Friday, 17 September 2010

Timor Tour, Dili Trafic Jams

Today is the final race of Tour de Timor bicycle race. Most of the road are close till 13.00. heavy traffic jam around. The road around pantai Kelapa was closed by Police started from 8.30 and start function at 13.21. “My car is parking around that corner and I can’t get out from here to go to work because of this road block,” said a lady with African hair style.

She walked towards a restaurant opposite to the main Indonesia fuel depot (pertamina). “I am here for coffee to wait until the open the road block so I can go to work. As a private company my boss must very angry now and I am worry if the company sack me from my job,” she explains.
On the bairopite road is worse traffic jam ever in dili. There was no traffic police to take care of it. Only a malae with civilian clothing did his best for hour to help. Tempo Semanal will upload the video of trafic jam in few hour thanks

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