Saturday, 5 February 2011

South Korean Donate Two Patrol Boat To East Timor

Tempo Semanal-Dili, 05.02.2011

East Timor Secretary of state For Defense, DR. Julio Tomas pinto has announced the South Korea has donated two patrol boat to help East Timor Navy Force to patrol south Cost sea.

“The south Korea government has decided and wrote us to informed that they agreed to donate two patrol boat with better condirtions to east Timorese defence force,” said DR. Pinto in an exclusive interview with Tempo Semanal last week.

He added that that these two boat will cost his Government with Zero Dollars. There are a many illegal fishing boat in the area and last september the Timorese authority apprehended Thai illegal Fishing boat. East timor south cost is fragile and may using as a save route for people smugglers  activity to reach Australia. But the Canberra reluctant to help East Timor Navy with any equipment just some Military advisers now working with East Timor's F-FDTL.

"If the Australian is willing to donate any boat? lets accept it. But so no sign yet," said DR. Pinto.

According to tempo Semanal source withing TL Government said a few years ago the Australian Government has tried its best to confince the new independent country to participated in the Australian Pasific Patrol boat programme but Dili has rejected the offer cause its run by the Australian navy and the communication system has to comes through Australia.

“I do agreed with the Timorese Government not to take the Australian boat with a lot of requirement. I felt the Australian Government does not have goodwill towards East Timor,” said Antonino da Costa, a university Student who is Studying politics China.

Last years East Timorese Government purchase two patroal boat from china which the make raised some Questions why the Timorese Government not take the offer from Australia.

East Timorese Navy now a days have four patrol boat two bought from China and the other two donated by portugal. And DR. Pinto also informed the public that his side will buy some other navy materials to help patrol the Timorese sea. (TS)

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