Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Julio Pinto And Lere Anan Timur Visited Oekuse To See the TNI Destruction

Secretary state of Defence Julio Tomas Pinto and deputy Commander of East Timor Defence Force Brig. General Lere Anan Timur visited Oekuse enclave to find out the first hand information on the Indonesian TNI element who have several time infiltrating into East Timor Territory. On in the last three months there were about three incident of Illegal crossing by the Indonesian Military. Those TNI also destroyed two community houses built by Social and Solidarity Ministry for the elderly people, one government wire house for Ministry of Agriculture in Bena Ufe, Naktuka oekus. Those TNI and their associated also threaten Those East Timor in the area.

The villagers turned out to a public meeting with Julio Pinto, Jorge Teme the secretary state for oekuse region and Brigadier Lere. Julio Pinto informed the community that the TL central Government have lodged a protest to Jakarta. “We hope Indonesian TNI here to respect our border and they should patience not to provoke the situation,” Julio Pinto told the community.
Julio Said Based on the agreement between Portugal and Holland the area is part of East Timor. “We want to solve the rest of disputed area but they (Indonesian) always delayed it,” said Julio.
Indonesia and East Timor Government have set up a joint commission to resolve the 3%of border dispute which have not settle yet. Julio Pinto and Lere went to Oekuse on 23/07/2010 by land and Julio Returned to Dili by East timor patrol boat while Lere came back by land.

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Anonymous said...

Timor oan nebe mak sai husu rai lafaek ida ne ba depois fila straga no destroi, no ameasa povo sira iha oecuse. Rai ida ne ho matebian sira sei kondena sira nia moris. Husik o nia rai sai ba rai seluk fila estraga nia fali. diak liu oho tha deit...