Xanana Gusmao today Deputy PM Mario Carrascalao is not attend the council Ministers seat. He Cars Park is vacant. Usually the car of Deputy PM Carrascalao park side by side with the secretary state for SEPI, Idelta Maria Rodriques. Mario Carrascalao has threaten to resigned from his post after PM Xanana asked him to be quiet while PM is speaking during the last week Council Ministers seating. "Mr. Carrascalao just stood up and walked out from the room," TS source said. According to a source with the East Timor council Minister said, “Mr.Carrascalao has wrote Prime Minister to informed he is not healthy.”
Mr. Carrascalao has informed the journalist sometimes ago that he was become deputy PM because appointed by East Timor President. Some newspaper in Dili Published last week that as soon as he left the council Minister meeting on 25/08 he has sent a SMS to president horta to informed his resignation but Horta said it’s the government business.

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