Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Tempo Semanal exclusive: Companies owners filed compliant against Procurement to Anti Corruption Commission

At about 1500 hours this afternoon, three fuel companies owner filed an allegations of Corruption, Nepotisms and collusion in the process of tender to provide gasoline for EDTL. 
The Government has awarded one of the company relatives of a high rank Government leader. The Government has issued a letter of Credit (LC) to this company. "It's true the government has given to ....company the total value of the LC is US$3,200,000,- as I have check it," said Tempo Semanal source within the Government.
The tendered has been write-off since January this years after Zebra fuel company sent a protest to PM Xanana on January 9th. PM Gusmao has asked the deputy PM Mario carrascalao to investigate the allegations but Mr. Carrascalao has denied have any knowledge about the complaint from Zebra fuel company. In the last two Zebra has log in directly a complain to mr. Carrascalao office but again the Deputy PM for the good governance not give any response to these allegations until this evening. These companies alleged that STA (Servisu teknika aprovizionamentu) has committed nepotism to awarded the tender to ETO. "We know for sure that starting tomorrow the ETO is the one going to provide fuel for EDTL because the term of contract for Sun Shine is expired. "We want to bring this case to the anti Corruption commission to investigate," said Mr. Carlos Alberto V. de Oliviera.
"We filed this allegation against Procurement office because their decision is violate the bids documents. During the process of tender my company has been considered as the first qualified one. why did the decision goes to the third qualified. The government announced on January 6th that ETO is the winner to suply fuel for EDTL. On the January 9th Zebra has sent their protest to PM Xanana. No answered until today.

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