Friday, 13 August 2010

Two Indonesian suspected of Drug Dealer sent to Becora Prison last night

After long hours of preliminary investigation, the Dili District court has sent another two suspected drugs dealers to Becora Prison. As noted in previous reports two Indonesian citizens currently working as and an engineer and an accountant in an Indonesian owned construction company known as "BTK" and "Holiwono". They were arrested near by the BTK compound in Dili on 09/08/2010 by East Timorese Police. The Judge decided to put them in preventive detention for six months for further investigation until such time as the case can go to trial.

Several Indonesian citizen have already been arrested and jailed due to their involvement in dealing drugs in East Timor.

On 25 of May 2009 at Carla Mansion Hotel in Dili an Indonesian drug dealer named Budi Santoso was arrested and later sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. At the same time night East Timorese police also arrested Indonesian citizen Ms. Rinda Sari Tamsil. She was brought before the court and was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.  However, Tamsil escaped custody and is ow believed to be in West Timor in Indonesian province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT).

Mr. Budi is now serving his prison term in East Timor's main prison in Becora, Dili.

Another suspected drug dealer was arrested sometime ago but remains at large.

East Timorese security agencies are suspicious of the involvement the boss of BTK in the case of drug trafficking in East Timor. But Mr. Frans BTK denies any wrong doing. “They
are innocent and I am here to help East Timor,” said Frans. “I am catholic and I swear to God and the Holy Land of Timor,” he added.  

On the other hand the the lawyer for the two suspects tried to obtain their release.  "My clients are not the real suspects because when they were arrested the police found nothing with them but the police found the "sabu sabu" [narcotics] in somebody else's bag,” said Angelo [defence lawyer]. He continued, “Where are the other two suspects? Those suspects are the ones trying to sell the sabu-sabu to my clients but the price is very expensive so my clients decided not to buy.” 

But the authorities said the two suspects are actually the ones trying to seel as opposed to buy the narcotics, and the buyers were police informants.  They also claim to have a register of phone calls and SMS text messages in communication between the suspects with the two police informant. END

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