Monday, 30 August 2010

Gastao Salsinha and his Collegues were Freed on Friday

On friday (27/08) a group of people walked through the main entrance to bekora Dili main prison. Gastao Salsinha and his 22 collegeu have big smill in their faces cause they are no longer prisoners. This group have beneficted of pardom on 20/08/2010 from East Timor President. DR. Jose Ramos Horta is the most victim from the revels attacked 11 February 2008. Gastao Salsinha and his collegues were found Guilty over the twin attacked on East Timor's President residence in Meti Aut Dili and PM Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao's convoy near Dare hill above Dili.
Even they are freeman today but acording to Tempo Semanal Source withing the Dili District court said that these people also accused of involved in the attacked on F-FDTL convoy on 23/05/2006 at Fatu Ahi which resulted several fatal casualties. "The case of Fatu Ahi Attacked will sentence on mid setepmber," the source told Tempo Semanal.
The President decision to give pardom to the Gastao Salsinha and his group cost some criticisms from the civil society including some ordinary people. "I don't think our country is base on law and Justice. For me justice is a joke and get a lot of interfierence mainly from Mr. President. We can killed people to get the pardom from Mr. President and I hoped Mr. President also can give some pardom or amnesty to the ordinary people who are steal people's chicken because they are so poor," said Marcelino D. S. Araujo santo during a ceremony in Democracy Field today which attended by the head of state.
He also felt the celebration anniversary of referendum this time is the worse one because not thing is special. There were several normal activities hold around the town no flag hosting even though on 30/08/1999 is the heroic day for all Timorese with great braveness to liberate themselfes from fears to vote for East Timor Independence. 

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