Friday, 8 October 2010

Julia Gillard's Proposal may split up AMP Government and AMP's MP in Parliament

Dili Tempo Semanal
The East Timorese AMP Mp's and Government are split on the issue of Australian Government Proposal for Refugees Processing centre. “It’s a clear message to us that the AMP Government and AMP MP’s are split on this refugees centre proposal because the Parliamentarian blocked it while their government still want to discuss the matter,” said Antonio Pereira da Costa Ximenes a university student in Dili.

He added, “We are not ready to accept the Australian PM’s proposal and I hoped the Australian government need to understand our problem.”

But may Antonio voice could make a little impact to the government as the Australian Immigration Minister will visit Dili on Monday next week. Acording to the plan which confirmed with the President office said on Tuesday morning the Australian Minister will meet East Timor President DR. Jose Ramos Horta and will follow up with a press conference. There were some media reports said that the Timor Leste Government have indicated suai as the possible site for the refugees processing Centre.
As Timor Parliament have unanimously voted against Australian PM Proposal and while the Government still open for discussion.
"Until now the parliament still maintain it's same position and defend the resolutions which was passed by parliament means we are against any type of proposal related to the issue of Refugees processing centre came from Australian PM," said Aderito Hugo da Costa an MP from CNRT.
The Unanimity resolution was voted by 34 MP, proposed by East Timor Parliament Speaker Fernando Lasama de Araujo supported by the entire nine Parliament bench. Adriano do Nasimento originally from Suai district and the head of PD bench in parliament have share the same reaction as Aderito . "Considering the social and security matter we will not change our position on the matter and the resolution still valid and we will defend the resolution," the head of PD bench told Tempo Semanal.
Many of the Timorese civil society including the Catholic bishop of Baucau have denounced the Australian Pm’s proposal.

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