Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Horta Visit PDT Critised Donors - Media Coverage Horta Visit

East Timor President Jose Ramos Horta is not satisfied yet by the way of the donor’s countries spending their aids money in East Timor. Last two months Horta has criticised badly Aus Aids by cut it funds towards Peace Dividend Thrust. After Horta sent a protest letter to Australian Ambassador and believed has raised the issue with Canberra the Aus Aids increased not significantly but very small some more amounts make it up to more or less US$400,000.

Even the Aus Aid has gave US$ 400,000,- to PDT but likely the fund is not enough. Which cost some offices in the districts have to closed down. Again President Jose Ramos horta who is very concerning of reducing the Timorese poverty again annoyed at the donors rhetoric yesterday. He is very unhappy with the donors and will asked East Timor PM to help the organisation which help build Local economy.
Told Tempo Semanal was told that some of the donors not happy with the media coverage of Horta’s visit to PDT.

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