Wednesday, 18 August 2010

East Timorese Businessman Alleged the Brazilian and UNDP officers are Not Professional in carry out their tender

Fernando Moniz has logged in a complain to Brazilian embassy in Dili, the speaker of East Timor Parliament and East Timor Deputy PM Mario Carrascalao to investigate the issue but so far no action been taken.
Fernando Moniz has received an invitation to participated in the tender for a UNDP project . In the letter signed by Mr. Jonas Cesar Ribeiro (Projeto BRA/04/043-S103 stated the deadline for the quotation to be submitted on the 27/04/2010 as 10 h location vocational training Centre in Becora, “where they will be opened before the other competitors, prevailing the best price and quality of the material, already with Taxes and expenses “The proposal should contain: validity of the proposal, terms of payment and delivery date,” stated in the invitation number 002/IV/2010.included, as well as the delivery freight.”
There were only two company show interest and submitted their proposal. The company of Mr. Moniz name Timor Roofing Building Material Ltd and Dili Building Solution Lda. The quality of the material are same but in terms of Price Mr. Moniz Company proposed more or less Seventy nine Thousand US Dollar while the other company is over Nine Thousand US Dollar. “It was an opened tender and we all witness we have over the small price to compare with the other company,” said Moniz.
He added, “the tender officers was used my price to negotiated with other company so the price suddenly reduced from nine three thousand downed to seventy one thousand US dollar. This is not good practice by the Brazilian here in Timor Leste.”
“They came to check our work and told me that please just get yourself ready because your very cooperative but at the end the foreigner just change the decision.”
“just want to demand to them that they are came from an international and professional institutions so they should care out they duty professionally too. They should not teach to do bad things like this.”
“They are running a vocational training centre to train Timorese to be professional but they (Brazilian) themselves conducted tender not professionally. This is funny.”
Fernando is only demanding for some explanation from the Brazilian embassy in regard to the issue. Before one of the officer that involve in the tender told him that, “oohh Fernando You got bad news because the UNDP didn’t want to awarded you the tender,” he informed Tempo Semanal.
Tempo Semanal has contacted the Brazilian embassy in Dili and even visited Becora Vocational Training Center but the brazilian officers declined to comment on the problem.

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