Thursday, 16 August 2012


Tempo Semanal Exclusif

Tempo Semanal can report that on 24 July 2012 PT PINDAD Deputy Director Weapons Systems Triyono Andri Susilo issued instructions for export of weapons to Timor-Leste's national police service, via Packing List No. 16/PL/DS/P/BD/VII/2012 PM2v1 Submachine guns.

This newspaper reported on this issue here "PNTL Loses Weapons: Commander Longuinos Monteiro In Charge" on 9 August 2012 in addition to "PNTL LOSES WEAPONS AND BUYS FAULTY ONES" on 11 August 2012.

Tempo Semanal can now report it has total import documents for public review on its new facebook fanpage that can be viewed here.  Including 

  1. PT PINDAD packing list for PM2v1 submachine guns, 
  2. PT PINDAD packing list for  SAR-2 anti riot guns, 
  3. Merpati weapons cargo export invoice, 
  4. PNTL customs invoice, and 
  5. letter from PNTL General Commander Longuinos Monteiro demanding customs expedite process for PNTL weapons imports.
The complete import documents are available for public review on its new facebook fanpage that can be viewed here.

 Tempo Semanal Facebook Fanpage

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Incredible! What are the security threats that justifies these weapons being acquired. Their firepowern decries everything we are told about the security situation in TL. Or is it the case that the PNTL and or government that authorized their acquisition have a threat in mind that has lead them to act as they have? If so they should share this with the public. That is the only proper course of action in a democracy. I for one resent our people's money being used to acquire such expensive and deadly weaponry. Jose Teixeira