Thursday, 19 August 2010

TImorese Civilian Guard Arrested Two US Navy near Jesus Christ statue and US Official Offer Regret

East Timorese civilian guard the area, Antonio Da silva Costa and his friends arrested to two US Navy because they were alleged of doing sex near the area which according to some Timorese is holly place. Those sailors came to Dili with US Mercy ship to conduct humanitarian assistance for the Timorese people. “I got them while they were on (not good expression),” said Antonio.
“I saw these two foreigners walked up the stairs and when they got to the top they were took some photos. Then the man looks around and he didn’t see me. I was not on alert. But when I turn around I saw the guy has removed his shirt and released his pin and pulled out his vital organ and the woman took out her t-shirt and then ....,” Antonio said with loud tone.
“I felt of these people disrespect our culture and our believe because they did it right near Jesus statue. If they do it in some other place or on peace is their freedom but not in that place,” Said Antonio da silva Costa the Timorese civilian security for the area.
The couple try to bribed and his colleagues to keep the issue quiet but the security guys refused. The case were get big attention from UNPOL , Local Police including some American officials. The US Navy were wear white t-shirt with short were took away in a car drove towards Dili.
Tempo Semanal has requested some comment from US Embassy in Dili. In response the Chargé D'Affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Dili, Jonathan Henick said, “The U.S. Navy and its commanders take seriously all incidents and allegations involving misconduct by Sailors.
“The U.S. Navy is already investigating this incident and will punish any wrongdoing.”
“We regret that this unfortunate incident has detracted attention from the important and valuable humanitarian work of the USNS Mercy in Timor-Leste," John wrote.
“Once again thank you so much for seeking our comment and if you have any further question or need further clarification, please do not hesitate in contacting us.”
The couple were out from the ship and travel to visit the white sand beach and walk towards Jesus Christ statue located on the hill of Fatukama.

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