Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Australian Citizen Protesting TL's KKN in Dili

Dili, 04/08/2010

An Australian Citizen suspected to be victim of East Timor Corruption, is protesting on the Roadside opposite to Public offices in the capital of the young nation. Colins not new face for many Timorese because he has doing this road side alone Demo for some months now. Many Timorese people are surprising with this Australian person who day by day always stands in the corners of Dili's streets holding banner speak out of Corruption against Timorese system. He always carries the same banner, same umbrella and wearing the same hat. This Australian Citizen Collin Hall apparently claimed he and his wife is became victim of Timorese corrupt system. Without any voice he always stands outside the Government main Building, President palace in Ai Tarak Laran, Unmit head quarter in Kaikoli and even lodging his case to some foreign embassies in Dili. On Monday Afternoon approximately 17.00 Hours Dili Time, Colin Protesting in the junction across from Timor Hotel opposite to a big board with President Horta’s Pictures and message from TL’s head of State to combat Corruption.

Collin’s wife Odete Maria Guterres a Timorese Australian Nationality used to run a business in Dili namely Metro Cafe. Mr. Colin Claimed some politicians and law makers are not help to solve his wife problem and worse he alleged the Timorese court system is not working. He is name several Timorese politicians, law makers and even UN staffs involvement in the case.
Colin is seems to be very angry and he suspiciously of Tempo Semanal Newsman. “Are you a policeman,” Asked Colin. After knew the answered from Journalist Tempo Semanal he explain that, “last Thursday I was approached by a journalist which is not journalist.”
There are many allegations of Corruptions, Collusions and Nepotisms brought to the surface but the senior Government and Civil servants still enjoy their positions and not many actions been taken. So Far there will be only few cases brought before the court including several stories reported on Tempo Semanal Weekly paper. The Government has showing its interest to tackle the problem as promised by PM Gusmao in his Campaign since day one on 29/05/2007 in Lospalos.
In Xanana’s Prime Ministership he has a deputy PM to take care of Good Governance and set up the commission of Anti Corruption and appointed Mr. Aderito de Jesus Soares to do this challenging job.
Many Timorese activist are pessimist with the effort and saying they are not believe that the government and other state holders are serious to resolve the problem of Corruption. “I don’t think those politicians are serious to resolve the problem of KKN because most of them are afraid of their actions will cost any of their family members in jail,” said Domingo Barros a student from Dili based University.

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