Saturday, 4 September 2010

An Indonesian Pro Democracy Wilson's Book Remind His Old Colleageus for The Past and bring Good For TL

A Luta Continua’s author, Mr. Wilson an Indonesian long Pro Democracy Activist who has been advocated for East Timor Independence since 1989. Wilson a 43 years old still as an activist even most of his old friends in Indonesian and East Timor now a days most of them are key people in the government.

In an exclusive interview to Tempo Semanal in Yayasan Hak Office Dili Wilson said his book is compiled from his own experience and data that he has during his involvement with the Pro Democracy movement and East Timor Struggled. He is a long standing activist to mobilised Indonesian University Student to understand the case of East Timor under Indonesia.
The Alumni of UI noted some extraordinary moment when he was imprison together with Timorese resistance Leaders Xanana Gusmao. After the Independence Wilson have visiting East Timor for several time but have a difficult accessed to meet his old prison mate Xanana. So he has to wait near PM’s car park out Side Government main building to meet Xanana after 12 years not see each other one on one.
In his book he has described the importance of East Timorese course for Indonesia Pro Democracy movement. But Wilson is annoyed by some of his colleagues which were fight for Democracy and in the mean time did want East Timor to have its independence.
In his book Wilson not only informed the past but he also talking about the current situation. He suggested to Timorese leaders to be carefully with the globalisation and foreign economic Domination. He said even Indonesia as a country has independence for 65 years but economically dependent to America, World Bank and multinational companies. He is recommended to Timorese leaders not to take some anti western investor but he wish the government could control these investors.
Wilson recommends the unity among the Timorese leaders for the sake of the country because if Xanana, Mari and Horta keep fight each other will give a room to the some other to use for their benefit.
The book is interesting because it’s written in Indonesian and may have a wider readers in east timor.

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Selamat untuk pak Wilson atas peluncuran Buku Luta continua,,kira kira sudah bisa diakses dipasaran belum?