Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tsunami in Japan, Horta Get Engry at Timorese Secretary States for Security and send His Support to Japanese People

Tempo Semanal-Dili, 11.03.2011

East Timor President DR. Jose Ramos Horta get very angry at the secretary state for Security which he alleged not allow the Timorese police Commissioner to informed the public over the Tsunami warning leaving Timorese in confusion. 
"Well I don’t know whether we would hit by tsunami or not. I had told the commander of the police force commissioner Longuinhos to go on television to explain about that tsunami in Japan, the effects in the region and possible impact on East Timor or not. We have to take initiatives and give information to the people. Instead of allow rumors to spread. I came here talk to these people and said some already left because they afraid of tsunami," Horta told reporter last night. 

President Ramos Horta seems not happy with the secretary state for security for not allowed the police commissioner to go on television. 
“Well the Mr. Secretary State of Security, the very intelligent Mr. Francisco Guterres, who is very efficient as the secretary states for security, he said better we don’t said any thing to the public because we can cause panics. Well that brilliant gentlemen he doesn’t understand one basic principles or one basic rules that is the government and the authorities must always sees the initiatives in providing information precise to avoid rumors spreading. All of the Dili, everybody heard about Tsunami and some already come to Timor Leste. That’s what I told Commissioner Longuinhos but the brilliant Secretary of States who in the last four years we don’t know what he has done for the police Force now saying that better we don’t say anything because we can create panics. Well you create panics when you don’t give information."

The head of State share his heart breaking with the Japanese Government and it's people.
 “To the Japanese people and to all of them as I watch the news from Television, I watch with extreme sadness, horror and can not but only fell tremendous sympathy for the Japanese people, all of them in particular my friends in Senday because I know some there. I visited Senday many years ago. Met with thousands of people there. And we have an old friend head of teacher’s federation there, Mr. Michio Takahachi and old friend of Timor Leste. I hope that he is well and I hope his family are well," The 1996 peace Price winner said.   

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