Saturday, 21 August 2010

Vice Prime Minister Carrascalao Speaks Out. Tempo Semanal Will Protect Its Sources.

In the interests of showing both sides TS publishes the below Press Release from Vice Prime Minister Mario Carrascalao.
Tempo Semanal believes that its readers are best placed to make up their own minds about the issue of the 17,000 dollar contract for Adviser Rosa Ribeiro.

Tempo Semanal will however continue to report on corruption in Timor-Leste wherever it may be found. The Palacio Governo, FRETILIN CC HQ, or the farthest mountain villages.

Of note is that there is no whistle blower legislation in Timor-Leste which protects people from legal action in the case that they reveal corruption inside their institutions. Tempo Semanal has reported on corruption every week for over 2 years - and has never revealed a source. This will continue. Tempo Semanal always protects its sources.

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