Saturday, 5 February 2011

government Happy With US$ 1,306 But One Third Populations Under Threat of Cut Off To Dili

The Road conditions before Balibo town

Tempo Semanal-Dili, 04.02.2011

Today the Government announced the ever-massive total budget of US$1,306 million but one third of Timorese Populations under threat not to be able to get to Dili because the Roads between Maubese to Ainaro, Same and Suai is almost wash away as well as the road condition in a Conner point of Bali almost cut of Dili to Maliana and Suai.

Balibo is very famous sub districts in Australia due to the death of Five Australian Jounalist in 1975 and maubese is a unique place and its whether more like good for tourist destination with its beatyful views.

The Heavy rains during February 3 days in February cost of flooding in Dili as well. After Presented the budget to President Horta to East Timorese media this afternoon PM said he has asked for help from Indonesian President some architectures to build East Timor infrastructures.

the terrible Road conditions between Maubese, Same and Ainaro
“I Have asked President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to send us some Architectures who has retired so we can pay less their salaries to help the National Development Agents (NDA),” said PM Xanana.

There are a lot of Problems with infrastructures like roads, bridges, schools and other.
“I think the minister of Infrastructures is incompetent and if PM Xanana would like to make some change he should have courage to sack this minister. Other wise PM is protecting incompetent and Corrupted Ministers,” said Agustinho Soares from Balibo.

East Timor Parliament has approved also the Two special Funds have been established: the Infrastructure Fund allocated $599 million inclusive of an additional $282 million for power and the Human Capital Development Fund allocated $25 million. Both funds will be managed and monitored with international best practice processes and regulations. (TS).

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