Saturday, 28 August 2010

The poor Maubese Market Condition and People have Less Access to US Dollar

Maubese is an area very productive to produce vegetable and fruits. This old woman claiming that she only gets US$0.50 a day. She said it’s very hard to get consumers to buy her stuffs. “some times I only get 50 cent a day,” this old woman said. She is struggling to earn some money to support her grand children to study. “it’s very difficult to get US$4 to US$5 a day.” Maubese’s is located in central of east Timor became very famous to tourist because of its climate mountain and Pousada. If in Maubese is hard to have circulation of money means it must be harder for the other people in some part of east Timor to get access to US$0,50 a day. Where all those money goes?

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