Tuesday, 8 February 2011

East Timor President will visit Jerusalem and West bank

Tempo Semanal-Dili,07.02.2011

The 1996 Peace Price winner DR. Jose Ramos Horta for the first time ever going to visit Israel and Palestine in five days time. The East Timor President told East Timor Media on Monday (07/02) on the plan.

The Former East Timor number one Diplomat will visit Jerusalem to meet Israel Prime Minister and then going to west Bank to talk to Palestine leaders before head back To his Country.

There were some speculation that the peace Price winner trip to the region is trying to act as a mediator to the middle east problem but Horta denied it.

Mr. Horta would like to share East Timor experience his country policy towards its former number one enemy during the 24 years and today become its big neighbor Indonesia. (TS)

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